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What? I'm not a cat?

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Gifts for me?!?!

December 16th 2010 2:41 pm
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This day keeps getting better and better! First snow to play in and now a gift for me for Christmas from my cat friends (YES CATS) in NJ! My family has 6 cats prior to adopting me a couple months ago, but they were oh so nice to send me a Christmas gift! A cute bundle of 2 edible raw-hide cookies! One was a green tree and the other is a red star. I was bad... I ate them both :) But it took me a while (15 minutes) BOL

Thank you guys so much! Who knew having friends would be this fantastic!!



December 16th 2010 11:47 am
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MORE SNOW! Mom said VA doesn't get much (minus last year's blizzard) but she hopes for my sake we get TONS this year!

Dad doesn't mind it while mom loves it :)

I had fun eating it, fun digging in it, sliding in it, etc., it's fun! I don't know why mom wanted to go inside after 20 minutes. She's a scrooge!


Saw Santa Paws today at PetSmart!

December 11th 2010 6:31 pm
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WOOF!! I DID I DID!!!! I got to sit with and meet the famous, so I hear as this is my first Christmas, Santa Paws!!!

I'm going to post a picture of the picture we got, and another from dad's cell.

He was very nice and while we waited for our picture to get printed, I sat next to the famous Santa and he kept petting me telling me I'm a good boy!

And I am! I got home from PetSmart, did my business and mom and dad, since I now know how to get up and down the stiars, let me on their bed!

It was COMFY! I mean, who wants a DOG BED when you have a King size bed!! DOG BED... KING SIZE... :D BOL!!!


BEST day of my life so far!

December 10th 2010 10:29 pm
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Woke up and there was SNOW on the ground!!! Only a half an inch but being this is my first winter on this earth, I was excited! I was sliding on the driveway, eating the snow, and I loved it!

AND!! Today, for the first time in 2 months of being with my furever family?!?! I FIGURED OUT HOW to get UP the stairs!! I've been chillin' on the main level for 2 months. And when my pawrents went up stairs, I could hear them, but couldn't figure out where or what they were doing! NOW I know :) My cat brothers aren't too happy... Hmph!

Now, my next mission is to figure out WHERE they go when they go through a door DOWNSTAIRS! I'm told it's a finished basement and uber cozy... I gotta figure that out!

AND THEN I hope to figure out our deck stairs as there's a lot as they reach the ground to our walk-out basement. My my, I'm lovin' stairs now!



December 9th 2010 10:24 am
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WOOF! My first DDP honor! I had no idea I was a DDP until i got a gift from Redford and family!! I know we get catster notification pawmails, so I better sniff out what's up!

Not much is new other than the cats are still taunting me :) They're not too bad, but I don't understand why they often don't want to play! I get in my play bow position, and yet they look at me like I have 2 tails!

Oh well, at least mom and dad love me and that's all that matters :)


A new Ducky!!!

December 7th 2010 4:13 pm
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WOOOOOOF! I'm part lab and I've been told we like duckies... I have to agree with that!

I got a NEW Ducky today from friends of mine who are CATS! Yes you read right!!! I'm naming my Ducky Sully mwhahahaha!! Wow, what a pawsome Christmas gift! Thank you guys!

Santa came early to our house too 'cause the bed I'm siting on with my new ducky Sully, came today. Well mom brought it home after shopping as my EVIL cat siblings have been taking my former green bed! HMPH!

So they put the green bed upstairs and I got a new one, this time, it's ONLY MINE :)

I must have been a good dog! First a new home, then a Ducky named Sully, and now a new bed :)


30 pounds and counting!

December 4th 2010 10:06 am
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On Thursday the 2nd, I had my second half of my lime preventative shot AND I got my nails cut.

Mom didn't know how to cut my nails as I have the black ones, which don't show the quick. The last time I got them cut was when I was neutered 2 months ago!

My nails are still a bit tricky, but our vet spent a lot of time showing mom and dad how to do it, what to look for, and how short is almost "too" short.

I didn't mind and I got a milk bone at the end of my visit!

Wow, 30.7 pounds!! I'm a handsome dude that's furr sure! Boogie better not mess with me as I have 10 pounds on him now :) He and I still like to chase each other and that drives mom nuts!!


Santa Paws?!

November 30th 2010 3:54 pm
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Wha? Who? Where? When? Wha?

December 11th I believe, I'll be meeting this Santa Paws person. Mom said at our PetSmart doggies and kitties can meet and get their picture taken with said stranger.

This being my first Catmas, I'm not sure what to expect! Oooooooo I can't wait! And the money for the picture goes towards local pet charities! That's pawsome! I can't wait!

Hope all my friends are doing well :)


Bow OW!!!

November 16th 2010 11:20 pm
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So I was chasing the weird lil' dog in my house, aka Boogers and I hurt myself :(

Nothing serious, but dang those wood floors! They don't give good traction!!! So I was turning the corner when BAM! I hit my left side on something and I let out 3 soft whimpers. I'm all better 24 hours later but mom was freaking out!

Like she had water leaking from her eyes and she was mad that our Vet was closed. There's a 24 hour Emergency place close but Grandpaw said I would have been crying more and wouldn't have put weight on my leg if it was bad BAD>

I was favoring it a bit, but a few hours later I could put more weight, about 97% on it. And now I'm good!

Dang, mom sure was relieved!! Mom looked so sad with her eyes leaking!! :(


Cross those paws!

November 12th 2010 7:50 pm
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Monday mom and dad are getting an estimate for a back yard fence!! Naturally it's for ME!!!

I hope I get one!! I do I do!!! My neighbor and bestie, Buster, (not on Dogster) has a fence... HOWEVER he doesn't like going outside!! I KNOW RIGHT?!?! He's a strange puppy but he's cool!!! He's actually 3 or so, but the previous owners must not have brought him out much as he 1) Gets car sick 2) Doesn't like outdoors 3) Doesn't like many toys 4) Often goes in his crate for "fun".

MY MY! He and I should swap places BOL!!!

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