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Chloe's home!

April 14th 2011 8:19 am
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Yeah, daddy and Chloe came home last night!! I was so happy when I saw daddy come up the steps yesterday afternoon I almost pee'd on the floor. But I held myself cause I didn't want to make him mad as soon as he got home so I quick went to potty then I came back in and jumped all over him and Chloe. He seemed very happy to see me and gave me hugs and kisses and believe it or not, Chloe even seemed a little happy to see me:) She ran around and played with me and it was just like old times. I really missed her while she was gone. It was nice having mom all to myself, but it's just not the same without my big sis Chloe around. I love when she chases me and I play keep away from her. She gets so mad when she can't get the toy from me... BOL:D Dad let us play for a while then he made us settle down and I had to lay right beside my sis. I don't think she was thrilled about it, but too bad! Of course, then mom came home and all bets were off. Mom was mine for the past two days so I was going to stand my ground to try and keep it that way. Well, it took about a nano second for me to lose that battle. When it comes to mom, Chloe will never let me win. She pushed me right out of the way when mom came in the door and of course, since mom didn't see her for two days she hugged and kissed her and even when mom tried to pet me, Chloe butt checked me right out of the way. How rude!! But mom made us got potty and I finished before Chloe then ran back in the garage real quick and got my hug from mom... na na Chloe! And that was pretty much how the rest of the night went. Every time I went to get attention from mom, Chloe pushed me out of the way or threw a fit whining and complaining until mom couldn't take it anymore then gave in and petted her. She was just being such a spoiled little brat. She Chloe calls me a brat! At least by bedtime she settled down and got over it.

This morning my big sis was back to normal. She was chasing me and playing with me just like old times and she could have cared less if mom gave me any attention. She did play with me last night, but if mom even looked at me, she dropped everything to go to mom. But this morning, it wasn't like that at all and it was just really nice to have the old Chloe back. I was none to happy about having to go in my crate, but hey, at least during the day is the only time I'm in there now and mom said we'll slowly work on getting me out of it as long as I don't destroy anything. Me destroy something? Never!


Just me and mom

April 13th 2011 12:30 pm
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Let me try to catch you up on what all has been happening. The weekend wasn't too exciting. We didn't so much cause the weather was crappy again. We just pretty much hung out in the house. Grandma did come and visit with us a little Saturday night after the hockey game and that was nice. I always like seeing gradma. Other than that, nada.

The good stuff happened on Monday. Chloe and dad went to the mountains so it was just me and mom:)It was really nice to have mom all to myself because I never get that. I always have to share with Chloe and we all know that she doesn't like to share mom at all. But now I didn't have to worry about that. When mom got home from work our first stop was the barn. Mom had to check on Tequilla to see how she was doing. I was actually allowed out because Jada was in the house. It was nice to get out and run a little, but mom made sure I stayed out of the muddy, which was kind of hard because it was pretty muddy from all the rain. After we left there, we went so mom could get her haircut. That's when I really had fun! I got to play with my friend Britt. We ran around the yard and had soooo much fun:) When we came inside we got to play, but not as crazy cause Britt's mom had customers and we had to kind of behave. After mom was done getting her haircut, then I went to the vet so he could check out my toe and see how I was doing. He said I was doing good considering I took out all my stitches by the third day and totally destroyed my e-collar and wouldn't keep the wraps on. He told mom she did a good job keeping me away from it. Thanks mom! From there I got to go to E-Town Manor as a "friend" and visit with some of the people Chloe visits. One of the ladies who is a resident right now also works there and she is the one who wanted me to come for a visit and said that I'm allowed to come as a "friend" and that I should also go visit with the other people that Chloe usually goes. Mom made sure she brought my vet papers and we weren't there as therapy people like when mom and Chloe come. Just as regular friends. It was really neat to see where Chloe gets to go each week. Nothing really scared me except that thing that mom wanted me to get in. You know, that big box that has doors that open and then you go in and they close and you go up and down. That thing I did NOT like! Mom had to coaks me with treats to get me on that thing and even then I was hesitant. We visited for a little while, but not near as long as mom and Chloe. Mom took me to most of her usual residents that she knew I would do well with and I spoke, danced and shook hands with them. They all seemed to really like me:) I wasn't afraid of the wheelchairs at all and mom was so proud of me. She did say that I pulled on the leash a bit too much and we need to work on that. But I sat by the beds and let people pet me and was very well behaved and mom told me that I will do very good as a therapy dog when my time comes. But it was really cool, except for that box thingy. After that we headed home and I got to tell you, it was quite a full evening since mom got home from work and I was tuckered out and pretty much crashed the rest of the night.

