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"Spring is here! Can't wait to play in the creek again:)"

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Age: 3 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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A little dirty, but loving the beautiful spring weather!

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"A little dirty, but loving the beautiful spring weather!"

I smell someone!

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"I smell someone!"

Come on, follow me!

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"Come on, follow me!"

Someone's in here mom, open the door

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"Someone's in here mom, open the door"

Found my person!!

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"Found my person!!"

Found my other person too!

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"Found my other person too!"

Mom took my pix with a Hershey Kiss, but I wanted to eat it!

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"Mom took my pix with a Hershey Kiss, but I wanted to eat it!"

Enjoying the snow

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"Enjoying the snow"

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Echie, Wiggle Worm, Squirm Bug

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July 7th 2010

Playing with her big sister Chloe

Dogs that bark at me

Favorite Toy:
Chloe's mooo cow

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Don't know yet, only get to each puppy food:(

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In the mountains

Best Tricks:
Laying flat on my belly then catapulting into the air onto Chloe

Arrival Story:
Ever since the attempted adoption of the rescue aussie last December, my husband and I put thoughts of a second dog on the backburner for a while. However, the past couple of months we began to give it more thought. We knew Chloe loved playing with "most" other dogs... like dogs that didn't want to eat her or push her around... so we decided that this time, as much as we would like to help a rescue, we thought it would be better to get a pup. We had often talked about a Rott or Dobe as our second dog, but because of size of the dog, and because we just love the aussies so much, we decided that would be our second dog. So the search began. I first contacted the breeder who we purchased Nikkita from. They were not breeding anymore. Then I contacted the breeder were we got Chloe. They would not have any litters until possibly the end of the year, but they were not certain. After those two avenues led to dead ends, we went the avenue from which we found Chloe... It took about two weeks, but there she was... our beautiful little aussie. Her ad name was "Gypsy" and she was an adorable 7 week old blue merle female. From first look I knew she was meant to be with our family. I immediately contacted the owner and through several emails, we finally worked out the details and the pup was going to be ours. But first and foremost was the name change. Gypsy reminded me too much of a friend's horse so that name just wouldn't do. After much thought and deliberation, the name "Echo" was chosen. Her registered name is "Echo of the Black Knight" after her daddy who is a very handsome black tri. Now onto the next to get her to us. We thought it was a hoof to get Chloe from South Carolina. This little girl lives in Beach City, Texas! Yep, you heard me right, Texas! Well, I am absolutely terrified of flying animals because of the horrible things I've seen and heard over the years, but honestly, this is the best way that was recommended by both the breeder and my vet. Well, if my vet recommended it, then it can't be all that bad. The breeder was so wonderful in working with the airline and setting everything up. Friday couldn't come fast enough for me to pick up our little girl, but it finally arrived. I was sitting by the baggage claim patiently waiting for the flight to arrive when the carousel started beeping and the luggage started coming through. I went to the door and within a couple of minutes, here she came, our beautiful little Echo. She looked so tiny in the crate and she barked as soon as she saw me. She was like, "let me out of here!" And as soon as we were out of the terminal, that is exactly what I did and our little Echo was in my arms giving me lots of kisses:) And that is how our Echo came into our lives.

Echo was born on July 7, 2010. She should have been born on the 4th of July because she is a firecracker! She hales from the big state of Texas, but she's not a cowdog at heart. She's a beach girl and loves the water and was swimming at the age of 8 weeks. A future dock diver? She has a lot of ball drive and has an aunt who's a title flyball dog, so a possible flyballer as well. Her daddy is a handsome black tri and her mom a beautiful blue merle. Echo is very intellegent and is willing to please. She loves her big sister Chloe and mimicks everything she does. Including taking away every toy that Chloe picks up!

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Echo of the Black Knight

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Echo's Adventures

Emilie Rocks!

April 14th 2014 11:15 am
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This past weekend we went to see Emilie and let me tell you, I had a great time! She is getting older now and likes to play with us all the time which makes me very happy. I also am not as leary around her as I was cause she is more interactive and knows the rules about not getting in my face. The rules are: hug, kiss, pet and play with Chloe and pet and play with Echo. Mom made these rules up to be sure I have my space and it has been working out great!

Friday we got there late so we didn't so much, but Saturday we had some fun. Emilie had soccer practice in the morning, but it was inside so we couldn't go along. Good thing was that when she got home she wanted to play with us dogs and we had a blast playing frisbee and with the ball. She was getting really good at throwing the ball for me and mom has a great pix of it too that I'm sure she'll post at some point. After Emilie took her nap then she took us dogs for a walk. Mom walked me and Emilie walked Chloe, but then she wanted to walk both of us so mom held my leash closer to my collar and Emilie held the end cause I'm not the best leash walker. Mom said we did really well and gave us some treats when we got back. Sunday was another fun day. We played ball with Emilie again and then she had an Easter egg hunt and of course I helped her find the eggs cause after all, I do find things! Mom has a couple pix and I think you can see me helping her. Unfortunately they were filled with chocolate so us dogs couldn't have any, but mom did promise to give us a hard boiled egg for Easter and I'm looking forward to that!
The ride home was a blur for me cause I slept the entire way and slept some more when we got home. A 2 1/2 year old can really wear a dog out, but I loved spending time with Emilie and can't wait to see her again:)

This week we are headed to the cabin, but other than that, I don't think we have much going on. Mom really wants us to try and go to Country Meadows cause it's been a long time since we've been there and I wouldn't mind going either cause I like everyone there. But we'll just have to see what the week brings.

