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My weekend with Emmie

January 13th 2014 7:17 am
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This past weekend we went to visit Emmie and her family. It was a very rainy weekend so we didn't get to do much, but it was nice to see Emmie and she did play with us a few times in the basement. Mom said I did really good with Emmie and I wait patiently for her to throw my toys to me. Emilie loves when us dogs play together and calls us the "crazy puppies":) Emmie loves giving us our medicine and she gave it to us every time this weekend and mom said I'm very good at that too. I know how important it is for me to behave with Emmie and I won't do anything to mess that up!

Sunday when we got home we went to Manor Care to visit our friend Lois. As you recall, she lost her husband Joe (our very dear friend too) a month ago and Friday Lois lost her son Jim suddenly. Poor Lois is dealing with a lot of loss and mom thought a visit from us would help her through it. Lois seemed to be doing well considering what she's been going through. She was very happy to see us and mom is praying that Lois makes it through this. She is a tough woman, but this is a lot for someone as frail as Lois. Please say some prayers for Lois and the rest of her family during this difficult time.

When we got home mom groomed and bathed us dogs. She said we were way past due and when we smelled like "wet dogs" Saturday, she knew it was time. As much as I hate getting groomed, I must admit that I felt much better when it was all done. Now I look and smell really good and I'll do my best not to get all muddy right away. Mom always asks us to try and stay clean for at least an hour after grooming and I'm well over that so I'm good to go!

As far as my week, I don't think I'll be doing much. Mom has church stuff and going to the service for Jim so we'll just be hanging out, but we are going to the cabin this upcoming weekend and I'm looking forward to that. Some cold weather again, but hey, it is winter and even if we don't get to play outside a lot, at least we are in the mountains!


Goodbye 2013...Hello 2014!

January 7th 2014 6:30 am
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Sorry it's been so long since I posted, but we've been in the mountains and mom didn't get on the computer much. She said she wanted a break from it and I can understand since she sits in front of a computer all day at work.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season, I sure did! Santa Paws was really good to us and we each got an entire bag of Beggin Strips and sooo many toys! Although we both got the same amount of toys and very similar toys, you know me, I had to take some of Chloe's too. But she returned the favor and took some of mine so we're even!

Poppy Waple came home from the hospital Christmas Eve and he is doing well. Although he still has a way to go in his recovery, he is getting around much better and his spirits are up and we were happy that he was home for Christmas. On Christmas Day mom took us to Joe's grave so we could say goodbye. It was sad sitting there knowing that we will never see our Joe again, but we will never forget him and I know without a doubt when my day comes (not soon I hope) he will be waiting for me at the end of the Rainbow Bridge and we will be together again.

We spent the last two weeks in the mountains and I loved it! The weather was really cold with some snow so we didn't so much, but it was just nice to be away. Mom did take us for a few kubota rides and we saw lots of deer too. We ran through the woods and played and checked out all the scents. Mom wanted to do some search training with me, but it was just way too cold. Mom and I would have done it, but dad wasn't into sitting in the frigid cold waiting for me to find him and I don't blame him. We did go antiquing with mom and dad one day, but I got sick on the way back so we couldn't go the other time. Poor mom sat in the back with me after I got sick and that's a big deal for her because she gets car sick herself and never rides in the back. God love her for being there for me and for dad for driving nice and slow after that. I don't know why I got car sick that day, but I was fine once we got back to the cabin.

We had lots of fun New Year's Eve with many of our friends. The cabin was full and we were getting lots of loving, especially from our friend Pam. We just love her to death cause she is such a dog person and always loves on us:) The only bad thing about New Year's Eve was that they didn't shoot guns like they usually do. That made me sad cause I love guns, but mom said not this year cause Velma has been sick and they didn't want to wake her and I can understand that. Please same some prayers for Velma because she is not doing well at all. She fell two times while we were at the mountains and mom and dad had to help get her up. Then she went to the ER on Friday and is still in the hospital. We prayer she recovers soon.

Last night we visited with our friends at Manor Care. It was good to see everyone after the holiday and most seemed to be doing well. Christine didn't seem to be herself and we're hoping it was just because they were without lights and heat for most of the day and she was just sleepy. She is a sweet person who always loves seeing us. Ms. Sara was in bed again, but much more responsive to us this time so I think she is doing better. she even sat up and ate some of her dinner while we were there.

