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I'm up and going now.....

August 23rd 2010 2:38 pm
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Hi There,My name is Baby...I'd like to be your furpal ... Momma has a page for me.(Not finished yet but working on it) I even tolerated a couple pictures. I'm not really fond of having my picture taken. My fursis, Foxie just loved to show off for the camera...Figured one of us in the family like that, was quite enough?(Just so my future furpals, can see that, I never went hungry in my forever home!)

Actually, I wasn't this FAT, all my life.... I'm not very active anymore. I really don't eat much for my size.(1 small can of meat about 13 oz., 1/2c. of kibbles. Vension and other meats, Momma makes for me. I don't lose any weight either. Momma thinks, I retain alot of fluid. I do drink alot. I require alot of potty breaks.

Even after being rescued from the wetlands and abuse.... I've never been a gobbler with my food. Never been protective of my food. Actually that little Mazy eats more than I eat...(when you consider our size,bone structure and breeds)I've never been a big eater... Family says, I'm an easy keeper....

I won't ride in autos.... The Vet has been coming to my house the last few years. I started having anxiety attacks to go to town for my shots. Fur Doc says, at my age, feed me, what I'll eat....Momma is pretty sure my kidneys are slowly failing.

Don't tell, Momma... but I developed the fussiness with my she'd provide more variety...Yummy! Actually losing teeth, has made it so, I just don't like kibbles, much anymore. Of course, I pretend I can't chew them. When they arrive on my plate coated in gravy and meat chunks.... I managed to choke them right down.........Hummm? Could this be a Game? I'm playing with Momma??????? Somedays, I turn up my nose at several choices. Then the choices keep getting better and better.. If, she thinks my tummy is upset....I get scrambled eggs and some rice. Wasn't too hard at 17 to convince the family... I should have whatever, I will eat... for my meals!
Being a very old senior canine can have it's perks!!!!!

BTW- Mazy has been keeping a Senior Cat under wraps too.. Her name is Precious. She luckily found her way to our place. She is probably at least 10 yrs. old. She is also a senior. Someone didn't want to be bothered, drove into the country and threw her out. She has been spayed and de-clawed. She is a terrific hunter. We are are buddies! Suppose we like each other so much because we are both seniors???? Momma promised to make her a page on Catster. It will be awhile before she gets that done.

Weather has been awful funky this Summer! Yesterday was a 100 plus and today is in the low 70's. boy, I hate the HOT and COLD weather. Why can't it stay about 70...Just Perfect for little old fatty-patty me....Catch ya later, Baby


DID MY Happy Dance......

August 26th 2010 7:20 pm
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Tonight it cooled off. I spent most of the day inside. I just don't like the weather to be too Hot or too Cold! I went out to potty, then back to my soft pillow. I spend alot of time there resting my old arthritic joints. I spend alot of time sleeping....I'm 17 yrs. old(human years). You'd take alot of naps, too...What does that equal in dogs years????????

Momma brushed and brushed while she was running the gas grill on the side. OMD! I had so much loose hair.... You look at my picture: I look very black... Gotta tell ya, this OLD GAL has solid white at the roots and in my undercoat....If felt so good to have a major brushing..... I ran around the yard, like when I was a Pup, doing my special little Happy Dance Hop, that I do!

So for just a little while, I felt like a Pup again.... Once all brushed, I was ready for supper! I had sliced beef in gravy with some warm mashed potatoes and a few kibbles.... I tried to pick all the kibbles out.... Momma mixed them in there really well. Sure, I ate a few of them....I think, I lost another tooth or two this summer. If, I like what you give me: I'll find a way to eat it.... I enjoy being fussy these days. I have alot of choices offered to me. I eat what suits my Fancy... Tomorrow, who knows, what I'll pick????

Tomorrow, it is suppose to be 95..Yucky!!!! I'll be curled up by the air-conditioning vent.... keeping myself Cool....while that crazy kid, Mazy wants to run outside and Toast and Roast herself... I think, she has a screw loose????? She plays the silliest games.... but, then she is only 3... what does she know? I do my best to keep her little butt out of trouble....
Foxie watches out over her from Rainbow Bridge. (I know that for sure.) Otherwise, how did she managed to try and play with a badger at 1 yr. ???? Be here to tell about it... Not a scratch on her.... Poor Momma, scared 10 yrs. off her life.
I don't think Momma, can afford too many scares like that????


