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dog day afternoon

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the following Tues..

September 6th 2011 1:03 pm
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well moms' taken us rollerblading ,early,everyday this week..except sun...I've been pretty well behaved..I almost slipped up..when i saw another dog,by our car....but i minded my manners...and shes' taken us for a walk along the canal,every afternoon.(when its not raining)..She even took us to the stables one day..There was this other dog..a first he rolled over,like submission..then he jumped up and was chasing me around..growling and making all kinds of ..not having been chased & growled very scared..I ran to mom...he meant no harm..all bark & no bite...but how was i supposed to know???next time I'll know...but all in all..It was FUN!!! later,knobby



August 29th 2011 5:13 am
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Oh and on Sat..while rollerblading,there was this stupid spanish lady..with a little furball...that looked like a good came running over...where I almost pulled mom across the grass...she came after it carrying a big stick..she got it back eventually..But this's the 2nd time that same dog did that..will she ever learn???it needs a leash!!!next time mom's going to tell her so!!!It will happen,probably this next sat..



August 29th 2011 5:08 am
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well moms' taken us rollerblading everyday early,except sun..and she's taken us for a walk(along the canal) every afternoon..we run & swim & birds,ect..what fun!!!I like the walks alot better, than the forced running!!ta ta ,knobby


wed the following wk

August 24th 2011 10:34 am
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well in this last week..we've gone rollerblading everyday except sun..we've gone for a walk,along the canal ,3 bathed once(with a dose of heartworm preventive&flea meds)..Oh and mom took us to the stables once..we watched her wash 2 horses,then went for a walk..what fun!!!
Hoping for another rawhide later!! always,knobby

ps i've been much better behaved,as far as other dogs go..I don't charge at them anymore,while rollerblading...I wait patiently, until I get upon them,then make a dash for them!!!



August 15th 2011 1:09 pm
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well this morning mom took us rollerblading,very early..Something about ,she had to go feed the horses...and yesterday she also took us for a walk along the canal..which always is fun!!Not much hope for that its raining out!!!Later,knobby



August 4th 2011 12:52 pm
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well Mon, mom & belle gave us baths..outside....other than that we've gone rollerblading everyday,early...Maybe today we'll go for a walk along the canal..Mom says we really stink after swimming in the canal water.But since its almost bath time again...Maybe...Later,Knobby


sat & sun

July 31st 2011 1:20 pm
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well yesterday mom took us rollerblading early, then we had a bath(yuck!) in the went to the DOG PARK!!!but there was only 1 other dog was so hot out also!!!but it still was fun!!!Hoping for a rawhide tonight!!Later,knobby



July 28th 2011 2:07 pm
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well everyday this week mom's taken us rollerblading early, then taken us for a walk along the canal,in the afternoon..This we love!!!we run,jump& play in the tall grass,run into the water,swim& then run back up to mom...when we're finished we're covered in burrs,stickers, & tagalongs. AND we smell like pond scum..but its well worth it...Later,knobby
Ps.I've been entirely well-behaved on our rollerblading trips!!!I think its past time to do something naughty!!



July 23rd 2011 1:19 pm
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well,everyday this week,moms' taken us rollerblading early.and until yesterday.she was also taking us for a walk/run along the canal west,then south..Then yesterday a truck sprayed some pesticide in the canal,so she doesn't think its dog safe just yet..But i love to go out there!no other dogs or people,no cars or sidewalks...Just woods...NICE!!!later,knobby


sun & mon

July 18th 2011 9:38 am
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well yesterday mom took us for a walk along the canal,into uncharted territory...she noticed the gate wasn't really locked,just made to look that way.well we had to unlock our back gate first,which made this an adventure...well..we went running in & out of the water,and through all the stickers& burrs,but it was worth it....
today belle & mom took us rollerblading at the park...they actually found a dead guy in the water there yesterday..hmmmm..

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