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Autumn Days

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I got spayed today and I feel yucky...

September 21st 2010 8:02 pm
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Hi everydoggie...

This evening I am not feeling well... I got spayed today. Mommy and the vet say it is for the best, but tonight I am feeling very yucky. I have an upset tummy (the vet told Mommy that is why I'm drooling so much) and I am having pain (it even makes me cry!) and I am very groggy. I am getting pain medicine -- I got a shot after the surgery and Mommy put a pill down my throat and says I will get more of those pills until I feel better -- and that is helping.

Mommy prayed that my surgery would go well and it did... and now she is praying that I have a speedy recovery and that I feel better really soon. Bob, Misti, and Fauna, my fur sisters and brother who are in Heaven are saying prayers for me too (they pray to God right to his face, isn't that neat?), and I would love if you would say some prayers for me too... then I will feel all better quick-quick!

Thank you and groggy wags, Autumn


My fur sisters and brother...

September 8th 2010 10:04 pm
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I am really feeling at home in my new furever home now!

My fur brother Sammy is kinda an older guy, and he doesn't want to play with me, but we still get along since we are both basically very mellow doggies.

My fur sister Bella and I get along great! She is great to play chase with, if I run from her she will ALWAYS chase me!

My fur sister Amy is my bestest play friend! We play and play many times a day!

And of course my Mommy and Daddy love me very much and take me for walks and give me tummy rubs and love and petting and cookies!

I love my furever home!


My miraculous life...

September 2nd 2010 6:45 pm
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Hi everydoggie!

My friend Saphira suggested a new title for my diary: "Autumn Miracles"... and I think this is a wonderful idea, since my life is so full of miracles!

The first Miracle is my new forever home! Mommy never thought my old family would call her even though she left her numbers and told them if they ever couldn't keep me, she'd love to have me... but the DID call!!! A miracle!

And it is a miracle that Mommy encountered me at all in the first place! I belonged to someone else, but I ran into the road right where Mommy would find me, and that's where it all started.

And now I have little miracles happening to me all the time! Like I get a walk every morning, I get fed YUMMY food twice a day, I get yummy cookies, I get tummy rubs, I get to chew on Nylabones, I get to live in the house instead of being forbidden to come in, I get to relax on the furniture, I get love and attention whenever I want it... all of these little miracles! And more and more of them are just piling up, filling my life!

Thank you God for Autumn Miracles!

Love, Autumn


Another fun day...

August 31st 2010 9:01 pm
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Well, I'm really getting the hang of this being a part of the family thing!

Today started out with, you won't believe it, ANOTHER walk! I am starting to suspect that we start most days out with a walk ( the other doggies told me that Mommy sometimes has to go to work, and on those days our walks are in the evening... which also sounds fun!). I got to meet and greet and sniff another doggie, but when it got too forward with me, Mommy shooed it away, so I learned that I am always safe with Mommy. I also met a man who was in his front yard and who talked to Mommy and Daddy and wanted to pet me and Amy. I thought he was kinda scary, although I did sniff him a bit.

Then, for breakfast, believe it or not, I got cooked ground turkey in my food! It was SO YUMMY!

Then I played with Amy and relaxed in the house... IN the house, mind you! I'm an indoor dog now! WOW!

Since I have come to live here, Mommy is doing something called "crate training" me. Basically, she puts my meals in the crate and I have to reach in there to eat them, plus all the yummy snacks I get are put in my crate too. Tonight, she got the yummiest chicken I've ever tasted and when I went into the crate to get a piece she threw in, she closed the door for the first time. Normally I would think this was scary, but let me tell you, that closed door was great 'cause as soon as it closed she starting popping chicken piece after delicious chicken piece through the door! It was amazing! Then, when all the chicken was gone, she opened the door and put my food bowl in and then shut the door again... and I ate up all my yummy dinner closed in my crate for the first time! When I was done eating, she opened the door right away. I am learning that the crate is a very nice place indeed, it is always filled with yummies!