Look what I Read........

September 2nd 2010 7:24 pm
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Hi Furpals....Showers off and on, All Day! Real hard on my arthritis....Gray,cloudy overcast and drippy... I slept alot today. I ate much better today than yesterday. My toohpers are not rotting. Most are in excellent shape. I've lost all the little teeth between my upper and lower canines. Makes my food hard to pick up. Sometimes, I get frustrated trying. Then I just don't eat much. Sure hasn't effected my plump torso... Remember, I said, I'm an Easy Keeper...

I was doing some reading over Momma's shoulder... I really like this about the Two Wolves Inside of People. I thought I'd share it with all my friends.
I've lived a long,long time. In my life, I've seen the Good and Evil in Mankind. Read my History and you'll See what I mean....
Enjoy the Reading....Hugs,Baby


Two Wolves
One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside all people. He said, 'My son, the battle is between two 'wolves' inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.'

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: 'Which wolf wins?'

The old Cherokee simply replied, 'The one you feed.'


No, It Wasn't Me !!!!!!

September 7th 2010 7:12 pm
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Hi Furpals- We had a really Huge Rain on Labor Day. Our rain guage said, a good 3". Started in the morning, rained all day and late into the night. We now have Big waterholes all over the place. This was a good soaking rain and great mositure for fall.
I mentioned the rain because my peoples had to change their work plans for the day. Mazy and I held the fort down for the day. We both kept our eyes and ears peeled for anything strange while on guard duty.
They went to buy supplies for the place. I guess the kitties were out of food. Don't know how that happened? Momma bought food for all of us at the same time. Mazy and I still have plenty of food. Grandpa might be feeding more outside kitties than he told Grandma?
Anyway... Please excuse me, my mind started drifting... They did the shopping. Decided to spend part of the day away from the place. They both have been working 7 days a week all summer. It was dark when they arrived home.

Grandpa came in 1st. Grandma was bringing in some breads and fresh fruits. Left the rest to unload in the morning. It was still raining but not pouring. Grandpa greeted G-ma with Old Baby had an accident in the Sunroom.

Grandma set her stuff down and went to look. Yep, there was a huge puddle in the middle of the vinyl floor. Off to get the mop and bucket... I kept trying to tell them, I didn't do it!
No one was listening to me. I was in a hurry to get outside and take care of business. Or else, I would have potty ALL over the floor! I'd crossed my paws as long as I could!

So, long story short: G-ma starts cleaning up the floor and something falls on her head. She looks up! Drip, right in the eye.... The ceiling is leaking! G-ma cleans up all the water. Puts a couple buckets there to catch the dripping. Wasn't much else you could do at 10 p. A discussion over how important it was to address this immediately. Couldn't be added to bottom of the To-Do List....

Nope... It wasn't me! I hadn't drank alot of water all day. I held it until they returned. Yep, I've had a few accidents in the last 3 yrs. (Not many!) Always on a floor you can clean up. Not on carpets!

It rained into our sunroom. Grandpa is still trying to figure out exactly where the leak is. The shingles are good. Some of the insalation is wet. So removed it. A friend who has done roofing came and looked. They have an idea, but not positive. Now G-pa has to get some blackjack stuff and squirt under the shingles. If that doesn't work...he will be driving me crazy with banging... He will have to re-shingle that roof!

More rain in the forcast for the week. So he will have to make a special trip to the capitol city to buy blackjack. Sure hope that works! Carpet install next week will be enough on my old nerves. I enjoy my peace and quiet!

Of course, Mazy was trying to blame All that liquid on me,too! She has a potty station she goes on, when we are home alone. Little stinker ran right to her pad to show them her business was there. She was trying to blame all that other mess on me!

Mazy and I both knew it was water. We laid there all afternoon and evening.....watching it drip,drip and drip! Nice we had the radio. Helped drown out the rain and the dripping.

G-ma found a good inch of water in both the pails this morning.
Always something with older houses. G-pa grew up in this house. The old house has its aches and pains! Just like the peoples that live in it! The house survived our tornado in 1999. Built out of solid lumbar in the good old days. Our buildings and trees didn't fair as well.....The tornado started my Phobia of storms!

