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I did pawsome!!

June 8th 2011 9:20 am
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I'm becoming a dock diving pro. I had a personal best of 6'11" and took third place!!! Mom and Megan were so proud of me:) I just love jumping and mom said sooner or later that light switch is going to click on and I'll run and jump and then I'll fly off that dock and live up to our team name of the Flying Aussies!! I love to jump so much that I gotta tell you what I did. So, Megan, grandma, mom and Chloe were all out of the tent and I was in my crate. Chloe and mom were getting ready to jump. Well, I wanted to jump too so I unzipped my crate and went to the dock and ran up the steps right in front of Chloe. Needless to say, that is a no, no and mom got me and gave me to Megan. I could tell sissy wasn't happy that I jumped in front of her either, but hey, I can't help it, I love to jump!!!! I broke out of my crate again later, but then mom figured out that I know how to unzip my crate so she got this little clip thing and clipped the zippers together so now I can get out:( At least mom got Chloe and I these really, really good bones that tasted so yummy I had mine gone in like an hour! All in all, I had a good day. I was happy that grandma came to watch. It was the first time she saw me jump and she was proud of me. I'm glad I did well too cause it makes Megan happy and I want Megan to be happy:)

Unfortunately this is our last event for the season unless we do Lily Ponds again in the fall. Mom said that will depend on the weather and if the pond has enough water. I'm hoping it does because I want to jump, jump, jump!!!! For now I'll just spend the rest of my summer swimming in the pool and practing that run/jump so I can really fly off the dock!


Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

June 1st 2011 8:15 am
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This was a great weekend!!!! Me and Chloe went to the mountains with dad on Thursday after he got off work. When we got there, some of dad's friends (Carl, Deb & Joe) were waiting for us. It seems we always have company at this place! I didn't much care about the company, I just wanted to run around and play and that's exactly what me and Chloe did. Unfortunately, our fun was short-lived because a huge storm rolled in shortly after we got there and boy was it ugly!! It rained, thundered, lightening and it sounded like the cabin was going to blow away! At one point, the lightening must have hit someplace close cause it cracked so loud I almost jumped out of my skin!!!! At least it didn't last all night and I was able to get some sleep when it stopped.

Friday I spent most of the day running around in the field playing with Chloe while dad cut the grass. The field was so high that it was over my head and I had to hop around like a rabbit to see where I was going. Mom finally got to the cabin in the afternoon and I was sooooo happy to see her:D I gave her lots of hugs and kisses to let her know I was so happy she was there and I followed her around for a while to be sure she wasn't leaving. Don't get me wrong, I love my daddy, but he was there with us since we got there and I was missing mom and just really happy she came. Later that night, Randy and another guy named Barney stopped by for a visit. Barney was really nice and he liked me a lot and gave me lots of hugs:)

Saturday mom made us stay outside almost all day cause she was shampooing the carpets. I didn't care though cause I love being outside at the mountains. I collected plenty of sticks and brought them to the patio just in case mom and dad needed them for a fire. I also played in the creek for a little. I wanted Chloe to come, but she wouldn't. I think she was afraid she'd get in trouble, but she wouldn't honest. Mom doesn't care if we play in the creek, just as long as we dry off before we go in the cabin. So I had to play by myself, but I didn't mind cause I was trying to catch the crayfish again. Later in the day, Clair and Velma stopped by to say Hi and look at the new porch and patio. I really like Clair and Velma, they are so nice! I also really like our new front porch cause I can sit out there and watch everything that is going on. I especially like doing that in the morning when mom sits out there reading her book. It's very peaceful and quite. Anyway, after Clair and Velma left, we went for a ride in the Kubota in the woods. Us doggies had to walk up since there was corn in the back of the Kubota, but we got to ride on the way back and I was glad for that cause it was a little hot to be walking all over. After we got back, mom and dad took us in town to the fair for some homemade ice cream... YUMMY!!!! It tasted sooo good! Some kids stopped by to pet us and mom still held my mouth just to be sure I wouldn't bite, but honestly, I wouldn't have. I think I like kids now since the neighbors played with me. But I can understand why mom is still leary. We didn't do much the rest of the night except watch TV. Poor mom got sick after dinner. She thinks it was a bad piece of chicken. Boy am I glad she didn't give me any! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my first experience with a toad. Before dinner, mom was sitting on the patio smoking her cigar and I was just exploring. That's when I found this thing that kept hopping away from me. I had no idea what it was and mom came to check it out. It was a toad. He was a funny looking thing and he didn't want me to catch him that was for sure. Everytime I got close to him, he'd hop away. I wanted to put my paw on him to stop him, but mom said no cause I'd hurt him. I did push him with my nose a couple of times when he stopped and he eventually went into the flowers in front of the cabin and I chasd him out. He went on the patio again and I chased him around until mom told me to finally let him alone. Darn, I was having fun! But I know mom was afraid that I would hurt him and sometimes I do get a bit excitable and I might have accidentally hurt him so I stopped when mom told me to. But then I found this other thing that was flying around. Mom said it was a big moth. I was careful not to hurt that too, but I did chase it around until it flew away. Mom took video and pix of all my antics so I'm sure she'll eventually post them.

