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What's Shakin', Bacon?

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No Fair! Where are Bakey's Glory Days?

January 22nd 2014 12:04 pm
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Dear Diary,

Me & Beanie are steamed.

It are bad enuff that Mama were just hitting her stride after 3 years in hearing me & the Bean's voices...took her long enuff.

It were awkward for her right off the bat, learning what me & Beanie sounds like, how we thunked, how our highly complexical minds opurrated and stuff.

We were just getting our grooves on.

And now it are too late. No more Dogster. No chance to acheeves the infamery of our heroses, Ernie G & Izzy B. No fun. No games. Poop.

Mama says, onward and upward. Or as the D-Dog's Mama said, "Don't cry because it are ovfur. Smile because it happened."

Yeah, well that's true and all. But me & Beanie do about elebenty bajillyun cute things evfurry day. Somebuddy oughtta be dockumentoring it. Beleef you me. We are a coupla laff riots. Oh the hillarryness that be's happening at the house of Beesuns.

Why just the othfur day, you shoulda heard what Bacon said! OMD! I were so funny. And Beanie, BOL! BOL! BOL! Bacon are laffing right now thinking about Beanie making a big doody on Mama's clothes pile yesfurday. Stuff like that are gonna be gone for the ages.

But anyfur...after Mama are done making her big book of Ernie stuff, we will be getting some blogs and see you guyses in the forum Fizzy's Mama started and all that stuff.

We wuff you guys, and Say Media can't break us up, no how. To them, Bakey says, Sayonara Suckers!

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.
- Robert Frost

(Stay gold, Ponyboy)


Guess What Bakey Wants for His Barkday???

October 25th 2013 7:53 am
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The fambly of Chauncey, Shula & Alabaster got some snow last night. But they live wayyyyyy up north in the arktical tundra of Minnesnowday.

It were only 30 degrees in the Mound this morning. That is snow-making weather. But it's too early still, Mama says.

Bacon will send his wish to the Barkday Santa Fairy. Pawlease send me some snow, Barkday Santa Fairy. The sooper dooper fluffy stuff, that I can berries my head in and roll around in and do sooper fast zoomies in.

That are all Bakey wants for barkday number 4.



Geeze Louies, What Happy Days are These!!!

September 23rd 2013 3:38 pm
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Dear Diary,

My furriendses, Bacon wants to give a shout out to all the doggies at Hearts United for Animals in Nebraska, on this, the NUMBER THREE Annifurfsary of the day Mama & Papa bringed me home.

I promise you guys, your bestest fambly is out there. And happy times are coming your way.

Just look at me the Bacon!!!

Bakey are going to Renniesants Festifulls and doing the big 5K marathoners, having celebrity house guests like Gussie Finknottle's Mama, and my best furriend Doug.

Evfurry single night I sleep in a nice warm beddy-bye with my peepoles after a riggerusss and rousering round of rassling and ruff-housing.

My belly are full like a little round basketball.

And my Mama whispers, "Bacon your Mama wuffs you furevfur and evfur my beeeeeeyooooteeefull boy."

So hang on, doggies...your time will come.

Mama can't beleef 3 years has gone by so fast. She says, I'm getting to be a big boy now, espeshully compared to Doug, who's been staying with us. He's only one year old, and we furgot what the pubby energy is like. But no matter what, Mama says I will always be her baby boy.

Thank you to all my furriends for cellybrating this day with me.

I wuff you, evfurrybody.

p.s. Mama posted some new pics on the Beesun Bros pages, from our race, and the last few days.


Yay! Bacon Wins!

August 26th 2013 11:20 am
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Bacon throwed up on the new carpets within 24 hours!!!

Mama says that is a new record!

Yay, Bacon! I'm the best.

I know there were a LOT of YELLING when I broke the record that's for sure.

So much change at Bacon's house.

Too much.

But still, I breaked in the new carpet. Feels like home. :)


Anonymous Heart Guy - Come Out, Come Out Wherever You ARE!!!!

August 20th 2013 11:19 am
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Okay, who is this Anonymous Heart Guy?

