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Our visit to Manor Care

May 15th 2014 6:41 am
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We had our visit at Manor Care on Tuesday and it was nice. Dad went along and we stopped to see Roy first. As always, he was very happy to see us. Then we went to visit Greta, Carl's mom. She just had knee surgery and was there for rehab. She is a really nice person and she loved us dogs. Of course I had to show off some of my skills for her:) We also visited with the rest of our peeps and everyone was doing well except for Betty. She was in the hospital a couple weeks ago and now she's back, but not doing well at all. She usually is in her room and pets us for a long time, but now they had her in a chair in the hallway and she didn't pet us at all. It even took her a little while to realize who we were, but when she did, she talked to us a little. Please say a prayer that she gets better cause she's such a nice lady and I hate to see people like that. Everyone else was doing well though, but we couldn't find Doris. She was there, but mom thinks she was getting her shower. She'll be sad she missed us, but we couldn't wait any longer than we did, which was a pretty long time, but mom said we'll go see her first next time!

Last night Anna played with us while dad cut grass. Anna doesn't know when to give us a break from playing so we played for like 2 hours until mom got home then she told Anna we needed to rest. Dad was really busy trying to get the grass cut before the rain arrived so that's why he didn't tell her. Chloe, she'll just stop playing when she wants a break, but you know me, I'll play until I fall over. I know I have to stop that, but I love to play!

The next couple of days there won't be much happening cause we are getting lots of rain. We are going to the cabin this weekend and Brett and Aysha are going so I'm looking forward to that. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun:)

Well, that's about all I have for now. Stay dry and have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday and Mother's Day to my mom!

May 13th 2014 11:12 am
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First and I want to say Happy Birthday to my mom whose b-day was Saturday and also Happy Mother's Day! She's a great mom and I wouldn't want anyone else. Thank you for all your do mom!!!

No, onto my weekend. We went to the cabin for an extra long weekend and got there Thursday evening. It was almost dark til we got there, but cause it was so nice outside we all sat outside for a few hours which was really nice since most of the time we stay inside. The only thing that wasn't nice was trying to potty cause the grass was up to my belly and I had a hard time going. Fortunately I squat pretty high so it wasn't that bad, but poor Chloe, she tinkled on herself cause she sits so low to the ground.

But no worries cause Friday that was the first thing mom and dad took care of...they cut the grass and weedwacked. It took a long time so us dogs just hung out in the shade. It was really hot, in the 80s I think, so we really didn't want to run around and play much. Later in the evening Pam and Dave came to visit and they are really nice and I love Pam cause she loves us girls and always plays with us. We had lots of fun that night with her:)

Saturday was mom's birthday, but the weather didn't make for a very nice day. It rained off and on all day so we didn't get to do anything outside. We did go for a ride with mom and dad and then sat on the porch a little since it has a roof. Other than that, we didn't do anything.

Sunday was the best day cause the weather was nice with temps in the 70s. Us dogs went for a Kubota ride with mom and dad to the tree and we saw 2 deer on the way. Then I spotted a chipmunk and I kept real still and watched it for a long time until I thought it was close enough for me to catch then I went after it. Unfortunately it did get away:( After we were done in the woods, we went to see Pam and Dave at their place. Dave and dad went to cut trees at the property and us dogs went on a Kubota ride with mom and Pam in their new Kubota. Boy is that thing sweet! It has a full cab with windshield, radio, A/C, heat, you name it they got it! But us dogs rode in the back as usual but I never mind cause I like the fresh air. Mom did let us go swimming a little, but it wasn't for long cause the water was a little cold. I didn't mind it, but Chloe did so that's why it was so short. Hopefully next time the water is a little warmer so Chloe stays in long or better yet, mom gets in with us! Anyway, after the Kubota ride (which was really long) mom wanted me to do a couple searches for Pam. The first one didn't go so well cause when we came around the one field three cats took off and of course, I had to go after them. That is NOT what I'm suppose to do and mom tried her best to get my back on track, but I just kept thinking about getting those kitties. Then I came across two dead deer and I didn't go near them, but did stop to smell them a bit. It took me twice as long to find Pam, but I did find her and mom said I had an excellent recall/refind which she was happy with. I did do one more search, but this time I made sure I did exactly as mom taught me and it paid off. I found Pam in a couple of minutes and mom said I did an outstanding job ranging and with my recall/refind. She thinks the switch finally flipped for the recall/refind so hopefully I will be able to test by the end of the year. I'll let you know when so you all can keep your paws crossed!

