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What? I'm not a cat?

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October 20th 2013 4:50 pm
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Woof? Today I saw my first in the flesh, Poodle!! I've seen them on TV but not in real life!

The lady down the street from us was getting out of her car and out came this BIG Poodle! Woofers, their furrrr is curly and short! I was confused when I saw the dog!

Have you seen one before?



October 18th 2013 5:01 pm
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Yes! Mom found my favorite bone, Purina's Busy Bone "Chewnola". The only bad thing is it makes a mess but boy oh boy is it good! It sorta looks like a bird feeder stick thing if that makes sense?

They're only at certain Walmart stores. Mom found one a while back and has been searching since! Not at the Pet chains, not Target, but Wallyworld.

She stocked up on them and I have 6 bones!! I'm making a mess on my bed as I bark!

Mom also bought a new comforter. She had bought this pretty blue one with pillows but I shed a lot and mom couldn't get the hair off even after washing it. So now she has a new burgundy/wine colored pretty one. The other day I went for my walk, not as long as I had hoped but much longer. Mom was exhausted after working out with her trainer and doing an hour of Zumba. I suppose I'll let it slide this time.


Rain Rain Rain!

October 15th 2013 5:07 pm
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So for a WEEK it did nothing but rain rain rain!!! How's a cute dog like me supposed to check out his new digs if it's raining!

I hate rain... Well, not HATE but I'm sorta like a cat when I come in from the rain. I will groom and lick myself until I'm dry :)

The other day it was nice out as today was. Problem was mom was uber busy yesterday checking out her new gym and doing errands. Then today she had to close on the house and then visited friends. Tomorrow she meets her personal trainer but I hope she has enough energy to take me for a LONG 45 minute walk! I think she will 'cause she felt bad that I couldn't get my walk in the past week. Sounds good to me!


Happy Gotcha Day to meeeeeeee!

October 3rd 2013 12:05 am
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3 years ago I came into mom's life!! Ahhhhh I remember it like it was yesterday!!! 3 years I've lived in my house, but I'm moving this weekend and have a nice new place!

To celebrate my Gotcha Day, mom is going to get me a Happy Meal! SCORE!! I haven't had a McDonald's burger in a few months! And then to keep my figure cute, I'll do my daily 45 power walk with mom. Yesterday we got a late start and the time we got home it was dark! Mom said she couldn't see me in the dark 'cause of my furr color. I told her, "Don't worry mom, you're safe with me".

Sooooooooooo can't wait to INHALE my burger and fries :)


Hour walk and filet mignon!!!!

September 24th 2013 4:41 pm
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Today I went for the longest walk of my life! An hour of power walking with mom :) I tell you what, I was exhausted when we came home!

For dinner I got a smaller than usual bite of steak, I heard something about me getting a tiny bite as it was filet mignon. What does that matter? When I get NY strip, I get a few large pieces!! So not fair...

I think I prefer NY strip even though mom likes this filet business...


New Bling

September 14th 2013 3:03 pm
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So today mom bought me a new collar and ID tag. She also bought my bestest Toby's new brother, Cody, a welcome home gift!

Their mom adopted a Yorkie dog who is 3 years old and about to be put down. He doesn't have hair on his back and was in the pound for 3 months. Prior he was chained to a tree :( Well guess what Cody? You're about to enjoy life to the fullest 'cause Toby's mom is the bestest and will spoil you rotten!!!

Toby and Cody are getting along great and it's only been a few hours! I can't wait to meet them!


My brother went to the bridge yesterday :(

September 13th 2013 8:00 am
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Woof... My brother Tiskers went to Rainbow bridge yesterday. He was 6 with a severe case of Cardiomyopathy. Of the cats in the house, he was my favorite 'cause he didn't tease me. In fact, he sometimes sat right on me but I didn't mind.

Sorry I haven't been around much. A year ago, mom found out ex-daddy had an affair with a woman 20 years older than mom who he met on Twitter. This woman lives 3000 miles away in CA (we're in VA), and during Dad's police event, she flew to meet him. Luckily he doesn't get custody of us. He actually adopted two new pets. At least he has to see the tattooed cats on his arm forever, the pets he abandoned. After 10 years of marriage, ex-daddy who is 32, girlfriend is in her 50's looks 60's, it's funny when his co-workers and friends laugh at the pics mom has showed them. They all thought this woman was his mom.

So once things settle here with the passing of my brother, I'll be posting more and have a lot of news to share!



September 7th 2013 5:10 pm
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Woof!! I'm a DDP today!! Thanks for the congrats and friend requests!!!

Mom gave me some chicken from last nights rotisserie dinner in honor of my DDP. Thanks mom!!

Also tonight we went for our daily 30 minute walk. I'm sure all of my friends are happy that the weather is cooling off making walks more enjoyable! I love going for a walk and when mom gets out the leash I go nuts!!!! Round and round in circles until mom manages to put the leash on me.

Have a great weekend!


Do I look like a trampoline??

September 5th 2013 8:59 pm
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Really?? Do I look like a trampoline? I don't think so but my cat brother Fido thought so and boy did that hurt!!!!

I was laying on the couch and Fido decided he wanted to jump on the back of the sofa and used me as a trampoline! It hurt!! I didn't like it one bit and I sorta made a growl/ouch/umph noise.

Mom scolded the cat. GO MOM!!

I'm glad the weather is cooling off as mom has been taking me for daily walks. She also ordered me my favorite bones today.


DDP and visitor

August 22nd 2013 11:16 am
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I'm a DDP!!! It's been a while since my last honor :)

Earlier today my bestest Tobey came over and visited. We didn't go for a walk as it's pretty hot here but I know mom will take me for one later.

I heard that I might get to go for a car ride?? I really don't like car rides though...

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