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Angel Sassy Foxie's Tales

Summer Finally Arrived On The Prairie

July 2nd 2011 11:07 am
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Well, we see that Summer finally arrived on prairie. Baby is sure glad she wasn't there for the 2 days it was pushing 90 degrees.
We've been watching you and Dad spraying,spraying and spraying.... He's been spraying weeds and you've been spraying for bugs! OMD! What a crop of pesty bugs you have this year....I see the day you mowed the flies,mosquitos ate you up! I can sure see why, you have no interest in your flowerbeds. Everytime you get near them, the bugs is all over you! You always have been the Best bug zapper on the place. The bugs leave everyone else alone, as they are too busy chewing on you! You even put out a bunch of those really stinky fly catching jars.... They are working good now that the temperatures are warmer.

The bugs should get better as the extra moisture goes away. Sure had a very wet June down there. We were watching Dad as he mowed the hay yard the other day. The last day of June is real late for starting the haying. We would have had a blast hunting in there once it was down. Gopher Paradise! I see there are lots of little ducks on the wetlands below the hill... I'd love to be there! I'd jump in the water and swim with them! Never did understand why the Momma and Poppa ducks quacked at me so much? I just wanted to play in the water and swim with the ducklings....The ducks will happy,since Mazy doesn't like water deeper than the tubbie.

Baby and I want to wish Mazy a Happy Birthday...The little stinker will be 4 yrs. old on July 6th. Where did the time go? I know you will have lots of special stuff for her this week. We Hope all our pals down there have a Happy 4th. of July weekend.

So you're going to bite the bullet and try to help Dad a little in the hayfield. You haven't been there for a very long time. 1997, I seem to remember... Well, I guess, you'll find out soon enough, if you're up to that or not?

I see Mazy found my old purple Teddy and the squeakie still works! This is a miracle, cuz, I always played very hard with my toys...Mazy plays very hard with her stuffies too...I hope after you visit Great Gma and Great Grandpa in will be able to look for a small companion for Mazy. Dad and Mazy without you for about 10 days will be interesting...They did o.k. last winter, when you went and took care of the grandkids for 5 days. Baby and I will keep an extra close eye on them.

Kenzie and Jax's have gotten so Big, they are now 7 and 9.5 yrs. old. Kenzie still talks about me.... She is such a sweet little girl. I saw the flowers and silk pinwheels you have for our memorial area. Will be nice, when you can put the extra ND native granite down for Baby. We know all the rain, made it impossible to gather it up from the summer hill pasture. Soon you will be able to drive the pickup in there and not get stuck! I loved walking those hills with you....I see you keep Mazy on the flatland. I jumped over the rocks and hills like a deer. I laugh myself silly when, Mazy scampers under the barbwire fences. I always just jumped right over them. I see she has learned this last year to catch treats with her mouth and to roll over. She pretty darn good at hide-in-seek.... I'll always be Queen of Hide-n-Seek!

I'd better go,Momma...I heard the pals calling....We are going to play ball ... We are having a Big,Big BBQ with all the kinds of meat and fish! anything the puppers or purrs want. We're going to party all weekend! Don't work too hard...We know, if it doesn't rain, you and Dad will work,like any other day. Tons of angel kisses from Angel Foxie and Angel Baby


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