After we were done at Pam and Dave's we just hung out at the cabin. It was a beautiful night so we sat around the fire on the patio for a long time. I saw something around the back of the cabin so I sat at the corner for hours waiting to see if it would come to me, but it never did. Mom and dad both looked, but didn't see what I was looking at. You know us dogs, we see things no one else can see!

Monday we had to head home:( It was nice to have a long weekend, but they are never long enough in my book. When we got home it was pretty much back to the normal stuff. Dad had a church meeting and mom went to the barn since she hadn't seen Tequilla in almost a week. Us dogs had to stay home cause Jada was there, but I napped so I didn't mind. Mom did play ball and frisbee with us when we got back and then we all just relaxed for the rest of the night.

This week I think the only thing we have going on is going to Manor Care tonight. Dad is even going with us this time cause he's friend's mom is there and he wants to visit with her. We will visit with her too and all our other friends as well. Other than that, I don't think we have much going on. I will let you know about my visit and anything else exciting that happens.

Well, that's about all for now. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the mom and grandmas out there!


Dogster honors and active weekend...

May 5th 2014 7:22 am
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First I want to thank Dogster for making both myself and my sister Chloe Dairy Picks on Friday. What are the chances of two dogs from the same family being picked on the same day? Probably about a gazillion to one but it happened to us and I am deeply honored. Not only did we both get picked on Friday, but I got picked again yesterday! I really couldn't believe it and gracious thank Dogster! Maybe it's cause of my busy schedule that Dogster picks me so much and I'm more than happy to share my adventures with you so let me tell you all about my weekend.

It was a pretty busy one starting Friday when mom got home from work. First she cut the backyard and we played with Anna while she did that. When she was finished we went with mom to the barn cause she had barn duty Friday night and Saturday all day. We helped bring the horses in and get them bedded down for the night. Mom said I was a good girl cause I didn't eat any poop this time:) Saturday we got to the barn bright and early and were there until about lunch time. Mom cleaned the paddocks and Chloe and I played chase and had fun trying to herd the horses around. Mom did play frisbee and ball with us, but I didn't like how she played cause she used a tennis racket and made the ball go twice as far as she normally throws so I only brought it back to her once. I think she got the hint that I didn't want to run that far after it so she went back to throwing it as usual. Mom said that sometimes I'm too smart for her! Anyway, after the morning barn duty we went to the store with mom and then I hung out with her outside while she cleaned the yucky water off the pool cover. Anna came over and played with us for a little, but then it started to rain so they left and I sat in the garage with the door open watching the rain with mom. I didn't mind it, but then mom started to smoke a cigar and I hate smoke so I laid in the back of the garage until the rain stopped and we went back outside. After mom finished the cigar she started making something out of bared wire and I made sure I stayed exactly where she told me to when she was working on it cause let me tell you, she was dangerous with that stuff! It was whipping all around and one time Chloe got up and mom didn't see her cause she came from behind mom and Chloe almost got wacked with the wire. I tried to tell Chloe to stay with me, but you know Chloe, always has to be right beside mom. Needless to say after that close call, she stayed with me until mom was done. Later in the evening we had to go back to the barn and get the horses ready to bring in for the night. When we got there mom had Tequilla in the arena so we just hung out there, that is until all chaos broke out. Sophie got out of her paddock and came into the arena. She chase Tequilla and they both went running like crazy in the arena. Chloe got outta there in a hurry, but I stayed with mom in case she needed help. It took a little while, but she finally got them settled and when mom took Tequilla out of the arena, I stayed and made sure Sophie didn't get away until mom came back for her. She did run around a little, but I kept a close eye on her so she didn't get out into the field. When mom finally got all the horses put where they were suppose to go, she fixed the fence and it was about then that it started to rain. Fortunately it was time to feed so we helped mom with that and then headed home. It was a very busy day, but I loved every minute of it!

Yesterday was the Crop Walk with the church and mom took me along. Chloe couldn't go because of her bad hips, but I'm glad mom took me and I had a good time. There were other dogs there, but everyone said how pretty I am and how well behaved I was. Of course, I'm a therapy and search dog I have to be good! It was a long walk, like 5 miles or something, but we took our time and fortunately the weather held out. It was windy, but in the 60's so not cold. As you can see from the pix, mom made me wear a balloon. It did pop halfway through the walk though and the people behind us couldn't believe that I didn't even flinch when it popped. You know why? Cause I like guns and I'm use to that kind of loud noise so it never even phased me. Plus, I was happy to not have that thing booping me on the head anymore:) It took us about 1 1/2 hours do to the walk and take a 15 minute water break. Mom said I did pawsome and we helped raise $350 toward the cause. I think I heard mom say our walk raised a total of over $4,500 so that was great! Needless to say I crashed pretty much the rest of the day after we got home cause I had a very busy weekend and had some napping to do to catch up.