Sunday we had another fun day. Mom took us across the street swimming in the hole. It's not very big, but it's deep enough and big enough for us to swim around a little and cool off. When we first got in a snake got scared and swam away. I wanted to catch it but mom said no so I had to let it go. I had a lot of fun swimming with Chloe then getting out and playing chase then jumping back in the swimming hole. After swimming, Jeff came and he and dad moved dirt around the patio. Jeff has this big pieces of equipment and they scare Chloe, but not me. Heck, I'd jump up on them and help out if I could. Later in the evening, Randy and Sharon came for dinner. We also had our neighbors from down the street stop and introduce themselves. Ann and Herb were their names and they seemed like nice people. They stopped right at dinner time so they didn't stay long. After dinner we all went outside to relax. My new friend Barney and his girlfriend Marcy stopped by for a while. Barney gave me lots of hugs again:) I explored the night, but mom was really on me to stay away from the toads. She found out from Jeff that the oil that the toads put out could make me very sick or even kill me if I got too much so she kept yelling at me and at one point made me go in the cabin for a little. Heck, I just wanted to have some fun:( Then again, I don't want to get sick either so I guess mom did the right thing cause she knows I wouldn't leave them alone.

Monday we had to leave:( I don't like when we have to leave the cabin cause that means no more running around and not worrying about anything. At least when we got home, mom let us going in the pool. Rememeber I told you I discovered that was what under the cover all winter? Well, when mom told us we could go swimming, Chloe took off up the steps and jumped in the pool without hesitation. I followed her, but it took me a few minutes before I jumped in. Once I got the hang of it and realized what it was, I wouldn't get out! I just love our pool and I'm so happy it's open:D Needless to say, that night I slept like a rock.

Yesterday dad was home most of the day and we hung with him. When mom got home she let us go swimming again. She said I'm a little brat in the pool though cause I keep taking all the toys from Chloe. Sorry mom, but Chloe just needs to be a little quicker or just keep them from me. She did say that Chloe is a better jumper than I am, but that I am definitely a faster swimmer. She said once I start jumping off the dock, I should make a good speed retrieve dog. I still hestitate a second before jumping in the pool, but mom said by the end of the summer, I'll be a great little jumper she's sure. After we were done swimming, Brett came to visit. I love Brett, but sometimes I don't think he likes me much. When he comes in he doesn't talk to me like he does Chloe. I know I piddle when I see him, but that's just cause I love him sooo much! I really want him to love me as much as he does Chloe, but I guess it's just going to take some time. He does pet me and talk to me, don't get me wrong, just not quite as much as Chloe. Hopefully soon! After Brett left, I just chilled and watched TV with mom and dad. I slept on mom's lap for a little while once I dried off. I love cuddling with mom:) I'm not sure what else we're doing this week, but I do know we have our last dock diving comp for the season on Saturday. Boy, that was a short season and just when I am getting started. Mom said it's cause some of the events later in the season cancelled, but she said that's better cause we can just enjoy our summer and that gives me a lot more time to practice jumping in the pool so by next year I'll fly off the dock!


