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The Sun Dancer

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Happy New Year!

January 2nd 2012 3:45 pm
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May we all keep our 2012 resolutions.



It's Christmas Time!

December 24th 2011 7:14 am
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Hey Everybody.

Looks like we're going to have a sunny Christmas. Wishing yours is whatever you want it to be.

Love and Felicidades, *DAXi*


Anybody Else Ready for a Nap?

July 4th 2011 9:33 am
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Hi all.

Me and Sly had a somewhat restless night with all the (sanctioned and not sanctioned) pre-holiday fireworks. Mommy sat with us so we had nothing to worry about. She will stay up with us tonight too. Then the early morning best ever smells of grills hard at work got us going again. We just had lunch. Grilled chicken fingers. Yummy! Now we need a nap. Take care and enjoy the day. Love *DAXi*


Crosses To Bear

June 19th 2011 6:48 am
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Good morning everyone.

It's my cross to bear that I get the little crate 'cause I'm short. Don't get me wrong, I am just happy to have a crate and mommy says someday she will get me a big one like Sly's. When mommy? When? Oh. Santa's going to bring it. Alright then. When will Santa get here? I am thinking I don't like where this is going. I gotta go talk to mommy. Bye. *DAXi*



June 18th 2011 1:09 pm
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It's been awhile, but we're still here. Thank you so much for the birthday prezzies. We'll write more soon. Take care. *DAXi*


Spring Forward

March 12th 2011 8:21 pm
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Hi ya'll.

Mommy says the days will be getting longer now that spring is on the way. So, we started spring cleaning. We had so much fun. We helped mommy move stuff and vacuum. We like to vacuum. Sly helped mommy wash the walls in the dining room. Cause he won't go into kitchen during the daytime, I helped her wash the walls in there. I was very concerned and watched mommy carefully when she was taking down our crates. They are like baby cribs to us. Very comforting when we don't feel well or are scared when the wind blows really hard and we hear loud and strange noises. Then me and Sly realized she was moving them into dining room. We are so happy. We like having the dining room as our special place. Mommy color coordinates everything, even our doggie beds covers which smelled so good right out of the dryer. Mommy says tomorrow is another busy day, so I'm off to get my beauty sleep. xoxoxo *DAXI*


The Mystery Has Been Solved!

March 5th 2011 5:41 am
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Hi everyone.

Mommy kept an eye on Sly and realized he wasn't off his food, he's off the kitchen. He refuses to go into the kitchen during the daytime. He just stands in the doorway and whines. She says not to worry, he's just entered a new fear phase. When she moved our food and water to the dining room he scarfed everything down like he normally does. Who knew? I knew that's who. When we were little pups he always followed my lead when he was scared. Now that he's a big boy (almost) he wants do things on his own sometimes. Mommy says that's okay because that's part of growing up. She already rearranged the table and chairs and now she's going to move our crates into the dining room for awhile cause change is good. She said since spring is trying to show itself, we can eat out on the deck again. She'll move everything back later. A mommy's work is never done. xoxoxo *DAXi*


I Am Not On A Food Strike!

March 3rd 2011 4:57 pm
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Hi ya'll.

Mommy did notice one bowl of food was not always finished and figured out someone was scarfing down snacks instead of kibble. My tummy is just fine thank you. I eat my food, some of Sly's, and my share of the snacks. Sly is a big guy by breed, but I've always eaten more than he does. Mommy will sort it all out and get everything back to where it should be. See ya! *DAXi*


... In Like a Lamb

February 28th 2011 4:12 pm
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Hello everyone.

I had a stuffed lamb, but have no idea what a real one is like. Mom says I would like herding them. Me and Sly are having a blast. It's rainy but warm and mom has the door to the deck open. We are running around, in and out, gulping raindrops tracking on the carpet. Woo Hoo! Mom says Spring is almost here. Oh, we still have our new beds. We really like them. We can flop down and mom doesn't have to worry about me getting hygromas. The QA testing, when mom wasn't around, went well. ;D Bye! *DAXi*


Sly Is A Diary Pick Today

February 22nd 2011 4:37 am
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Good morning everyone.

My awesome brother Sly has been selected as a Diary Pick today. Woo Hoo! Mommy gave us, my favorite, pig ears to celebrate. We are munching away as she types. When we woke up this morning and there was snow all over the deck and yard. We had such a good time chasing each other around in it. We love the snow. We only stayed out a little while though. Anyway, congratulations Sly. I love you. You too Dogsters. xoxoxo *DAXi*

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