We received some very sad news today, our golden retriever friend Molly is going to cross the Rainbow Bridge today:( She went to the vet on Friday and they took 8 liters of water out of her and they found a tumor on her liver. Unfortunately it is cancer and they cannot remove it and she has been getting worse. Linda, Keith, Matt and Lauren had to make the difficult decision to let her go today and our thoughts are with them all. As hard as it is to make that decision, they are also not being selfish and thinking of Molly so she will no longer suffer. We will miss our dear friend Molly...RIP


I'm no reindeer!

December 24th 2013 6:55 am
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Last night we had a visit at Country Meadows and it was nice. Everyone was very happy to see us and loved our headwear. Everyone that is except for me! I hated wearing those stupid antlers and was so humiliated. I even begged Auntie Barb to please take them off of me, but she just wouldn't help. Mom posted some pix of me with them on so you can see what I mean. But seeing how happy the residents were, I guess it was worth it because they really enjoyed seeing us all dressed up in our Christmas attire. We saw a lot of people last night and Gert was our last stop. Mom made her a calendar, but she also put some pix of the kids in it and she loved it! Mom is a good person, especially considering Gert is dad's ex wife's mom and she still does nice things like this for her. Mom always says you can't blame a person for who they are related to, especially if they never did anything bad to you. And you always "pay it forward" because maybe, just maybe, we can help make this world a better place by doing that. Even with the antlers on, it was a good night and I'm happy to be able to make so many people smile:)

On another note, Poppy Waple is coming home today! He was suppose to come home yesterday, but they had to put a pacemaker in so he had to stay until today. At least he will be home for the holiday:)

Well, I'm gonna take a little nap. Mom said we're going to see Grandma later so I need to rest up so I can play with her:) But before I go, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!


Peace and Quiet...ahhhhhh

December 23rd 2013 6:38 am
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Little Miss Emilie went home yesterday morning and needless to say, we all crashed! All us animals went back to bed with mom for a couple hours and it was so nice having some peace and quiet after a very long week. Don't get me wrong I loved playing with Emilie and especially enjoyed tubby time, but she is quite the handful and always wanting us dogs to play, pet, hug, kiss or whatever she could get us to do. I'll be hearing he yelling "ECHO!" for weeks in my sleep! But as happy that I am she finally went home so life can get back to normal, I am going to miss her too. She was lots of fun to play with and I liked keeping her in line too cause that's what us Aussies do!

Yesterday afternoon, mom, Barb, Chloe and I went to Manor Care for a visit. Everyone was very happy to see us, but I must admit that I was pretty pooped, but did my best to make everyone smile:) I really didn't like the stupid reindeers mom made me wear on my head, but it seemed to make the residents happy so I guess it was worth it. Mom got a little upset and cried a little when we got to Joe's hall and especially when I tried to go in his room. I guess I just don't realize he is gone yet and I know that's where he always was so I just started pulling to go into his room. Mom wasn't mad or anything just very sad that our Joe is gone:( We also lost another resident, Virgie. She couldn't see us well and didn't like when I barked, but she did enjoy petting us and we will miss her too.

After we left Manor Care mom and Barb stopped at the hospital to see Poppy Waple but us dogs had to wait in the car. Yes we are therapy dogs, but we need other training for hospitals and we haven't had that yet. I didn't mind though cause I was pooped and just napped in the car. Poppy is doing well and may be coming home today. Keep your paws crossed!

Only 2 days til Santa Paws comes, but even better yet, only 2 days til we head to the mountains! I am soooooo looking forward to going to the mountains even if we don't do anything. It's always so much more relaxing and mom and dad very rarely let us alone so we get to spend a lot of time together. Mom said that Saturday when they go to Emilie's birthday party we get to go so I'm happy about not being stuck in the cabin and going to see Emmie again cause I'm sure by then I'll miss her:)

Well, I'm going to head to my crate and take an all day nap. Mom and dad are both at work, it's dreary out and perfect for sleeping. I gotta rest up cause we have our Christmas visit at Country Meadows tonight, but for now it's nappy time... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Having fun with Emilie

