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Prairie Winter May Be On The Way

November 19th 2010 1:42 pm
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Hi Furpals-The weather hasn't been the Best this past week. Very little sunshine, cold,gray,damp and windy. Yesterday we had a very cold wind out of the Northeast. Today it is colder and the wind is coming from the Northwest. Temperature is hanging at about 20 and last night it was 12. Today the sun is shining but with the wind it is cold.
The cold front coming down from Canada is suppose to be carrying snow. Sounds like the ground could be white for "Thanksgiving". Forcasts vary but sounds like we could have several inches on the ground before the weekend is over.Suppose to have sub-zero night temperatures in a couple days. BUUURRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody ship me some Heat, up North!

This is NOT GOOD news for me. I hobble out to go potty and beat it back inside. The cold makes my legs so stiff. Walking is much harder for me. I don't look forward to the arrival of winter. Late enough now, that the snow will probably stay this time.

I got over the ear infection. This took a couple weeks. Last weekend, I had a bloody nose. Just one nostril.Not severe, but a drip,drip thing like a cold. My eyes have started watering alot. So G-ma washes my face every morning.I've had a couple of my spells this month. They still past in 30 seconds or less. I know where I am and what is going on. I haven't lost any physical functions. I've also thrown up my food 3 times this month. I certainly haven't lost any weight. I've always been an easy keeper. Not a very big eater....I never gobble my food or treats.

G-ma just doesn't know, what to think???? I eat good and usually have no problems with my food. I go potty o.k. I nap alot, but that's nothing new. I still have small bursts of energy. I am alert, when I am awake. I appear to be in no major pain. G-ma knows my arthritis has to cause some discomfort; because she has it. I'm kind and loving with Mazy...Even when she is a big burst of bouncing energy. I never get crabby with her. I've never been crabby with anyone in my forever home.

I still like to be loved on and talked too. I like it when G-ma works in the kitchen most of her day. Cuz, I can see what she is doing. G-ma will talk to me as she works. The entry is attached to the kitchen and dining area. G-ma just doesn't know, if I can take another cold winter? G-ma doesn't want to hold me here, if it is time for me to go. G-ma would like the best scenrio...that, I go to sleep one night and not wake up in the morning.

I have the best possible care. I'm just suffering from being extremely old. My body is wearing out. I'm counting on G-ma knowing, if I'm handling the winter o.k. or not? If, other health issues become too much for me.

In the meantime.....I nap on my soft pillow bed. I eat, what I want and leave the rest. If, I'm fussy with my food..G-ma just cooks something she knows I'll eat.... I enjoy all the conversation with my family. I really like ear rubs. Sometimes a back or belly scratch... I'm not fond of brushing anymore. We still do keep me brushed just not daily...

I hope all my furpals have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
I am excited because Turkey Day is here....It means I'll be having some turkey... plus a little this and that! The grandkids usually don't clean their plates...G-ma will give me what I can have off their plate. "No pickles or olives! I think, they are Nasty! Must be G-ma food?"


No So Perky

November 3rd 2010 1:27 pm
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We did more raking yesterday. I stayed out about half the total yard working time. It was sunny and a nice 63. Today it is Sunny but very windy. Chilly at 50 ish.
I'm just not feeling too perky! Last night, I left part of my supper. Today at lunchtime, I only ate 1/2 of my lunch. I took an good hour to do so. G-pa said, maybe my smeller wasn't working so good...Maybe? My food just wasn't too tasty today!

Other news here on the Ponderosa....Mazy made a new friend. Yippie!!! Yippie!!!!! Yippie!!!!!
I'm sure glad that Mazy made a friend with the spring kitten called Master Fluffer. He is orange and white striped with thick long hair. They played and played yesterday. They chased each other. Jumped into the tubs of leaves. Master Fluffer would climb about 4 ft. up a tree...just to show short stuff: She can't do Everything! She looked and looked... ran around the tree and barked. She'd stand up on the side of the cottonwood, but nope.... she can't climb it....It was so Funny!

Now, Mazy isn't always trying to play with me! She has too much energy and plays just too long...Precious cornered Master Fluffer in the front yard. She jumped on him and tried to rip him a new one! Mazy was going to try and help Master Fluffer, but G-ma got there 1st. She scolded Precious for being a Bag Lady. Made her go inside. Mazy and Master Fluffer went back to playing.