My last weekend

May 25th 2011 5:02 am
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Sorry I'm just nowing getting around to posting about my weekend, but mom has been busy and didn't have a chance.

Friday we didn't do too much. We played a little outside until the rain came. Later that night I got to meet Ali! She was really nice and really seemed to like me:) Of course she was all about Chloe, but that's understandable since she really doesn't know me. She did pet me and hold me a little and said that I'm really cute. I really like Ali and hope she comes back soon, but mom said she lives far away and doesn't get home much:(

Saturday was my favorite day because we go to go to the barn!!! Jada and her family were away so mom had barn duty. We went out in the morning to feed and turnout the horses and it was just sooooo much fun running around and playing:) I did hide one time though when mom put the horses out because they were all wound up and happy to go out so they took off running in the pasture and I don't like that. I'm afraid I'll get trampled so I hid in the tackroom. But after they were gone, I followed mom around while she cleaned the stalls. I climbed high on the poop pile and thought that was cool to be queen of the mountain, but mom didn't think it was too cool that I was standing in the poop. After mom was done at the barn, we went back home and I had to hang out in my crate while mom and Chloe went to a visit. But they weren't gone too long and when they came back, we went back to the barn. Mom finished putting sawdust in the stalls and I helped:) I stood outside the sawdust box and made sure mom used enough and I got it all over me too. I looked like I worked in a sawmill for days... BOL:D When mom had the stalls done, she brought the horses in and they weren't near as wild so I helped her by pushing them from behind and they walked really nice into their stalls. Mom said I did a great job:) When she was finished with the horses, she played frisbee with me and Chloe and I always love that. It's just so nice not to have any boundries. When we got home, mom cut the grass. I had to go inside while she did part of the front yard because I kept wanting to go to the neighbor's to visit and mom said I can't do that, but she did let me out as soon as she was finished with the front. I helped again by following her to make sure she didn't miss any grass. It was much warmer today so following mom around gave me a workout, but I can handle it, I'm a pup! After grass we just hung out while dad cooked on the grill and mom and dad had a couple beers and cigars. I like the beer (mom always give me a little taste:), but she can keep her cigars, they're stinky! After dinner I pretty much crashed. I had a very busy day and was very tired.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday we didn't do much cause it was dreary and mom had church, then got Megan for a little and went to a picnic... no dogs allowed... that's just so NOT right! So Sunday I pretty much just chilled in my crate until mom got home and then we all relaxed and watched tv.

Monday night mom, Chloe and I went for a very, very, very long walk and I loved it! Poor Chloe had a hard time keeping up though cause we were walking pretty fast. Mom said I did outstanding on the walk too:) We walked what seemed like forever so when we got home, I fell asleep pretty fast. But something very embarassing did happen. Mom was holding me and we were laying on the love seat kind of napping, then it happened... I had an accident right on mom:( I was so embarassed that I kind of slid off of her and went to the floor. It took her a secon or two to realized what I did, but you gotta love my mom because she didn't yell at me, she just made me go outside. She knew that I don't have accidents like taht anymore so she said she thinks I have another one of those infection thingys. I had another accident in the middle of the night too, but she didn't tell dad cause he would have gotten mad. Mom said just until my infection (which she had confirmed by the vet yesterday) goes away I'll have to sleep in my crate. I don't like that, but I understand. It's only for a couple of days until my medicine kicks in. I'm glad mom didn't wait to get me medicine cause it's very uncomfortable to have an infection. Don't know how I got another one, but I did:(

Tuesday we didn't get to go anywhere, but I finally got to see what was under that big cover out back... IT'S A POOL!!! I was so excited when I saw it that I wanted to go in, but mom said not til next week because it needs to get cleaned up and that means lots of chemicals that could hurt us doggies. POOP! I really, really wanted to get in. Mom did promise though that we can go in next week. I can't wait!!!

