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dog day afternoon

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January 11th 2012 1:37 pm
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well Mom & Belle have taken us rollerblading,everynight...I've been running full blast..about a block ahead..of mom & Pete...I love the cool night weather...But we encountered 4 dogs..last night...and I was well behaved...I did not run full blast towards them...I actually sat,in sitting position..on the grass....didn't budge...GOOD KNOBBY!!!Oh..and we both had a the tub..a.couple days ago....and i got a few ant bites on my belly...Till then,



January 6th 2012 5:42 am
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well Mom & Belle have persisited,in taking us rollerblading everyday...Yesterday we went to the park....
the other took both of us..separately..Pete got to go first..I went 2nd..but i only got to go ,around the block...5 times....Boo!Hiss! Mom doesn't trust me,to go by another dog!!!
maybe today we'll get to go to the park,again!!!

I love Belle best!!! Later,KNobby



December 30th 2011 5:47 am
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well Mom & Belle have persisted in taking us rollerblading..around the neighborhood,everynight..But last took us both,herself...she had a moment..when she thought a small cat ran across the road...I started to run really fast.Burning toenails on the was a small dog!!!I didn't cause a wreck..though....also we got to go to Petco,yesterday!!where mom bought a 3lb bag,of rawhides!!Yay!!!Later,Knobby



December 24th 2011 3:02 pm
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well mom & belle,have persisted in taking us rollerblading,everynight,around the neighborhood,to look at X-mas lights..She puts this stupid bell on my alert everyone I'm coming...Sounds like Santa Claus,to me!!!I'm pretty well behaved for belle..though the other night I insisted on running full-blast...throughout the neighborhood!!!last night..not so much...Ok Happy Holidays!! later,Knobby



December 17th 2011 7:00 am
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well ..Mom & Belle have persisted,in taking us rollerblading everyday...I am very well behaved,for Belle...

I've also cleaned out the dog bowl...of kibbles....3 1/2 cups..everyday...So, I'm somewhat, of a moose...but at least i don't jump...on you!!!and I will, sit,down,& get on the seat....on command!!!

till later,Knobby



December 14th 2011 6:23 am
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well mom & Belle have taken us rollerblading everyday,except sun...I've been very well behaved ,for Belle...

I've even started to sit, & down...when mom whispers the commands...See, I'm not so stupid after all!!!

I wish my dad would get over his doesn't know what to do....Ok ttyl......later,Knobby



December 5th 2011 6:10 am
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well not much happening..Belle & taking us rollerblading everyday...Now that its a little cooler out..Belle likes to go too!!
But yesterday when Belle went to clip my ears.w/ the clipper..I went ballistic!!I misbehaved badly!!!I thought it was going to kill me!!!So...only got 1 ear clipped,inside!!While my dad got both of his done,w/ no trouble!!!But I was terrified!!!I screeched,howled,pulled away..did everything i could to avoid!!!At least mom didn't take her shoe give me a whack!!!
I got a bath a week ago...Mom doesn't like to give me a bath,in the tub..she says I'm too big!!I make her back hurt!!!LOL!!
Till later,Knobby



November 20th 2011 11:02 am
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well .let me tell you..the other day..we went for rollerblading..well.this other annoying out of a car..behind soon as Mom let me out of the car...I took off, like a bat out of hell..towards it!!!Mom could barely hold me back!she had her stopper--dragging..trying to stop me!!!well..I drug her across the parking lot..almost touched noses w/ the the other lady looked on..In fear...As mom just got me under control...and off we went..rollerblading..that is...later,Knobby



November 12th 2011 5:20 am
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well I've been extremely naughty this week...Mom has persisted,in rollerblading I've persisted in my squirrel chasing...AND running full blast 90mph,at other dogs!!!esp, if we come in contact, at the first part of our run!!!This is very scary for mom....If I wasn't such a big moose..I must weigh close to 100 pounds...Mom only weighs its very hard for her ,to hold me back...unless she grabs my tail!!!Then I sit!!!If she remembers!!!OK..that's all for now..Later,Knobby



November 4th 2011 1:09 pm
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well we've gone rollerblading everyday,except sun..I wasn't as well behaved this week,either..Twice,I spotted another smaller dog,on the path..Well I proceeded to charge full -blast at it..Scaring mom half to death!!!Both times ,the person w/ the other dog,barely moved off the path.I could almost sniff its butt,If I hadn't been going quite so fast...If you saw 2 big dogs charging at you,what would you do??Move completely out of the way,or just barely???


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