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The Sun Dancer

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Sly and The Vet

November 11th 2010 5:42 pm
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Sly has the nice vet. She always comes in to say hello to me when she consults with my vet. At 74lbs he outweighs me by 18lbs. He's got less than 100lbs to go to reach the breeder's average of 170lbs. The vet thinks Sly may get a little bigger and that I may be smaller than the 130lbs average for females. I will still be the boss of him though. ;) *DAXi*


I'm Growing

November 7th 2010 3:55 pm
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Mommy forgot to mention that I weighed in at 55.8 pounds at my vet visit yesterday. I've got about 60 to 70 pounds to go to reach my full adult weight. I'll be six months old on the 28th. Woo Hoo! Sly goes to the vet this week sometime. He usually weighs 12 to 15 pounds more than me. We'll see. *DAXi*


Congratulations to my brother *SLY*

November 6th 2010 3:31 pm
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Sly is a Dogster Daily Diary Pick today. He's the best brother a girlie could have. No wonder he's a diary pick. Today was a good day. Me and mommy celebrated with Sly this morning. Then she took Sly for a long walk. Next she came back and got me. Now, all about me. I'm still having issues with being a little scared of the big bad world, as mommy says, but I had a good walk. Mommy is patient with me. I used to be really scared of the car, but mommy had me walk around it and she must have made me sit umpteen million times so I would know it's not going to hurt me. Silly mommy. I know that. Then she took me to the vet so she could give me something for what we thought was a new eye infection. It turns out I am allergic to the sutures dissolving from my surgery a month ago. Mommy says I am such a drama queen and should be earning my keep by treading the boards. ??? At first, I was really scared to get out of the car, but mommy stood there a long time to let me see nothing was going to hurt me, then she led me out and I was fine. Mommy spoils me, but the ladies at the vets coddle me because I'm so shy. ;) When we were leaving, the vet said I needed some leadership. Mommy, ever the epitome of patience, decided not to take it personally since she only had to pay for my eye medicine and she only had to endure that vet for 10 minutes or so. Then we left and I merrily walked to the car, climbed the ramp, and settled in for the ride home. Angelina Jolie. Eat your heart out. ;) *DAXi*


I Am Accident Prone.

October 31st 2010 4:15 pm
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Hi everyone.

Yes. It is true. I am accident prone. I get that from mommy. She says, "Daxi. We are the supermodels who trips over our own feet on the runway." I took a header (Not really. I just like the way it sounds.) off a couple of the decks' steps this afternoon. It stunned me, for sure. Mommy and Sly too. They were right there checking me over, with hugs and kisses - Sly got some too cause he was scared. When I didn't bounce back right away mommy thought I'd broken a leg or something. It took me a moment, but I shook it off, and under mommy's watchful eye, proceeded to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. I am very humbled by how much my family loves me. I love Sly and mommy too. Have a good evening. *DAXi* P.S. We had a great weekend and Happy Halloween!


A Dogster Daily Diary Pick. Again!

October 28th 2010 4:04 am
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Woo Hoo everyone.

I am so excited. Sly is still sleepy so he's not exactly overwhelmed that I'm dancing around all over him, but he says, "Woo Hoo too." Mommy even gave me a special snack to celebrate. Thank you Dogster. Huggies and kisses, *DAXi*


October 27th 2010 4:04 pm
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I don't like puttin' votey things in my diary. But this is very much dog related. We are sorry if any pup is upset by this issue. Peoples use votin' to resolve some of their differences. Maybe this information will inspire more Missouri peoples to vote. Although, it is sad laws are needed to make some people do the right thing. Here goes, this was sent to us by the Petfinders:

Hello my dear friends.

Dogs in Missouri need your help. Why should you care about dogs in Missouri? Because in your city there is a pretty good chance you have a local pet store selling puppies from a Missouri puppy mill. In fact, Missouri exports up to a million puppies a year all across the U.S. (30% of U.S. puppy mills are in Missouri), and this November, Missouri voters will get to mandate common-sense humane standards for puppy mills at the ballot box.

But the folks who profit by cutting corners on humane care are pulling out all stops to try to quash this important legislation. I applaud the Humane Society of the United States and our Missouri colleagues' efforts to bring about change for over 200,000 breeding dogs. Join us to get the word out to all Missourians to vote YES! on PROP B. Post it on Facebook; e-mail your friends. Help the dogs!

Thank you for your support.
Dakota Sioux

Note: One of me and Sly's dearest friends, Dogster's Ms. Pepper CGC posted the above. Please share it.


The Instigator - Part 1

October 26th 2010 3:16 pm
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Hi everybody.

I admit it. I am the instigator. Sly is Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky, but he's great fun because he joins me in my 'capades. A moth, and I love to stalk and eat them, landed on the screen door. When I bit down and pulled I came away with a mouth full of screen. Me and Sly forgot about the moth and had fun pulling and biting on the screen. Mommy put us in the kitchen, and went back upstairs to finish getting ready for work. When she came back she knew we'd probably already forgotten about the screen. She gave us a snack and went to work. Saturday, when she went to the basement for laundry, me and Sly started pulling on the screen and 'dently pulled it out of the door thing. Not just the screen. The whole panel. BAM! We ran to the back of the yard to wait for mommy. She just shook her head and moved it to the back of the deck. Sunday, she put a new Pet-D-Fence screen in she got at the depot place. So far she's making sure we don't touch it. Silly mommy. Bye. *DAXi*


It's A Beautiful Day

October 16th 2010 11:59 am
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Mommy came downstairs really early this morning. She stayed to sit on floor and sleep with me and Sly. A ginormous plane woke us up when it skimmed the tree tops heading in for a landing. Then mommy and Sly went for a long walk. Mommy said I had to stay home cause of my surgery. I missed Sly, but not enough to actually want to go for a walk. Yikes! I'm feeling much better. Love *DAXi*


Thank You Everybody

October 15th 2010 3:17 pm
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Thank you so much for being so concerned about me everyone. I appreciate all the kind words and the feeling and emotion behind them. BTW - Wrestle Mania Rules *DAXi*


My Surgery Ordeal

October 14th 2010 5:09 pm
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Hi everyone. My surgery was a cake walk. Not! :) But, I'm doing fine. I was really scared this morning. Everyone was so nice to me. They made sure I had everything I needed. Then I woke up a little groggy and sore. I was so happy to see mommy. I actually walked out to her. No one had to carry me. Then I came home and saw Sly. I accidently pottied on the rug. I was so embarassed. Mommy said it was the med'cine cause I would never do anything like that on purpose. My eye! I almost forgot. My eye is looking good. It's still a little swollen. Hopefully, I'll be in a princess mood and let mommy take some photos this weekends. I'm really tired so I'll talk to you later. Bye. *DAXi*

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