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Too Many People!

April 7th 2014 11:49 am
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We went to the cabin this past weekend and it was crazy!!! I forgot that the cabin was all discombobulated from the flooding so when I walked in I was like "oh crap" cause it was raining and I knew I would be stuck inside and pretty much confined to whatever area mom could make open for us. The cabin was a wreck, but the repair work Randy did looked great and we now have tile floors in the bathroom and kitchen/dining area which is nicer than carpet I think. Anyway, after we got there, mom got us water and gave Gizmo her food cause she was crying for it, but I wish she wouldn't have done that cause that's what got us dogs in trouble. See, there wasn't much room to move at all and Chloe and I wanted to play and we kind of spilled the entire dish of cat food. Needless to say, mom wasn't happy and Chloe stayed in a small area in the bedroom and I stayed out of the way under the kitchen table. It became pure chaos after a while cause all of dad's buddies showed up and it was just very loud and poor mom was trying to put the cabin back together and it was just unreal. I was very happy when it stopped raining and we could go back outside and was even more happy to find that one of dad's buddies brought their dog, Wolf, to play with us:) Most of the people stayed until after dark and it wasn't until like 11pm that mom finally got things squared away and the cabin was pretty much back to normal. I was glad for that cause it was hard moving around with all the stuff piled up everywhere.

Saturday we went with mom and dad to visit with Clair and Velma. They like dogs, but not in the house so we always wait on the porch. I didn't mind though cause I was happy to be outside. When we were done visiting, mom took us dogs for Kubota ride and we got to play in the woods for a while. I wish it would have been longer, but it was windy and pretty cold so mom didn't last long before she wanted to head back to the cabin. Of course, when we got back to find more people at the cabin, mom said she wished she would have stayed in the woods. It was pretty much a parade of people the rest of the night so we really had no peace and quiet yet this weekend. Pam and Dave did come to visit and I like when they come cause Pam really likes us and I love playing with her:)

Sunday was a beautiful day and fortunately was a day that no one stopped by so we actually were able to enjoy it. Of course cause it was now the day we had to leave, but I didn't care cause we didn't leave until later in the day. We went for another Bota ride with mom and we stayed in the woods for a long time. We played for a while then just relaxed and enjoyed the nice spring day. I had my eye on a squirrel for a long time, but it never got close enough for me to have some fun with:( When we went back to the cabin it was time to pack up and head out and I was so exhausted from the hectic weekend that I slept the entire way and slept even more when we got home. I'd like to say I had a good weekend at the cabin, but with all the people and the mess mom had to clean up Friday, it wasn't that great. But at least we got away and hopefully next time will be better.

This week I think we have a visit to Manor Care and then a visit with Emmie this weekend. I can't wait to see her cause she keeps getting better and better at playing with us dogs and I love playing with her:) Mom said she can take us for a walk on the trail this weekend and I can't wait for that either.

But for now it's a dreary day that makes me want to snooze and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I hope you all had a great weekend and I'll bark at you later!


No more rain please!

April 3rd 2014 7:18 am
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Since my last post it has pretty much rained at some point almost everyday and I don't like that! Fortunately, it has been warmer so in between the rain, Anna has come to play with us and I always love when Anna comes to play. We did help mom clean all the leaves off the pool one day last week and she was not happy about it cause we don't even have any trees in our backyard. But we played and acted crazy so that made her smile:)

Last night we visited with Theresa's mom and dad again. He looked pretty good, actually better than last time we saw him. Mom wasn't too happy though cause we were not being social and not watching what we were doing in the house. I got tangled in Robert's air line once and almost knocked over a TV tray...not good! Mom finally gave in and took us outside to play. Dolores went out to watch, but Robert watched from inside. They both enjoyed watching us run around and Dolores even threw me the ball a couple of times. I guess Chloe and I had spring fever since the weather was actually decent last evening.

Tomorrow we head back to the cabin and I'm curious to see what it looks like. When we left last time the cabin was torn apart cause of the washer leak. Now Randy put down all new flooring and once mom and dad put the stuff back where it belongs (mom said that will probably take all Friday evening), it should look pretty good. I just hope it's not raining when we get there so us dogs can hang outside while mom and dad do their thing in the cabin. Mom did say that as of now the weather is suppose to be nice Saturday and Sunday and we'll go for walks in the woods, Kubota rides and maybe even a few searches for me...YIPEE! After my last training I'm anxious to show mom that it wasn't just a fluke day and I am getting better.

