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What? I'm not a cat?

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Santa Paws??

December 9th 2011 11:13 pm
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So last year I saw him at PetSmart! And this year I will see him again but probably next week as dad works this weekend (he's on shift work).

I wonder if it'll be the same Santa? I hear he has helpers! So much help that something came for ME today but mom hid it in the pantry...

I don't have the heart to tell her I can smellllllllll it :)

Have you been a good dog? OF COURSE! You're a dog right? I hope my friends are doing well. I don't get much time on the typy 'cause the CATS get more play time :(


Is it bad that I get beat up by a cat??

December 1st 2011 1:42 am
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Is it bad that I sometimes get smacked by a 10.5 lb cat and the other 15 pound cat I live with?

We have two ottomans in our living room, one is designated as MINE!! I even have my blanket on it! Sometimes the cats jump on it when I'm outside. When I come inside I get upset that they're on MY ottoman!

The nerve... Tiskers smacked me THREE times! 3!! Trois! Tres! :( And what do I do? I take it! Mom laughs but does sympathize with my frustration of said matter. I'm a lover not a fighter, so I won't get mean. But it does hurt my doggy pride...

Seriously, the things we dogs put up with!


Spoiled? Me?

November 28th 2011 9:37 pm
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So mom and dad went to see Breaking Dawn and just came back. Grandpaw stayed with me until they got back and mom said I'm "spoiled".


She was expecting Grandpaw to stay with me and the cats for a while and then leave me to wait for my pawrents.

So when they got home they didn't see me and figured I was in their bed upstairs. Nope! Instead Grandpaw was outside with me and throwing toys with me. Aka, "Spoiled" me :)

Thanks Grandpaw!


DDP with my cat brother Hondo!

November 19th 2011 12:29 am
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Wow, this doesn't happen much! Being honored as a DDP along with another family member!

Hondo is my 8 year old gray tabby cat. He said once 3 of them were DDP's on the same day!

I like Hondo, he doesn't get a catitutde like the others. PorkChop and Mittens sometimes will smack me and I think it's fun! Hondo is the mellow guy although sometimes Boogers and Fido pick on him!

So congrats to my brother for sharing this day with me!


BOL!! Genius new Dogster page!!!!!!

November 16th 2011 5:47 pm
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So we are huge Harry Potter fans and my cat brother, Boogers, has a bestie named Pansy, who lives in Canada and has zits (BOL).

Anyway, I can't tease her too much 'cause she just made me the ULTIMATE HP page!! LIKE EVER!! She's actually making all of us HP pages (Boogie has had one for a while).

OMD!! I'm all new to HP 'cause I've only been on earth for 1.5 years. And I watched this with mom the other day as she finally bought the Blu Ray Ultimate editions 1-6. WOW!

Fluffy the 3 headed dog? WHO?!?! No!! It's ME!! Ethan, the 3 headed dog! BOL! I LOVE IT!!!!!



November 14th 2011 9:37 am
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Wow! I'm a DDP today! Always extra exciting when the cats aren't picked and only the TOP dog (me) is :)

I still don't know if that was MY deer that passed as I was still sniffing at something late last night behind our fence (I pounce up and down).

Weather is starting to get pretty chilly and while I'm part lab, I don't have the typical warm lab coat but just on top of my spine (like a skunk!). Mom is breaking out my winter coat that a friend send last year that was too big but NOW fits!!


My deer!!!

November 13th 2011 1:47 am
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Mom informed me today that a deer near our house was laying in the road :(

We live on a double culdasac and we're pretty secluded from the other residents 'cause our back yard faces a conservation (no building behind us). Before I got my nifty fence, mom said there was a momma deer and 3 of her babies. As all the new construction was continuing around us, they didn't visit as much.

At night, I can SMELL them and I'll bark and prance my fence as they're behind my fence!!

Well I hope the deer that was hit wasn't MY deer :(


Back from the V-E-T!!

November 4th 2011 9:26 am
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So I'm officially 46 lbs (dang, not in the 51-100 range) and healthy! I had a lot done today:

Physical, heart worm test, rabies, nail clipping, basically 4 injections.

I get really hyper at the vet 'cause I'm all nervous and excited and I tried jumping off the exam table! Mom, dad, the vet, and vet tech all grabbed me and I got scared and peed... Ooooops!!! *blush*

But they gave me a treat and I was all good. A bit embarrassing but hey, it happens and I'm healthy :) Have a great week friends!



October 29th 2011 6:59 am
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WOOF!! This is the 2nd year I've seen snow but THIS year we have a fence and I'm loving it outside!!!

Driving mom nuts in fact as I want outside all the time! Mom and I slipped (slid really) on the deck so I have to go outside from the basement so I'm at ground level (walk out basement).

Mom's no fun... She put a few chairs at the bottom of the deck stairs so I wouldn't go up and down; she knows me too well :)


Mom and dad are back!!!

October 23rd 2011 12:32 pm
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WOOF!! Oh how I missed my pawrents, especially MOM!!

So my pawrents had a lot of fun at the HP Wizarding World in FL!! Mom said she could drink butterbeer daily :) After 4 days doing things in Orlando, their last day they decided to visit NASA which was an hour drive.

Mom and dad enjoyed that too!!

They had to drive down 12 hours instead of flying 'cause mom knew 2 carry on bags would NOT be enough (and she was right). Also she bought a lot of mugs/steins and didn't want those to break.

The cats got a t-shirt and I think it'll fit me... We'll see in a bit as we'll be taking pics soon!

I'm just glad they're back! Grandpaw said I took their absence the worst! I'm a momma's boy!!!

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