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School is cool!

September 14th 2010 9:06 am
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Boy am I having fun in school! Last week in school I learned (get ready for this...)

Leave it.
Take it.
Drop it.

Really! That's A LOT! Mama says we're gonna practice today! Yay! What an amazing concept, me understanding what they are telling me!

I played with Mama the other day in the neighbors yard, it was so fun! It was about 10pm and I had the zoomies! We ran around and I nibbled on her pants legs and grabbed her arms and legs oh-so-gently with my mouth! Mama says I have the most gentle mouth ever! Yeah, I've got a good thing here, I don't want to mess it up! BOL!

Joey has been a little crabby with me lately, but I think it's because she thinks I want to replace her. Today I licked her mouth, saying, "I'll be the baby, you can be the grown up" and she was happy with that.

I had a mile run with the bike this morning! WOW! Me and Frank run together with Daddy! Mama says she'll take us soon. Her and Joey go have a 'girls ride' every morning. Silly girls!

Nap time!


Wanna go ridin' bikes?

September 8th 2010 6:11 pm
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If you do, we CAN, 'cause I know how! Mama took me jogging while she rode a bike yesterday! What a rush! I got to RUN! I'm pretty fast, even if I am super calm! You can call me, "The Blur"!

Daddy took me and Frank together on the bike this morning and it was challenging! I had to think and run and focus! What fun!

I'm hoping I get to practice this new skill tomorrow too... can we, Daddy? Can we?


Scared jya!!!

September 2nd 2010 9:49 pm
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BOL! I scared my Mama something almost awful tonight!!! This is a good one - Frankie has been telling me how fun it is to scare Mama! BOL!!!

I'll set the scene:
Daddy fed us dinner.
Then I told Frank he better NOT come in my crate! I usually don't do that. I got shut in my crate and then Mama saw this reddish slimy thing come from my mouth, then I ate it, and it came out again.

Here eyes were as big as SAUCERS! BOL BOL BOL!!! She thought I had upchucked some crazy mucous blood something!

Nah, Daddy had put chicken livers in our dinner! It was a chicken liver I saved from dinner! BOL BOL BOL!!!!! THAT'S why I wasn't ready for Frankie to invade my crate! BOL!

Oh, Mama's always entertaining! What will I think of next?


Big Day!

September 2nd 2010 9:32 pm
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Boy did I have a big day today!

I got to walk with Joey this morning with Daddy, although it was after Joey and Frank walked three miles and I FUSSED! I wanted to go too! They say I'm not ready for three miles yet!

A short walk after wards will make it up to me!

I got to visit my old furrends at the vet! They sure loved me! Mama found out that I got to hang out with them in the break room, at the front desk, and in the work area! BOL! I even saw the talented guy who took my bad leg off! We were all so happy to see each other! They sure were nice to me! They saved my life!!!! That's a big deal!!!!

After the vet visit we went to my second day of class! The trainer, Ann, showed Mama and Daddy that I CAN sit on command! Yay! I was very well behaved and had fun flirting with the girls, Ruby and Pinta! BOL!

I'm BEAT! Is it bedtime yet? It IS? Oh, good!!!!!


First week of dog class!

August 26th 2010 9:20 pm
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I went to my first training class ever tonight! It was fun!

I met other dogs and sat next to a very pretty lab named Ruby! We flirted! It was fun and distracting! BOL!

Did I mention how sweet I was? I was so sweet... not a stretch!

There was one dog who is my 'arch enemy'. He doesn't like me! He kinda scared me. He lunged and growled during the butt sniffing exercise. I said I didn't really wanna sniff his butt again! BOL!

I wasn't very food motivated at first, Mama was surprised 'cause she says she brought the 'Big Guns' - hot dog pieces! I wasn't to interested.

I am learning 'watch me'! I am supposed to practice it ALL WEEK!

I slept all the way home, I was tired! All that new stuff to sniff and see!

Mama says my brain will be stretching and growing! Like, brain yoga! Oooh!



August 26th 2010 10:43 am
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GUESS WHAT? I've been watching Frankie and Joey and Mommy and Dada play with their toys a lot. Tonight I GRABBED a blue sheepy toy and me and Frankie TORE around the bedroom playing with it!

We took turns! He had it, then I had it, then he had it, then I had it! It was SOOOO fun!

Mama and Daddy said it was bedtime and to SETTLE DOWN! They were super happy about our first play, but Mama said hurry up and get tired so we can go to bed! BOL!

YAAAYYY!! I've been quietly observing the Dugan household for 5-6 days now.... Time to make my debut! BOL!


Coming out of my shell!

August 25th 2010 6:44 pm
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I'm starting to come out of my shell!

When I first got to my furever home I kinda stared and sat. Stared and sat.

After about 5 days I am starting to be curious! What's that? Can I smell that? I can? Thanks!

My ears perk up at noises and I'm sweetly curious! I even picked up a TOY SHARK the other day! It was just a moment, but it seemed fun enough!


Recipe for success!

August 25th 2010 6:43 pm
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You want to know what the recipe for success is?

It's a big heavy head + a big brain!

Wah-lah! Success!

I used my combination big heavy head + big brain to move a screen divider out of the way so all three of us could run upstairs and be with Daddy! Score! And points with the new siblings!

Frank says he woulda just knocked it down, but it was pretty! That doesn't make sense! Just open it! I think I have a lot to teach this youngin'!


Camera shy!

August 25th 2010 4:57 pm
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I'm a little camera shy. Mama says she's kinda camera crazy and that we'll meet in the middle before too long!!! Okay, whatever you say! I'm just not sure about that thing! I just don't know what to do when they point it at me, so usually I look away. :)

Frankie says they're taking photos of ME. Me? Really? Whatever for? Oh, Frankie is laughing, he says I'll get used to it. I don't like the flash either. Frank says it's like being in a disco. We've got to groove at the disco!


Diary of THE Day!!

August 24th 2010 11:58 am
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Oh. My. Dog! Holy Dogster, I'm THE diary pick of the day! I'm so new here, I've only been here for four days! Mama says it's easy to spot the good ones!

My good furrend Saphira said I get to do and eat WHATEVER I want today! Joey and Frank are treating me like royalty! Bowing and everything! BOL!

I'm so happy! I'm overwhelmed! Recently I found out that vet people love me, my new pawrents and brother and sister love me, nice doggies on this site love me, and now the Dogster god loves me too! Whew!

I think my first wish is to take a nap on a sooooft bed, where Frankie can't get to me and bite my head! BOL! Oh! Wish granted! I have the most comfy beds in my crate... ZZZzzzzzzz....

Love you Dogster! You're a new best furrend too! Thanks everyone!

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