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I am Heaven's Little Masterpiece!

I'm a Mutt... So What

July 16th 2010 7:43 pm
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Dear Lord,

Hellowie! Licks and Kisses to you.

Just writing to let you know that I am one proud Mutt!

Yes, I'm a mixed breed pup, and I'm so blessed God, that you created me this way... I am unique!

There are still a lot of people who seems to discriminate mutts and native dogs. Here in our country they are called “asong kalye” or “askal” (meaning dog on the street).

I can see and I can feel that they are treated differently compared to our purebred relatives. I feel sad about other native and mixbreed dogs, they greet their owners with wagging tails but often are shooed off. They are given “panis na kanin” (spoiled rice) to eat, eeeewww, don’t this people knew that it could make us sick and it give us worms! They are not groomed or brushed and worst they are not given a bath. They allow them to stray regardless of the weather. They do not have a veterinarian to check their health or for vaccines at least. They are caged or tied most of their lives. They are not even petted, can’t imagine myself like that, that’s terrible. Our local PAWS said that native and mix breed dogs like me are often the most abused and neglected pets. That’s the truth Lord and it makes me sad.

I’m so blessed that my owner loves me, she said that I am just as cute, just as loyal and just as affectionate, and I agree we all are! You create us God, intended to be ruled and nurtured by humans.

I pray Lord, that our society will have a changed perspective on this simple matter, Japan is proud of their Shitzu, China is proud of their Chowchow, France is proud of their poodle… I pray that Filipinos will also be proud of the native breed.

I am a Mutt? So What? Lord, help People to see beauty beyond the breed.

Your wonderfully created dog,

PAWS(Philippines) See Beauty Beyond Breed Campaign and video links


Gettin' Bigger

July 15th 2010 7:06 pm
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Pawsome day everyone!!

Lookie... :) mommy helped me to upload my baby pictures! im such a cutie... I was 2 months then... now im gettin bigger... but relatively I'm still a puppy... cant wait to grow... arf arf

Typhoon passed by manila last wed... Mommy's office was cancelled and she returned home early... yipeee... she got to stay with me almost the whole day... good for you mom, you need sabbath.

For the whole week she work, study, do ministry at our church (a youth church), then work again, study... clean my poop hihi and the house, work for the ministry again... wheew... such a tiring week mom. but im proud of you.. you rock!!!

Its just that can you bring me along with you sometime... in your church activities plsss... so i can meet a lot of people hihi...

mom..?? mom..??

Hope she said yes :)

I am God's miracle,


Heart Talk !

July 7th 2010 7:34 pm
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Hey there everyone...

I am proud to announce that I just got my last puppy vaccines (including the anti-rabies shot) last night... ouchie, it hurts a bit, but mommy said I'm a big puppy now and its alright... ouchie

but then I enjoy my vet visit, I met two poodles, Chuck and Bobita
and oh boy...oh boy... I met their four cutie pups... soooo cute can I play with them plsssss...

I saw mommy carry one of them in her arm... I just stare at them... am I feeling jealous?!! and I heard mommy wants to buy a poodle pup !!?!

Lord, am I getting replaced this soon ? ...

Im sure not coz I know mommy loves me. She put the poodle pup down and hug me ... mwah mwah...

Yes...another puppy may come but I will not be jealous and I will even share our home to another pup because I know I have a special place in Mommy's heart just like all dogs have a special place in God's heart...

I am God's gift,


1st Doggie Day1

July 5th 2010 6:53 pm
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Hello there everyone,,, wazzup?

Notice my profile picture above?.... that's courtesy of a photographer during the Daddy's Pet Day Event at One Esplanade, that's near Mall of Asia.... and it's my first Doggie Event!!!

Im soooo glad me and my mommy attended there...

thou I got tired in the afternoon and fall asleep on a table it was a lot of fun, I got groomed for the first time and I got long car ride for the first time... and many other first time... yipeee...

and oh yes! I met a lot of puppy and doggie and cats too... I'm nervous at first and cling to mommy most of the time...but then... I learn to say hello to other pooch... sniff..sniff..nose kiss!

Im proud of my kind...there are many of us, in variety of shapes, colors and sizes... It makes me think that the Lord loves the people so much because He manage to create us... animal that can be your bestfriend!!

..arf arf... you are so good Lord and very very creative too... and thank you because you created me uniquely.. ;)

God's masterpiece,


Count Me In

July 5th 2010 1:51 am
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I'm so surprised my mommy registered me here, coz I know she is not a social network girl... hmmm... I guess she just want the world to see me... :)

and why not?! after all...

I am Heaven's Little Masterpiece...Thank you Lord!

So... let my e-diary begin....!!!

Count Me In... Dogster :)

God created me,

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