Not sure what's going on the rest of the weekend, but I do know that we'll be in Juniata for a long weekend. If I don't post anything before, I'll post when I get back and tell you all about it. BTW, mom posted some new pix so check them out. She said she'll post vids soon.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now. Happy Memorial Day to everyone in case I don't post before Monday.


I took second!!

May 16th 2011 7:14 am
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This past weekend was my second competition and we went to Lily Ponds, MD for it. Boy, that's a long drive, but it was really exciting once I got there. We did get to practice a little before my first jump. This time we were jumping into a pond instead of a pool and I got to tell you, that water looked yucky!! I really didn't want to jump and Megan kept trying and trying to get me to jump. Finally, after a few times, I finally did it. I just plopped down into the water, not really jumping, but at least I got in. My first jump I didn't do too well and was actually in last place with 2'3". I mean DEAD LAST!! There was not one dog after me. Kind of embarassing, I know. But after that wave, Megan and I practiced and practiced and it paid off! In the next wave I jumped 4'11" which is a personal best for me so far! Mom and Megan were so proud of me:) It wasn't enough for me to place, but at least I wasn't dead last this time. For the final wave, I jumped 4'4" which was a little less than before, but to be honest, I was getting tired because Megan and I kept practicing and practicing. But I did my best and this time my best was good enough for second place!! We didn't stay to get my ribbon because it was starting to rain and mom wanted to get packed up and go. She didn't figure we would get anything other than a participant ribbon and our friend Christy would get it for us. So with the rest of the people still having to jump, we headed out not knowing at this point that I would actually place. But last night Christy emailed mom to tell her that I got second place and she was just sooooo happy:D She promised to post my picture with my ribbon when she gets it. She did shoot some video and like I said, she'll eventually get stuff posted. Mom's just been a little busy of late.

It was a long ride home and I was crashed before we got a mile down the road. When we got home, we had to get baths because we were smelly from the pond. I really didn't want a bath because I was so tired and mom had to actually carry me to the shower. She said if I didn't get a bath I wasn't sleeping in bed tonight. I let her bath me because I LOVE sleeping in bed... it's soooo comfy and let me tell you, when we finally went to bed, I slept like a rock!

Sunday we didn't really do anything cause it was rainy and dreary out. We just hung out watching tv and napping. Mom did tell me that Megan got hurt though and I was sad about that. Apparently she dropped something on her foot and broke it and has to wear a cast and use crutches:( Mom isn't sure if she'll be able to jump me in the next competition or not which is sad because we are only one jump way from getting our novice title. Mom said we'll just have to wait and see what the doctor says. I sure hope she can jump me so let's all keep our paws crossed and pray that she gets better fast!

I don't know what I got going on this week, but hope mom has something for me to do. I like relaxing, but I'm a pup and love to play too! BTW, when mom came home from work on Friday, Brett had me in the front yard and guess what? I was playing with all the neighbor kids! Mom was kind of freaking out at first, but when she asked Brett if I was mean at all and he said no, she was sooooooo happy:D See, I told you I'd try to do better with the kids and I am. Now I just have to keep up the good work!


I was bad:(

May 13th 2011 12:48 pm
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Well, I messed up yet again. I know, I know, I need to behave, but I just can't help myself. Chloe and I were downstairs and dad went up to get his clothes out for work and pack his lunch. He was only gone for 5 minutes, but in that 5 minutes, I found a plastic bag on the bottom of the table with a rag and some bottle with some kind of stuff in it. I chewed up the bag and got the cap off the bottle and was chewing that when dad came back down. Yep, you guessed it, he was VERY angry and swatted my butt once and I didn't even have to be told... into my crate:( I better soon get out of the "terrible twos" because I don't like getting in trouble. When mom came home, she didn't let me out either and I figured it's because dad told her what I did. When she finally came upstairs she just looked at me and shook her head. I knew she wasn't happy with me either. I had to stay in my crate while mom and Chloe went for their visit, but mom did let me out when they got home. She even took me for a walk! That surprised me, but mom said it really wasn't a reward because I had to listen and heal while we walked. NO PROBLEM! I would be the perfect angel on the leash because I wanted out of the crate. Mom did tell me that I did a good job and she let me out the rest of the night. I'm really going to try better to stay out of trouble, honest!

