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What's Shakin', Bacon?

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Fund for Lucy & Daisy

March 25th 2013 9:13 am
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Hey Evfurryone...
As you may know, Lucy & Daisy's Grandpa went to heaven on Saturday night.

They has been staying at a Doggie Motel for 3 weeks now and their Mama is in the Puerto Rico and won't be home for another week yet.

If you would like to contribute to the fund to help pay for their boarding as part of a commemororial thingie...

Here are the link...

Fundraiser for Lucy & Daisy's Emergency Boarding


The Bacon


Green Boogies! They're GRRRRRREAT!

March 15th 2013 1:54 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mama says it were very festiffial of Bacon to go to the EXtreems of contractoring an eye infeckshun for Peppermint Patty's Day.

Bakey has NEON Green Eye Boogies!

And they TASTE GREAT!!! Mama holds the washer cloths on Bacon's face and Bacon licks the wet washer cloth while Mama counts. Mama counting in a happy voice makes Bacon sit still. She got all the way to Six T Five last night before Bakey runned away.

Papa says he doesn't know how I gets the eye infeckshun, but it probably have something to do with burying my face in the snow, and snowplowing with my face against the ice.

Bacon wuffs the SNOW!!!!! YAY! More snow today. Bakey hopes springie time NEVFUR comes.

I am a good boy and let Mama put the meddysins in my green goober eye. But it cannot work until Sunnyday. Bacon and Beanie are going to the Peppermint Patty Day Parade.


FLIGHT: Four Paws Down

March 13th 2013 7:57 am
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Dear Diary,

The Beesuns snuggled up in the big humongerous king-size bed to watch some moofies, and more importantly to Bacon, eat some popcorn on Satterday night.

We watched a moofie called the Flight. This were promising horror story for Beanie. Maybe about crows we thought. Maybe about doggies learning to fly we thought.

No. No crows. No doggies learning to fly.

But about half hours or seven days or elebenty two years into the moofie, all of a sudden the aeroplanes has an acksident and horrible, loud, shrieky alarms happens, for a long time, screaming and shrieking,...OMD...It were the most pawful thing in the world.

Bacon and Beanie ran to our Mama and we jumped on her head. Bacon climbed right up on top of Mama's big over-sized melon and he just stoods there, shaking. While Beanie stood on Mama's neck and barked.

What a pawful moofie. They should put warnings on there about alarmses and stuff. OMD!

Four paws down.

And not a single dog in the whole thing. What kinda hoomans does not has dogs?

Peeee....ewwwwwwwe. That are all Bacon has to say about that.

Note from the Secretary: Scary alarms aside, Denzel Washington gave the performance of his life. Really sad story though.


Home Alone: Part Bacon

March 4th 2013 10:07 am
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Dear Diary,

On Satterday, Beanie had to get him's hairs cut on account of him is a Scottie-wanna be, or a MamawannaScottie-be.

Mama & Papa had to run errands while Beanie was at the Booty Shop, so Mama say to me, "BakeaCake, you are a big boy now. You have to stay home all by yourself, okay?"

OMD!!! And then they furgotted to put the gate up to the upstairs.

Bacon were so nerfuss that maybe the Shrieky Shrieky Smokes Detecktor of Doom would malfunkshun again. First I got up on the coffee tables and I grabbed the bully stick that Mama put up there on Fryday. Then Bacon runned upstairs to Mama's big Queenie for a Day bed, and I snuggled up with my bully stick in all the scooshie blankies, and I kept a viggielent watch on the evful smoky detecktor, for elebenty billyun hourses, or dayses, or monthesses...until evfurrybody came home.

"OMD! OMD!" Mama & Papa said. "Look what a good boy Bacon was!!!! He didn't destroyed nutthing, and he didn't make no messes, and he didn't evfun eat the box of Famous Amoses that Mama left on the headboard!!!! Bacon Beesun, you is the BEST DOGGIE EVFUR."

Then they gived to the Bacon lots of hugs and squeezes, and Bacon wagged him's tail with his whole body, and I gave them smiles with my whole face, and I were very proud. Amen.


New Page for the Beesun Brofurs

November 27th 2012 1:46 pm
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Hey Evfurrydoggie!

We hope you had a wonderfur turkey day with your families!!!

Bacon had taters, stuffing, and bully sticks.

Since Mama is real busy with her crafty times, she made a combineded page for both me & Beanie. So you can check it out if you want to!

You can see the link on my page under My Family.

Hugs & Zoomies



It's Bacon Day!!! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

October 25th 2012 6:57 am
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Dear Evfurryone...

Today are Bacon Day.

Mama says.

OMD!!!!!! She said on my Bacon Day #8, Bacon will get a pony and a bouncy house.

But on Bacon Day #3, Bacon gets a peanut butter cookie for breakfasts.

OMD! I wuff peanut butter cookies. YUM! YUM! YUM! This are the best day evfur!

Happy Bacon Day evfurrypup!

Bacon wuffs you!