I'm not sure if, Precious just didn't want the kitten in her yard? She was Mad, cuz Fluffer let G-ma pet him? She was jealous? She doesn't want to play with Mazy,either! So what was the Big Deal? Mazy was leaving us old Gals alone. I was trying to enjoy the nice Fall Day....I'm sure Precious will Tell you a different story, but I was there. She can have a Nasty Attitude towards other cats.

Poor Fluffer his siblings don't like him. He stays off by himself. Now he has Mazy as a friend. He has Big feet! He is going to be a Big Boy when he grows up! Mazy better be a good friend to him. If not, he will remember that, when he out grows her. Right now they are about the same size.

Well furpals...I'm off to nap again... I'm pretty stiff in my back leggers today. Just not too perky! The harsh Prairie wind and cooler temperature isn't helping,either.

Hugs, Baby


Baby's Skuddle Butt .....

October 26th 2010 4:10 pm
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This past weekend, we had chilly, damp weather. Very little sunshine. Monday brought light rain all day and into the night. Precious,Mazy and I stayed inside. G-ma and G-pa were gone for our regular shopping. The fur supplies were on low. None of us minded napping most of the day away. Since it was very nasty outside.
It was supper time when our guardians returned. All of us, did go outside, while they unloaded. I never had any accidents. They were gone almost 9 hrs. I stayed curled up on my pillow bed. I didn't drink my water while they were gone. I drank plenty after they were home.
Can tell we are slowly slipping into winter. Everyday, we lose more daylight. The darkness of night slips upon us earlier than the day before.Buuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr.....I sure hate to see Winter arrive!
Winter did arrive, today! We are officially in our 1st. storm of the season. The wind has continued to build all day. Predicting up to 55 MPH. We have had rain mixed with snow all day. Late this afternoon, the snow started to stick as the temperatures are continuing to fall. About 30 degrees outside now.
This storm is suppose to last until tomorrow evening. How much snow? Depends upon which weatherman you have listened too.
I'll keep everyone posted.
I was out this morning while G-ma cleaned the entry. As soon as she was done....I beat it, inside. I've napped most of the day. I hobble out to potty and race back to the house....
Weather guys said, "if, it were January and we had snow cover on the ground.... this storm would shut the state down for a couple days." Whoa! Sure glad it isn't January!
G-pa brought the stock cows and calves home from summer pastutre today. By Friday we are suppose to be back in the low 50's. Our House is praying for another, Indian Summer stretch... No one here is ready for cold weather!!!!!
BTW- The high winds today...dumped the rest of those big leaves. We need another warm stretch to rake 1 more time......
Sure hoping there are some Nice days ahead of us?????
Well, I'd better go.... Almost supper time for all of us furs!
Mazy and Precious are wrestling, the winner is next to use the PC?



October 24th 2010 3:07 pm
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Sunday is suppose to be a slow day.... A day for extra napping! Not this Sunday!!! G-ma heard the weathermen. They were Saying REAL STUPID STUFF!!! By mid-week it would be much colder with either drizzles,sleet,sleet-snow or plain old snow....In my Opinion, it could be ALL of the Above!!!

Since both G-ma and I are hobbling around....feeling the changing weather rolling in....she took the forcast to Heart!
She told G-pa....Baby has to have her bath before the weather turns cold and stays cold.

First, she brushed and brushed a ton of undercoat out. She cheated. She used a special brush that cuts mats and undercoat.
She gave me a little rest from the brushing while sucking up the hair.
She had G-pa carry me to the tub. She doesn't carry me anymore. She is afraid she might drop me. I'm a full load!

I knew as soon as I was in the Tub, I was having a bath. G-ma puts a rubber mat in the tub , so I won't slip and fall. Takes awhile to get my thick hair wet, all the way to the skin. I was full of shampoo suds and given a good massage,too. I was getting tired... so I just sat down in the tub. Let G-ma work around me and do her thing.

G-ma finished rinsing me with the shower nozzle. I was getting HOT and panting alot. The tub was still draining. G-ma said, just wrap a towel around me and carry me to the entry...

Here I thought I was done !!! Oh NO! She brought several big beach towels and dried and dried on me. When I shook hardly any water came out. She went and got the blow dryer. She used that on me for a few minutes too.

