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Angel Sassy Foxie's Tales

Reflections of Tornado Experiences

May 28th 2011 1:01 pm
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Prayer for Momma Shawna who now has pneumonia. Pray that, she can receive the antibiotics, she needs from the Memorial Hall which is a makeshift hospital for all who need treatment that are not in critical condition. 1 Hospital left in Joplin, they look you over, at the urgency clinic and send you on. Freeman hospital cares only for the critical patients. Late on Thursday, standing in line for meals and finding more candles was a bigger priority. Saturday 28th of May, Shawna was going to be treated for the respiratory. Inhaled debris may be the problem? So Keep praying,everyone....

Many 1,000's of persons are without any source of power. Candles allow them to see after dark. CANDLES.... Such small things....Can you imagine, darkness settling in on you????
A house that stands is accommodating, more than 1 family, as well as 7 puppers...Cramped at best....Stumbling around in the dark, without any light? After spending your day, exhausting yourself: with What do we need to do, Now? Your head is Spinning, you are not resting, you are dirty, hot, sticky...still trying to process what has happened. You've broken down emotionally....just want to go home! There is NO Home to go Home, too.....

All things considered, we feel the people there are very,very strong! Friday was a better day to face the endless problems than Thursday was. Just one tiny step in front of another and some how you make it through.....
We believe, with our whole heart, that our prayers help give them the strength to take the next step. This will be a very long process to rebuild their lives. Someday to have a place to call HOME again....

My father's home community in Indiana was destroyed in the spring of 1974. (My parents were still serving in the military in Oklahoma) I had just returned to North Dakota the day the tornado hit. My grandmother,
aunts,uncles,cousins,my only sibling a sister had to rebuild and start over. It was long process... The 1st. time, I returned there to see the community as it is today, I didn't recognize it. All the landmarks and things I knew from childhood visits were gone. Remaining Memories only in the minds of those who knew this place. I remember the Fear of trying to make contact family. Trying to find out, if they were injured or worse. No cell phones in those days. It was heart wrenching....That Spring day, there were many,many tornadoes that traveled across IN,ILL,OH and even beyond. This community was a place of about 6-10,000 people.

I'm sorry, I do not mean to ramble. Trying to just create a picture of how horrific these situations are. How much your life changes, how much your priorities change. June 3,1999, my husband and I became victims of a tornado on the open rural prairie. I ask God, as I huddle in the corner of my basement under the stairs with 2 terrified dogs:
Please Lord, protect everyone in the path of this tornado. Leave my children at least 1 parent. Leave us enough to make a living. As those minutes passed material items meant little. My husband had never been in a tornado. He didn't believe me, when I told him,one was coming and we were in its direct path. Our 60 plus year farmhouse, somewhat twisted, still stands today. We still live in this home. Debris was scattered for miles. We still find debris to this day. The tree skeletons in the shelter belts are a constant reminder of that day.
Our machinery and livestock barns are a constant reminder. Insurance covers some things, but no matter what you have, it is never enough.

To this day, the thing that bothers me the most, is the loss of 2 blue spruce trees from the front yard. These trees towered above our 2 story home. My mother and hubby's Mom had planted those trees together in 1948. A piece of our family history was lost in those trees. Trees are very valuable on the prairie and not always easy to grow. We stood dazed that day...realizing that a lot of 2 generations of hard work was gone forever. Almost 12 yrs. later, the place does not and will never look as it once did. We feel blessed to still be able to make a living. Our priorities in life remain forever changed. Our faith in God deepened and we grew spiritually stronger. Our of the debris and ashes of this storm came two people who are forever changed. I'd like to believe, we are more compassionate people than we once were. Less self-absorbed.... Eyes wide open, looking at the Big picture, instead of Life with blinders on.

Our hearts break for people caught in these same situations. Whatever small things we can do to make the recovery easier is what we try to do. Angel Foxie isn’t with us now, but Old Baby still is. Those furs had never been afraid of thunderstorms until the tornado. To this day, when a storm is brewing, Old Baby goes into Orbit. She hyper ventilates, her heart races, she is beside herself…The scars remain with her. The fears we never conquered. We have found a product called Calming Ease and this helps, if we know bad weather is coming. Due to her excitement and age, we always fear she will have a heart attack or stroke during bad weather. Mazy this past winter and spring has developed a fear of these high winds. She barks and barks trying to scare the wind away….

Hugs, Angel Foxie and Her Momma Keda


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