December 20th 2013 8:59 am
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This is been a pretty fun week with Emilie. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to like it cause you know me and little kids, but Emmie has been great! She knows the rules and not to hug and kiss me, but she loves to play and that's what I'm talking about! She will throw my toys for me and I'll wait patiently until she does then I'll go get them and bring them back to her. I'm a big fan of tubby time cause Emmie has these cool toys she always plays with in the tub and I keep an eye on them just in case I can sneak in and grab one. The other day Emilie handed me one and I went to take it but dad said NO! Well she did hand it to me so I thought it was okay to take it, but apparently not. What's a dog to do when a sweet little girl offers her a toy? I also like to hang out while mom reads the bedtime story to Emilie and then I follow her back to Emmie's room and make sure she is tucked in. I also greet Emmie every more at her crib and she seems to like that:) Yesterday it was warmer so we got to take a walk and I really enjoyed it. Mom said we did great staying close and Emilie thought it was neat how I would walk beside her stroller with her. All in all, I'm having a good time, but I must say that even for a young pup like myself, it is tiring and I crash every night. We only have two more days with Emilie and then she goes home:( But I had lots of fun and look forward to the next time I get to see her!

Mom said I've been so good this week that she believes Santa Paws will bring me lots of good stuff...WOO HOO! And we also get to go to the mountains next week and I sooooooo can't wait! Mom said we have to do some training cause we missed this month cause of snow. I'm okay with that cause I enjoy it a lot. Oh yeah, January we train at Hersheypark again and I'm really excited. Mom said she'll take her camera this time so we can get more pictures.

On another note, Poppy Waple had his heart surgery yesterday and he's doing well. He won't be home for a few days, but dad said they are pretty sure he'll be home in time for Christmas and that is good. It would be sad to be in the hospital over Christmas.

Well, that's about all for now. Emilie is getting ready for lunch then nap time which means nap time for us dogs too!


Emilie is visiting us

December 16th 2013 7:22 am
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This has been a crazy weekend. Emilie came to our house on Friday and mom said she is staying all week cause her mom and dad are away. I guess I'm okay with that. I mean I love my Emmie, but she like to hug and kiss and stuff and you know me and kids, I'm not really into that stuff. I like to run and play and Emmie does play with me and mom says I'm super good at waiting for her to throw my toys for me. Mom said I'm also being really good about letting Emilie pet me and one time Emilie hugged me and I wasn't happy about that so mom told her only play and pet me so I'm cool with that. I'm doing my best to stay away from her when mom or dad isn't around so I don't get in trouble and I will admit that Emilie is getting better at only throwing toys for me and not always wanting to pet me. I would never hurt her cause I love her, but I'm just not the love muff that Chloe is and I do thank Chloe for being that way cause it takes the pressure off me.

I have been having fun. Saturday it snowed and we played with Anna for a while and Sunday we played while dad blew snow then mom played with us when Emilie took a nap. I do know that by the end of the day we'll all so tired. I'm more tired from the stress, but I have my "safe spots" I can go to where Emilie knows not to bother me so that helps. When she gets a little bigger I know we'll be the best buds ever! I do really enjoy hanging with her while she's in the tub at night. She has all these toys she plays with and I sit while she shows them all to me. Mom took a couple pix and I know she'll post as soon as she has a minute to load them on the computer. We did go for a ride to look at Christmas lights last night and that was nice to get out and about. Mom promises that after this week she'll spend a lot of time with us and in fact we'll be spending some time in the mountains and I can't wait!

On another note, thanks to Emilie keeping mom so busy, she's doing much better about losing Joe. It is very sad, but at least he is at peace now and I know he's looking from above and one day I'll be playing with him again.

Well, I think that is about all for now. I'm just going to be on my best behavior this week cause I know if I mess up it won't be good! Have a great week:)


Thank you

December 13th 2013 8:17 am
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I want to thank all of my pals who have been sending us sympathy wishes. It has been hard on all of us, but we will get through. Mom will be okay for a while, but then I can tell when she is thinking about him cause she gets a sad look on her face. I snuggle up to her and that seems to help. We will all miss Joe cause he was a wonderful man.

With all that happened on Wednesday, I did not get to mention that we visited with Kay from mom's church. She's a really nice lady and we can only visit in the foyer cause she has a cat that absolutely does NOT like dogs, but at least we get to see Kay and we always make her smile:)

Last night mom and Barb ran some errands and she let us go along. Even though we have to wait in the car, it's never for long and it's much better than sitting at home being bored.