I was really,really good. Since I have arthritis.... G-ma wanted my thick hair to be completely dry by bedtime tonight. I think, we will make it! I had extra treats. This part was Terrific!

I look Great!(I'm all shiny black, like Mazy) I feel so much better! I've been busy napping alot this afternoon. This was a huge work-out for this old, senior,senior pupper.... BTW-The ear infection is clearing up. We've been treating it since the 19th. I like the EXTRA ear massages I'm getting with the antibotic ointment.

Today is chilly,gray,cloudy with fog that never lifted....Poo! I really do Hate the damp and the cold! I'm praying every night it is a Mild Winter with little Snow! I'll Keep my furpals posted...


My Crazy Ears......

October 22nd 2010 3:27 pm
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Hi pupper and purrpals.... Well this has been a CHALLENGE week for me. I kept shaking my head and then trying to scratch my ears! So, G-ma gave me the hard word.... Said, Baby we have to Look in your ears! I think, you have a problem?

Yep, I had a BIG Problem!!! After G-ma gave me no choice and checked me out... I have a Major Ear Infection going on... We've been treating it all week. ... Things are coming around. Looks a 100% better than the beginning of the week. I'm not scratching anymore. The redness and inflammation is improving.

G-ma keeps a pretty good supply of basic pupper care products. She cleaned my ears out. Started treating them with some prescription ear antibotics. So that whole situation is on the mend...I'm not fighting the medication each day now. Cuz, I know it is making the problem go away!

Came as a total surprise to me! I've been the healthiest pupper All my LIfe. Now the last 3 yrs. I've had some issues. Alot of the stuff is just plain old,old age....

I'm pretty funny about people's messing with my ears,feet,eyes and teeth.... It's the Only time G-ma says, "the extreme anxiety, I have when someone is doing one of those things is due to the Abuse of Many Moons Ago! I'd just rather No One Messes with these parts of me!!! I don't growl or bite.... I just get myself so upset trying to find an escape route, that I have major anxiety attacks.... At 17yrs. old, G-ma is afraid it will trigger a cardiac episode....

I'm not Crazy about a bath. I tolerate it... I always feel so much better after a good bath.... It's about that time! I need a good bath before weather turns cold and winter sets in....I DON'T MIND BRUSHING... WE DO THIS OFTEN WITH MY HEAVY THICK COAT.

I had 1 of my spells this afternoon...Out of the Blue, I fell down. Let out a howl and had some spasms. Total spell lasted about 10 seconds. When it was over, I knew where I was...All the body parts worked.... I got up, had drink of water and went outside to lay in the sunshine on the step. It's been about 2 months, since the last little spell. Don't appear to be getting any worse.

Couple mornings this week the temperature was only 27.... Just a little frosty! Silly weathermen are saying, we could have snow or sleet showers by mid-week. The family is not Happy!!!!!
G-ma raked again... Still not done....Hope the weather holds to see my old people finish up the yardwork?


I Remember It Fondly....

October 17th 2010 2:06 pm
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A Big Howdy from the ND Prairie-Today it is gray,cloudy and very crisp. It is only in the low 40's. My arthritis is really
flaring today.
I am not a perky pup, today...I only ate half my dinner. I don't want to go outside and potty. I went out 1st. thing this morning but just refusing now. It is past 2:40 p.m.
My legs are very stiff...I'm hobbling some, when I walk today.
The weather change has me just wanting to lay on my soft pillow bed. Guess, I'm going to take some extra naps...Tomorrow, when the sun returns...I'll perk right up.
Our wonderful Indian Summer weather this month of October is probably drawing to a close. I sure hate the idea of cold weather setting in.
Doesn't matter when snow arrives it is always too soon for this old senior....I just don't do winter well,anymore. When I was a young pupper I so enjoyed the winter weather.
My fursis,Foxie and I would spend hours playing in the snow. My favorite was rolling in the snow. Making pupper angels...AWH! Such a long,long time ago.....Youth,I remember it fondly....


Great Fall Weather....

October 13th 2010 1:13 pm
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Hi Pupper Pals- Today is another Great weather day. Sunny, big blue sky, no wind
with temperature of middle 70’s. It was 55 when I made my 1st. trip outside this morning. Sure makes it easier on this old pupper with arthritis. The temps. have been just Pawsome the last couple weeks. A little foggy due to such warm ground for October on the prairie. Fog burns off pretty fast in the mornings…

I took a poll of the furs, around here. (Even included the barn kitties).We are all in agreement that we like these rare calm days. Precious chose a spot on the patio to sun herself. I laid on the carpeted back steps soaking up the sun. Mazy decided to jump up on the roof of the old coal storage room.

