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Home:Corrales, NM, NM  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 7 Years   Sex: Female

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November 3rd 2009

Arrival Story:
We found Maggie on the Internet in Canaga...wonderful breeder and LOVES her pups. We are so Blessed to have her and have had an incredible time training and learning from her

Maggie first letter to Family and Friends: Dear Friends, my littermates and my Canadian Family, WOW, thanks for taking me on the Big plane, if you guys weren't with me, I might have been afraid. But, it was so cool to be close to you and I felt like a Big Girl traveling 2 countries and three states, in just one Day...What a great Day! really picked a good New Mom and Dad for me...they are fun and LOVE me LOTS. Our trip in OUR BIG Motorhome to my New home state of New Mexico was long and we stopped 3 times to try to get me to pee and maybe poop, but, I was just too afraid on the side of the road and I barely pee'd. But, my new Mom says, she read Cesar Milan's book and Patience is something that she had to learn all over again with me. My Dad is really cool, he leaves Mom & I alone almost all day (except when he misses us and comes home for lunch-that's fun). Dad came home for lunch on Monday, my first day waking up in Corrales, New Mexico. He had tried to make our home smaller, by blocking off sections of it so that I didn't get too overwhelmed or lost. It worked, I just stayed in the areas that Mom & Dad were in and they lifted me over the gates to take me into new areas, like the bathroom (where Mom brushes my teeth in the morning and at night too) I like the taste of the stuff on the brush and I 'sit' really nice. Actually, I learned the 'sit' really fast because IF I did that, I always get a very cool treat that Mom says is from my homeland "Canadian Bacon doggie treats" we are working on lie down...and all I have to do is follow the treat to the ground and I get it...YIPEEE! Also, I know what "come" means. Mom pats her leg and says that and I go running up to her like I am going to knock her over, and just at the last second, I stop! and I get really good loving for 'coming' … being a BIG girl is Fun. So, Monday I was really tired with all the changes and traveling, so I slept LOTS, but, Mom kept waking me up and taking me outside and I finally got that too...they want me to pee or poop or do both. It is kinda cold outside, so I try to rush it and get back inside...I need to learn to take my time and not move when I am doing makes a mess and it all follows me everywhere I walk. Tuesday, Dad forgot his eye glasses so around 8am Mom & I got in her Explorer and I sat in the front seat and we went to Dad's office to give them to him and I think it was a 'trick to SHOW me off' to all the people that live in a long corridor. Did I tell you that I do not like doorways or hallways and as of Tuesday I still did not. So, I usually 'whimper' and run back to where Mom or Dad is. Dad has wood floors in his office, so I sit at the door and stare at him and if he doesn't come out I whimper or bark (I did a really good Bark the other day, I think I scared myself). So, at the office, we hung out in the hall and people came out and saw me and said human words, which I have no idea what they mean, lots of ooooo's and aaaaahhhhhh's and they liked to touch me, that is OK cause I remember at home I got touched a lot and that makes me feel really good. Wednesday is always something called 'Wedding Wednesday' around here (and get this) Mom & Dad ALWAYS meet for lunch somewhere and this week, we went to the park and ran around and I was kinda 'goofy' and figuring out how to catch Dad and head him off at the pass, I learned a lot about strategy that day and wore both Dad and Me out, I think I slept the rest of the day. Thursday, Mom will always remember it as "Puppy Day from Hell" is that bad? It started off, me eating my breakfast and I finished before Mom & Dad did, so I 'pooped' on the rug...and then later Mom gave me a 'bully stick' to chew on and after about an hour of doing that, I came in and tried to bite Mom's fingers and shoes and anything that moved for the next 3 hours...I felt like I had just eaten some Mom says we can only do Bully stick for training and when they are eating dinner...and no more than 10 mins. I just love trying to catch their fingers in the air and now Mom & Dad are smartening up and always redirecting my mouth to a rope or chew toy. I like fingers better. Also, I had my first human visitor, Bonnie, she is with the Therapy Dog Group, she was really nice and thought I was cute...but, when I got into the big plant and the dirt was all over the place, Dad got some machine out of somewhere and turned it on and I just couldn't believe the Bark it had...the biggest DOG I ever heard and it kept doing that, so I pee'd on the rug that I had pooped on ...this was a hard day, I was scared by that big blue dog or machine or whatever it was... I just found out that I am a 'herding breed' and when Mom & Dad go anywhere, I stay close and when Dad tried to leave the garage yesterday, I 'blocked' him and crouched down, so that he didn't get I didn't have to go chasing him to get him back in the garage. Mom said I am very smart and quick! I have a big fluffy bed in the living room and at night I go and find all my toys and I bring them all into my big bed and put them in the middle...I like to keep them where I can see them all. I am 'crate trained' the first night it took 32 mins for me to 'settle' as Mom calls it, the next night it took 14 minutes, Wed was only 7 minutes, Thursday was just 3 minutes and Friday NO MINUTES...maybe just seconds. I have a big crate now with a cool bed in there and 'Squirrel' and 'Larry the bulldog' are in there with me. I slept 7 hours 'straight' last night without whining or whimpering and we all slept in today until 7am, I can tell Mom & Dad usually sleep in longer, but, they got up for me and Dad is home all day and we went in the car and walked the property and I am pooped outagain, and this is very hard to learn all this stuff this week PLUS typing with no thumbs...I’m a`pretty BIG girl’, eh??? I miss all of you BUT… I really like where I am and hope you are not sad anymore. So can you tell how happy I am and how much I am learning! Please don't ever forget me, I love you guys and I am here if you ever need me...Mom always lets me play on the computer! I Thank God, everyday for my Family up North...and he said it won't be cold for too much longer. Today was about 48 degrees here in NM, and we sat outside. Love to you all, stay warm and have fun. Please send pics of my sisters and brothers if you get any...also I hear the basement is full of new puppies...send pics please, I need to keep track of my herd. Love, Maggie Mae, Mom & Dad (the exhausted new parents!)