Tuesday evening wasn't quite as exciting. Mom got home a little late from work. She said she had to go interview at another place where she's taking Chloe for more visits. Chloe is just sooooo lucky! Anyway, mom loaded us up and we went to some store, but I had to wait in the car. Mom came at in no time at all then we headed to the barn. I was hoping to get out again, but I knew as soon as we pulled in that was going to happen because I saw Jada. So I just laid down on the seat and took a nap. It has been really nice riding shotgun with mom because I never get to do that either. Chloe is always the one riding shotgun, but not the past two days!!:D When we were done at the barn we headed home and watch our shows. I tormented Gizmo for a while then chilled with mom.

Chloe and dad come home today so my mommy time will be over:( But it was nice while it lasted. I have to admit, that I did kind of miss having my big sis to play with and to go outside to potty with. Mom would stand at the door and wait for me since I was by myself, but it just wasn't the same without sissy. I just hope she's not too grumpy when she comes home cause I know she'll be a little upset that I had mom all to myself and she won't want to share her, but will have to.

Mom said we're going to the cabin this weekend with Megan and Nancy... yipee!! We haven't been to the mountains in two weeks! I know Chloe is just coming back, but I haven't been there and it will be nice to go:)


Dog of the Day!!

April 7th 2011 10:18 am
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This is totally too cool! Dogster picked me as Dog of the Day!! This is such an honor and mom said she is so proud that they picked me:) THANK YOU DOGSTER!!! I guess it's cause I have so many adventures happening to me and mom takes the time to help me share them with everyone. Thanks mom for helping me get picked:)

I wish I had something exciting to share now, but unfortunately I don't. I didn't get to go to class last night cause mom was still sick. She is feeling better and went to work today, but yesterday she ended up with one of those migraine things. That on top of all the other stuff, not good. But mom promises that once she's feeling better and I get my foot healed, she will make it up to us and we will be able to run around and have a blast. She said we're going to the cabin next weekend... YIPEE! I did get to have some fun though... I terrorized Gizmmo.. hee, hee:D Hey, I have to find fun somewhere. Mom let me play with her too as long as I didn't get rough. It even seemed like Gizmo was having fun. She would run around the other side of the bed and when I went to look for her, she would come out behind me and smack me in the butt with her paw and then go hide again. Mom thought it was funny, me, not so much. But it was fun playing with Gizmo, especially since she usually doesn't play much. Other than that, no much happening.
I did get to watch Beethovan's 2nd the other day when mom was home sick, great movie! Mom took a picture of me watching it and she said she's going to post it. I love watching animals on TV. Mom said if she ever needs a babysitter, she'll just turn on the TV to animal planet.

Oh, I did have something big happen, how could I forget! I finally get to sleep in the bedroom with mom and dad:D Since mom was feeling to bad the other night I didn't want to leave her side so she told me I could stay in the bedroom with her as long as I didn't torment the cat and didn't go potty on the floor. I was the perfect angel. I laid on the floor right beside mom watching over her all night. In the morning when dad got home from work, then I hopped up in bed and slept with both of them. I didn't at night cause Chloe and Gizmo slept with mom and I knew if Gizmo was in bed that I shouldn't be. Plus, mom was moaning and groaning cause she felt so bad and she was in the bathroom more than the bedroom anyway so it was better for me to be on the floor then I could go with her in the bathroom. So now the only time I'm in my crate is when mom and dad are at work and I'm very happy about that:D And I have to admit, that carpet in the bedroom is real cozy and I sleep like a log... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Mom's sick:(

April 5th 2011 4:28 pm
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So as you know, I got 4 stitches in my toes. Well, I succeeded in chewing out 2 of them the day after they put them in and let me tell you, mom was none too happy about that! She had to take off work to take me to the vet and get it taken care of. Then I had to get one of those funky collars to wear. Wait til you see the picture... how embarrasing!! I can tell you that thing didn't last long. Every time mom put it on me, I succeeded in getting it off. By Saturday I had it totally destroyed, duct tape and all. I even tore my own collar in the process and yes, mom was upset about that too. One thing she said though was that I was one determined little pup and she had to give me that! However, mom was determined too and she found this stuff called "Bitter Apple" that she sprayed on the wrap and let me tell you... YUCK!! I hate the taste of it so now I won't even touch my wrap. Mom said she finally won the battle:D It only took her two trips to the vet, 5 rolls of gauze, two rolls of tape and 5 rolls of vet wrap though... LOL:D But at least I finally leave it alone and I can get two days out of a wrapping and it's finally starting to heal the way it should. That has been my big excitement since I last wrote. Since I'm injured, mom doesn't let me do much. She'll let me play with Chloe in the house, but she won't let me run around outside. She said she doesn't want the wound to open up again. I guess I can't blame her.