I haven’t decided, if she chose this place to sun herself because; this made her taller than Precious and myself ??? Did she choose this place because she is young and strong ??? She can do a lot of jumping, that I haven’t done for many years.
Precious said, “Mazy likes the warmth of the shingles on her tiny hinnie.”
“ Also from there she thinks she is Big Stuff! She doesn’t feel so short! She‘s the TAR baby of the bunch!”

Precious went off hunting after her breakfast and tanning session. She came back with a mouse… EEWWWWWWWW! She ate the head before leaving it in the yard for G-ma to pick up. Mazy went off to help G-ma clean leaves off the patio and steps. Who knows, what they did after that??? I was busy taken my mid-morning nap.

Lunchtime was great….Beef chunks over turkey kibbles with some gravy. I went out to sun myself again…. Pretty soon, I was barking up a storm! This set pee-wee off in the house…. Cuz, she couldn’t see: what I was barking at?????

G-pa has a Cow that is way to tame…. No respect for G-ma’s yard. Thinks she can graze wherever she wants too… So, I barked and barked and barked, some more!
The cow, just blew me off! She just kept grazing the lawn. Decided to walk all over the big patio.

I tried so hard! I wanted to scare her off … She sure isn’t afraid of nothing… I think, I strained my woofer trying to help out…. G-pa didn’t come for lunch until
2 p.m. G-pa had to chase her all over the place! I guess, she’s a tough old cow? She doesn’t respect G-pa either! This sure Helped my self-esteem…

If, she doesn’t listen to the Boss, then she doesn’t listen to anyone! If, Angel Foxie had been here…she’d have nipped her hoofs… Followed by running her back to the pasture. (Those were the good old days! Nope, Foxie and I were not cattle puppers.
We wouldn’t let them things get close to our Momma… No way!!!!! So I guess, we were a team….Sure miss my fur-sis)


Awesome Day!

October 1st 2010 9:01 am
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Yesterday was the most perfect fall day.... Nice temperature of 70 without our crazy wind... Big blue cloudless sky.... I laid outside while G-ma cleaned the entry and my bedding. Soaking up the warmth of Fall.

G-pa had to spray the foilage and house for spiders. I stayed inside most of the afternoon for the spray to dry. Sprays are not good for us, Puppers! We are sure hoping the zillions of spider nests... doesn't mean a long, hard, snowy winter????? I have a very hard time with the cold and snow the last few years.
When I was a young pupper....I liked to roll in the snow and make snow pupper angels! So much Fun! Now I keep my rollin' mostly to grass.... This old gal can still scratch her own back even being a little tugboat these days.

G-ma and Mazy went on a Praire stroll in the early evening. I decided to Surprise them and go a little ways. I haven't done much of that this past year. I made about a 1/3 of a mile. It was enough... I went home to the step and waited for the youngster to poop out! (Actually G-ma poops out 1st. Mazy would go and go and go! We just have to make her Quit!)

G-ma fired up the gas grill last night. While she was cooking the yummy steaks.... I bummed a back rub! I've always liked a back massage using a human foot. If, the foot is in the wrong place... I just turn my old body to hit the spot I want. Cool,hun?????

I finished off my evening with turkey & rice kibbles topped with beef chunks and gravy, plus a few pieces of vension steak.
G-ma and G-pa filled up on beef ribeye. (There was a little left... Guess, who got it? Not Mazy! Me! Cuz, the vet said, at 17yrs. let me eat whatever, I will eat...) I had room for those few tiny little bites!!! This must be the Biggest Perk of being Elderly! Somedays, I really work that for a change in my menu... Like scrambled eggs and rice or cottage cheese and rice..... Yummy!!!!

Today is windy and colder...Only going to be in the 60's. The weatherman said, a hard freeze is coming tonight.... Haven't had a hard freeze yet. It is late this year... The wind is out of the Northeast. (North, Northeast and East winds are always cold...) I just love the South winds...carrying warmer Fall weather. Maybe as a senior,senior pupper, my new favorite season, may be FALL?????