Wish me luck because tomorrow is another competition. Mom said I'll be diving into a lake instead of a pool this time. I have no idea what a lake is, but if there's water, I'm in!!


I did good!

May 12th 2011 7:16 am
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Last night we got to go to the barn with mom!!! It's been a long time since we've been to the barn, but mom asked Theresa if we could come and she said yeah and she would keep Jada inside. Thank you Theresa!! We had sooooooooo much fun! That is of course, once mom got us out of the car. She accidentally locked us in, but fortunately the window was down far enough she could get her hand in unlock the doors to let us out. Anyway, as soon as she opened the doors, I took off!! Mom had the frisbee and threw it for us too and it was so nice not to worry about running into someone else's yard. I tend to do that at home all the time:) Mom got Tequilla and we went for a walk all around the property. Mom likes us dogs to stay in front of her and Tequilla so she can see us and so we don't get kicked, but I'm a herding dog so it's just instinct for me to bring up the rear. But I am very cautious of Tequilla and make sure I'm out of the line of fire should she decide to kick. When mom let her graze, we got to play more frisbee:) We got to stay about an hour and then headed home. BTW, mom said that Jada is going to training to learn how to play well with other dogs so maybe someday soon we'll get to go to the barn all the time with mom:D

When we got home, I helped mom and dad get the yucky leaves off the pool cover. Well, I kind of helped. I would follow the pole to the net and then hold it down when they emptied the leaves into the trash can. After they were finished with that, mom played frisbee with us out front. That's when the neighbor kids wanted to come play with us. Well, you know my track record with kids. As soon as I saw them, I barked and growled. Mom held me tight though and made me sit. She told the kids they could pet me one at a time, but she held my mouth so I would try to bite them. I did growl a little, but mom kept telling me "NO" so I stopped. After they pet me, they started to play frisbee with Chloe, but mom wouldn't let me go!! I tried and tried to get away from her, but she said I couldn't be trusted not to hurt the kids so I wasn't allowed to play:( However, mom decided that since I stopped growling and it looked like I just wanted to play, she put my choker on me with the retractable and let me play. I had to behave myself and not go after the kids and mom said I did VERY good! I didn't once try to bite them or growl. They even pet me a few more times although mom still held my mouth, I don't think I would have bit them because they were being nice to me and playing with me. Mom said that we'll have to practice like that until I learn to behave with the kids. You know, they weren't as scary as I remember them to be so that's why toward the end I was okay with them petting me:) When we went in the house, mom gave me a treat for being so good with the kids. The rest of the night I just crashed because I was soooo tired from my busy evening. I don't think I have anything happening tonight because Chloe has a visit, but I do know that this weekend I have a dock diving comp and mom hopes that I jump better than last weekend. I'll do my best!


Fun on mom's birthday!

May 11th 2011 8:28 am
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Yesterday was mom's birthday (Happy Belated Birthday Mom!!)and dad made her breakfast in bed. Mom shared her bacon with us doggies so that was a nice treat:) While mom was at work, dad washed and waxed the jeep so us dogs got to hang around outside. It was such a beautiful day, I'm really glad he let me out most of the day. Especially after my little episode the day before.

I forgot to tell you about that. I was out front playing with Chloe when I saw the neighbor boy. He's only about 4 or 5, but you know how I am with kids. He was minding his own business, but I still didn't like him so I got down on my hunchers, pinned my ears and started barking furiously at him. I was thinking about going in their yard, but before I could, I heard dad yelling at me and then eventually grab me by the scruff of the neck. Yep, I was in trouble! He was REALLY, REALLY mad at me and honestly, I can't say I blame him. I ended up in my crate until mom got home and even then, she was mad so I wasn't really allowed to play. Mom and dad are both worried that I might end up hurting a kid and I heard mom tell dad that she called some lady to help me behave myself. Dad said a shock coller will take care of that. A shock coller? I don't think so. I don't know why I act this way with kids, but I know I have to stop it. Mom said if I bite someone we might all get in trouble and then I might be put to sleep. OH NO!! I really need to get my act together because I plan on being on this earth for a long, long time.