Hope this finds all my furpals doing well. Watch out for those little stinkers, if you have any at your house! Mazy can be a real trickster!
Hugs and Kisses, Baby



September 9th 2010 3:11 pm
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It's overcast,gray,extremely windy and drizzles. It is about 60 but feels colder with all the wind. G-pa made the trip to buy the blackjack roofing stuff. He put it on. The rain today hasn't been enough to know if our sunroom is now leakproof! The verdict is still out there... G-pa is still apologizing for thinkin' I flooded the Sunroom. (I should have, they were gone over 9 hrs.....)

Momma just finished brushing me.... Felt so good! I did my little Happy Dance... I'm a mighty fine Pirate Gal now... My Pirate name is PeglegHairyLegs.... What a COOL name for me!
My furpal Nutty figured out my name for me.... I've always been really hairy... so this sure suits me.

We fired up our furnace today. The damp was doing both G-ma and I in. Our Art and Ritis buddies are real active.... The youngster Mazy just wanted the furnace cuz she's a Toast and Roast Baby... Remember furs, the TAR BABY! (HeHe) Now we can find her sitting on the kitchen heat vent. Otherwise she is under a blanket somewhere.

Before the furnace was turned on... She hid under her fuzzy blankies all morning. She doesn't have my thick coat of fur.
G-ma took her fuzzy blankies and warmed them in the clothes dryer. She laid in them for a good hour. Mazy didn't think the regular laundry held the heat long enough today... I was content on my thick padded pillow. Plenty of cushion for these old paws.

I had beef slices and gravy on a little kibble this morning.
(I only ate the kibbles, cuz they were in the gravy). I had some vension pieces for midday snack. They are my favorite, easy to digest on this old tummy...Grilled just right for us...

G-ma decided to work 1/2 day, so we could all catch-up on what our furpals have been doing. We've had a very entertaining afternoon looking at new pictures and reading diary updates.
Everyone is so busy... We are sure happy you give us a window into your world.

Better head out, gotta make a call. Copper's Momma had to have two toofers pulled yesterday. Gotta check and see how she is feelin' today.
Hugs and Kisses to All,
Your furpal, Baby



September 12th 2010 4:58 pm
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Hi there, furpals- Today was the most perfect day for me.... The high prairie winds, didn't show up as forcast! Yeah! It was in the high 60's. Not too HOT or too Cold for these OLD PAWS!

I enjoyed laying outside in the sunshine.... The sun stayed out today, instead of coming and going, every 5 minutes like yesterday. I had to stay out yesterday afternoon, when I didn't want to... My job was to keep Mazy company while G-ma mowed everything. The grasses and weeds never did get dry. She pushed through it,anyway. No time to come back to the mower this week. Last year, everything was fried before August was over. Mowers were put away. After the 3" rain on Labor Day, everything is as green as it was in early summer.

I even took a stroll today with G-ma. I rarely do that these days.... I did my Happy Dance... There was a short time frame today, I felt like a Pupper again. I even played a little while. I was looking around and really missing Sassy Foxie girl...

I'm finishing my perfect day with some fresh cooked vension... First, I have to eat my kibbles and beef slices in gravy. Yummy!!! Then I'll curl up on my fluffy pillow bed and take a nap. Re-gather my energy for my evening stroll... Mazy's day was more exciting than mine. However, I'm retired, not just tired.... I don't work anymore! I did have to bark at a calf this morning. Came up on the Patio. I thought, it was too close to G-ma. I was ready to chase it away. The calf decided to move on quietly and not test me! I have a reputation with those cattle!!!!


Announcement......Hurry and See

September 13th 2010 2:50 pm
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Calling all Furiends....Come and see! My fursis, Angel Foxie was chosen Ruler of the Week (Sept.12-18) for the "Rotties Rule" group. Yep, it's TRUE, I swear on it!

Not a drop of Rottie in that Wired Haired Fox Terrier.... She is silver,gray and brindle in coloring. She had some honking BIG TEETH! Mine are actually pretty small in comparison. She used those teeth to do major destruction on tons of toys.... I never tore a single toy up in my whole life! I was just thrilled to discover that puppers have toys,treats,nice beds and such...