Well, I think that is about all for now. I'll be sure to tell you about my weekend and also make sure mom takes pix of us in the "new" cabin so you all can see. Have a great weekend everyone!


To Manor Care we did go

March 26th 2014 7:49 am
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Even though it wasn't the nicest weather yesterday with snow/sleet/rain mixed all together, we ventured out to see our friends at Manor Care cause it was already a week later than we normally visit. Everyone was happy to see us and thanked us for coming out in the bad weather. Roy and Lois were especially happy to see us and I enjoyed spending time with them too. I really wanted to see Sara cause last time she wasn't feeling well and this time she was already in bed fast asleep and we were there at 630pm. I guess she wasn't feeling well again. Say a little prayer that Sara feels better soon. We did meet some new people on the 3rd floor that were nice and I'm glad we went up to meet them.

This week we don't have much happening. Mom said if the weather ever gets warmer she'll be going to the barn and we can go along and also maybe for a walk at Hummel Trail this weekend...Yipee! I really enjoy walking on the Hummel trail cause there's all kinds of good smells:) I just hope this messed up weather soon turns to spring and no more snow and cold!


A "glowing" day at TMI

March 24th 2014 11:34 am
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I was a busy girl for past of this past weekend. It started with Kelsey coming over Friday night and hanging out with us since dad went to the cabin to take up tile and stuff for Randy to start the repair work on Monday. Kelsey got a kick out of how I would watch Lassie and the news. She said she only saw me watch K9 Cops.

Saturday was my big day. We had search and rescue training at TMI on the south end. There are no buildings there, but A LOT of wildlife. They have deer, coyote, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, you name it, it's there so needless to say there were a lot of scents! I had 3 different searches and mom said she was VERY happy with how well I did. I didn't range as far as usual, but I never stopped searching and mom said my recall/refind was pawsome! I didn't hesitate when I found the person at all. I went right in, saw it was a person then went and got mom and went back and forth until mom was there. Mom did do something a little different and it might just be what I needed to get me on track with recall/refind. Mom would also have the subject treat me when I came in, but now she doesn't do that. She only treats me when I come back to her and give her indication that I found someone. Once I get mom to the subject then I play tug with the subject and it all worked well all three times:) One of my searches I had to go down over a bank from mom and I did just like she asked and I also had to find a person who was a little way up a tree. Mom said that was the best I did in a long time, especially since we haven't had training since January and she is VERY proud of me:) Mom did take some pix so I'm sure she'll post them at some point. She did take some pix with my and the 2 big cooling towers, but for security reasons she won't be able to post those but they are really big and really neat! After we were all done searching, I walked along in the woods with mom while she pulled the flag lines and I have to say, when we finally got home I was tired! I had no problem napping while mom and dad were at the banquet and I also was not upset that we didn't do much on Sunday cause it was cold out. I enjoyed relaxing in bed with mom just watching TV:)

This week the only thing I think we have going on it our visit with Manor Care. We were suppose to go last week, but mom had a rough week so we didn't go Thursday as planned. There is no doubt we'll be going this week though cause mom doesn't like to miss our visits and neither do I!

BTW, mom just realized that I was picked for DDP the other day... Thank you Dogster! It is always an honor and I'll keep on having more adventures to share with all my pals:)


I'm the protector!

March 19th 2014 8:27 am
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Yesterday after mom got home from work she brushed us then we went for a walk with her and dad. It was pretty nice and I enjoyed our walk. I really can't wait until the weather stays warm and we can go for walks everyday and hopefully longer ones too!