This week I don't think we have much going on. Chloe is going for her Kpets re-eval tonight, but mine is not due until next year so I'll be hanging at home with dad. We have a long weekend at the cabin this week and I'm very much looking forward to that. I just hope the weather turns out to be nice so we can be outside a lot. Paws crossed!!

Well, that's about all for now. I hope you all had a fun weekend like I did and get to enjoy some of the spring weather that is coming our way. Bark at you all later!


I was a stress reliever

May 1st 2014 10:37 am
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Last night was our visit with the students at Elizabethtown College. Our job was to help the students take a break and relax from all their studying. In other words, I was a stress reliever last night and I did a great job if I must say so myself;) We visited with them in the library and had to stay in one area so as not to disturb the students that were studying. Well, we listened to mom and didn't bark or make a peep, but that couldn't be said for the students that were playing with us.

At first there were only a couple students and mom let them play ball with me. They didn't throw it far or anything, but they would throw it in the air and loved when I jumped in the air to catch it. Eventually more and more students showed up and before we knew it, there was like 30 or more students there to see us and I was loving every minute of it! They were loving it too and every time I caught the ball they would clap and cheer. I don't think the students who were trying to actually study appreciated it, but hey, my job was to relieve their stress and I did that for sure! They would throw the ball and sometimes it would to toward another student and I would crash into them cause I'm such an intense dog that I don't take my eye off it no matter what! And cause they threw the ball like 100 or more times for me (and I'm not exaggerating with that number either), the ball was waterlogged from my slobber and slobber would go flying when I'd grab the ball out of the air. The students would all say "yuck", but then laugh their butts off. I definitely made lots of friends smile:) Mom took some pix and vids that I'm sure she'll post. There is no doubt that Chloe and I are all over Facebook cause they were taking our pix and doing vids almost the entire time. Heck, the one girl said we were on a live puppy cam:) Sorry I don't know where we might be on the net to share with you all, but maybe just search Facebook for dogs at Elizabethtown College or something and you'll find us. We don't have Facebook so we don't know how that searching stuff goes.Anyway, I played the entire 1 1/2 and was totally beat time we left. I did have a great time and was very glad we went. Chloe, she didn't play much, she was the one who cuddled and was getting all the lovin' but I was okay with that cause I love to play ball!

I was also glad we got to stop for a quick visit on the way down at Manor Care to see a couple of our friends there. They were happy for the surprise visit too:)

As you can imagine, after playing that hard and long I was tuckered out and I slept the entire way home and fell asleep watching TV with mom and dad too. I did wake up to watch my World News...can't miss that!



April 30th 2014 6:09 am
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Thank you Dogster for having me as a DDP today! I am truly honored and will always do my best to keep the adventures coming for all to read. I wish my pals could actually join in my adventures with me...that would be the coolest! Thanks again!


Deacon dogs:)

April 29th 2014 7:52 am
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First let me tell you that last night I had the greatest honor ever! Mom had a church meeting and because we were doing things with her prior to the meeting and she didn't have time to take us home, we got to go inside with her for her Deacon meeting. That's when the Deacons decided that Chloe and I would be Honorary Deacons for the night. Is that the coolest thing ever? I did a good job by staying where mom told me and not speaking unless asked. I did hear my name thrown around a couple times and I think they were trying to give me a job (not sure what), but they never did. I wish they would have so I could I proved what a valuable Deacon I can be:)

Okay, now on to what I've been up to. This past weekend we went to the cabin and it was just us dog, mom and Gizmo cause dad was going golfing and mom decided she wanted some quiet time so she didn't invite anyone to go along. Other than the traffic on the way up that caused it to take almost 2 hours to get there, it was a nice weekend. Friday we just relaxed, but Saturday we went for a ride to the property and helped mom find some treasurers in the quarry. Then we went for a Kubota ride in the woods and hung out there for a while. It was really windy so we didn't see anything, but it was nice to be outside. Saturday evening Sharon came to visit with us and that was nice. Sunday we went for another Kubota ride and sat in the woods for a long time cause it was so nice. We saw a couple squirrels, but no deer:( We actually left earlier then usual on Sunday cause mom was taking grandma to a movie. None of us wanted to leave since it was the perfect day to be in the mountains, but you gotta do what you gotta do. While mom was gone I napped and I'm glad I did cause when she got home we played ball then it was grooming time. I'm never thrilled about that, but I did need it cause my hair was starting to get curly which looks funny. Mom clipped me up good and gave me a bath so now I look like a million bucks!