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My Diary

Maggie Mae 8 Months OLD

July 12th 2010 10:12 am
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“How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

This was my first Family “Vacation”… and now I love that word! I am 83 lbs. and 8 months old and my Mom & Dad took me on a trip in ‘It’ (the Motor home) to the East Coast and we did so much cool stuff! We left here on a Friday and 4 hours later we had to stop at Cadillac Ranch where some crazy person took some old cars and buried them in the dirt…what were they thinking? It was perfect timing because I had to pee and I needed to walk too…we had fun…our first ‘touristy stop’.

Our first two days ‘on the road’ we only stopped when we had to and I made sure of that…cause I had to pee. By the time we passed the BIG arch in St. Louis, I was panicking, I no longer knew where I lived and I needed to get out of ‘It’. I was doing the ‘woo-woo’ and crying and scratching at the door. So, Dad said “let’s call it a day” and we stopped early. We played on the grass at a really nice rest area and we watched a movie and I relaxed…only to go another long day…but, I was a good girl and did not worry anymore. Until we got to a place they called the ‘Border’ and a lady with a gun wanted to come into ‘It’ and I was a bit worried. So, we all got out and she went in…that’s when I barked at her to get out of ‘IT’…she checked stuff to make sure we didn’t smuggle any American’s into Canada, I guess. Canada is my homeland and I wasn’t too happy with my welcome home. Then we drove and got a little lost, we took a scenic drive along the river and Mom did “oooohh’s and ahhhh’s” at the pretty homes. Then we arrived at a place where everyone was leaving. Mom said that’s perfect for us. We got out and walked a bit and I saw lots of kids and people, they had just watched ‘the fireworks’ at Niagara Falls! The Falls were beautiful and we got really wet just looking at it, we didn’t even go in the water. Dad called it the world’s largest ‘mister’. Then, that night, we parked at a ‘secret place’ and the next day walked a gazillion miles to see the Falls in the daytime. Luckily we had packed our lunches and lots of water. Mom did more “oooohh’s and aahhh’s” at the Falls and they ate ice cream and Dad and I ran on the grass and we talked to the landscape workers…they made it so beautiful! WE loved it, a once in a lifetime experience at one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

That same day, we headed east along the Lake (and bought fresh cherries and strawberries too) and visited with Donna and Gene Easton and their ‘clan’…Kyle, Jenna, and Shawn and my new best friend Riley. We hit it off right away and we liked the same things, running in and out of the house, treats and playing. Donner (that is what NYer’s call her) showed me where the treats were and I just went in there when I wanted one…and Riley followed. We had a great dinner and sat around the fire and I was mad that Mom didn’t plan for us to stay there longer. Do you know that their home is over 100 years old, it was way cool!

The next day, we got in ‘It’ and only drove a few miles to see family…Loren, Gina, Beth, Danny, Lucas and Gracie. We played in the yard and I toppled Lucas over a few times…and Gracie was so small, my face came right up to hers and it scared her every time. We went for lots of walks and we even got caught in a very BIG rain storm, so I just ‘shook’ and dried easily…but the humans seem to have a worse time of it. I never saw my Dad so wet, he was holding Lucas’ hand and they were soaked! We also went to the lake for a picnic and saw the big geese and they were very mean, Mom said they were protecting their babies. Gina and Loren did not have any doggies at their house so I found others in the neighborhood, Ruby (another Swissy) and Solli to play with me.

