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wed - tues

October 18th 2011 6:05 am
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well wed-sat,we went rollerblading w/ mom...sun-tues..none..its been raining out ,constantly...and that's about it for this week...Oh..and I've been eating the dog kibbles,like a good dog ,should..Mom only cooked me some liver last night,as a treat...Yay!!! later,pete



October 11th 2011 10:38 am
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well we've gone rollerblading everyday.except fri & sun...on fri we go to the stables w/ mom & we went to the stables also..(tues) had a blast!!!Love running around w/ the other 2 dogs!!we play,jump,run,splash, and have an all around great time!!! hoses me off ,before we leave...she says i'm all stinky..from pond water..LOL!!!Hoping for liver & bones tonight!!!Later,peter



October 4th 2011 2:51 pm
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well yesterday mom,took us rollerblading..Today,she took us to the stables...I got really tired of following ,mom around..(while she was riding)finally laid down in the shade..while she was riding her last horse....but fun was had by all!!!the 2 pitbulls ,from the house in back..came up..and played w/ us for like an hour...we ran & chased & played...very nice..we swam in the pond...had an all around great time!!!Hoping for liver & bones for dinner..later,peter



October 2nd 2011 1:44 pm
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well mom took us rollerblading everyday this week...we also went to the stables on fri...and to the beach on sat....I didn't particularly like the water(waves) but i endured..for mom...had great fun at the stables....w/ the other 2 dogs..and following mom around(while riding)..sun,today..a day of rest..for us...hoping for liver & bones tonight!!later,peter



September 27th 2011 11:14 am
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well on sat & today(tues) we went to the barn w/ mom..what a blast!!!I love to run,swim,& follow mom around!!!and the 2 pitbulls,at the house in back.are very nice dogs!!!we run,chase, & play w/ them also....But the guy ,mark(LOSER)who is the caretaker...tried to find every excuse,for mom ,not to bring us out there again..he said he didn't want us chasing his cats!!!!of all the nerve!!!If the cat didn't wouldn't get chased.right???and we only chased them for about a minute ,anyway...but Mark..IS NOT the boss of MY MOM!!

and took us rollerblading....

hoping for liver & bones for dinner..later,peter



September 23rd 2011 10:59 am
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well we've gone rollerblading everyday,except was raining..But mom took us to the stables!!!What a great time!!!I love to follow mom around while she rides(horses)...I didn't get in any trouble..even played nicely w/ the pitbull,from the house in back...Hopefully..she'll take us again tomm...(if its not raining)I also love mud puddles!!!I found a big one, and thoroughly rolled in it!!Mom had to hose me off ,before we left!!!!I love to go to the stables!!!




September 20th 2011 12:50 pm
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well ,mom's taken us rollerblading ,everyday,except sun....and on sat...we got a that means, no walks/swimming ,in the canal, for a few days....hoping for beef heart & bones tonight!!! also..I've been esp good,this past week...sticking to mom like glue..ok till then,



September 9th 2011 4:19 pm
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well mom's taken us rollerblading every morning,early..I mean just as the sun comes up...we're off!!!
but also...she's taken us for a walk along the canal..every afternoon...until yesterday..we both got bathes..outside...Nice!!!I love to smell good!!!

so now that we smell makes no sense to go swimming in the canal..right???so we won't go for a few days..for a walk along the canal..but that's ok. I'd just as soon smell good!!!

Had liver & bones for dinner today..Yummy!!!


the following Tues..

September 6th 2011 12:57 pm
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well... mom's taken us rollerblading everyday,early, this week..AND she's taken us for a walk along the canal..every afternoon..when it wasn't raining...and she took us to the day...what fun!!! Hoping for cheekmeat & bones for dinner...later,peter



August 29th 2011 5:10 am
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well mOms' taken us rollerblading,early,everyday,except we took off at a fast yesterday we didn't go...Mom was telling us"slow down"...every afternoon, she's taken us for a walk(along the canal) we swim & run & chase birds...what fun!!ok..till then,peter

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