Last night we went for a visit with Danny and it was fun. First we went for a walk. Mom walked me and Danny walked Chloe. When we got back to his house he played ball and frisbee with us. He got much better at throwing the ball since our last visit and I had soooo much fun playing with him:) After we were done there, mom had to stop at the store and that's when this lady argued with mom. I think it's cause the lady left her cart right by our car and mom couldn't even get in. The lady started the argument and I started to growl cause I didn't like the fact that she was arguing with mom. Fortunately the lady used some sense and left before I had to intervene. Some people are just so rude! From there we went to church and that's when I had the honor of being a Deacon for the night. Thank you Pastor Potter!

This week they are calling for lots of rain which means no playing outside:( But we do have a visit to Elizabethtown College tomorrow night to give the students a break from studying for finals. I'll do my best to help them relax and forget about all the stress for a while. Other than that, I don't have much going on. Oh yeah, I did hear mom say that I'm going to do the Crop Walk with her and the church on Sunday so that will be fun too! Okay, now I think that's all. I'll post after our visit to the college and hopefully by then mom posts some pix from the mountain weekend. In the meantime, check out the pix of Chloe and I as Honorary Deacons mom just posted!


I won a contest!

April 25th 2014 7:51 am
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Well, mom's picture of me did, not really me. I while ago mom entered a pix of me that she took the winter of 2012 and we just received notice the other day that my pix for one of 1,000 picked to me in a book. They had over 10,000 from all around the world and mine was picked...can you believe it?!?!?! Mom was going to buy the book cause she's proud of me, but the book costs over $100:( I understand why mom can't buy it and honestly I'd much rather have some treats or toys for that price! But it cool that mom's pix of me won. She's pretty sure the pix is already posted on my page and she'll move it to the #2 pix on my page so everyone can see it. If for some reason it's not uploaded, mom said she'll get it on next week for everyone to see. Congrats mom!!!


Opps, I bit dad

April 23rd 2014 8:15 am
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Okay, before I get to my entry title, I'll tell you about what's been happening up to that point.

We left Thursday afternoon for the cabin cause mom and dad were off work Friday for the holiday. It was nice to get there on a Thursday cause no one figured we'd be there so we actually got to play, have fun and relax without any interruptions from all dad's buddies. Friday was the best day cause we played outside all day long! Mom cleaned out the sheds while dad cut the grass then they cleaned up the stream by the cabin that had all kind of dead leaves, sticks and stuff in it. I was good and watched from the bank cause mom said there was some glass in there, but once she had it all cleaned up she let us dogs in to play since it was warm and I had lots of fun! I really can't wait for the weather to stay warm all the time so we can go to our big swimmy hole down the road, but playing in the stream was really nice and I made the most of it and mom didn't care how wet or dirty we got either:) We did take a Kubota ride to the tree and Chloe and I played while mom was there and the entire way back to the cabin. The rest of the night we all just enjoyed the R&R and even got to sit on the front porch a little before it got too chilly outside. Saturday was my "opps" day. We went for Kubota ride then mom had me do a search for dad. Honestly I really wasn't into it and the wind wasn't helping matters cause I couldn't catch a scent to save my life. But I did keep working and I eventually found dad. I was so excited to find him and have my reward which is playing tug with one of my toys, that one time when he got it from me and I jumped to grab it I grab his arm and bit hard and drew blood. Now it wasn't on purpose, but I guess it's just automatic reaction for a person to chase away the cause of the bit and dad yelled and pushed me away. Needless to say I was hesitant to go back into him and mom was very upset cause now she's afraid I may be ruined as a search dog cause I'll be afraid of going into a person. I don't think I'm ruined, but we won't know until next time I do some training and see how I react. I hope for me and mom's sake that I'm not cause we've both been working hard to get me to where I'm at today and I am so close to possibly testing my the end of the year it would be a shame if I did let that bother me. I'll do my best cause I know dad didn't mean it just like I didn't mean to bite him.

Anyway, we left shortly after that (no not because I bit dad) because Sunday was Easter and dad wanted to be home for church and family dinner. The ride home was a little noisy cause for some reason Gizmo cried a lot. Mom said it's cause she had to potty and I don't know what the reason was, but I did my best to tune her out and try and get some sleep.

My Easter was uneventful. Grandma did come to visit and it was nice to see her, but other than that, us dogs had to stay home cause there were too many people at Nanny Waple's house for us to go along. There were so many people that there weren't even any leftovers for us:( Mom did give us an extra Beggin' Strip though so I did appreciate that.