Don't ask me how they decided to let a Terrier Rule the Group for a week????? I'm still thinkin' on that one! I wonder, if they knew she was bossy???? Yep, Foxie always decided what game we were going to play. What route we would take for our big daily ramble across the prairie. She even decided how far we would go. How long we'd stay gone... See what I mean about bossy???????

Don't get me wrong... I didn't mind! Someone had to be 2nd. in command to our Momma. I was just so happy to have a forever home. A warm house, nice bed, plenty to eat. Toys and treats. I even learned to enjoy brushing and a bath. Foxie was a COOL sis... We spent 11 plus years together. She regularly visits me in my dreams...She's been sharing how wonderful Heaven is for puppers and purrs.

Well gang, I need to take my before supper nap. I spent several hours outside sunning myself under my favorite cottonwood tree. About 70 with just a light breeze. The Biggest powder blue sky, not a cloud in sight....Hugs and Kisses, Baby


OMD! What Did The Bulls Do???

September 23rd 2010 6:56 pm
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Pretty wet and chilly Tuesday morning. The sun came out and dried things up. Certainly was a very beautiful fall day. Comfortable temperature,sunny and the wind quieted down.

G-pa was left in charge of seeing I had a chance to get out and potty. Make sure I had my lunch. He was busy getting ready to go to the field. Hoping to bale up the hay that had been on the ground since the baler flew apart! He finally had that repaired.
The sprinkles and drizzles had moved off.

He came a little late for lunch, but I didn't mind. He'd stopped back for morning coffee and let me out to stretch my old legs. I'd taken a few extra ZZZZZ's waiting for him to come.
An old gal, needs her beauty rest, you know?

G-pa took care of Mazy and I. He sat down and had a quick lunch. Gave us gals our afternoon treats to chew on while he was gone. Out the door he went....I settled in for my after lunch nap.....And then, I hear him hollering like a stuck hog!

Holy-moley! All the Bulls are gone! Oh, no! How did they get out this time??????? G-pa starts looking around... The bulls plowed through about 30 feet of corraling. Tore it completely out! So much for the haying.... (hay would have to wait)

He found the bulls, put them in a pasture, until he could repair the corral. He had plenty of extra large poles for replacing the broken poles. He had to make a quick trip to town. He had to hook up the stock trailer for the lumbar.
He needed 2 by 8's, 16 ft. long. Raw rough lumbar....

By the time G-ma arrived home from a day in the capitol city.
G-pa had the holes dug and new poles were set. (He dug them by hand) He didn't want to be gone long enough to get the post hole augar from the neighbor. Didn't know where the bulls would be by then.

G-ma thought it strange that he was up in the north corral working. She knew he wanted to bale hay. She went to check it out. He gave her the whoa down of the day....

She grabbed some tennis shoes and leather gloves. She held the lumbar while he attached it to the poles. Takes awhile and some strength to pound in large 4" nails. He was trying to prop the lumbar up with a come along. Hold the lumbar and pound the nails with the other hand.

Didn't take sssssssssssssooooooooo long with the two of them working together. Mazy and I supervised.... I hadn't strolled out to the north corral in a coons age! If my old ears were what they once were. G-pa would have known as soon as those mean,devil,trouble makers were loose.......Alas, I didn't hear a thing!

So, any-who..... It was the nicest and busiest of fall days! I enjoyed my stroll through all the corrals exercising my nose...
Terrific break from the damp cold drizzling...I wasn't so stiff in my leggers. I even did a couple rounds of my Happy Dancing before supper....G-pa gave me a nice massage....


Awesome Day!

October 1st 2010 9:01 am
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Yesterday was the most perfect fall day.... Nice temperature of 70 without our crazy wind... Big blue cloudless sky.... I laid outside while G-ma cleaned the entry and my bedding. Soaking up the warmth of Fall.

G-pa had to spray the foilage and house for spiders. I stayed inside most of the afternoon for the spray to dry. Sprays are not good for us, Puppers! We are sure hoping the zillions of spider nests... doesn't mean a long, hard, snowy winter????? I have a very hard time with the cold and snow the last few years.
When I was a young pupper....I liked to roll in the snow and make snow pupper angels! So much Fun! Now I keep my rollin' mostly to grass.... This old gal can still scratch her own back even being a little tugboat these days.

