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Bad Kids- Child Rant

March 27th 2011 3:10 pm
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Now I just want to say that Abe doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. The only time he’s been aggressive is he growled when two men approached me when I was walking at night and he scared them off. But he’s about as benign a dog as I’ve ever had, including my golden retriever.

Well I went to a doctor’s appointment recently and it was the first time he’d ever gone with me to a visit since he wasn’t working full time before due to his age. He was of course a doll and was so happy and well behaved….until the little monsters in the waiting room showed up.

I have issues with kids all the time. He’s a hound, kids love hounds and their floppy ears and wrinkles but once I tell them not to touch him. They usually behave or the parents come get them. Unfortunately this time around I got the kids that just wouldn’t listen and the parents that just sat there on there fat asses not paying attention to what their children were doing.

Abe and I went to check in and my mother went to sit down in waiting when suddenly Abe and I were both startled by a high screech yell and two kids racing towards us at full speed and then sliding into home in front of us. Of course any dog would be wide eyed and while Abe didn’t move from his heel- he was terrified and his lip was quivering.

I managed to stop the kids from petting him and was terrified to think that Abe might bite the child given how scared Abe was. I told the children not to pet him because he was working and I received a blank stare. Some dude lounging across some chair nearby yelled at the kids to ‘get the fuck away from the dog because he was working’ and they ran off but that wasn’t the last I heard from them. I then told both parents to keep the kids away from him because he was a service dog.

I had not been waiting in line 5mins when the kids started throwing Cheetos at Abe and he started getting restless. Not because he likes Cheetos and wanted to eat them but rather he was upset at the attention. I firmly told the kids to leave him alone and the “mother” came over to the kids and proceeded to scream at them and drug them away. I was to stressed and angry to care about the kids being treated badly. Besides, just because I’m disabled doesn’t me I’m under obligation to be friendly or teach someone elses kids a lesson.

Not 2 minutes later they started racing in a circle around the chairs, tossing Cheetos at Abe and run by slaps as they went by. It was then when Abe started growling, not a full blown growl but a deep rumble under his breath and his lips started twitching. I lost it!

I snatched one of the kids at he ran by and yelled (ok, my version of yelling is much more quiet and more threatening but it works) and I told the child that if they continued I would call the police and they would take there parents away and the they would never see their parents again if they continued to bother me. It worked and the kids ran off to there parents and sat down and everyone in the waiting room was relieved.
Yes, I know, not nice and even illegal. But I’m getting so f-ing sick of kids messing around and there parents not even paying attention or telling them no. I will not have my dog driven to aggression or a child bitten because some parents never taught their kid the meaning of no.

That is the first time Abe has ever growled for no other reason then he was panicked but what are people like us with Service Dogs suppose to do with kids that won’t listen; Especially if they are pushing our dogs to aggression. I’d rather they arrest me for scaring the hell out of those kids then if I let it go and Abe be euthanized for biting a child out of fear.
Thank you for letting me rant but I’m still really upset. This incident has set Abe back on his training by months because now he is acting shy whenever he sees a child. It was a bad situation.


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Barked by: Puff (Dogster Member)

March 27th 2011 at 8:11 pm

I would have asked the receptionist if there was someplace else that you could wait where Abe would not be molested by the children. I'm wondering why the receptionist did not talk to the parents and kids as they have a responsibility to make sure everyone in the waiting room is treated kindly and surly they saw and heard what was going on. You should also mention what happened with the doctor so that he/she can decide if new procedures need to be implemented to make sure such situations do not recur.

Good job Abe - I would have bit them, yes I would!!!


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