Plus, mom got the stomach bug Sunday and has been off work Monday and Tuesday so she's been sick. I just hang out with her on the sofa and try to make her feel better the best I can. I cuddle with her and listen to her and don't give her a hard time because I know she feels really poopy. She thanked me today for being such a good girl:) I don't know if she'll be home tomorrow or not, but if she is, I'll still help take care of her and do my best to make her feel better. At least she isn't running to the bathroom quite as much, only after she eats, which is like never. Mom only had toast and soup since she got sick. Poor mom:( I'll keep you posted on how she feels. I may or may not go to class tomorrow and obviously, that depends on how mom is doing. If I go, I'll let you know how I do.


Blood everywhere!

March 31st 2011 6:57 am
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Did I say nothing exciting was going to happen? Boy was I wrong! Yesterday we were getting ready for class. Chloe and I were upstairs and mom was downstairs looking for my collar. She came back up and was in the bathroom. I went to see her and she noticed that I had something on my head. She called me over to see what it was, thinking it was dirt or something. Then she realized it was blood! Yep, I had blood on my head. She was searching me all over trying to figure out what I had done and then she saw blood all over the carpet, I mean LOTS of blood. She frantically was searching me to see where I was hurt. Me, I thought she was playing a game and I started licking her and dancing around wanting to play until she finally saw the source of all the blood. It was my right rear paw, my second toe to be exact. I had a very deep cut on it and it was bleeding very badly. Mom immediately made me lay down and applied presure with her hand. That's when I realized that mom was a bit upset (not mad, worried) so I definitely listened to what she told me and laid still for her. She held my paw for a few minutes then let go. It was still bleeding, but not as bad. Then she went to the hall closet and got a bunch of stuff out and came back. She cleaned my paw with warm soapy water and put some gauzy stuff on it and wrapped it with a bandage and carried me downstairs. By now Chloe was whining and following us. She was upset, really upset. When we got downstairs, mom got out some other kind of gauze and wrap and undid what she just did and rewrapped my cut with the new stuff. She said this gauze and "vet wrap" she called it, is better and then she carried me to the car. Chloe really wanted to come, but mom wouldn't let her. Then we were on our way. I wasn't sure where we were going, but I heard dad's voice on the car (mom talks to people through the car). He sounded worried too when mom told him I was hurt. Then mom was trying to reach our instructor to let her know that we wouldn't make it to class tonight (obviously). I was getting sleepy, but mom wouldn't let me sleep. She said I had to stay awake. Any other time she wanted me to sleep, but not this time. What's up with that? Eventually we arrived at our destination and I knew where we were... the vet. By now my paw was starting to hurt so I was really glad mom carried me in. When we got inside, there were a lot of other doggies and I was nervous. Not only because of the dogs, but because I was a little scared now. My paw was hurting and I know mom was nervous too so I was shaking a little. The vet tech noticed and asked if we wanted to go upstairs to the surgical area to wait and we did and I'm glad. It was much more quiet and I was able to lay down and mom sat on the chair and put her arms around me. I felt much better:) A little while later the vet came. It was Dr. Libby and he's really nice. Three other girls came with him, two techs and one I think was learning and she just watched. They washed out my wound and I was okay with everything until they got the clippers out to shave down the hair around my wound, that freaked me out! I started floppy around like a fish out of water and that's when mom realized that I thought it was the nail grinder and they stopped with the clippers and I calmed down. Then the vet gave me a couple shots in my toe. Mom said that was so I wouldn't feel him stitching me up. Well let me tell you, I felt that needle, that's for sure... OUCH! I was a little stressed to say the least and it took two techs and mom to hold me down. Mom held my head and pet me, talking to me soft trying to calm me and it did eventually calm me. The next thing I knew, I was done. The vet gave me 4 stitches. Mom said he had to laser on area to keep it from bleeding and then he stitched it. I didn't feel any of that so those needle pricks were worth it. The tech put a cool red bandage on my foot than a plastic IV bag over it to keep it dry since it was raining/snowing outside. The IV bags are really heavy and won't tear or rip easily.

The only other thing they did that I didn't like was put this yucky stuff in my nose. Mom said it was Bortadella treatment. She said I needed to get a booster of that because it's been going through the dockdog society and since I'll be competing this year, I needed a booster. All I know is I don't like that stuff!

I waited patiently as mom paid the bill to a tune of $250... sorry mom :( Then we finally headed out. Boy what excitement I had. At least mom let me sleep on the ride home and I was really tired from all the stress.

When we got home, dad and Chloe were both there waiting to see me and be sure I was okay. Dad searched the house high and low while we were gone to try and find how I hurt myself and couldn't find anything. The only thing he could think of was that I cut myself on the little nails that stick up on the strips that cover the carpet that go between the dining room and kitchen. You know what I mean, those strips they use between carpet and enoleum? No one seems to know except me and since I can't talk to tell them, they will never know. But I'm the one who does and let me tell you, I will NEVER do it again!! It hurt and it did scare me and I saw how upset mom got and I don't ever want to go through that again.