Monday evening while dad cut grass we played with our friend Anna from next door. She played with us for a long time and I was actually wore out, but was more than happy to go along with mom when she went back to the barn to check on Tequilla. See Tequilla got her shots and then had a reaction to one of them so mom had to give her medicine and took us along for the ride. But I probably should have stayed home cause I was bad and ate horse poop then threw it back up all over the carpet when we got home. Not good! I'm fine, but mom wasn't fine with the big stain it left on the carpet...sorry mom:(

Yesterday we were suppose to go to Manor Care, but grandma was having a bad day so mom took us over to visit her. When we got there I knew right away something was wrong cause grandma was in the bedroom crying. I immediately went in, jumped up on the bed and cuddled with her and that made her smile and stop crying. Yep, that's right, I'm good at my job:) But I do really love grandma and didn't want her to cry so it really wasn't a job to me. Anyway, we stayed for a while and cheered her up then headed home. Because we didn't go to Manor last night we are going tonight even though mom is really tired from not sleeping good. She made a promise to our friends and she's gonna keep it!

So that's about all I've been up to. Us animals are going with mom to the cabin this weekend and it should be nice weather and relaxing too. I'll be sure to tell you all about it when we get back. I hope all my pals had a good Easter and ate some extra leftovers for me since I didn't get any. Well, off for my nap. Have a good one and bark at you all later!


Emilie Rocks!

April 14th 2014 11:15 am
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This past weekend we went to see Emilie and let me tell you, I had a great time! She is getting older now and likes to play with us all the time which makes me very happy. I also am not as leary around her as I was cause she is more interactive and knows the rules about not getting in my face. The rules are: hug, kiss, pet and play with Chloe and pet and play with Echo. Mom made these rules up to be sure I have my space and it has been working out great!

Friday we got there late so we didn't so much, but Saturday we had some fun. Emilie had soccer practice in the morning, but it was inside so we couldn't go along. Good thing was that when she got home she wanted to play with us dogs and we had a blast playing frisbee and with the ball. She was getting really good at throwing the ball for me and mom has a great pix of it too that I'm sure she'll post at some point. After Emilie took her nap then she took us dogs for a walk. Mom walked me and Emilie walked Chloe, but then she wanted to walk both of us so mom held my leash closer to my collar and Emilie held the end cause I'm not the best leash walker. Mom said we did really well and gave us some treats when we got back. Sunday was another fun day. We played ball with Emilie again and then she had an Easter egg hunt and of course I helped her find the eggs cause after all, I do find things! Mom has a couple pix and I think you can see me helping her. Unfortunately they were filled with chocolate so us dogs couldn't have any, but mom did promise to give us a hard boiled egg for Easter and I'm looking forward to that!
The ride home was a blur for me cause I slept the entire way and slept some more when we got home. A 2 1/2 year old can really wear a dog out, but I loved spending time with Emilie and can't wait to see her again:)

This week we are headed to the cabin, but other than that, I don't think we have much going on. Mom really wants us to try and go to Country Meadows cause it's been a long time since we've been there and I wouldn't mind going either cause I like everyone there. But we'll just have to see what the week brings.

Well, that's about all I have for now. Keep an eye out for the pix and Happy Easter to everyone!


Around and Around we go!

April 10th 2014 7:13 am
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We went to visit Manor Care the other day and had a very nice visit. Barb couldn't go with us so Chloe and I tried to be on our best behavior since mom was nice enough to take us both by herself. Everyone was happy to see us and we were especially happy to see that Sarah had a new hairdo and was looking very well. We were concerned cause the last couple of times we were there she was either sick or asleep, but she's doing good now:) After we were done at Manor we went with mom to the barn. I had a good time playing with Chloe while mom was cleaning Tequilla's stall. A couple times I went to say "Hi" to Tequilla, but she put her head down and pinned her hears at me...not nice! Mom told me I could nip her in the nose for being mean, but I didn't, I just left her alone. I don't know why Tequilla has to be a meany sometimes???

Last night mom took us for a walk then played with us. It was a really nice evening and I was happy to be outside. Mom and Chloe like to gang up on me and try to get the frisbee when I have it, but I'm just too smart for them. First I had Chloe running around and around the picnic table, then mom joined in and she thought if Chloe chased me one way she would wait at the other for me, but I was smarter and scooted under the table and took off across the yard. I'm definitely "Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" BOL:D

Mom said it's gonna be a nice weekend so we'll probably we outside a lot when we visit Emmie this weekend. We'll take walks and play ball/frisbee and have lots of fun I hope! And I also hope all my pals have a chance to be outside and enjoy the nice spring weather that is finally arrived!

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