Okay, back to yesterday's story. So I was behaving myself so I was allowed to play outside. Mom came home and I was really happy to see her and greeted her with jumps and licks when she got out of the car. I had to wish her a Happy Birthday too so there was extra jumps and kisses:) Mom changed clothes then we all hung outside. Kelsey came to see mom and I was very happy to see her too:D I still piddle when she comes, but at least I was outside. After a little while, mom, Kelsey, Chloe and I all went out back to play frisbee. But it's more like "let's gang up on Echo!" as I take the frisbee and try to keep it from them. Even with three of them, they still couldn't catch me! We played until we all were so exhausted that we had to rest. After Kelsey left, dad made mom dinner. And guess what? It was yummy steaks and of course they shared some with us doggies:) After dinner we all went back outside and that's when my old friend Bettis came walking by with his mom and another dog name Tucker. I was so happy to see Bettis that, me, him and Chloe went wild running and playing. Tucker is just a little dog so he wasn't too thrilled about us and just hung with him mom. I know I was having A LOT of fun playing and I didn't like when Bettis had to leave:( But mom threw frisbee for us in the front yard after he left so I was having more fun:) Chloe and I finally laid down for a break while mom and dad smoked their cigars. Our neighbor had a baby outside on the porch and it kept crying. It was getting really annoying so I barked a couple of times to tell it to be quite. Of course, both mom and dad told me not to bark so I had to stop. Didn't they realize this kid was driving me insane?? Fortunately, they finally took that whiny thing in the house and we had peace and quiet again. A little while later, Brett stopped by to see mom for her birthday and I was really excited to see him and I piddle again. Hey, I am getting better though. I only piddle for Brett and Kelsey now so that's a HUGE improvement considering I piddled for everyone before. Brett stayed for a little while then he went home. The rest of us went in the house to watch TV and let me tell you, I was pooped! I got to play outside almost all day and did a lot of running around so I was really tired. I found my favorite spot on the floor and I was out like a light until bedtime. I went to bed with mom and Gizmo, (dad and Chloe stayed up for a little while longer)and curled up beside mom and it was doggie zzzzzz time. So, as you can see, I had a really good day yesterday. Not so much the day before, but I learned a little from that and stayed out of trouble:)


My first dock diving competition

May 10th 2011 12:33 pm
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Well I did it, I had my first dock diving competition this past weekend at Cabela's and mom said I didn't do too bad:)

We got there bright and early and I was excited from the beginning. All the commotion and all the dogs... YES!!! I was so excited that mom had a hard time keeping me calm while they set up our tent and stuff. After they were all set up, mom and Chloe went up to practice then Megan and I got to go.

Now let me tell you, first of all, this is A LOT different then where we practice at Coleen's. The dock is MUCH higher and there were so many people and dogs and stuff that you know me and my attention span... not good! But Megan kept at me with the toy and eventually I got really tuned into her. When we went on the dock and Megan asked me to jump of it, I ran to the edge and was going to do my usual, pause then jump. OH NO, not this time. The drop from this dock to the water was much, much higher than that where I was practicing and Megan wanted me to jump off this? I DON'T THINK SO!! Megan got down on her hands and knees with me when I was leaning over looking at my favorite toy floating in the water, trying to get me to jump in. Then I saw mom at the side telling me to jump in too. Was she crazy? But I wanted to make both Megan and mom proud of me so I just said the heck with it and I "plopped" in the water. Now granted it wasn't graceful by no means, but at least I did it and I could tell that both Megan and mom were very happy about it:D I know they were because when we went back to the tent I got a treat! I was so excited because everyon else seemed excited that I jumped all over Chloe and told her all about my jump. She didn't seem too thrilled, but she tolerated my little outburst. But after all the excitement, I learned how BORING it is when you're not jumping. I pretty much just chilled out in the tent or in my crate waiting for my turn. Chloe got to jump in the first wave and mom seemed very happy with what she did. Unfortunately I was only able to get in the second wave so I only got to compete once, but that was okay.

