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My Birthday

October 27th 2013 8:00 am
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I want to thank my pals for the birthday wishes and the pressies you put on my page. You made my birthday very special. Thank you for thinking of me.


Thank You

February 13th 2013 7:20 am
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I want to send out a big Thank You to all my furiends who sent me pressies, and congrats yesterday. I thank Dogster for selecting me as Dog of the Day. It was a great honor and made me feel so special.


Dog of the Day!

February 12th 2013 10:16 am
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Wow! Imagine our surprise when Mama checked her emails and saw I was chosen as Dog of the Day. This is so exciting! Thank you Dogster for this honor. Thanks to all who have sent congrats and pressies. I appreciate your celebrating with me. Love you all!


Nursing Home Visit

October 1st 2012 11:51 am
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I made my second visit to the nursing home this past weekend. The residents were so excited to see us. This time is was just me and McKennsly the poodle. Jasper was not able to come this time. Jasper is in the play Annie that the local theater group is doing. We saw his picture in the local newspaper advertising the play. We think it is great he is in a play! Anyway, me and McKennsly had a wonderful visit with the seniors. Our visit seemed to make them so happy. It did me! I sure loved all the attention and petting. Mama brought treats and let the residents feed them to me. They really liked doing that. One of the residents was very agitated and when she started petting me she calmed right down. Guess I was doing my job but it just seemed like fun. Couldn't ask for a better day!


Therapy Training

September 16th 2012 9:45 am
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I've been going through training for a few weeks now to be a therapy dog. I have my cute vest that I wear that identifies me as a therapy dog when I go out to nursing homes. I am now doing "on the job" training and yesterday I made my first visit to a nursing home! It went so well. I visited the patients and got so much attention and petting. What pup wouldn't love that? The patients sure enjoyed it and it really brightened up their day. Many of the patients had to leave their dogs behind when they were placed in the nursing home. It made them happy to have a dog to pet again. I'll be making visits every other week. Can't wait to go back and visit everybody.


My Big Adventure

October 15th 2011 8:21 pm
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Earlier this week, Mama called Ms. Liz(my groomer)to schedule an appointment to have me groomed on Saturday. Turns out, Ms Liz was going out of town Saturday. She told Mama any other day at any time. Mama works during the week and can't take me but she knew my Auntie Kay would so Mama made my appointment for Friday morning.
Auntie Kay came and got me and when we got to her car, I decided I didn't want to get in. I pulled out of my collar and took off running. Daisy and Otto were outside watching us. I ran along the fence with them and teased them since I was free on the outside and they were stuck inside the fence. I loved doing that. But then my neighbor came out and helped Auntie Kay catch me. He put me in her car.
We got to Ms. Liz's place. She has these real pretty flower pots on both sides of her door. So I had to put my mark on one of them. When I hiked my leg up, Auntie Kay chastised me and I pulled out of my collar again and took off running! Auntie Kay can't run, so Ms. Liz told her to go in her car and Ms. Liz came running after me. I was doing the best job dodging cars. I got to the parking lot of the bank and I stopped to see where they were. When Ms. Liz got close, I took off again. Fun! I got to this house where this crew was working and darn it they caught me! A man held me till Ms. Liz got me. Fun over! Ms. Liz got me to her shop and went to work making me look beautiful.
I'm not sure why Ms. Liz and Auntie Kay didn't seem to have as much fun as I did. I thought playing chase was the best time I've had in a while. Plus, Ms. Liz gave me a bath and trimmed up my hair, I'd say it was a great day!


Diary of the Day!

June 20th 2011 2:13 pm
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Wow! Mama was so surprised this morning when she saw that I was chosen as Diary of the Day! Thank you Dogster for making my day so special. Thanks to all my pals for their congratulations and the pressies you've sent to my page. Mama will help me thank everyone later when she has a bit more time.

I'm feeling so much better since I last posted. I'm back to my usual spunky self. Thanks to all my pals for their thoughts and prayers as I've been going through the heartworm treatments. I should now be able to live a long life.


I'm Back Home

June 15th 2011 7:11 am
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Mama picked me up at the clinic when she got off work yesterday and I went home. Yay! The dogtor told Mama I would be really sore in my hips from the injections. I got an injection in each hip. I will be sore for a few days. But I don't have to go back and I'm finished with the heartworm treatments. After the next 30 days, I should be heartworm free! I'm not feeling quite like my spunky self, but Mama knows that after a few days, I'll feel better. I hope all the Mamas and/or Daddys give their furbabies heartworm prevention so they never have to go through this.

Thanks pals for praying for me while I've been going through this. I love you!


Final Heartworm Treatment

June 13th 2011 2:12 pm
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Well, Mama dropped me off at the clinic this morning for my final heartworm treatment. Of course I have to spend the night so they can monitor me and Mama can pick me up after she gets off work tomorrow evening. When she dropped me off this morning she gave me a bye hug and just as she got the outside door closed I pulled out of my collar and ran to the door. As nice as the girls at the clinic are, I wanted to go with my Mama. But Mama kept going without me. Mama called and checked on me this afternoon and was pleased to hear that I'm doing great. That made her feel good. I hope that you all will keep your paws crossed for me that I will get through these last 30 days with flying colors! My fur sis Daisy has to go back later this week for her final heartworm treatment. But I'm sure she'll tell y'all about it in her diary.


My First Heartworm Treatment

May 17th 2011 7:39 am
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Well, I finished up my 30 days of antibiotics and I was ready to get my first heartworm injection. Like my fursis Daisy, I had to spend the night. Mama wasn't as worried about that with me as she was with Daisy. I'm real social and think that everybody loves me so I wasn't scared to stay at the clinic. I saw it as another opportunity to get more love from people.

So far I'm doing good. Mama tries really hard to keep me calm and quiet. That is practically impossible for me. I'm just so high energy I can't contain it all. So Mama hopes that all will pray for me that I will get through this fine. Mama says she's placing me in God's hands.

I'll keep everybody updated on my progress.

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