What started out as a normal evening didn't end that way. Mom let us out to potty at bedtime like she always does, but this time something invaded our yard and I had to be the protector. Mom heard me snarling and carrying on and came out right away. By this time Chloe was heading into the garage and I was holding my ground at the front porch. Mom called me and I came, but very slowly and step by step without taking my eye from the direction the intruder went which was toward Anna's house. When mom finally got us inside she grabbed a flashlight, jacket and shoes and we all went to investigate (dad was already in bed sleeping). Chloe took off in the yard and ran circles (not to play though) and then started smelling trying to find the intruder. Me, I was very slow, moving cautiously and making sure I didn't miss anything. Mom doesn't know what was out there, but us dogs do, unfortunately we have no way of telling her other than something was out there. We searched for a little, but couldn't find anything so we went inside. It did scare both of us dogs and I kind of pottied myself a little, but that's cause I was defending us, not cause I was that scared. Mom checked us both over really good to be sure we weren't bit or anything then she cleaned me up and we all went to bed. We did hear something outside shortly after going to bed and mom woke dad and he investigated (gun in hand of course), but we still didn't see anything. I so wish I could tell them what it was, but since I can't I stayed on alert for a long time until I felt it was safe and I finally went to sleep.

Mom told me this morning that I'm her little protector and she knows that I would fight who or whatever would try to hurt her and she's proud of me:)



March 19th 2014 7:48 am
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We finally went to the cabin this past weekend and we had a pretty good time considering all that happened.

We arrived Friday evening and since daylight savings it stays light later which is great. When we got there the phone didn't work and there were tire tracks in the field. Dad went to find us a phone to try and see if it would work and us dogs went with mom in the Kubota to investigate where the tracks came from. We checked everywhere, but couldn't figure it out. We stopped at Clair and Velma's and found it that Clair had been in the field with his tractor so the mystery was solved:) I'm glad we went on the little adventure cause we had fun riding in the Kubota then checking in the woods with mom. Mom wasn't too happy though when I jumped out of the Kubota after a squirrel cause she was afraid Chloe would jump out and she would definitely hurt her hip. Sorry mom, but I love squirrels!

Saturday wasn't too bad. We went for another Kubota ride in the morning and chilled in the cabin for a few hours in the afternoon while mom and dad went to meet with the contractor. Mom came back with Pam and we went for another Kubota ride and had lots of fun:) I must admit that by the end of the day I was tired for all the running around and it was windy so that did a number on me too.

Sunday was the worst day of our weekend. All was normal until mom did a load of wash. Something happened with the washer and some switch didn't flip so water went everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean everywhere! The bathroom was flooded and the carpet soaked up water clear into the dining/kitchen area and back bedroom. Needless to say us dogs had to go outside while mom and dad cleaned up the mess and it was a mess! It took they over four hours and we never left for home until after 5pm which is late for us. We were all so tired that when we got home we just relaxed and watched TV, one of my favorite shows too... The Walking Dead...gotta love the zombies!

Anyway, even though we had some bumps in the road this weekend I was happy to be back at the cabin and enjoyed my time there. I just hope they get the cabin put back together cause right now there is no way we can stay there cause everything is stacked in the one side of the cabin so we can't go back to stay until they fix it up. I'm hoping it will be done by the time we plan to go in three weeks!


A new place to visit

March 14th 2014 9:30 am
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Last night we visited with our friend Theresa's mom and dad. Chloe was leering cause she heard Jada barking in the garage, but me, I didn't care and really would like to meet Jada nose to nose one day. I'd show her that she shouldn't be so mean to other dogs cause she could actually have fun with us. But mom said now wasn't the time so we just went inside for our visit. Her parents' names are Robert and Deloris and they are very nice people. Her dad is suffering from stage 4 lung cancer and her mom for severe arthritis, but they seemed to be doing pretty good last night. Robert was having a little bit of a hard time breathing at one point and he had to breath into this thing that had steam coming out of it. I kept an eye on him to be sure whatever that thing was didn't hurt him and it didn't thank goodness. They both seemed to enjoy us and they pet us a lot and of course I showed off some of my tricks too. Us being there cheered them up a bit and that's what we always like to try and do. We promised to visit again and they said they would really enjoy that. I love meeting new people and helping make them smile and forget their troubles even if only for a little while. Mom did post a couple pix of us with them, but of course I didn't sit still on one of them so it's a little blurry and pardon the red eyes. Mom said she'll take better ones next time.