A Story about Bacon & Life at the Beesuns Right Now

October 7th 2012 10:20 am
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Dear Friends of Bacon, Beanie, Izzy & Ernie G.,

First, thank you all for all of the messages, cards, gifts left on all the pup's pages. As was the case when Ernie passed, it's completely awe-inspiring, the flood of sympathy and understanding from the best friends in the world.

Lots of people ask how we are doing. Ezra unfortunately is very stoic, and I try my best to show him how many people are writing to him and voicing their love and support. He deals with things by not dealing with things. He says, "I can't read that stuff, it makes me too sad."

But I wanted to share a story about Bacon...and how Bacon is doing....

So as many of you know, I have a craft room, and a work shop, as I'm working on little felty guys called Beebles and they live in a little miniature world, and they take up virtually all of my time, when I'm not doing house work and playing with the pups after working all day.

So I'm sitting in my craft room yesterday, and I hear a very familiar sound. It's the groaning sound that Izzy made whenever she stood up, or when you'd rub her belly, or she'd just let out a loud melodramatic groan every now and then.

I didn't want to admit it, but I'd heard it a couple times in the past week. Yesterday as I sat alone in the house, except for the dogs, working on a Beeble, I heard it. Izzy's distinctive groan.

Oh God No, I thought. This means one of two things. My depression and anxiety were now taking a decided down-turn. I was hallucinating. Hallucinations...great. What next? Or I thought, as I sat nervously needle-felting, listening for the next Izzy groan, the alternative would be that Izzy was haunting me.

Because hearing Izzy groan throughout the day, is not something I would find comforting. I was terrified.

I began frantically weighing in my mind which would be preferable, having hallucinations or being haunted, when Bacon comes trotting in.

He gives me his big Bacon smile, and then does his big front and back downward dog stretches, each time, emitting a long low Izzy groan. SOMETHING I have NEVER EVER heard him do prior to this last week.

I nearly died. He learned that from Izzy. I was so surprised, and touched and RELIEVED.

I couldn't wait until Ezra got home to tell him.

When I did he laughed and said, "yeah, this morning I found him laying in her spot on the couch when I woke up, with his head propped up on the arm, just like Izzy always laid."

Bacon loved his big sister so much. He seems like he is getting back to normal for the most part. But sweet baby Bakes has found the best way to honor his sweet sister Izzy, is to try to be just like her.

Hugs & Love to all of our friends...we are so grateful to all of you!

AND wishing our friends in Canada a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you all be blessed with love, health, happiness, and smooches from your pooches.



Big Orange are on Vacayshun

October 5th 2012 1:21 pm
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Dear Izzy,

How are you? Bacon are fine.

When you will send me a postcard?

When will you be coming home?

Bakey misses you. I are lonely for you. For thirty-millyun days I went on a zoomie/play strike.

But then you knows how Bakey loves to play. I has no one to snuggle with in the day times on the chouch. I has no one to go potties with at the two ay ems, and I just wait until morning, on accounts of it are scary in the dark without you.

How come you did not tell Bakey you were going bye-bye? Bacon wuffs advenchures. I looked for you, you know. Bacon searched for forty-nine hundred hours on all your blankies and beds Papa scattered all ovfur the house for you.

Beanie had a Barfapalooza for sneventy-seven days on account of all the stresses from you being gone.

Hurry Home, Izzy B. We miss you. And don't furget to bring Bakey presents.

Wuffs & Hugs, your most favoritest Bacon in the whole wide world


Bacon Redux

September 25th 2012 9:55 am
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Dear Diary,

Member when I were a new Beesun & Ella's Peepoles made me a Welcome Home video?

Well to comemberbate the second annifurfsary of my Beesunhood, here it are, the ankshussly awaited seekwell. Baconreducks.

I hope you enjoys it.

Mama wetted her pants. Izzy did, too. But Izzy has an excuse.

Bacon Redux - The Movie, By Ella's Peeps


Bacon's Beesun Pup Annifurfsary!!!!!

September 23rd 2012 12:55 pm
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Dear Diary!


Two yearses?

Can you beleefs it? Bacon are almost three years old and it have been two years since my adopterayshuns to become a Beesun.

Today are the Best Day Evfurer, better than yesfurday, which were the bestest day evfur until this morning and then when Bacon woke up, I knowed that today were an even more wonderfuller day to be alive.

Bacon is so excited because it is now Fall times, which is very very wonderfuls, all on its own. But after Fall Times, comes Bacon's most excellentest times....WINTER!!! SNOW ZOOMIES! The best! OMD! I could just zoomie thinking about the snow zoomies.

Wow!!!! Look at all the fantastick goodies I got from my furriends!

Thank you to Freckles, Finley, Zaidie, Hershey & Winkie, Fizzy (CHEESE! I wuff cheese! How did you knowed?), Lulu, Romeo & Lexi, Milton, Mr. Duffy McDuff and evfurrydoggie else who commemorated this monumentalous days in historease with me!!!

Bacon wuffs you!

I hope you all is getting your Halloweenies costumes on and eating lotsa treats, like me!!! Bacon are chunky!!! I even won a speshull diet award from Dogtor Jackie. She wrote Mama a note about how chunky she made the Bacon and evfurrything. So eat lotsa treats and get big Beesun buns.



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