It's kind of funny now cause every time I go outside mom has to put the IV bag on my bandage and it feels funny and I slide and walk weird. Mom said she's going to take a picture and post it. She did take a picture with just my bandage last night. Mom wasn't happy this morning though because I totally chewed off all of my bandage and she thinks I chewed a couple stitches out too:( She couldn't look at the stitches close cause I was squirming around because I really had to go potty so she just had to re-bandage me and let me out and she said she'll check it better when she gets home from work. She said I better not chew it off again til she gets home either! I'll try not to, but I'm a pup, what do you expect?

So what I said wouldn't be an exciting week, turned out to have some EXCITEMENT in it. The vet said I will be fine as long as I take my antibiotic and behave myself. Which as you can tell, I'm struggling with right now. But I'll settle cause mom wants me to. Anyway, I'm gonna go take a nap right now and I'll bark at you all later and let you know how I'm doing and if I chewed out anymore stitches... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Busy, busy, busy!

March 30th 2011 7:35 am
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Good morning! I'm finally back and can try to get you all caught up on what's been happening with me. So let's get started!

Friday we went to Juniata. Mom got off work early we we got there areound 3 o'clock. It was a nice day. A little chilly, but not bad. Us doggies hung outside with dad while he did some things, but we had to go in while he cut down a couple trees. That's only because I don't know how to stay away from him while he's using the chainsaw and he's afraid I'll get hurt. I always bark at it and try and get it to stop. It's LOUD and I don't like it! During that time we went in the house and hung out with mom. She was playing some game on TV with guitars, but it wasn't working right, then she played a game with a dog named Scooby Doo and he was so cool! I watched her and I wanted to go in the tv and help Scooby find what he was looking for, but mom wouldn't let me:( Normally mom would be outside too, but the Directv guy was suppose to call before he came to do an upgrade so unfortunately she had to stay inside and since she already unpacked and did a few other things, she really didn't have much else to do so that's why she was playing games. Anyway, dad finally got done using the chainsaw so we were allowed back out and we stayed outside with dad until dark.

When dad came in, we were all watching tv and the guy finally showed up around 830pm. He was having a really bad day and that's why he was so late. Chloe and I both barked at first, but when mom told me to stop, I listened. I watched everything he did very closely. Hey, he was a stranger in my cabin so I had to be sure he wasn't going to hurt my family. Then he went outside and I heard him doing something outside the wall. It was loud and I watched the wall close and the next thing I know, something poked through it. I jumped back and growled and kept my eyes on the hole. I was plastered flat on the ground very intense, stalking the hole waiting to see what might come out and the next thing a know, here comes this black, long thing through it. I was bobbing and weaving all around it trying to figure out what it was. Mom and dad were laughing so hard I though dad was going to pee his pants. Mom is upset now that she didn't grab her camera to take video cause she said I would have won $10,000 with that, but I was just trying to figure out what it was cause if it was a snake or something, I was going to have to into attack mode! But fortunately, it was just the cable coming through the wall. When the guy came back in, I licked him and thanked him for making it just a cable and not a snake so I didn't have to try and defeat it. I would have because I'd do anything to protect my family, but hey, I'm only 8 months old and I'm a tough pup, but a snake? I'm not so sure about that. But I didn't have to and the guy finished his work and left and we watched tv for a few more hours. Me, I crashed because I was so tired from playing outside and then from my excitement with the "snake".