As for what's on tap for this weekend, well let me tell you that I am VERY excited cause we are heading to the mountains...FINALLY! It has been like furever since we've been there cause of this wacky weather and mom being sick then last weekend they went to NYC, but this weekend is our turn to go have some fun and you better believe I will!! The weather is suppose to be nicer so I know we'll be outside and mom already promised us a Kubota ride. I hope there isn't a lot of snow left cause then we get go to the property which I always enjoy. I saw mom pack her SAR vest which means we'll probably do some training which is fine by me cause I haven't done that since January either. This winter has been really crappy and I hope we are finally moving into spring! Mom did say that even though she just bathed us, she's not going to worry about how dirty we get cause she knows we need to run around and have fun and you know we will!

Well, that's about all for now. I'll post about my weekend when I get back. I the meantime I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets to enjoy the nice weather too:)


Since my last post...

March 10th 2014 9:38 am
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I haven't done much since my last post. As I mentioned, we did go to Manor Care and saw our friends and met some new friends too. Poor Sarah and Doris were sick though and we didn't get to visit with them, but hopefully by next visit they are feeling better cause I really missed not being able to spend some time with them.

Mom and dad went to NYC for the weekend and from what I hear about the city, there is NO WAY I would want to go there ever! No grass, nothing but buildings, cars, people and no place to run free. Not for this country loving dog! While they were away Linda and Poppy Waple took good care of us. They came and let us out to potty, fed us and gave us lots of treats:) Linda took us for a really nice long walk on Saturday which I really enjoyed cause it was such a beautiful day. I must prefer for people to come let us out instead of going to a kennel that is for sure! Nothing like being in the comfort of your own home:)

When mom and dad got back, mom played with us outside for a while, but we didn't go for a walk like planned cause Chloe's hip was bothering her a little from the day before. I know mom will take me for walks by myself, but didn't want to make Chloe feel bad by leaving her home and taking me when mom just got home from being away. But we did play outside for a while and that was nice. After that it was bath time and as much as I dislike baths, I must admit that I needed one. I haven't had one since before Christmas cause of the cold weather so it did feel good and mom said tonight we get clipped and brushed too. Again, not a fan of it, but I know I will feel better once I'm all done and that nasty winter coat is finally gone! Now let's just hope winter and snow is gone too!!

This week we don't have much going on but I do know that we are going to the mountains this weekend no matter what! I can't wait cause it's been like 6-7 weeks since we've been there cause of all the bad weather then mom getting sick. I don't care what the weather is, I just want to get away and go run the fields, play in the woods and ride in the Kubota and I know I'll get to do all those things:) Mom said we may even to a little training too cause it's been so long since I had any. I'm good with that cause I enjoy it and hopefully will soon get my recall/refind down and I can get certified.

Well, I think that is about all for now. I doubt anything will happen this week worse barking about, but if there is, I'll be sure to post and if not, for sure when we get home from the mountains. Untill then have a great week and if you are lucky enough to have nice weather, enjoy it!


Fun with Emilie

March 3rd 2014 12:25 pm
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My Emilie came to stay with us Saturday and Sunday. We haven't seen her in a while so it was nice to see her and have her to play with. She remembered the rules and didn't try to hug or kiss me, but we played together nice. She is starting to get really good at throwing our toys for us and I was happy to go after them:) Saturday we just played with Emi and instead of tubby time, Emi showered with mom which didn't make me happy. I like when Emi has tubby time cause I play with her, but she now likes showers so all I could do is sit outside the shower and watch through the glass, not fun for me:(

Sunday Emi was kinda out of sorts. She wasn't mean to me, but she was kinda whiny and when her mom and dad came to pick her up, she was really mean to Chloe. Mom could tell right away that Emi's personality changed and put me in my crate so I didn't get in any kind of trouble. But of course, Emilie being the mood she was kept coming over to my crate and messing with me. Mom and dad kept telling her to stop and fortunately she did, but mom did warn that if she stuck her hands in my crate I might bite her. I don't know that I would unless she was poking me or something, but it was good for mom to warn her so she would leave me alone. I also heard mom tell dad that if I'm ever locked in my crate and Emilie messes with me and I do bite her, it is NOT my fault and he agreed. Hey, what's a dog to do? I certainly can't retreat to my crate to get away when I'm already in my crate! Fortunately for me she left me alone after a couple warnings, but not so good for Chloe cause then she went to Chloe and started hitting her. Mom and dad stopped it right away and poor Chloe took off downstairs. I don't know what came over Emilie cause she doesn't do that kind of stuff to us, she's usually really good, but now that I saw that side of her I'm gonna have to really keep my eye on her and when I see her that way, I'm into my crate!

