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Autumn Days

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I was daily diary pick again!!

November 17th 2013 4:38 am
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Yay! Happy barks! I was daily diary pick again!

Guess what! Me and my Doggie Friend, Karly, are both learning the trick "high five"! Our Mommies are friends and they walk us together, along with my doggie fur sister Amy. Amy already knows high five, and now me and Karly are going to learn it too!

Pretty soon I will be a high five CHAMP!

Love, Autumn


Fun walkies!

November 14th 2013 8:58 pm
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Today me and Amy got to walk with Mommy and her friend Judie, and Judie's doggie Karly! Mommy made me wear my Gentle Leader head collar though, which is not my favorite, but she doesn't like me to pull her real hard, so I guess it's okay. She had knee surgery recently, so it hurts her knee when I pull her down hill.

We walked up lots of hills, and we went more than 4 miles! It was so pretty in Judie's neighborhood and we walked and walked, and when we got home, we were tired!

Can't wait till we get to walk with Judie and Karly again, they are sweet and fun and I love them!

Love, Autumn.


I'm a daily diary pick, again! Thanks Dogster!

November 12th 2013 4:32 am
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Guess what!? I'm a diary pick again, yay!

So, I will have to write something fun today! Fun things that have happened lately:

Mommy and I went on a 4 mile walk yesterday, and I met and greeted doggies, and I am getting less shy with people! I greeted a Strange Man and let him pet me! Then I greeted more random people and they got to pet me too!

I met two Aussies like Amy while out on my walk. I thought that their Dad and my Mommy should let us all off leash so we could play. No idea why they didn't do that. Humans are weird sometimes.

Mommy said she was talking to one of her friends, and they are making plans to take ME and her friends' doggies to the dog park!! YAY!!

Yesterday Mommy had her last physical therapy appointment, and we were planning to walk right after that, so I was in the car waiting for her. She came out and got me…. and we went into her PT office! They wanted to meet me! I was sorta shy but said Hi to two people and Mommy was very proud. Then we did our walkie and I was Happy Dog!

Hope you all have a walky, barky, waggy day!!

Love, Autumn


Fun on my walk!

November 10th 2013 6:03 am
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Yesterday's walk was SUCH fun! I made Mommy proud of me so many times! And I saw some really exciting stuff! We went walking on the bike trail, where there are LOTS of walkers and doggies and bikes and strollers and everything!

I made Mommy proud by not pulling too much on the leash, by greeting doggies nicely, by NOT growling at random people (I am a protective and cautious German Shepherd, so I can do those sorts of things). The most amazing thing I did was be friendly to a STRANGE MAN. Bella and I both worry quite a lot about STRANGE MEN because they are scary and, well, STRANGE! But this man was NICE! I gave him and his sweet doggie some love! Mommy was quite amazed.

I also saw two exciting things! A squirrel!!!! YAY! And you know what it did when it saw me? It sat up and then ran right toward me!! But then it veered off into the woods. I went kind of bonkers over the whole thing, understandably! The other fun thing I saw was a doggie that looked just like me, but was very small!!! It was a mini me!!! I got to say hi to Mini Me and he was nice!

What a fun walk! I wonder where I will walk today?

Love, Autumn


My neighborhood caught on fire!

November 7th 2013 6:28 pm
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Today Mommy had to rush home because there was a fire very close to our house and our street was going to be evacuated! There were firetrucks and firefighters and hoses and helicopters and a big airplane that swooped out of the sky and dropped LOTS of stuff (maybe the airplane had to poop?). All the black smoke turned white when the airplane pooped on it, and then we didn't have to evacuate. Mommy says the firefighters all told her we were SO LUCKY, if there was even a little wind, everything would have burned! Amy even gave some wags to the firefighters when we went on our walk today (I thought they were scary and stayed close to Mommy).

Thank God for firefighters and airplane poop!

Love, Autumn


Yay I was a daily diary pick!!

November 7th 2013 5:15 am
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Yay! My diary is famous again! Thanks Dogster!

I have good news and bad news… so bad news first: Mommy has to work again today! YUCKY! And boring for doggies!

But the good news is she ordered a reflective leash and her friend is ordering her a baseball cap that has a light in the bill to light your way in the dark. She is getting these things so it's easier to walk us doggies in the dark after work (it gets dark so early now!)!!! YAY!!! I love evening walkies!

Love, the Autumny Dog


I threw up

November 5th 2013 5:09 am
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This morning I was relaxing on the doggie bed next to Mommy's chair when all of a sudden I had on my sick-face. Sick-face looks kinda like I'm smiling, but I am NOT happy! Mommy saw that and said, "let's go outside!". Usually I get very happy when she said that, but this time I walked slowly and Mommy was worried I wouldn't get outside before throw up happened!

I walked ever so slowly…. and slower still.

I lurched a little and Mommy used her happy voice to make it sound like going outside was the best idea EVER.

I walked out the door and then, right there on the deck, I made throw up! Poor me.

Bella says I threw up because Mommy got up early today and getting up early is gross. I think she might be right. Me and Bella are falling asleep next to Mommy's chair right now, we are tired doggies. At least my tummy feels better after the throw up got out of there!

Love, Autumn


I'm Dogster Diary of the Day!!!

November 2nd 2013 8:06 pm
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WOW!! I'm Dogster Diary of the Day! YAY!!! I was so excited when Mommy told me!

Today was a fun day! Mommy and I did the Play Bow Game, which is where Mommy suddenly reaches for me and I EXPLODE into a play bow, slamming my big white paws on the floor to make a satisfying BOOM sound! She laughs and then I run and try to get her to chase me! She usually does, but only after I do the play bow a couple more times!

Then, on my walkie, I saw deer, I heard some weird bird sounds coming out of someone's backyard (chickens? turkeys?), and I also barked at some dogs that were behind their fence barking at us as we walked by. FUN!

THEN, when we came home and Mommy went on the computer, she found out I was Diary of the Day!!

Big wags from a big orange dog!

Love, Autumn


Mommy has to go to work

November 1st 2013 4:34 am
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I'm sad doggie this morning because Mommy is going to work today. I'm always sad doggie when that happens (luckily she only works twice a week). One of the reasons I'm sad is that I don't get a good walkie, because it's dark out when she leaves for work and dark when she gets home and we don't want to get eaten in the dark by a mountain lion or bear!

Tomorrow she does not go to work, and I'm betting she'll take us all on extra walkies to make up for boring today!

Love, bored doggie Autumn


My job descriptions….

October 30th 2013 7:56 am
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Hi Dogster friends!

I was noticing how Mommy puts things on her Facebook (that's Dogster for people) about what she does for work and play…. so I thought I'd do that here!

How I play:

I love when Mommy opens anything, like a bag or a box, 'cause I get the wrappings and run all over the house with them! Then, of course, I shred them!

I LOVE to be chased! I will play bow and Mommy and then race away from her, wild and crazy doggie ~ CHASE ME!!! Of course, she does!

I love to play with my doggie sister, Amy! We run and wrestle and play and play till our tongues are hanging out! Our favorite place to play is on Mommy's bed, hehehe!

My job duties:

I lick all of Mommy's plates before she puts them in the dishwasher

I bark at passersby and any birds I see in the sky

If there are any tissues or other paper products laying around, I make sure they are properly shredded all over the floor.

I keep the sofas sufficiently covered with orange dog hair.

I make sure Mommy wakes up every morning by jumping on the bed and walking all over her and licking her face (and I weigh 75 pounds!).

I love my play and my work! I'm a happy doggie and Mommy loves me!!

Love, Autumn

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