Saturday was another nice day. Still chilly, but sunny:) The first thing we did after breakfast is went to Clair and Velma's. Us doggies had to stay in the back of the Kubota cause Clair and Velma are not big on doggies in their house. In fact, Chloe was the first and only dog they ever had in their house last year. I was okay with waiting in the Kubota, but after about 20 minutes I was getting bored so I jumped out to explore. I was okay until I went on the porch and dad saw me... not good. Dad yelled at me to go back to the Kubota so I did and I sat there and waited for him to put me back in, but when mom and dad came out of the house, then Chloe jumped out of the Kubota and I was like, Yipee! Time to play:) We were running all around playing. Yeah, we're dogs, we don't always listen... BOL:D But we finally got in the Kubota and went back to the cabin. Then we went to the pizza shop and we got ice cream... YUMMY!! I'm really starting to like this ice cream stuff:) When we got back to the cabin, mom and dad headed up the mountain to cut up the trees that fell on the path. Us dogs were allowed to be with them, but mom made sure that we stayed way far away from the chainsaw. I had no problem with that because we were in the woods and there were all kind of scents for me to follow. When they were done cutting, they had to move all the wood off the path and I helped by moving the sticks. You all know how much I love my sticks! After we were done with that task, we went up to grandpa's tree. Us doggies didn't ride and ran around and had fun instead and I didn't mind one bit. I loved it!! When we finally did go back to the cabin, mom and dad spray painted some bars that they're putting on the window in the one shed. It seems that we have some people down the road that have been stealing some stuff from the old cabin site so dad just wants to be sure they don't steal anything from the shed. Chloe got in trouble and had to go in the cabin cause mom made us stay in the field while dad sprayed the paint so we wouldn't get any on us or breathe any, but Chloe wouldn't listen and kept going near him. I listened though so I was allowed to stay out:D Mom did eventually let Chloe back out though. A little while later Randy stopped by and then him and dad went "ridge running". That's when us girls went in the house and mom colored her hair then we watched an owl movie. It was pretty good, but I fell asleep cause I was really tired from playing outside all day and running up and down the mountain. Dad eventually got home and cooked steaks on the grill. They smelled sooooo good and I was really happy when mom cut some up for me and Chloe. It was so delicious!!! Dad was funny after dinner cause between the beer he drank with Randy and then the wine he drank at dinner, he was kind of walking and talking funny... BOL:D Mom was making fun of him cause he "passed out" after dinner. Then again, all of us did, except mom who watched another movie. Chloe and I hopped up on the sofa and watched the movie with mom cause dad went to bed. We didn't stay up early though and I was happy about that and crashed hard and actually stayed in my own bed.

Sunday was suppose to rain, but ended up being a very nice day. Mom and dad took the Kubota out and picked up all the wood they cut up. Us dogs ran along behind. We saw a big deer run across the trail and of course, I wanted to go follow it. Mom told me not to and I listened. She said it's not good to chase deer cause people will shoot at me. YIKES!! I definitely don't want that to happen. When we got back to the cabin, we saw three hawk flying right above the cabin. They were flying really low and fighting, it was really neat watching them. Dad was afraid they would try to come scoop me up, but I'm too big now. Maybe when I was a puppy they would do that, but I'm 41 lbs... good luck trying to pick me up. We all hung outside while mom cleaned the cabin then we headed home. I was sooooo tired that I was asleep before we got to the end of the road. Mom and dad stopped at Randy's house cause mom wanted to see their torti cat Jinx. Mom had a torti named Mickey. I never got to meet her, but mom said she was the coolest cat ever! I just know Gizmo and she's a nice cat, but she really doesn't like me much and never plays with me. Mom said Mickey would have given me a run for my money there's no doubt. They didn't stay long, but I didn't care anyway cause I was sleeping and I slept the entire way home. After we did get home, of course mom gave me a bath. I was dirty and I kind of stank. I didn't get a bath last weekend and you know me, I'm always into everything in the mountains. It did feel really good to be clean:) The rest of the night I just slept on the sofa until it was time for bed. I had a really fun weekdend.

Monday we didn't do a whole lot. We all pretty much just chilled. Mom and dad went to the barn and then to Sam's then we all watched TV.

Tuesday I got to have some mommy time. Since Chloe was going to E-Town Manor for her weekly visit later, mom said she would spend some time with just me before she left. We went for a really nice walk and mom said I did excellent, especially with sitting when we stopped once in a while. When we got back, we played frisbee for a little. I had so much fun:D Chloe was none too happy though when we came back in the house. She gave mom the "what for" and was really yelling at her. Sorry Chloe, but me and mom need some time together too. Dad hung out with me after he got home and then we all hung out after mom and Chloe got back.

As you can see, I had some good days. The next few don't look quite as exciting cause they are calling for rain which means we'll be stuck inside. I do have obedience class tomorrow and mom has been practicing with me a few times a day. Just a few minutes here and there each day, but I know what's going on and she said I'm doing really well. I can't wait to show the class how well I'm doing.

Well, I gotta go for now. I'll drop a line after class and let you all know how I did. I hope everyone had a good weekend:)


Obedience Class

March 24th 2011 9:46 am
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Last night was my first night with just me and mom and it was a fun one. First we went to the vet for my recheck from my UTI. It is all cleared up and I'm good to go! I still pee'd on mom the night before, but that's cause mom was making me lay with her. I tried to tell her I had to go pee, but she kept telling me to lay down! She thought I was being bratting and just didn't want to lay with her (which is usually the case), but I wasn't and really had to pee. Guess that's what happens when you usually cry wolf.

After we were done at the vet, we stopped by the place where Chloe goes to visit, the E-Town Manor. I couldn't go visit the people like Chloe, but just inside to the reception lady. Mom tells her all about me and thought it would be nice for me to stop and say hi since we had a little time before my obedience class. She was really happy to see me and I thought the place was really cool. I was neat to see the place Chloe goes to every week and I can't wait til I'm certified and can go visit with the people.