Bacon will give free steak to furst pup who tells me!!!


Bacon's lazy.


They Stoled My Chouch

August 19th 2013 1:23 pm
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Dear Diary,

Bacon is "change-a-verse." This do not mean I like to make up new words to my favorite songs, like "Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza" or "Scuse me, While I kiss this guy." Noooooo.

It means that Bacon do not like the changes.

So imagine Bacon's chagrin, when first Mama removed my big, fat, fluffy, sheet-covered, squwooshy pillowed doggie beds in the living rooms! Then Papa started tearing up my vomity-place carpets, and muddy paw tiles in the entry way.

BUT THE FINAL STRAWS that breaked the cairn terrier's back were when they brought in some new furnychairs. Bacon do not like leather furnychairs. How are I sposed to sit on the back of the furnychairs when there are no pillows? This are outragermuss.

Yesfurday I finerly jumped up on the highly unpredicktable furnychairs, that moves back and forths, and it were cold and slippery. Bacon does not like it.

Who does a guy gotta talk to, in order to get this stuff hauled away and get the old stuff back?

In the meantime, Bacon are organizing a boy-cott of the new furnychairs. Beanie are not on board. I am laying on the stairs until the old furnychairs comes back. There are a picfur in my photo book of the offensive new chairs. You will see how mizerybull Bacon is. They are terrorbull.

Bring back the old stuff.

Yours in Mizery,



A Visit from Uncle Norm, Riley & Caileigh's Papa Comes to- Town

July 22nd 2013 9:10 am
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Dear Diary,

Anothfur humongussss day in Beanie & Bacon's ginormous summer of nevfur-ending fun!

Guess who came to visit us? Riley & Caleigh's Papa from ToRontoe, Canadia!

That's right!

OMD! Beanie was so excited, he tinkled. Sevfural times. But luckily, not on Uncle Norm. Beanie knows when someone loves the doggies. He has a doggie lover detecktor. So the minute he meeted Uncle Norm it was love at furst sight. You couldn't pry Beanie off him. And beleef me, Mama & Papa had to. As much as Beanie loves peepoles, he still gets nerfuss of sudden movements or gestures, and will tinkle on them. So the parents try to keep Beanie from jumping on the guests.

Uncle Norm brought lots of good toys for us to play with. And Bakey shared them with my furriend Doug when he came ovfur on Sunnyday night.

The hooman peepoles went off for a ride on the Ernie George and to go out for lunch to talk and do hooman peepole stuff. There were lots of good memory-sharing going on, about Dogster, about Rosie, Cookie, Ernie & Izzy, about all the furriends, hooman and othfurwise that they have made ovfur the years.

Mama got really sentymental. It really is astounding how Dogster changed her life. :) So many good peepole, with great big hearts. It's a beauteefull thing.

And then Uncle Norm wanted a picfur on board the Ernie George before he left, so Papa had to jump in the lake to get a fotoe of the back of the boat. BOL.

I bet Ernie G. was laffing at that up at the most wonderful place. All the hoomans smiled when they thought that our angel furs were sailing on board the Lady Melanie up at the Bridge, while they were sailing on the Ernie G. down here. :)

Thank you for coming to see us, Uncle Norm. Next time, Bring SNOW, pawlease!!! And Riley & Caileigh, too!!!

p.s. We posted some fotoes from the visit, too! They are in the Furbulous Beesun Brofurs foto book.


Meet Bacon's New Furriends!

June 27th 2013 7:53 am
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Dear Diary,

Who like French Stuff? French Fries are PAWESOME! Right?

AND the CROYSSANTS? Them are gud, too? Right?

Well, Bacon gots some new furriends who are French. French Bull Dogs. George & Bella.

They are new to Dogster and AdoraBULL!!!

Here is George's page:

Happy Thirstyday!

Wuff, Bacon


Attack of the Eleventy Thousand Foot Thunder Monsters

June 21st 2013 12:36 pm
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Dear Diary,

It were a dark and stormy night, and the Beesuns was restless.

The flashy clock said it were two ay ems. Bacon does not tell time, but I allow seckertery to editoriamalize as she sees fit.