We had such a great time in Upstate New York with the Martin Family, everyone was happy and fun and we stayed in ‘It’ and kept our mess to ourselves. Mom and Dad even left me there alone a few times and they went out in Loren’s new car to have Ice Cream, I think they are addicted to that stuff, they always look for it wherever we go, it looks mushy to me. I learned how to play T-ball with Lucas…Lucas hits the whiffle ball and me and Dad tried to catch it. I’m really good at catching it.

The next day was a really tough day, we had to go near New York City to get to Long Island and now I really do not know where I live! Plus, the roads are so bad and the traffic and all ‘the dorks’ as Dad called them, that kept cutting in front of him. So, it was very stressful for my parents and I think my Mom had a breakdown….she couldn’t handle the bumps anymore, but Dad stayed calm and me too. By the time we got out to the Island, I had to pee really badly and we stopped just a few miles before Dr. Jack’s House and Mom and I walked it off. We were all glad to get out of ‘It’ and not travel anywhere for the next few days. It was my Cousin Alison’s Graduation and there were so many people and Abbey Mae (their Golden) was there and she did not want me to get to close to her Mom & Dad, and I really liked them, so I did what she wanted me to. My cousins and I all played whiffle ball out in the front yard, when I caught the ball…EVERYONE chased me-that was fun! Then my Dad brought me in the pool and I tried swimming. Abbey is a very good swimmer; she goes in by herself…not me.

We did a lot at Arlene and Glenn’s-but mostly eating and I was not on a leash the whole time, so I had to figure out everything by myself. When they had the big Graduation party, I hung out with the short kids with the cookies. They kept going in and out of the doors.
These are some of the things I have learned on this trip:
1. When a door is shutting, it opens up again and I can slip in
2. a whiffle ball will crush with one bite and kids will chase you for it
3. a shuttle cock has feathers and kids will chase you for it
4. Kids have cookies and food, all the time, so I learned to stay close
5. I am a very good floor cleaner, as long as there are kids to drop stuff
6. Vacations are a lot of work, I never got any of my naps
7. My Grand Ma thinks I am an Alps dog, no one ever remembers what kind of Dog I am
8. I grew more …lots more on this trip (see my growth chart below)
9. I am only allowed to play/bite my Dad’s hands
10. Truck stops have chicken bones, everywhere
11. America’s roads are crappy, especially in a big rig, lots of bumps, they should fix them so more families will travel with their dogs and kids to see cool stuff
12. When we stop ‘on the road’, Mom makes me pee right away…that is very hard to do, I am still a puppy-even though I look like a Big Dog.
13. I LOVE streams and ponds and GRASS!!!!

It was great to be with Mom’s family, they all like dogs and I tried to be very good. On Sunday, we all relaxed at Arlene’s and even took naps out by the pool, this was a great day. Also, Mom stopped every Ice Cream truck that she heard to get some…She said “Mister Softee’ is the best and now she wants to be the Missus Softee lady...whatever that means!

On Monday we all got in the car and drove to Brooklyn to see Aunt Dolores, it was a long ride and the bumps were bad then too. We heard that the driving lanes in NY are 2 feet narrower than normal roads, so that makes it way harder for the driver. Mom was driving and she panicked when we got to the Verrazano Bridge and she made a wrong turn and we had to go to New Jersey-that was fun! We had to pay the man $11.00 to find out how to get back to Brooklyn…geez! Aunt Dolores is doing good and we talked and she pet me and she really liked me, she called me ‘Mutsy”. Mom said I could stay there…but, there was no grass and I had to go down an elevator to see the sky again. I do not think that doggies can live like that. Janice, Dale & Rachel joined us; Rachel sang a song so that meant I could go roaming around the house while everyone was listening. Aunt Dolores doesn’t have any cool stuff for doggies. We tried to beat the traffic and I do not think there is such a thing…it is always busy and the drivers are crazy on the bumpy roads. Dad was almost sleeping in the car and then we heard him say “Fuggetaboudit”, Mom thought he was reading a license plate…but NO…there is a sign on the parkway that says “Fuggetaboudit”…kind of like the SC sign that says “Thanks for visiting-Have a Nice Day” but this was the Brooklyn version. Mom cannot stop saying that word now…and then she laughs…she sounds like a truck driver when she says it.