It was finally my turn and Megan and I waited in line for my turn to jump. I'd like to say that I waited patiently, but you know me, patience is NOT in my vocabulary. But it was finally my turn and up on the dock we went. The first thing I did was try to find mom. I know she had to be somewhere, she just had to. She wouldn't not come watch me. I looked all over and pretty much ignored poor Megan when she was trying to get me interested in the toy and ready to jump. But after searching for a few second and not seeing mom, I figured she was out there somewhere, but now I was going to play with Megan. So we went through our routine of getting ready and I sat just like Megan told me. Then Megan told me to go and threw the toy in the pool. I went running as fast as I could, but at the last minute put on the brakes! I really wanted to toy, but it was still just sooooo high. Megan again got on her hands and knees with me and kept telling me to get my toy. Then I heard a whistle and I knew mom was out there. I couldn't find her, but I knew she was there. I could hear a bunch of people calling my name, trying to help Megan get me to jump in the water. I just couldn't take it anymore, I just had to do it! I had to show all these people that I wasn't afraid. I took a deep breath then I stepped off the dock... "PLOP!" into the water I went. Again, not the most graceful, and only a distance of 3'1", but hey I did it!! Megan was really happy and gave me a big hug after we left the dock. Now I only had to do this one more time and I knew I could do it. This time it didn't take me quite as long to "plop" off the dock, but I still needed some cheering from the crowd. I liked when they all applauded after I finally did it. This time I did a little better with a 3'10". Even though there was NO WAY I would come close to finals with this, Megan, mom and Chloe were all proud of me:) I got my yummy treat when I got back to the tent too. It was pretty exciting doing that in front of all those people and mom has some pictures and video to post so you all can see how I did. Mom said I'll get better as time goes by.

Shortly after I finished jumping, Megan headed home since her and I were done jumping for the day. Mom and Chloe still had another jump so we all just chilled in the tent. At least that is until the HUGE storm blew in. Mom was sitting in the chair and just hung up talking with dad when all of a sudden one of the tents with our group started lifting up on one side. Mom put us in the crate and told us she was going to help. Next thing I remember, our tent lifted up on one side! Mom grabbed it and was using everything she had to keep it down. The wind was blowing so hard and the rain pounding down so hard that I didn't know what was going on. Mom was really struggling with the tent and a couple of times it almost got away from her. The next thing I know, I saw like 3 other tents go flying through the air. It was really, really scary because I had never in my life been in anything like this. Mom was yelling at the tent telling it that it was NOT going and she was really, really having a hard time keeping it down. I thought for sure a few times it would go flying like the others I could see and then we would be in BIG trouble. Fortunately, a few minutes later and two people came and helped mom drop the legs on the tent so it was closer to the ground. Mom came under the tent beside our crate. She grabbed the top of the tent and wind curtain and held it together with the frame to keep it from flying away and to keep us dry. The wind was still trying to take our tent, but now that the legs were down, it wasn't as likely to fly away. Plus, mom had the death grip on it and told us dogs that she was NOT going to let anything happen to us. We were stuck under the tent for what seemed like forever. I could barely see what was going on outside, but I did hear people yelling above the wind and rain pounding on our tent so I know it couldn't have been good out there. A little while later, our friends Christy and Rob came and helped mom get us out of the tent and into the car. By this time, mom was soaked through her clothes and yeah, I got a little wet running to the car, but at least we were finally out of the tent and safe in the car. Chloe and I just stayed in there and watched while Christy, Rob and mom got all of our stuff into the car. It was all soaking wet, but it didn't matter, everyone was finally safe and sound in their cars. Mom just couldn't believe what just happened and honestly, neither could I. I came out of no where and it was so furious that I just can't believe mom was able to keep hold of the tent.