It were still very hot outside and hotter inside. Our fanny cold air blower machine were broken again.

(Two guyses came to Bacon's house earlier in the day to fix the fanny cold air blower machine. They left the garage door open, and Bakey were free! Free to run like the wind, right past Mama in the driveway, through the yards of Mound, Minnesnowdah, sniffering and markering all along the way. Bacon were running through the legs of the kidses in our nayborhoods, who were chasing me, and I were laffing and laffing!It were so fun, until Papa came, with his angry flubbergusted and frustripperated face on. Then it were not so fun anymore)

Anywhoodles, the fanny cold air indoor wind-blowing machine were on the fritz again, so Mama were up, kicking the blankets off, and making loud drammatickle sighs.

That was when the Thunder Monsters caughted Bacon unawares. Furst the eleventy thousand feets tall beastesses huffed and they puffed and they tried to blow our house down. The blowed so hard, that our windows rattled and the trees bent down to touch them's toes.

Bacon knew Mama would be ascared, so he jumped up on the bed and he climbed on top of her. "Bakey will hold you down with his big fuzzy buns, Mama, don't you worry!" I said.

The Thunder Monsters HOWLED, and they poured gallons and gallons and gallons of boiling water on our house to try to boil us alive. Bacon were shaking, but I didn't leave Mama's side. Then they tried peltering us with frozen rocks that sounded like mahsheenguns shooting up the Beesun house.

And then they got angry because they could not get Bakey and his Mama, so they started exploding the most hoomungussest newkickular bombs in the whole universe right in our front yard.

Bacon swears, the whole house kaboomed and it shook for 20 minutes from one explosion alone. B

Then Beanie got all MEDIEVAL on them Monsters. He leapeded up from him's sleep, and he barked so angry and so mean, I has nevfur heard Beanie so mad. He said, "YOU LISTEN HEAR YOU THUNDER MONSTERS!!! YOU DO NOT COME TO BEANIE'S HOUSE IN THE MOUND, MINNESNOWDAH, AND WAKE HIM UP FROM HIS NIGHT-NIGHT TIME, SCARE HIS MAMA AND BACON,AND CAUSE A GENERAL HULLYBALOO!" And then there were more feroeshuss barkering...BARK, BARK, ROOOOOOOOOOO! BARK! Then Daddy got up, and he were worried Beanie were gonna kill the monsters all ovfur our house, so he said, "Shhhhhh, calm down Beanie, it's okay."

But the explosions kept coming and Beanie kept barking. And Bakey kept shaking, and Mama kept petting the Bacon.

Then we all got up to look at the big fireworks from the explosions, and the ice cubes piling up, and the trees coming down, and Beanie barked, until evenchewally we all falled asleep from exhausterayshun.

And the Thunder Monsters went home when the lights came on, on account of thunder monsters are ascared of the light.

The End.

Footsnote: Bacon were not afurraid at any point in this story. That are an embellyshmint on Beanie's part.


Update on Lucy & Daisy's Boarding & Othfur Stuff

March 28th 2013 8:03 am
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Dear Diary,

Bacon has happy newses to report!

All our furriends has rallied togethfur to raise the entire fundses for Lucy & Daisy's boarding for three weeks! OMD! It makes Bakey get all leaky in the eyeses to think about how good all the doggie pawrents and peepoles are to come togethfur like that for furriends in need.

Mama says she are not surprized on account of the outpouring of love and supports she received when Ernie George were sick with them limpfeepanomas.

Anyfur, the Beesuns has been floating on the airs all week ovfur this. Thank you to our furriends for all your helps and the prayers you sended.

In othfur newses...Bakey's are melting! BOOOOOOOO. I has an eye infeckshun in my othfur eye now. Mama says maybe it are from rubbing my face in the snow.

Seckretery has to are very busy. But she told Bacon that also I were a diary pick today and my furriends sended me steaks and ribbons and bunny rabbits! OMD! How pawesome are that??

Bakey wuffs you guyses!

p.s. Lucy & Daisy's Mama should be home in Ohio with Princess, next Monday, hopefurly.

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