From there we went to my obedience class. It's the same place we go swimming, but in a different smaller building. When we first went in, it was sooooo noisy! There were these two big dogs in crates and they kept barking. They were the trainers dogs and they finally were quiet... thank goodness! The other doggies in the class were a black airdale terrier who actually shows in confirmation, a golden doodle, a mixed terrier, a little white poodle and a hairless little dog named Georgie who wore a coat and was shaking the entire time. I got paired with this little dog one time for an exercise and it snarled and growled at me and I was like "are you kidding me?" Doesn't that thing know it's the size of a rat and I could pounce on it without thinking about it? But mom made me be nice and made me lay down so I wouldn't scare her, even though she wasn't being nice to me at all. Doesn't seem fair does it? But I did what mom asked. Mom said I was actually really good, but could have been better. The problem was that the instructor was having mom use food in the training and when mom works with me at home, we don't use a lot of food in our training, only at the end as reward. Last night when mom was feeding me the entire time through the exercises, I got too focused on the food and not enough on mom and started to not listen like I usually do. But mom wasn't upset because she knew what the problem was and discussed a little bit of a change in her training with me so I didn't get any bad habits. Mom actually said that I'm one of the best students in the class. She said the golden doodle is pretty good too. The reason mom is taking me to class is #1 cause dad told her to and #2 cause I do sometimes have a problem listening when there are distractions around. But mom said compared to the airdale who was dragging his owner around and wanting to fight with everyone (he's still intact so that's part of the reason), I'm a very good dog. Dad just doesn't realize how good Chloe and I are because he's only around us. He needs to be around some bad dogs once to really appreciate us.

I was tired after class and slept the whole way home and crashed after we got home too. Chloe gave me the "what for" since she took me and not her tonight, but hey, she'll get over it. I never, ever get "mommy" time and it was really nice to finally get some alone time with mom. I really love my mom, but I always have to share her with Chloe. Hopefully I get to have more "mommy" time because it's really nice:)

Mom said we're going to the cabin again this weekend so I'll fill you in on that when we get back. I don't know how much we'll be doing though cause I don't think it's suppose to be too nice, but at least we're going away. Hope everyone has a good weekend:)


I'm a jumping fool

March 22nd 2011 11:14 am
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I was a jumping fool last night when we went swimming. Mom took us to the pool last night and grandma went along. It was fun having grandma with us. We made her really wet too! We shook all over her and used her as our towel a couple of times. Mom warned her, but she didn't listen and was soaked! She played with us and threw us toys a few times and they hit the ceiling a couple of times too. Mom has to give her some lessons on throwing them that's for sure:D

It wasn't all fun and games last night though cause mom made me practice. She said I'm not doing bad, but I'm still doing "sissy" jumps as she calls them. That where I'll run like crazy, but then I stop and hesitate then jump in. She says I have to run and jump without stopping, that's a real jump. Funny thing is, I'll do that when Chloe and I jump together, but not by myself. Mom said she'll work on it with me. I was none too happy when mom made me sit and wait while she practiced with Chloe I can tell you that. She said if we both don't learn to behave and take turns, she'll stop bringing us together. That's not good cause then we won't get to play together:( Mom did say she thinks I'll be a good speed retriever though cause I'm really fast at getting the toy. That's cause I race against Chloe cause I don't want her to have it. I'm stingy like that. If she does beat me, I'll take it from her and she won't even fight me. Although, she did fight back one time last night. We had the duck on the dock and she went to pick it up and I didn't want her to have it so I growled at her and she let me have it. Well, I didn't back down and we had a little sisterly spat over it. Mom was not happy and of course, I was the one to get in trouble. But I guess I deserved it cause I'm the one who doesn't like to share. Other than that, we played good together. Mom did take some video, but when she'll get them posted, I have no idea. When we got home last night mom clipped our nails quick and then we all watched tv. I was sooooo tired so I crashed on the love seat. I had no problem when mom said time for bed. I slept all night and didn't even wake mom up before her alarm this morning. I know she was happy about that:)

Tonight I'm going to Bandit's to play while Chloe goes on her therapy visit. I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. Well, gotta run, I think I hear dad getting up. Talk to you later.


Sticks, sticks, and more sticks!

March 21st 2011 10:23 am
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This past weekend we went to Juniata and it was so nice! It was in the 70's on Friday and in the 60's the rest of the weekend. We got there aruond 6 o'clock Friday evening and we stayed outside until after dark. Dad cooked on the grill and mom and dad sat around the firepit smoking cigars, eating and having a couple of beers. Me and Chloe played and had soooo much fun! I found a bunch of sticks that I brought over for dad to put on the fire. You know, I have to earn my keep!