We said ‘Goodbye’ to the McClain family and headed out east to Uncle Joel and Suzin’s (Niki’s family) and Cody (granddaughter) was visiting/working for the Summer, she was nice and we all sat by the pool. Then I got to ride in Uncle Joel’s convertible to pick up Cody from work. It was lots of fun and I also swam in their pool -4 laps with Dad! They have a wonderful place, I could stay there forever!

Uncle Joel took us around town, we ate at an outdoor restaurant and we saw some more ‘ooohhh-aaahhhh’ homes on Dune Road, Dad thought they were too big…but they were right on the ocean and I could live like that-for sure. We stayed in the Church parking lot and it was quiet and right next door to Joel & Suzin’s, it was perfect. Uncle Joel didn’t realize how big ‘It’ was; he laughed when we came down the road to his home. Suzin was playing tennis and she came home and then had a Bridge meeting, she is very busy, but she found lots of time to be with us and make us a super dinner in their great home.

Next stop, Jill and Oak’s, they were only 15 mins from the Hillman house…good thing because I did not want to ride too far that day, it was a beautiful day. Mom got out when she saw Oak and hugged him, I growled at him but no one heard except Dad because we were looking out the window in ‘It’, I did not know Oak and then Dad let me out and I made sure Mom was OK and then I ran on the grass, they have a beautiful home and I met Teddy and Jetty-they are non-allergenic doggies, I am the allergic kind-not really sure what that means. Teddy and I played and ran on the grass-did I tell you I Love grass! Jetty has only 3 legs, so he didn’t run …plus, I was too big for him and I didn’t want to play too hard and hurt him! Dad really liked the old car in the garage…something like a 35 Ford something or other…I was too busy playing to listen about cars.

Oak helped my Dad set up ‘It’ and then we had ‘shore power’ and we did not run that noisy thing in the motor home. We walked to Patty’s (Oak’s daughter) “Early Girl Farm” across the street. It was incredible…she only grows natural veggies and sells only to restaurants (she used to be a chef in the Big City)…now, she is a real farmer! Plus, she has a puppy named Oscar and we loved doing the same stuff!

Now we had to say ‘Goodbye’ again…I hate this part. And get in ‘It’ and head somewhere else…now Mom is saying “she doesn’t even know where we live”. We had been on the road almost 2 weeks and I do not know where we were going next. Then we finally get there after many hours on the road…Dad kept complaining about the morons in a place called Washington, DC…Mom kept asking him if he was losing it…anyway we arrived in Virginia-they have a lot of grass there!!!!! Scott and Vicki Furber used to live in California and Scott got transferred here…whatever that means. They have a big house and lots of GRASS!!! And a stream and a pool…man, I know where I live now…Right here! I really like them and asked if I could come back, my Mom told me they are my Godparents…what are they? I think what it means is, if anything happens to my Mom and Dad, I will go and stay with them. No need to worry about that because Mom and Dad are indestructible. Also my Godfather- Scott rubs me good and squishes my face, I like that. I followed Niki (their dog) around as much as I could, so she would like me too…but she wanted to make sure I didn’t ‘move in’ just yet. They have cats and I had never met any before so I had to learn…Gracie the cat acted like a dog, but didn’t play…I did get Niki to play even though she is kinda old. Katie and Kyle were there too and it was fun to meet them…they live downstairs where the movie room is, Niki and I slept right next to each other while Dad and Mom and my Godparents watched Iron Man and it was a cool movie, they said.

The next day Dad broke a toe (maybe he’s not so indestructible)…he was leading me away from the door…I swipe at the door to let everyone know I wanted to go in or out…Mom says that was OK when I was little but now that I’m a BIG Dog I can’t be doing that anymore, I push out screens and scratch doors….anyway Dad was leading me away from the door by my collar and he walked into my back foot…since I weigh 83 lbs and all my weight was on that foot, his toe broke because my foot didn’t move. Nurse Vicki came to the rescue and Dad was back in action.

We helped Scott do stuff around the place…since they moved in, part of their garages (these are cool places to hang out and take naps) needed some help and Dad likes setting up garages, so he and Mom helped with that and I roamed around the grass and property with Niki, it was wonderful. I was not on a leash and I never went past the property line cause it was way too far away from Mom & Dad. I think I saw Bears or Buffalo out there in the grasses, Dad said it was an elephant but I think he was foolin’ with me.

