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dog day afternoon

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April 6th 2011 11:26 am
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well both days mom took us rollerblading at the park.. yesterday she even let us swim. (I only waded)) today we were supposed tog get a bath but the waters too cold!!YAY!!! no bath today!!!LIKE!! hoping for a bone out of the good box tonight!!later,knobby


sun & mon

April 4th 2011 1:09 pm
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well yesterday we didn't go anywhere.. mom even left us alone for 3 hrs while they went to her cousins' house for dinner...
but today she took us to the dog park!!! yay!! i love the dog park!!!my dad even was being social!!!
I guess that means tomm. we're back to rollerblading...BOO!!later,knobby



April 2nd 2011 1:17 pm
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well today mom took us rollerblading at the park. she even let us swim.. but then after we got home and rested awhile. she gave us a bath outside!!!Dislike!!! hoping for a bone out of the good box tonight!! later,knobby


thurs & fri..

April 1st 2011 2:30 pm
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well both days we did pretty much the same thing. mom took us both rollerblading at the park.. i tried to chase after squirrels but mom wouldn't let me. she gave me a hard yoink on the leash.. drug me back to where i belonged...hoping for a rawhide tonight!!later,knobby



March 30th 2011 2:11 pm
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well today mom took us rollerblading at the park. i went after a couple squirrels but mom pulled me back onto the walkway..she would not let me go after them!!!so i drug behind the rest of the way.. i refuse to pull anyone who won't let me chase squirrels!!! i pouted...but tomm we'll go again..we'll see...later,knobby


MOn & Tues

March 29th 2011 12:53 pm
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well yesterday momt took us rollerblading at the park. but it was in the afternoon because it was raining most of the day.. she let us swim also.. today we went rollerblading again, on a different trail this time.. and we got to swim.. then when we got home she gave us a bath outside...i hate cold water!!!then when we dried she put some stuff on our neck(for heartworm prevention & fleas)..yucky!!! later,knobby



March 27th 2011 3:17 pm
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well this morning while mom was gone to the stables i thought it was the perfect time to tear up my football!!!so i did!! leaving small football pieces all over moms' room and balcony..then she came home!!but i didn't get hit with her slipper...she went to the store and got me another football..a nerf football this time. but she keeps it on the shelf where i can't reach it..until I'm ready to play!!!
also her & Belle took us to the dog park!!! what fun!! I love meeting & playing & running with other dogs!!I also played"king of the hole"" with a few other dogs! but they couldn't budge me.. i was too large..(to get me out of the hole))
I just got some tunafish juice poured over my kibbles!!YUM!!! later,knobby


fri & sat

March 26th 2011 12:12 pm
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well yesterday we didn't go anywhere. mom was tired.. but this morning her & Belle took us rollerblading at the park.. the extra long way..then we went to this thing called the "Pet EXpo" at the fairgrounds. there were a lot of other dogs there. too many to count.. i love meeting other dogs..just awesome!! also we got checked for heartworms... neg.. now mom has to get the preventative... i was scared .. when the dr came to take my blood I didn't know what to think...i didn't know what was going on.. but it was over real quick.. later,knobby



March 24th 2011 1:11 pm
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well today mom took both of us rollerblading at the park. when she got home from the stables..I was very lazy.. i used up my reserve energy...but she let us swim!! I stayed in the water forever!! i even coughed & sputtered.. and didn't mind!!!I was very hot!!then i drug all the way back to the car... as in not wanting to go...i wished she would'ave left me home..But then i would have howled the whole time she was gone. You can't win for losing..later,knobby



March 23rd 2011 4:19 pm
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when mom got home she took us rollerblading at the park. well there were 2 wimareiners(?) in the path. they barely got out of the way before we came barreling by at like 90mph.well still going that fast my nose touched the one and they both growled.(I can see why they don't go to the dog park...)they were not nice dogs..
when we got done .mom even let us dad swam i just waded. up to my knees only..well when we got home mom gave us a bath outside...I went reluctantly...but i like the toweling off part!!!
till then.. ta ta ..knobby

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