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Going To The Vet Can Be A Baaad Surprise...!

April 3rd 2011 7:45 am
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Hi Fellow Furries,

I have to woof you my recent trip to the vet.

You know..."vet" sounds so much like "pet" or "pat"...and I am usually very excited when I go. There are always other furries, and the hoomin assistants there (females - smile!) are all so nice!

I greet efuryone, and they love on me and tell me that I am the greatest! Who doesn't like THAT??! This time it wasn't different. Efuryone hugged me...aaah, it feels so good!

The fact that Mickey, my bro, was not with me, did make me a little nervous. I like it much better, when we go together. He wanted to stay home, since he did not have to see the vet and was not volunteering to escort me.
Pffffffffffff! Some kind of brother!

Anypoo, there was a doggie in the room next door to mine, where I was waiting for the dogtor. He was not happy and was whining a lot. That made me even more nervous. I was only there to get my ears checked out (or so I thought) because Mama couldn't get them clean and needed a special med for that.

All that commotion in the other rooms drove me barking nuts, while I had to wait my turn. Waiting is always bad. None of the nice assistants came to hold my paw. Mama did, but I wanted one of the girls.

Finally, the door opened and the very tall Dr. B. made his way into the room. Weeell, before he had his second foot inside, I had already run out through his legs, took a sharp turn to the right, trying to chase after Lisa for a big hug.
Jan, another very nice female, took me back to the room, giggling all the way. I had "bumped" the doctor when I "ran for my life" through his legs...and Lisa was startled, thinking a mean dog tried to attack her. Jeez, this was a strange encounter...

Oh, Dogtor B. is a very nice man, don't get me wrong. When one of us is ill, he pawrays with our hoomins over us for God to heal us, and stuff like that. But he can be intimidating, when he stands over me, because he is soo tall. Makes me feel like a wittle wabbit.

Yah, yah, I am getting to the point now. Be patient, all at its time. Shhhhht!

He checked my ears and found only one to be schmutzig with yucky stuff. Squeezed some ointment in there, rubbed my ear and explained it all to Mama. That was easy, I thought. Let's go!

But THEN he put on rubber gloves!!!

He had never done that before. What the heck were those for??? Mama seemed to know, and so did Jan, because she went to hold me still in a firm hug. Heeeeeeeelp!

And then the dogtor's hands came c-l-o-s-e-r!

No further details here, dear furries. Some of you must have had THAT treatment in the past. Something about glands? I don't care what that was called. I DO NOT LIKE IT! No. Oh, no! He will never do THAT again. Had I known what was coming, I had "bumped" him on purpose, when I tried to run away...

On the way home, Mama was talking about a funny smell in the car and that she needed to find some "Eau de Tush" for me. Thanks, Mama! How uplifting after such a disgraceful treatment...

The best thing that whole day were the treats I got after returning home - and of course the many hugs and rubs from my favorite hoomin.

She is a great Mama after all! Yes, she is!


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