Saturday we spent most of the day outside cause it was so nice. Clair came down with this big thing called a backhoe and dug a big ditch to get the water out of the basement of the old cabin. Which BTW is all tore down. The only thing left is the stones from the basement, but they can't be removed until the water is out and that's why Clair needed to get rid of the water. Boy you should have seen that. When he dug that ditch and the water came running out into the creek, it was like a dam broke! I wanted sooooo bad to go play in it but mom said NO WAY!!!! She's such a party poopers:( It was really muddy over there, but not too bad by the cabin. After that, mom and dad worked on cleaning up the bank in front of the cabin by the road. Us doggies did have to stay in the cabin while they did that cause mom was fraid that we might get hit by a car. She would have left us out, but she knows I wouldn't stay off the road cause I always have to be right where they are. But that's okay, I needed a nap anyway so Chloe and I stayed inside. Although, at first I wasn't happy about it and I kept going to the big window and barking and carrying on. Mom was none too happy when she came in and saw all the pillows and throw blanket kicked on the floor. She knew what I did and I she gave me heck and it was then that I decided to take a nap. But when they were finished by the road, mom let us back out. Chloe and I ran all around playing, but then I went on my quest for more sticks. See, when I'm at the cabin, I like to collect my sticks. I'll go find them and then put them outside the cabin door. That way when mom and dad need them for the fire they have them. I'm just trying to earn my keep:) I was doing that when I noticed that mom was over "treasure hunting" at the old cabin. Since all the water was out of the basement, mom went to see what she could find. Well you know me, I had to go check it out too. Mom saw me coming and told me to stay out cause it was like quick sand and if I stepped the wrong place, I could go under. She was walking across big stones and stuff that's why she didn't fall in. But me, I wouldn't have been so careful. Believe it or not, I listened and sat right outside and watched mom. She said I was a very good girl:) After she was done with her treasure hunting, she played frisbee for a little with me and Chloe before going in and getting cleaned up. Then her and dad went to visit with Clair and Velma for a little. You're not going to believe this... mom let me out of my crate while they went visiting! I was so surprised and I made sure that I behaved myself. Truth of the matter was that I was so tired I couldn't have caused havoc if I wanted to. Mom was very proud of me when she got back that I didn't make a mess that I got a piece of ring bologna for being so good... yummy! We all watched a movie then went to bed and I slept like a log.

Sunday was a nice day. I spent the day outside playing with Chloe. Randy Clayton came by to visit and he helped dad get the chainsaw started. Then mom and dad put together the new TV stand, but us doggies stayed outside and out of the way. That was fine with me cause I just played and went on my stick collecting mission. I hit paydirt with a nice big stick just when dad came out. I was so proud of this one! It was three times my size (dad called it a sapling) and I was dragging it around the side of the cabin when dad came out and took it from me:( He said we didn't need something that big from the fire. Heck dad, I worked hard for that thing!!! But I didn't dwell on it and went back to my collecting. I did take some breaks and laid in the sun. It was a beautiful day and the sun felt really good. Oh yeah, we did go for a kubota ride with dad to put some corn out for the deer. We couldn't go up the trail cause the trees were still down, but we did get to ride through the field and I liked that. We left around 5pm and we were all pretty tired when we got home so we just crashed and watched tv. I had a really good weekend and looking forward to going up next weekend.

Mom said we're going swimming tonight... yipee!!! She said I have to practice jumping though and not all play. Now that I'm jumping off the dock, I need to learn how to run and jump. Chloe is already registered for a competition in May, but I'm not yet. Mom says I can't compete until I learn to jump correctly. She said she can't afford for me to compete until I know how to do it right so I better learn. I also have my first obedience class on Wednesday. I'm not sure about this obedience stuff, but I'm looking forward to meeting new people and doggies. I'll let you know all about it on Thursday.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to my pup pal Wesley's mom for the great Easter page she did for me. I just love it! Now if I could just get my mom to take an Easter picture of me that would just make it the best!


Peeing Frenzy

March 15th 2011 7:35 am
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I had a fun weekend!!! Even though I had a bit of a peeing frenzy:( I'll tell you all about it.