All of a sudden our time was over and we were heading out the driveway to ‘who knows where’? We drove all day and lots of the night too and then did the ‘truck stop’ thing again and I did not stay up to watch the trucks that night, I was too tired. Mom said something about having to get the hell out of Tennessee…..not sure what that means. Then we met Janice and Dale in Oklahoma City to pass off the fragile china of Grandma Hines’ that Aunt Dolores gave Janice-it was very pretty and we were concerned that it was broken-because the roads were so bad…it was all good and then we left and we headed into a hail storm and drove until we saw the Albuquerque Fireworks and that meant we were HOME!!!!!
WOW… 16 days… 4647 miles and 8 family & friends visits, we are all very tired and when we pulled in…I forgot that it was our home…I was hesitant to go in and then it all started coming back…we have a very BIG house (compared to ‘It’)…but, we do not have much Grass, bummer.

I am glad we are home…I only missed one thing on the East Coast and that was the Atlantic Ocean, so we will have to go back and do that sometime, I hear it is fun. Thank you to all our friends and family that put up with us arriving with ME…an 8 month old puppy! I tried to be a Big Dog and I look Like a Big Dog…but, Dad says I still have “puppy brain”
Love to all and Happy 4th of July!!!
Maggie Mae


7 months old!!!

July 12th 2010 10:09 am
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Hellooooooo Everyone! This is my 7th letter and I am 7 months old…plus, I am 73 lbs and EVERYTHING is about ME (at least I think so)!! Everywhere I go, I think I should be the center of attention and I try to make sure everyone knows that the minute they see me. Mom whispers words to people when we first see them and she told them to ‘ignore me’. Something about I had not earned their respect yet and I must be ignored until ‘I am calm’ to say Hello. So, hearing that, I have to wait…a very long time to meet anyone and I am really trying hard to do this so I can go everywhere with my peeps.

I’m back in school and it is not puppy school. Its real obedience training and I get so pooped out. There are 4 other doggies (6-8 month old dogs) in my class. We all have both our parents there, so as not to wear just one of them out, I guess. I am learning to heel-which is to walk on the left side and not more than a foot away…and NO pulling…what’s up with that! Mom and I do this everyday around the block for a mile and I ‘used’ to be able to do whatever I wanted… NOW, I have to ‘heel’ (Mom is regretting giving me all that freedom). I always want to lollygag and smell everything and she will not let me…she says “walking is for exercise” and I can do the other stuff when we are home on the property. She is getting pretty tough on me. She opens up the courtyard gates and most of the day I can do that running stuff out there. Mom and I hang out all day while Dad is at work, I follow her everywhere. Sometimes, I just get to lie down and then she’s off again and I have to get up to be sure she doesn’t do something I want to do too. I like to lie down right next to her.

I can also jump really well over the bushes and Dad says I always take the shortest path, no matter what is in my way, I go over-under-thru everything. He calls me ‘psycho-dog’, what does that mean? I keep running until I find a bush and I dive under it for shade-eat a stick and then take off again. The other day when Dad got home I surprised him… I had just got out of my pool and ran through the sand, he opened the door of his pickup truck and I launched myself all the way up onto his lap and I licked his face, Mom was laughing, Dad was wet, but he couldn’t be mad…I was too cute! Mom & I really like it when he gets home.

Do you know that it’s not very hot here yet, so I get to go in the car with Mom where ever she goes and everyone gives me treats through the car window. When we go to the bank all the girls talk and then send treats out to me …that is cool! I also learned how to push the window button to get air. I pushed it and it went down…that was great, another time I pushed it and it tried to squeeze my head, so Mom stopped it and Mary Alice told her to ‘lock’ the windows so I cannot open them…I guess that will help!

Dad rides a motorcycle to work everyday and Mom and me go out and say ‘Good-bye’ to him. After he puts his helmet on…I give him kisses-right through the hole! Mom cannot do this and I feel very special that I am the only one that can do this.

In my last letter, I told you we were going to the Lake-now I know what it is! We take the Motorhome and we park it and look out on this beautiful lake and we hike and walk and last time I learned how to SWIM!!! Dad taught me…took me out there and then turned me around and held my belly and I floated and then all of a sudden I was swimming to get to Mom. She was cheering and jumping and taking pictures.

At the lake, when Dad and I were running and playing I wasn’t looking and I had my first injury. I looked up at Dad and at the same time, I hit a very high curb and I did a flying face plant into the pavement…I cried and held up my front paw…boy did it hurt. The bottom of my chin was scraped and bleeding and my front leg hurt lots, so Dad took me to Mom and she cleaned my chin and put stuff on it and then put an ice bag on my leg and it felt all better. Mom said it will be my first of many ‘spills’ so she was glad that I let her fix me up with no complaints. She is so cool…Mom knows so much stuff. Dad and I have fun, I don’t care what happens, we like to play and have FUN!