After all the excitement and the storm passed, the competition continued. Mom went in the store and bought us a new tent and then she took Chloe to do her final jumps of the day. I had to wait in the car because all of our stuff was packed up and there was no one around to hold me while Chloe jumped. So I just took a nap while they were gone. They came back a little later and mom said Chloe did really well and she also told me I was a good girl for not tearing up the car while they were gone. Honestly, I was just too wore out from the excitement of everything. I actually slept the entire way home too and then crashed again when we were watching TV that night. Mom told me that she was VERY proud of me and she knows that with practice and time, I'll be jumping like a pro. Mom has some pix and video of me that I'm sure she'll eventually post. My next comp is next weekend so keep your paws crossed that I do better!


First dock diving comp

May 6th 2011 8:04 am
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Tomorrow is my first dock diving competition and I am nervous. It's at Cabela's and although it's into a pool, I am use to jumping in the pool at Coleen's but jumping in front of a lot of people with a lot of dogs around, I don't know about that? But it's Megan's first time too and I want to make her proud of me and not embarrass her so I'll do my best. I still don't do the running jump, but mom said I do a pretty decent standing jump so I could make the finals depending on how far I stretch out and push off when I jump. I'll do my best, but hope my nerves calm down. Wish us luck!!


In trouble again

May 6th 2011 7:56 am
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Yep, I did it again, I went and got myself in trouble. Yesteday dad went outside to cut grass and he let us dogs inside and let me out of my crate because he felt bad that I would be stuck in it all day. So he turned on Animal Planet then went outside. Usually I'm content to sit and watch Animal Planet, but nothing good what on so I decided to check out what was on the table by the sofa. Boy there was some good stuff there! There was a box of chocolates that had about 8 pieces left in it... yummy! Of course, I had to tear the box up when I was finished with it. Then I found the two containers of hand cream. One was pink and it tasted yucky so that didn't last long. It did get all over the sofa, floor and my paws... YUCK! There was a box of tissues... I LOVE TISSUES! I like to shred them up and make confetti out of them:) There was also a couple of little candles and I licked them but they were yucky too so I just dropped them on the floor. After I finished with that table, I went over to the other one. I found a newspaper that I of course had to shred to pieces. Then I found a TV remote and had to sharpen my teeth on that a bit. Those little pieces get caught in your teeth though and are kind of scratchy when you swallow them. I was working on the remote when dad opened the door and called us to come out to potty. He didn't see what I did until after I was already outside so he didn't yell then, but boy did I get in trouble when I came back in. He was SOOOOOOO mad at me!!! I got my butt smacked and he was yelling at me so loud, I know the neighbors could have heard him if they were outside. Needless to say, I had to go to my crate. I heard him call mom and tell her what I did and he was just so mad. I know, I know, I shouldn't have done it, but I just couldn't help myself. But I knew there was NO chance of dad letting me out of the crate so I just settled down for a nap.

Mom came home after work and I could tell she was upset. She didn't let me out of the crate either. She said that I need to learn that I can't do that kind of thing and that dad said I was only allowed out to potty and eat dinner. Wow, they were mad!! Mom eventually let me out after she cleaned up my mess and she let me stay out while she cleaned our "bombs" out of the yard, but then she put me back in the crate. I was stuck in there until later at night when mom let me out to eat dinner. She did let me stay out while they watched TV, but I had to lay on the floor and wasn't allowed to play or lay on the sofa. Then, when it was bedtime, I was put in my crate. Dad said there was NO WAY I was sleeping in the bedroom tonight. This did NOT make me happy and I barked and howled wanting out of my crate. Mom came out and scared the poop out of me when she slapped on my crate and told me to be quiet and go to bed. I didn't see her because they put a blanket over it at night and that's why I jumped. Anyway, when mom did that, I knew she meant business and I wasn't getting out so I just laid down and went to sleep. I guess I better think twice before I do something like that again because I do NOT like being stuck in my crate all the time.

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