Grandma, Aunt Lois, Megan, me and mom got up to the cabin Friday evening. It was snowing when we got there, but not really laying on the ground. I still couldn't believe the way it was snowing though. And they said it was suppose to be warmer. Stupid weathermen are always wrong! After we got there, mom made me go in my crate:( They were going to dinner and she still didn't trust to leave me out in the cabin. Probably a smart move on her part. But I was rewarded when they got back cause she brought Chloe and I some yummy vanilla ice cream! This was the first time mom ever gave me ice cream and let me tell you, it was the best thing I ever had!!!!!! I licked the bowl clean! I think mom took pix and video so maybe someday she'll have time to post it so you can see me enjoying it:D After we finished the yummy ice cream, we all chilled to watch a scary movie. I love scary movies. That is, until I get scared. Then I jump up and hide my face in mom. After the movie, Chloe and I jumped in bed with mom. Megan was suppose to sleep with mom, but she stayed up to watch TV and ended up falling asleep on the sofa. Good for us doggies!! I love sleeping in the bed. It's so comfy:) But my enjoyment didn't last. You guessed it... I had another accident:( Next thing I knew, mom was yelling again cause I wet the bed. She was freaking out cause it wasn't her bed and this mattress doesn't have a protective cover on it like the one at home. She ripped the comforter and sheets off, but fortuntely for me, the comforter is so thick that it didn't go the whole way through and never reached the mattress. Boy did I get lucky! I don't know why I pee in my sleep. It's the second time I did it. The medicine should be working by now. I don't have to pee all the time like I use to and I don't have any other accidents. Just in my sleep and in the bed. Not in the crate. Wonder why that is? All I know is that mom wasn't happy, especially since it was like 6am and now she had to change the sheets before she could go back to bed. Plus, needless to say, I was not allowed back on the bed to sleep after that.

At least mom didn't hold it against me for the rest of the day. After breakfast, we all loaded up and stopped up at Clair and Velma's to get water. Then we headed to an auction. I remember being at one of these things when I was really little, but it was really hot and I didn't do much except sleep. But this one I was much more alert to what was going on around me and there were a lot of people. I watched everyone like a hawk, but I was very obedient to mom. I only barked one time, but I immediately shut up when mom told me to. She told me I did very well for my "first" time at an auction. Since the ring that mom went there to buy was already sold, we left and went to Cheese Nook. Us doggies aren't allowed in Cheese Nook so we waited in the car. From Cheese Nook we just went right up the street to the Creme Stop. I didn't realize it, but this meant more ice cream!!!! Boy, mom was spoiling us this weekend. I sucked it down and licked up every last bite like I did the night before. It was soooo yummy:D When we got back to the cabin, Megan, Chloe, mom and I went for a walk in the woods to the tree. When we got there, mom made us all sit down and be quiet. I heard something make a funny noise in the distance, but I have no idea what it was. I looked and listened, but never saw anything. Mom said it was a deer snorting. I smelled something, but I didn't see a deer anywhere. It finally stopped and mom said it must have scented us and left. Darn, I really wanted to see it:( We eventually went back to the cabin and after dinner, Clair and Velma came down to play cards. But before they came, that's when I had my other accident. Megan was in the bedroom getting changed and I jumped up on the bed and was all excited. I piddled all over the bed. When mom came in from her shower and saw it, she was upset again and she had to wash everything yet again. Lucky for me, it didn't go through again. Thank goodness for that thick comforter!!! At least mom never really punished me. Although, her tone and not speaking to me for a while is enough punishment for me:( I slept most of the time Clair and Velma were there. They left, but everyone else kept playing games. They finally went to bed, but this time Megan slept with mom so us dogs had to sleep on the floor. That was okay cause I really didn't want to have another accident in the bed. That would have been strike three for me.

Sunday wasn't a bad day. It was a little cooler, but not too bad. Megan played outside with us while everyone else cleaned up the cabin. We left mid-afternoon and I was sad to leave:( I love the cabin cause I get to run around and be free! But mom said not to be sad cause we'll be back next weekend. When we got home I had to get a bath and for good reasons... I was filty and stinking from the mud, plus, I went into the creek right before we left. The bath felt good... ahhhhh! The rest of the night I just slept trying to catch up from the weekend.

Last night mom had to go to this viewing thing, but when she got back, she took us for a walk. She said I did really well and guess what? I walked from the end of the block to our house off leash!!! Mom was very proud of me:D I didn't realize I was off leash, but she told me after the fact. After the walk we played frisbee a little in the yard and then we watched a horse movie with mom and dad. It was a really good movie too.

Mom said I start obedience class this week, but I'm not allowed to go. It's just an orientation class so no dogs allowed just handlers. Now that just stinks! Oh well, I guess I'll just chill at home with dad and Chloe. I'll keep you posted if anything exciting happens. I do know that we head back to the cabin this weekend. Just me, Chloe, mom and dad this time. It will be nice to spend some time with just my family. I don't get to spend much time with dad cause he's studying hard for his tests this week. Keep your paws crossed that he passes!!

BTW, there is a small chance that he might go to Japan to help with that nuclear mess they have there. I guess I better get my Rosetta Stone and brush up on my Japanese so I can talk to all the doggies over there just in case... BOL:D

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