I was kind of a pain at the lake the first time, I had to be on a long leash and I chewed myself free a few times and got loose (so now I have an indestructible long leash) then I wanted to eat all the colored rocks they had set in this area by our picnic table…Mom & Dad did not like that at all.

You know I get fed 3 times a day-I really like that-BUT, I was still getting the same amount of food scoops since I was a baby, so twice Mom left the food bin open, so I just ate as much as I could…even spit up some in there…until Mom found me in there and she was all upset with herself, not me…HA! So, she sat with me and watched me to make sure I ‘burped’ and if I threw up-I didn’t eat it again- well I didn’t, I was fine, but, she was really worried about bloat and my stomach twisting-which she said could kill me. (I think I know what ‘kill’ means…I have heard Mom say that she could “kill me” or I would “kill her” someday). So, now she NEVER leaves the bin open...and she called Laura (my Breeder Mom) and found out that she can be feeding me up to 5 cups a day...YIPEEE! So, everything worked out and I am getting more food and that is what I was trying to tell Mom by eating all that food in the first place, right?

I really like it here in New Mexico, it is slowly getting warmer and I like to lay in the warm sand-Dad thinks I will be great at the beach-whenever we get to one! Now that I know how to swim; I can also stick my head all the way underwater in my pool and pick up the shovel from the bottom of it…so I think I will be good in the ocean or a people pool. We will go meet my cousins in NY and I will get to swim in the Kucera’s family pool with Abbey, she’s a Golden, I can’t WAIT! I’m glad I moved from Switzerland (or Canada), I don’t think I like the cold very much.

In our house, I used to be able to do stuff; now I am so big I can’t. Only my feet or my nose can fit under the couch and I get stuck almost everywhere. Even when my ball goes under there I cannot get it, so Mom is teaching me to talk and I say ‘woo-woo’ when I need to get something or when I want to go outside. Because, I have been scratching up the wood doors and that does not make my Mom happy.

I just learned to ‘catch’ without my paws! Dad says ‘catch’ and throws the ball in my direction and I open up my mouth and I catch it and my parents go WILD!!!! I can catch anything they throw at me…YIPPPEEEE- I finally learned it. Dad taught me with ‘treats’ first and graduated to other stuff. Now that I can catch, I have a job! I started to see these ‘flying’ things on the portal and then Mom & Dad started seeing them in the house. They call them ‘moths’ and it is my job to get them. I usually run around in a circle to get them and somehow I ‘bump’ them and then they lay there and they fake being dead and then all of a sudden they are trying to fly again and I follow them until I can smush them and I even ate one (but it didn’t taste to good) so I just smush them with my paw or my nose. In May, there were lots of them, but not any more, I must be very good at getting them and scaring them away…so they go and tell their friends to never come my ‘hood’. Just call me “The Moth-in-nator”

Inside the courtyard, I found some ‘sprinkler heads’ things that water comes out of-and I ate a few of them, so the next time the water came on it was like a water park out there! Water everywhere!!! And that makes mud in the garden-so Mom & Dad bought some sod grass-real stuff that I can eat when I don’t feel well and we put grass in a big area-JUST FOR me! NO more mud-just American Bluegrass-for eating and stretching and lying around on. I Love my Dad.

So, I have lots to learn still…especially listening …I like to do things when I want to do them. They call these the teenage years (or months in doggie days) I am supposed to sit when I want to come in the door…and I don’t feel like it, so I just stay out and play some more. Mom will not let me do a lot of things, so it is like a battle of the Minds…or Wills… and I hope to win every time…but, she has learned to be consistent and I have learned to be relentless, so the battle continues and they STILL think one day I will be a great dog…until then…I am STILL A PUPPY!!!! YIPEEEE YA HOOOEEEEEE!

Love to all and have a fun summer…I will write when I am 8 months old…that is almost 250 days old! I think I am supposed to be 80 lbs then! Love, Maggie Mae Krenik


6 months Old!

July 12th 2010 10:04 am
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In case you forgot me…I am Maggie Mae and my Mom & Dad are Karen and Greg and I am now 6 months old (we don’t count in weeks anymore). I am a Swiss Mountain Dog and I hear I will be a big dog real soon! My Uncle Neil thinks I am very smart and wrote to me and thought that I should be the ‘Human Whisperer’. Is that when you tell all the human peoples secrets (and say them in a low voice, I guess?). I heard that Robert Redford is the ‘Horse Whisperer’ and Cesar Millan is the ‘Dog Whisperer’ and everyone LOVES them, so maybe this ‘Human Whisperer’ thing could make me smarter and could be fun too. I will try it…we will see if it works!

