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Strike 1 1/2!

May 6th 2013 8:42 am
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We went to visit Ali, Jan and Emilie this past weekend. Dad went down earlier Friday so Chloe, mom and I went down after mom got off work Friday. The ride was okay until we got off the turnpike then it was traffic galore! I was in the backseat and I sat up and was checking it out. Mom usually makes me lay down, but cuz we were barely moving, she let me sit up. All I could see was cars furever! That's why I like the mountains. Once you get across the bridge, no traffic!! After finally getting out of that mess, we arrived at Ali's. It was still light outside so mom let us out to play. She did come back down when it got dark and brought us in. As usual, we stayed in the basement. Mom sleeps down there with us so that makes us both happy:) Mom went to bed pretty early cause Emilie wasn't feeling good and up crying so her and dad didn't want to have the TV just in case that would bother her.

Saturday we spent most of our day outside. Mom went with Ali to take Emilie to the doctor and dad and Jan were planting grass in the front yard so we hung out in the back. After mom got home and helped give Emilie lunch and get her down for a nap, she came outside and played with us. We played for a little, but it was kind of hot so it was short and then mom laid in the sun and we napped in the shade. Later in the afternoon after Emilie woke up, she was feeling a little better and came outside to play with us. She loves to watch us play ball, but doesn't like when we come running back to her. Mom said I'm good at keeping my distance when I run back to her. She does like when we lay down cause then she wants to pet us. Mom said I did really good with that, but she keeps a very close eye on me. I did end up with strike 1 1/2 against me though. One time when Emilie went to pet me, the ball was laying beside me and I thought she was going for the ball so I gave a little growl. I didn't lift my lip and Alison didn't hear me, but mom did. As soon as Alison and Emilie walked away, mom scolded me. Alison is already afraid of me and if she would have heard me do that, I wouldn't have been allowed back. I know it was wrong and Emilie never tries to take any of our toys so I don't know why I growled at her. It's strike 1 1/2 and not two cause only mom heard me and she didn't tell dad. I would have been in MAJOR trouble if dad heard me. Mom watches really good when Emilie is around us dogs, but she is just so afraid that one time in a split second when someone isn't looking I'll bite Emilie and then the consequences will NOT be good for me. Dad made it VERY clear what will happen if I do that. Mom has really been working with me and I am getting better, but even I can't give a 100% promise that I won't do that. So I'm hoping as mom and I keep working at me getting better with little kids, I don't mess up that bad.

Okay, moving on from my bad behavior. Saturday night started out like any other night. Mom crawled in bed and us dogs jumped up and laid one on each side of her. We were all sleeping good until we heard Emilie cry. Cause she's been so sick, mom said she would give Ali and Jan a break and she would get up with Emilie. I don't know what all was going on, but I could hear Emilie crying over the monitor. It look a very long time until she stopped and mom finally came back down. She told us she was very proud of us for not barking at all. She left us out to potty then we all went back to bed. That didn't last long at all cause Emilie got up again. Fortunately for us mom turned off the monitor so we couldn't hear it, but not so fortunate for mom cause she never came back down. I guess poor Emilie was feeling so bad mom stayed with her. She did come back down after the sun came up and she did get a couple hours of sleep.

Sunday we pretty much just hung outside. We played for a while and I was careful not to do anything wrong around Emilie. Mom, Chloe and I headed home early evening, but dad stayed until Monday. Mom made me get in the front since Chloe was in the front on the way down. I know mom likes to be fair, but I rather be in the back cause I have the whole seat to myself. Plus, Chloe likes to be in the front with mom. About 10 minutes into the drive Chloe and I switched places and slept the entire way home. We were both tired from our weekend and since the ride is so boring, what else is there to do? When we got home, I hung out with mom while she did her chores. Chloe was still really tired so she stayed inside. Mom threw the frisbee for me a couple of times before we went in which I enjoyed. The rest of the night we just caught up on shows which I watched every one of them, even ones I don't normally watch. Mom said I'm a TV holic and I was making up for not watching any TV all weekend. Sorry, I like TV:)

I don't think I have anything planned for this week. We'll probably be outside with dad when he comes home cause he's going to cut grass. Looks like the only day until Friday that it won't be raining. That means we'll be stuck inside:( But if I do anything exciting, I'll be sure to fill you in. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weekend and stay dry the next few days!


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Barked by: ✨ Whitley ✨ (Dogster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 10:43 pm

Try to stay dry!

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