Tonight Emilie is coming to our house and she's staying with us for the whole week and I'm very happy about that! Mom said I MUST be on my best behavior and I cannot show my teeth at all or even worse, bite her. What mom doesn't realize is that I am way past that and I love my Emilie and would NEVER hurt her. I just was unsure of her when she was smaller, but now that I've been around her and she plays and pets me nice I know she won't so I love her and can't wait to be with her for an entire week.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is the big snow storm we're suppose to get tomorrow. I love playing in the snow and having Emilie to play with us is even better. But I do want dad to get home safe from the mountains and for Ali and Jan to get to whatever island they are going to safe and then all will be good. I hope all my pals get to have fun this weekend in the snow and be careful out there cause it can get bad so tell your people to stay off the roads if they can help it.

Well, that's about all for now. I'll let you know how my weekend went and how mom is doing on Monday. Have a great one and bark at you later:)


We lost a great friend today

December 11th 2013 6:44 pm
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Today is a very sad day because our very good from Joe from Manor Care passed away. Jeanette, the nice girl at the front desk told mom when we got there and it's a good thing too cuz mom was very upset and cried a lot. With mom being so upset I got upset and felt better when she sat on the floor and let me get close to her and let her hug and cry on me. Mom really needed me and I wanted to be there for her. Mom finally calmed down and we were going to see Joe's wife Lois but then we ran into her and their son in the hall and we all cried again. After some time mom finally calmed down and we went to visit Roy, but that was all. It was late already cuz we visited Kay from church and then with the news of Joe most of the residents were in bed already anyway. I'm just gonna be with mom and help her get through this. Please also say some prayers to help Joe's family through this difficult time. We love you Joe and you will be greatly missed.


Can you say BORING!!

December 9th 2013 9:49 am
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Well I can and that is exactly what my weekend was...BORING!!

It started out with a ride to the cabin that had mom so nervous I couldn't relax cause I could feel her nervousness the entire time. Of course, if I had to drive in wind, rain, fog and at night I guess I'd be nervous too. And cause the weather was bad, we couldn't play outside when we got to the cabin.

Saturday was hunting season and it was cold again. Dad spent the day outside hunting and mom would only let us out to potty cause she was afraid of a stray bullet cause she knew there were so many hunters outside. I don't like hunting season at all!

Sunday I thought we'd get to play a little, or at least go for a Kubota ride, but it started snowing earlier than the weatherman told us so mom packed us up and off we went. Fortunately we made it home before it really got bad. Mom did let us play outside for a while and she even came out and threw the frisbee for a little, but she got cold so it was short-lived.

I know one thing for sure and that is that I don't like winter at all! I hate being in the house and not being able to do much cause it's dark by the time mom gets home from work and the cold doesn't bother me, but for mom and dad, well they rather hang inside by the fire. I know if it wasn't hunting season mom would have dressed warm and at least took us for a ride, but no can do cause then we'll disturb the deer and that's not good.

Oh well, I guess there is no use in complaining since I can't change so I'll just make the most of it and pray for spring to come back soon!


Lots of treats!

December 5th 2013 1:21 pm
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We went for visit to Country Meadows on Tuesday and I got lots of treats! We stayed in the main area for a while cause there were some people who sat down and talked with us so I did some piano playing and tricks for them and they loved every minute of it and so did I cause I got so many yummy treats:D I also liked this cool thing they had set up for Christmas that had three chipmunks that sang and danced. Everyone thought it was cool how I sat and watched it. What can I say, I'm an inquisitive kinda dog:)

Dad didn't get a deer yet, but he saw a whole lot of doe so hopefully Saturday he gets one. When dad gets a deer, that means some yummies for us cause mom will give me a little piece of steak or bologna cause she knows where it came from and no chemicals to hurt my belly. Gotta love living off the land right!?

Other than the visit to Country Meadows, not much has been going on around here. Mom finally got the photo books and calendars done for Christmas so hopefully that means she's done spending so much time on the computer at night. Speaking of that, I forgot to tell you about Monday night.

So mom was in the office working on the books and calendars and I kept bugging her. She let me out a couple of times, fed me, watered me and everything, but I still kept bugging her. After about 2 hours she finally told me to show her what I wanted. You know what I did? I went downstairs and sat in front of the TV. Yep, I wanted to watch my nightly news and when mom realized it, she finished up what she was doing, came downstairs and turned it on for me. I was very happy then and ate my dinner too. Mom said she can't believe how much I like watching the World News, but hey, I gotta keep up on the goings on and what a better way then with the news every night!

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