OK, so we’ve been very busy…in my 6th month everything is changing. My head is finally getting bigger (like my Dad’s) and my legs are really long (like my Mom’s), plus I’ve got ALL my Big Dog teeth, on April 14, the last one came out. It was broken because Mom and I were playing soccer and it broke in the ball a while ago and it hurt a lot. So, Dad handed Mom these metal clampy looking things and said “Here, you take these while I hold her, just pull it out, it will be hard to grab and it’s bleeding all over the place.” Mom said “No…we’ll just use the normal teeth pulling method.” I think they learned it from their parents. They tied a string around my tooth and then tied it to the door knob…then SLAMMED the door! Hehehehe…not really, but I think my Mom wanted me to put that in there because a lot of my friends commented about how Mom had all my teeth and some Mom’s never saw any of their doggie’s teeth, we have 23 in a baggie! I think I just did the Human Whisperer thing…and maybe I should not be telling what my parents do behind closed doors…but, this could be fun!

When I stand up (like on the counters to see what is up there) I am now almost 5 feet tall. And when you get taller, you can really see what is happening. Dad built a cool perch for me and also the outdoor bed is ready for summer, (I really like to lie on it) so I’m always looking over the courtyard wall and seeing the entire world.

When we ride in the car, it’s easy to get Mom to open the window for me just by using my big paw and scratching on the handle and then, all of the sudden the window opens, so I can do what the big dogs do…hang my head out. When we went to AZ, I really wanted the window open and when Dad put it down the wind outside the car was really strong and it blew my lips up and lots of air up my nose and I sneezed and sat right back down, I am still a puppy and I thought it was going to suck me right out the window. Then I tried sticking my head out the sunroof-that’s going to be cool when I get bigger! I can only get my nose out and just barely see over the top. Did I tell you that I’m 60 lbs and Mom thinks I’m a “Force to Deal with”. I have been pulling a lot, especially when we went for my first hike in the Sandia Mountains (now I’m a real Mountain Dog). The hike was about a mile and Dad was the lead dog and I was ‘herding behind him’ and Mom was straggling behind, but I was attached to her, so I pulled her up the mountain…she said it was ‘cool’ but as the ‘Human Whisperer’ …I know she thought that it was a bad idea, she shouldn’t have let me do that, because all the way down the mountain I still wanted to pull. So, Dad took over and told me to heel and walk like I wanted to hang out with him. I just wanted to see what was around the next bend...sometimes there were kids that run and jump and yell ( I LOVE THAT!) and other times there are puppies like me, that just want to play and be gooney. We met one dog that was grouchy, so his mom kept him very tight and close to her…I think she was grouchy too-I notice that sometimes dogs are like their humans. (My Human Whisperer senses are kicking in now!) So hiking is fun and I think we’ll do more of that.

Does anyone LOVE the weekends more that me??? Best part…Dad stays home…2nd best part…I get to come up in the BIG bed as Mom & Dad are waking up…and we all fall asleep again for another hour. I know how to make myself ‘small and quiet’ in the Big bed, so they don’t kick me out. PLUS, did you know that my humans do not ‘close’ the gate on my crate anymore...they said they were going to ‘trust me’, whatever that means…and I guess I am trusting, because I have my crate and next to it a fluffy bed and I can sleep in either one. BUT, I cannot whine and cry and ask to come up on the big bed until the morning. Whisper part---they think I will take up the whole bed and I still have a lot of growing to do…plus, I like to sleep all stretched out and so do they… it is really hard to hurt my feelings when I use the puppy face and the whimper. Also on the weekends, there are no gates up so I can hang out everywhere in our house…this must be the trust part…but I have to whisper to you…MOM doesn’t really trust me, she sees everything I do and I get caught at all the bad stuff…and either she turns her back and ignores me (I hate that) or she smushes me to the floor and I submit and then everything is OK again.

In my 4 months with Mom & Dad, I have learned a lot of human words, I heard Mom & Dad talking in bed last night and they said all the words that I knew (which was kinda freaking me out…I didn’t know if I had to do the words or not) and they were counting them (I don’t know how to count… yet) and they told each other that I know 35 words and 14 phrases and we are working on 4 hand signals and 3 other human words…Mom almost cried because she was so proud. I think she was surprised how smart I am…am I ‘Whispering’ again?

In the physical part (that means ‘play part’) of my life (I hear everyone needs balance…to be smart and staying fit is a good thing!) Dad has been playing ball with me…and I still cannot catch it the way he wants me to. He uses his hands and I want to use mine and I have no opposing thumbs and it drives me crazy. He throws it right at me and it freaks me out…I need some help trying to Human Whisper him…what is he thinking-throwing it at my face?