After that I bugged Bella and then Amy, trying to get them to play with me. They got mad at me and barked, which was sad. I wonder why they sometimes play and other times not? Mommy says they will be more and more likely to play as they get to know me better... so that thought makes my tail wag!

I'm all tired out now, so it's bedtime for a pumpkin colored dog! Goodnight!

Love, Autumn


A goal for Mommy...

August 30th 2010 9:52 pm
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I just thought of a good goal for Mommy....

She needs to get more pictures of me for my Dogster page, and some videos too!

Today I played and played with Amy, and that would have been a great video!

And today I looked very cute about a thousand times, and those would have been great times to take a picture!

So, Mommy needs to get some pictures and video of me!

Aren't I a good motivational speaker? I'm sure Mommy is inspired now and will get right to work on this worthy goal.

Love, Autumn


What a busy day!

August 30th 2010 9:49 pm
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Hi everydoggie!

Today was such a busy day!

We started with a walkie, and Mommy says I walk like Bob when he was young, I weave back and forth, so that way I cover more ground plus I get to see and sniff everything!

Then I had yummy breakfast, and this morning it was Wellness Chicken doggie food with organic chicken broth on it!

Then I went for a ride in the car with Mommy! I went for my very first ever visit to the vet today. I was scared of the scale at first, but then I learned that it was okay. Then I got all of my shots (I've never had shots before!) and I got a microchip implanted and I got a heartworm test... Mommy was praying that I didn't have heartworms since I've never taken heartworm preventative before, and guess what! God must have been watching over me, 'cause my test was negative for heartworms! Yay!

After my first ever vet appointment, we went to the drive thru and I got a burger patty for being such a good girl at the vet!

Then me and Mommy came home and we all took a nappy. I love nappy time because I have a comfy chair to sleep on!

After nappy time, we got up and met Daddy in town and guess what we did! We had lunch together at a restaurant, and Mommy and Daddy sat at a table outside with me! They even ordered me some chicken of my very own (they don't eat chicken, they are vegans... I think that means they don't eat any food I like).

I had the very most funnest day ever! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Love, Autumn


Wow! I new home!

August 29th 2010 12:05 pm
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Hi all you doggies on Dogster!

I'm Autumn, and I just got a new home! I am learning all kinds of new things at my new home... here's just a few of them:

* Doggies can come in the house!

* Doggies can have breakfast AND dinner!

* Doggies get cookies, especially after they go outside to make presents in the grass!

* Doggies can get on couches and chairs, and they are COMFY!

* Doggies have big pillows on the floor to lay on too!

* Mommies and Daddies share their snacks with doggies sometimes, and they have YUMMY snacks!

* A drive thru is a place you go with Mommy and somebody pops out of a window and gives Mommy a hamburger just for YOU!

* Mommies and Daddies love doggies very much, and they love to give kisses and tummy rubs and head scratches, and they just love to be with their doggies!

* There is something called a NYLABONE and they are FUN to chew on!

* My new doggie brother, Sammy, is kinda old and grouchy and doesn't want to play with me... I still love him anyway, and I still occasionally ask him to play... who knows, maybe he will play with me one day!

* My new doggie sisters, Bella and Amy, LOVE to play with me! I played and played with Bella first, and then I played and played and ran all over the place with Amy! I love them!

...well, I'm learning new things all the time here in my new home! I will tell all about it each time I discover a new delight here in my new home! In my old home, I lived outside only, and so I have lots of fun things to learn about here!

One thing Mommy says I have to learn about is going to the vet. Bella, Amy, and Sam say the vet is not much fun, but I still have to go 'cause it's good for doggies. I have to get shots and spayed and checked for heartworms. I will be glad when that's all over with!

I see pictures here, pictures of doggies who went to Heaven... they are all German Shepherds or Shepherd mixes... same kind of doggies like me! Misti, Bob, and Fauna are all the pretty Shepherds who came before me. I like to think they are my Guardian Angels, watching over me from Heaven as I play and learn in my new home... I will make them proud of me, I will be a wonderful Pumpkin Colored German Shepherd Doggie!

Love, Autumn

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