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Diary of a lucky Kelpie

Tag wag! Join in!

August 29th 2012 7:47 pm
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I got this off my friend Rocky's diary, everyone join in!

What colour is your collar?

Right now I am wearing a black navajo print with red, green and yellow! I also have my fave Rogz collar which is black with multi colour paw prints. And I always wear my red love heart tag which is a bit girly for me but my mum insists ...

What kind of food do you eat?

I mainly eat beef and chicken, it's yummy! I also sometimes get lamb, pork, sardines, kibble, people food and wet food. I love to eat! Sometimes I even eat daddy's cheese.

What are your favourite treats?

I love cheese and kibble! And bacon yuuuum ... I also love eating daddy's computer cables.

Do you have a valentine or significant other?

I like all women. ;)

Do you get table scraps?

Yes everyday! Especially from daddy! He gives me toast every morning!

What is your favourite toy?

My squashy football daddy got me from a computer fair! But I killed it. :( Mummy says she will get me a better one. I also love my tennis balls and like to pop them, and my ball that feeds me!

When is your birthday?

Mummy didn't know so she made it April 1st, April fools day, coz I'm a bit of a fool!

How many times a day do you eat?

Twice a day and snacks of course! Mum says I'm getting a bit chunky though and I will have to work it off this summer!

Do you have a favourite colour?

Well no I'm colour blind lol.

Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?

They bloody well better! ;)


All About Me

July 22nd 2012 11:59 pm
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I stole'd this from my good friend Onyx. :D

Name: Jackson Tan but my friends all call me 'Jack'.

Age (in human years): Around 5 years.

Age (in dog years): Middle 30's.

Breed: Australian Kelpie.

Fur color: Black and tan with white chest mark.

Fur Pattern: Tan points.

Size: Medium.

Weight: 48 lbs last weigh in at the vet.

Neutered/Spayed: No.

Where are you now: In my backyard.

How many brothers/sisters did/do you have: My human doesn't know.

Do you have any strange markings: White mark on my chest that looks like a heart.

Were you adopted from a pound: No.


Food: I love most food! Cooked, raw, I don't care - just FEED ME.

Sleeping spot: My blue sofa and my basket in the laundry. Also my human's bedroom floor.

Walking place: The irrigation channel.

Bone: Any. I LOVE all raw bones!

Treat: Cheese.

Animal to chase: Bird flocks and rabbits.

Toy: Tennis ball.

-Have you ever-

Been to the beach: No, we go to the river instead.

Seen snow: I used to live outside in the snow I hated it.

Traveled out of your town: Yep, my people take me lots of places. We go to Melbourne every month or so.

Bitten a person: No, only nipped in play. I am very careful with my teeth.

Been bit BY a person: Yes, my daddy wanted to nibble my ear, ewwww.

Ate a frog: Nope.

Broke a leg or paw: Yes, left hind leg.


Most annoying a human can do: Put me in the shower.

Most awesome thing a human can do: Take me for a run, a swim, or train me with food.

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Not really, no.

Do you wear a collar: Yep.

If so, what color: Black Rogz with colored paw prints and a red heart tag.


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