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To all Buddy's friends

January 4th 2006 2:24 pm
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This is Buddy's mama. He left us this afternoon(Jan 4, 2006) at 4:10PM.
His mama and daddy and his two brothers Tino and Spirit are going to miss him a lot. But we have wonderful memories of all his adventures and his loving ways.

I am sorry, but I can't write any more about him right now.

I thank you for being his friend. He loved you all.

E Cruze


Happy Valentine's Day!!

February 14th 2005 8:44 am
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Woofs and treats to all the ladies at Dogster. For all the guys, well, they can have treats, too.

Daddy baked mama a chocolate cake, but I just know he isn't going to let Tino and me have any. He's like that, yes he is. Well, my brother and I plan to have the gang in for a jam session when he and mama go out, so I'll take that over cake any ol' day.

This is a short entry today, but I have to get ready for our other band members.



How I got my name

February 13th 2005 8:50 am
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Well, mama is letting me use her computer again today. All I can say is - it's about time. The older I get the more difficult it is to remember all my memories.

Today I'm going to talk about how I got my name. I mentioned before that at the pound place they named me Dudley and that is the name on my chip. But I really wasn't a Dudley, you know? I mean what kind of a nick name is Dud? grrrrrr Anyway my new mama and her daughter kept trying to come up with a new name for me that they both liked. It was taking a long time, too. Everyday when the daughter came home from work, she would ask our mama, "How was your buddy today?" Well, I kinda liked that name - Buddy. It sounded so friendly and nice. I was really getting tired of having no name. It is difficult to come when no one has a name for you. After about a week, I was determined they would give me my name. I was thinking and thinking what I could do about it. Whenever they mentioned one I liked - like Cey - the other one wouldn't like it. It was about time to take things into my own paws. That Tuesday when the daughter came home and asked "How was your buddy today?" I went to her for my pet and treat. Finally someone got wise! She looked at mama and said, "Hey, why don't we call him Buddy?" Mama laughed and said it would be a great name for me. From that day on I was known by my new name - Buddy.

Of course with a name like Buddy, I have lots of nick names, too. Mama's son reminded everyone that their dad had a horse during something called World War ll and the horse's name was Buddy. Then his daughter met me and called me "the Budster". Some friends came to meet me and they called me Buddy Boo. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Sometimes I'm called Bud and that's ok. Then there is my now daddy. He and my now mama got married and he came to live with us. I had a problem with him at first - but that's a whole other story in itself. Anyhow, once in awhile he calls me Meathead or Mutt and when I do something bad or get in his way he'll call me a PITA. Yeah, I know. But I like to let him think he's the Alpha Male around here instead of me and I'll go when he calls me any of those. When mama isn't around, he'll call me Moron, too. I know she wouldn't like it if she heard it. But it's ok. I let him think he's the Alpha and I get to go for rides. That's a pretty fair trade, don't you think?

Guess it's time to let mama have her computer back.

Woofs 'til next time.


So many memories

February 6th 2005 8:15 am
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Well, I guess it is time to start writing my memoirs. I mean, here I am going on 13 and I haven't written down one single memory. If I don't start now, no one will ever know about my life. Ahhhhhhhhhhh so many memories, so little time. *sigh*

It's early and mama is letting me use her puter. Soon she'll be here and want to check her emails. Time's a wasting, so I better get started with this.

Where to start?

My earliest years are kinda fuzzy. I don't think it was a very happy time and I am actually blocking it. All I seem to remember is when I was about 3, someone found me and turned me into the local pound. It was ok there, but there were so many other dogs barking all the time and all these cats I didn't know. I was in a big enough cage, but I really wanted to be out of there and do my job of protecting the place, you know? Anyway, they kept me clean there and feed me all the food I could eat without having to fight for it anymore. And they gave me a name - Dudley. I'm not sure what my name was before that, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Dudley. But I digress. Sometimes people would come and walk up and down the aisles looking at all the dogs. I would look at them with these big sad eyes, but I was only being walked and not taken home. Four weeks went by like that and I knew it was time to get down to business. The heck with being all whimpy. I was determined - the next humans to bother to take me for a walk would take me home.

I'll never forget the day my now mama and her mother came to the pound. They wanted another dog and took him for a walk. But the older lady kept looking at me, even when they were taking the other guy out of his cage and getting him ready for the walk. When they brought him back, into his cage he went and wait! They got me out of my cage and got me ready for a walk. Oh man! It was so hard not to jump and run, but I knew I had to be on my very best behavior or I wasn't going anywhere. The older lady had the leash. I liked her hold. I could hear them talking to themselves. Wait! They weren't taking me back to the cage! They were taking me to an area where I had never been before. Hey, what is this? I wasn't sure, but decided to continue being a good boy. This area was a huge cage with no top. There was a table with a big umbrella over it and two chairs. Off came the leash. I wanted to run and jump and play, but I stayed by the older lady. I really liked the way she smelled, too. Anyway, she sat in one chair and her daughter sat in the other. What was a guy to do? I plopped down right between the chairs and looked from one to the other. They talked and talked and would pet me. I licked each one's hand. After a long time, the pound lady came and picked me up and took me to a different building. I wasn't going back to my cage! I wondered what all this meant. I could hear the older lady's voice. Then she and her daughter came in the door to the room where I was. Both of them petted me and gave me a biscuit and promised me they would see me soon.
But why were they leaving? I couldn't understand, but I knew it was important because I never had to go back to that cage again.

The next day or two were kinda fuzzy again, you know? They took me in a car to this place where I was put to sleep and when I woke up my neck and my underbelly hurt. Hey! Some important parts were missing! What did these people do to me? Where was the lady and her daughter? The third day the lady and her daughter came and the daughter wrapped me in a really nice blanket and cuddled me while the lady drove the car. I fell asleep I felt so safe. When I woke up I was at this really nice place that had a huge yard. I knew whenever I felt better I was going to have fun at this place. I liked it already.

When they took me into the house, I smelled all kinds of good things. And there was a new bowl for me filled with food and another one filled with water. But I was still sleepy and didn't eat much. The daughter put me on the floor with my new blanket and told me something that I took to mean, this would be my blanket forever. I gave a big sigh and fell back asleep knowing I was at my forever home at last.

That was the first week in August of 1995. I had just turned three. That's when I also found out I am something called a Lhasa Apso and they think there is some terrier in me, too. But I don't know about all that stuff. All I know is I have been loved ever since - even when I'm bad.

My next story will be about how I got my name. But for now, I hear mama coming and I had better get away from the puter.


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