G-ma and Mazy went on a Praire stroll in the early evening. I decided to Surprise them and go a little ways. I haven't done much of that this past year. I made about a 1/3 of a mile. It was enough... I went home to the step and waited for the youngster to poop out! (Actually G-ma poops out 1st. Mazy would go and go and go! We just have to make her Quit!)

G-ma fired up the gas grill last night. While she was cooking the yummy steaks.... I bummed a back rub! I've always liked a back massage using a human foot. If, the foot is in the wrong place... I just turn my old body to hit the spot I want. Cool,hun?????

I finished off my evening with turkey & rice kibbles topped with beef chunks and gravy, plus a few pieces of vension steak.
G-ma and G-pa filled up on beef ribeye. (There was a little left... Guess, who got it? Not Mazy! Me! Cuz, the vet said, at 17yrs. let me eat whatever, I will eat...) I had room for those few tiny little bites!!! This must be the Biggest Perk of being Elderly! Somedays, I really work that for a change in my menu... Like scrambled eggs and rice or cottage cheese and rice..... Yummy!!!!

Today is windy and colder...Only going to be in the 60's. The weatherman said, a hard freeze is coming tonight.... Haven't had a hard freeze yet. It is late this year... The wind is out of the Northeast. (North, Northeast and East winds are always cold...) I just love the South winds...carrying warmer Fall weather. Maybe as a senior,senior pupper, my new favorite season, may be FALL?????

Hope all my Pupper friends are doing well??? Abby, I'm saying special prayers for your surgery, October 12th. The furs Docs will fix your leggers, right up!!!!! Rest easy, my friend...
Hugs and Kisses, Baby


Great Fall Weather....

October 13th 2010 1:13 pm
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Hi Pupper Pals- Today is another Great weather day. Sunny, big blue sky, no wind
with temperature of middle 70’s. It was 55 when I made my 1st. trip outside this morning. Sure makes it easier on this old pupper with arthritis. The temps. have been just Pawsome the last couple weeks. A little foggy due to such warm ground for October on the prairie. Fog burns off pretty fast in the mornings…

I took a poll of the furs, around here. (Even included the barn kitties).We are all in agreement that we like these rare calm days. Precious chose a spot on the patio to sun herself. I laid on the carpeted back steps soaking up the sun. Mazy decided to jump up on the roof of the old coal storage room.

I haven’t decided, if she chose this place to sun herself because; this made her taller than Precious and myself ??? Did she choose this place because she is young and strong ??? She can do a lot of jumping, that I haven’t done for many years.
Precious said, “Mazy likes the warmth of the shingles on her tiny hinnie.”
“ Also from there she thinks she is Big Stuff! She doesn’t feel so short! She‘s the TAR baby of the bunch!”

Precious went off hunting after her breakfast and tanning session. She came back with a mouse… EEWWWWWWWW! She ate the head before leaving it in the yard for G-ma to pick up. Mazy went off to help G-ma clean leaves off the patio and steps. Who knows, what they did after that??? I was busy taken my mid-morning nap.

Lunchtime was great….Beef chunks over turkey kibbles with some gravy. I went out to sun myself again…. Pretty soon, I was barking up a storm! This set pee-wee off in the house…. Cuz, she couldn’t see: what I was barking at?????

G-pa has a Cow that is way to tame…. No respect for G-ma’s yard. Thinks she can graze wherever she wants too… So, I barked and barked and barked, some more!
The cow, just blew me off! She just kept grazing the lawn. Decided to walk all over the big patio.

I tried so hard! I wanted to scare her off … She sure isn’t afraid of nothing… I think, I strained my woofer trying to help out…. G-pa didn’t come for lunch until
2 p.m. G-pa had to chase her all over the place! I guess, she’s a tough old cow? She doesn’t respect G-pa either! This sure Helped my self-esteem…

If, she doesn’t listen to the Boss, then she doesn’t listen to anyone! If, Angel Foxie had been here…she’d have nipped her hoofs… Followed by running her back to the pasture. (Those were the good old days! Nope, Foxie and I were not cattle puppers.
We wouldn’t let them things get close to our Momma… No way!!!!! So I guess, we were a team….Sure miss my fur-sis)

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