Well, that's about all I have for now. Keep an eye out for the pix and Happy Easter to everyone!


Around and Around we go!

April 10th 2014 7:13 am
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We went to visit Manor Care the other day and had a very nice visit. Barb couldn't go with us so Chloe and I tried to be on our best behavior since mom was nice enough to take us both by herself. Everyone was happy to see us and we were especially happy to see that Sarah had a new hairdo and was looking very well. We were concerned cause the last couple of times we were there she was either sick or asleep, but she's doing good now:) After we were done at Manor we went with mom to the barn. I had a good time playing with Chloe while mom was cleaning Tequilla's stall. A couple times I went to say "Hi" to Tequilla, but she put her head down and pinned her hears at me...not nice! Mom told me I could nip her in the nose for being mean, but I didn't, I just left her alone. I don't know why Tequilla has to be a meany sometimes???

Last night mom took us for a walk then played with us. It was a really nice evening and I was happy to be outside. Mom and Chloe like to gang up on me and try to get the frisbee when I have it, but I'm just too smart for them. First I had Chloe running around and around the picnic table, then mom joined in and she thought if Chloe chased me one way she would wait at the other for me, but I was smarter and scooted under the table and took off across the yard. I'm definitely "Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" BOL:D

Mom said it's gonna be a nice weekend so we'll probably we outside a lot when we visit Emmie this weekend. We'll take walks and play ball/frisbee and have lots of fun I hope! And I also hope all my pals have a chance to be outside and enjoy the nice spring weather that is finally arrived!


Too Many People!

April 7th 2014 11:49 am
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We went to the cabin this past weekend and it was crazy!!! I forgot that the cabin was all discombobulated from the flooding so when I walked in I was like "oh crap" cause it was raining and I knew I would be stuck inside and pretty much confined to whatever area mom could make open for us. The cabin was a wreck, but the repair work Randy did looked great and we now have tile floors in the bathroom and kitchen/dining area which is nicer than carpet I think. Anyway, after we got there, mom got us water and gave Gizmo her food cause she was crying for it, but I wish she wouldn't have done that cause that's what got us dogs in trouble. See, there wasn't much room to move at all and Chloe and I wanted to play and we kind of spilled the entire dish of cat food. Needless to say, mom wasn't happy and Chloe stayed in a small area in the bedroom and I stayed out of the way under the kitchen table. It became pure chaos after a while cause all of dad's buddies showed up and it was just very loud and poor mom was trying to put the cabin back together and it was just unreal. I was very happy when it stopped raining and we could go back outside and was even more happy to find that one of dad's buddies brought their dog, Wolf, to play with us:) Most of the people stayed until after dark and it wasn't until like 11pm that mom finally got things squared away and the cabin was pretty much back to normal. I was glad for that cause it was hard moving around with all the stuff piled up everywhere.

Saturday we went with mom and dad to visit with Clair and Velma. They like dogs, but not in the house so we always wait on the porch. I didn't mind though cause I was happy to be outside. When we were done visiting, mom took us dogs for Kubota ride and we got to play in the woods for a while. I wish it would have been longer, but it was windy and pretty cold so mom didn't last long before she wanted to head back to the cabin. Of course, when we got back to find more people at the cabin, mom said she wished she would have stayed in the woods. It was pretty much a parade of people the rest of the night so we really had no peace and quiet yet this weekend. Pam and Dave did come to visit and I like when they come cause Pam really likes us and I love playing with her:)

Sunday was a beautiful day and fortunately was a day that no one stopped by so we actually were able to enjoy it. Of course cause it was now the day we had to leave, but I didn't care cause we didn't leave until later in the day. We went for another Bota ride with mom and we stayed in the woods for a long time. We played for a while then just relaxed and enjoyed the nice spring day. I had my eye on a squirrel for a long time, but it never got close enough for me to have some fun with:( When we went back to the cabin it was time to pack up and head out and I was so exhausted from the hectic weekend that I slept the entire way and slept even more when we got home. I'd like to say I had a good weekend at the cabin, but with all the people and the mess mom had to clean up Friday, it wasn't that great. But at least we got away and hopefully next time will be better.

This week I think we have a visit to Manor Care and then a visit with Emmie this weekend. I can't wait to see her cause she keeps getting better and better at playing with us dogs and I love playing with her:) Mom said she can take us for a walk on the trail this weekend and I can't wait for that either.

But for now it's a dreary day that makes me want to snooze and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I hope you all had a great weekend and I'll bark at you later!

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