For my 5 month birthday I got a pool! It is bright yellow and Mom fills it with water from a long snake and I like to bite the water when it comes out, then I stick my whole head in it and find things at the bottom. I like to walk in the water and make bubbles and try to eat them too. We will go to the Lake this weekend and Dad will teach me how to swim and when we get tired Mom will give me a ride in the kayak…that should be lots of fun…yay…The Lake.

We also do a lot of gardening around here, that’s where Mom digs holes in the ground and tries to grow stuff. We have this big backyard and that’s just for running and digging. Dad and Mom try to save the desert plants out there and they dig these ‘wells’ (that’s what they call them) and then they put water in them...they are just about the coolest places to play. It is wet sand and water and I like digging so I just get my whole body and feet in there and lay in it…there are wells all over the property…so it’s lots of fun…EVERYWHERE!

Some of my other favorite things to do are:
-Checking out the wastebasket and finding really soft white things and getting them and then running out of the room with them. YES, someone always chases me…that’s the fun part, but then they take it away from me. Also, I learned how to use my tongue to open the kitchen garbage can…but ‘they’ are not very happy about that, I barely get it open and they say ‘eh eh eh’ and I get moved away…bummer… because it smells good in there. Dad taped something heavy to the lid, so now I can’t open it…anymore…yet, I am working on it.
-I always want what my people have in their hands…they always have cool stuff, so I try to jump…but, Mom always says “off” “off” “off”…sometimes I think that is my new name. Whisper part – I think she’s only supposed to say it once.
-I like pencils and so do Mom & Dad, cause we have a lot of them around here and I like to take them from them when they are working at my level…which is getting higher and higher everyday.

I got lots of e-mails from all of you, “thank you” so much! I actually got a real letter, “Fan Mail from some Flounder” my Mom said that when the letter came…she’s weird. Kelsey, this little girl from SC, sent me a letter with hand drawn pictures of her doggie and told me how she walks her on a lead. I am still learning that ‘walk on the lead’ thing too. I like to either lollygag behind or pull ahead. Mom is trying to get me to heel…hmmmm…yea right. As her personal Human Whisperer…I know she is thinking I am going to be HUGE and she wants to have the upper hand. Another problem I am working on is trying to be calm when I see people and their puppies…but, I am so excited and I just want to jump and run and play and roll and do what Big dogs do…but, I am not thinking…or listening to Mom when that happens…so we have more stuff to work on.

Well this is getting very long…but I only have two more things to tell you…
Two weeks ago we drove to AZ, we stayed with Papa (Nana was in NY at Gracie’s one year old Birthday) so we had Papa all to ourselves. And on Saturday, we went to my first Motorcycle Drag race. Mom & Dad said they used to do that all the time…but, I don’t get it, they don’t have any of the race stuff these people had…a trailer full of bikes and parts and people food everywhere and some doggies and kids too! It was very hot and Thank Goodness Mom had brought these really cool shoes for me to wear…no female (human or dog) can resist a Cool pair of shoes…PLUS, these red booties were cold…they were in the cooler first! So, I was styling and everyone noticed and they told my Mom she was a smart cookie! I think that is like a treat, right? I really like the Motorcycles, some make these really cool, loud noises. They leave the starting line really quick…almost as fast as me when Mom or Dad try and catch me. We went up to the tower and met the announcer Stevie, and he interviewed my Dad and he tried to give me some smelly people food and told the spectators to offer me some too. I have never had that kind of food…Mom says it is bad for me…and I heard her ‘whisper’ that Sadie used to get it all the time and she became obsessed with it and everyone has at least ONE Sadie ‘food stealing’ story. I always look at the people food, but I think I will do as Mom and Dad say…they are supposed to be in charge…maybe I will wait until I’m over 100 lbs and then just ‘take it’ from them…ohhhh now I am being a doggie whisperer and spilling my own secrets.

And this past weekend…we walked in the American Cancer Walk and I met a Bazillion people! This was a big part of my training, I am not good when I meet people, I get so excited and I pull and sometimes pee and ALWAYS want to jump up…so to meet a bazillion people at one time was a very good exercise for me and my peeps. We walked for Nana Martin and Mary Jo Krenik; they both are ‘Survivors of Breast Cancer’. Last week, Aunt Claire died of cancer, so we did a special mile for her, she was a special person and my Dad went to Chicago last week to celebrate her life with her family. God Bless Aunt Claire…I wish I could’ve met her; Dad said she was a very special lady.

Thanks for being my friends and family…we may come to visit you someday, so be prepared!
I better stop typing now and get back to being a puppy.

Maggie Mae Krenik
The Human Whisperer

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