Hope all my Pupper friends are doing well??? Abby, I'm saying special prayers for your surgery, October 12th. The furs Docs will fix your leggers, right up!!!!! Rest easy, my friend...
Hugs and Kisses, Baby


OMD! What Did The Bulls Do???

September 23rd 2010 6:56 pm
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Pretty wet and chilly Tuesday morning. The sun came out and dried things up. Certainly was a very beautiful fall day. Comfortable temperature,sunny and the wind quieted down.

G-pa was left in charge of seeing I had a chance to get out and potty. Make sure I had my lunch. He was busy getting ready to go to the field. Hoping to bale up the hay that had been on the ground since the baler flew apart! He finally had that repaired.
The sprinkles and drizzles had moved off.

He came a little late for lunch, but I didn't mind. He'd stopped back for morning coffee and let me out to stretch my old legs. I'd taken a few extra ZZZZZ's waiting for him to come.
An old gal, needs her beauty rest, you know?

G-pa took care of Mazy and I. He sat down and had a quick lunch. Gave us gals our afternoon treats to chew on while he was gone. Out the door he went....I settled in for my after lunch nap.....And then, I hear him hollering like a stuck hog!

Holy-moley! All the Bulls are gone! Oh, no! How did they get out this time??????? G-pa starts looking around... The bulls plowed through about 30 feet of corraling. Tore it completely out! So much for the haying.... (hay would have to wait)

He found the bulls, put them in a pasture, until he could repair the corral. He had plenty of extra large poles for replacing the broken poles. He had to make a quick trip to town. He had to hook up the stock trailer for the lumbar.
He needed 2 by 8's, 16 ft. long. Raw rough lumbar....

By the time G-ma arrived home from a day in the capitol city.
G-pa had the holes dug and new poles were set. (He dug them by hand) He didn't want to be gone long enough to get the post hole augar from the neighbor. Didn't know where the bulls would be by then.

G-ma thought it strange that he was up in the north corral working. She knew he wanted to bale hay. She went to check it out. He gave her the whoa down of the day....

She grabbed some tennis shoes and leather gloves. She held the lumbar while he attached it to the poles. Takes awhile and some strength to pound in large 4" nails. He was trying to prop the lumbar up with a come along. Hold the lumbar and pound the nails with the other hand.

Didn't take sssssssssssssooooooooo long with the two of them working together. Mazy and I supervised.... I hadn't strolled out to the north corral in a coons age! If my old ears were what they once were. G-pa would have known as soon as those mean,devil,trouble makers were loose.......Alas, I didn't hear a thing!

So, any-who..... It was the nicest and busiest of fall days! I enjoyed my stroll through all the corrals exercising my nose...
Terrific break from the damp cold drizzling...I wasn't so stiff in my leggers. I even did a couple rounds of my Happy Dancing before supper....G-pa gave me a nice massage....


Announcement......Hurry and See

September 13th 2010 2:50 pm
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Calling all Furiends....Come and see! My fursis, Angel Foxie was chosen Ruler of the Week (Sept.12-18) for the "Rotties Rule" group. Yep, it's TRUE, I swear on it!

Not a drop of Rottie in that Wired Haired Fox Terrier.... She is silver,gray and brindle in coloring. She had some honking BIG TEETH! Mine are actually pretty small in comparison. She used those teeth to do major destruction on tons of toys.... I never tore a single toy up in my whole life! I was just thrilled to discover that puppers have toys,treats,nice beds and such...

Don't ask me how they decided to let a Terrier Rule the Group for a week????? I'm still thinkin' on that one! I wonder, if they knew she was bossy???? Yep, Foxie always decided what game we were going to play. What route we would take for our big daily ramble across the prairie. She even decided how far we would go. How long we'd stay gone... See what I mean about bossy???????

Don't get me wrong... I didn't mind! Someone had to be 2nd. in command to our Momma. I was just so happy to have a forever home. A warm house, nice bed, plenty to eat. Toys and treats. I even learned to enjoy brushing and a bath. Foxie was a COOL sis... We spent 11 plus years together. She regularly visits me in my dreams...She's been sharing how wonderful Heaven is for puppers and purrs.

Well gang, I need to take my before supper nap. I spent several hours outside sunning myself under my favorite cottonwood tree. About 70 with just a light breeze. The Biggest powder blue sky, not a cloud in sight....Hugs and Kisses, Baby

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