This week we have our visit to Manor Care but that's all I am aware of. We didn't get the snow they were calling for and that doesn't upset me one bit cause I'm about sick of snow! I hope it's done now and that it warms up so we can start spending more time outside having fun:)


It was a monster!!!

February 26th 2014 7:06 am
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I had lots going on since my last post so I'll start by telling everyone that our search team was successful in locating the missing man. As expected, he had passed, but now the family has closure and the man can rest in peace. I wasn't able to participate in the search since I'm not certified yet, but mom was there and said it was our horse team that located him. We're just all glad he's been found.

When mom came home from the search she was really tired, but still found the energy to take us for a walk cause it was so nice outside. It felt like springtime and I wish it would stay that way, but no such luck as it is cold here again:(

Sunday we were pretty busy. After church mom took us to visit grandma and then we went to the barn. It was muddy and the dog eating dog, Jada, was outside so we had to stay in the car. I wish mom would let me out cause I'm not afraid of Jada and I would give her a run for her money and knock her down a few notches even though she's a German Shepherd. Chloe is scared to death of her and hides on the floor in the car when Jada is outside, but not me...bring it on Jada!

After the barn we went back home and hung outside with mom while she cleaned the inside of her car. It is pretty dirty from all the bad weather and from us being in it all the time. Mom said our hair is everywhere and she's going to shave us bald! Not really, but I'm sure she wishes she could:) When mom was done Barb showed up and we went for a visit to Country Meadows. We haven't been there since before Christmas so everyone was very happy to see us and we were happy to see them too. After our visit mom took us inside the least that's what I call it. She drove our car into this box and it was kind loud and sprayed all kind of stuff all over the car and these roller things had brushes and went all over the car. No matter where I looked it was all around us. It was like some kind of monster was trying to eat us, but couldn't get inside! Mom and Barb were laughing at me cause my head was whipping around in all directions trying to keep an eye on this thing. Chloe didn't seem to be worried at all, but me, well I wanted to make sure it wasn't getting in to eat us all! It finally stopped and we got out alive thank goodness! I'm in no hurry to go inside the monster again that is for sure.

Yesterday was our yearly trip to the vet for our dental. All three of us go and none of us are happy to be there. I usually get to roam around the back area, but this time I decided to share a crate with Chloe. You know just in case she gets nervous and needs her little sister for support. It usually isn't too bad cause we get out of there by lunchtime, but not this trip. Gizmo had a cavity so they had to put her under to get it fixed and that meant we were stuck at the vet until 4pm when dad finally picked us up. Leave it to the cat to mess things up, but at least she's okay. We are all a little worried about her cause she lost a pound in a year. We all also understand that she is getting older (she'll be 16 this year) and that is part of getting old. Gizmo seems to eat, drink, potty and all the things cat's do, so mom said she just wants Giz to be happy and we all try our best to keep her that way:) Anyway, back to my dental visit. So we usually get handscaled cause mom doesn't like us being put under any more than need be. Well the vet told mom that next year I have to be put under cause I was really a handful and he can't do it just handscale anymore. Mom is not happy about that and said that maybe another dr. in the office will do the handscale cause she really doesn't want us put under unless we actually need some work done like Giz had to have. Hopefully someone will do it cause I don't want to be knocked out either cause I always feel lousy afterwards. At any rate, we finally got home around 430pm and we were all happy to be home! Not too much about having a pill shoved down my through 2x a day, but I can live with that for a few days to be sure I don't get an infection.

So that's what I've been up to. Unfortunately the nice weather is gone again and it's bitter cold so no fun outside for a while again. At least our Emilie is coming to stay with us this Saturday so we'll have fun playing with her and I'm looking forward to it!

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