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Hello, world!

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Let my people go!!!

December 30th 2012 4:03 pm
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I am a very smart dog.

I'm a noble dog!

I want the best for EVFURRY ONE!

That's why I did what I did when at camp on Friday.

I opened the gate to the doggie play area and I let ALL THE DOGGIES FREE! Including me!!! We were evfurrywhere between the play areas!!

When Mama came to pick me up, they told her and she laughed and laughed. She said she and Daddy were so proud of me!

I'm a very smart dog.

And nofurry was hurt or lost during my release of all dogs.

But it sure was fun!!!


Empty threats!!!

December 4th 2012 6:16 pm
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Yesterday I went to camp and played with my furrends. It was FUN!!!

When I got home we ate and hung out in the bedroom. I was dozing, and then I heard something weird.


My brow wrinkled. Mama said, "You're next, Frank!!"

I backed out of the room and decided to relax in a different room. Not before I sniffed those dirty Q-tips though. Interesting!!!

Mama found me and scratched my ears real good! Top and bottom! She brought two q-tips but she didn't use them. I HATE HATE HATE anyone even LOOKING at my ears funny!

That wasn't funny, Mama. Don't kid like that! I won't be able to trust you!!!


Bath day!

November 27th 2012 6:03 pm
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Today we all got baths because Buddha pooped in his crate and made him and his crate a stinky mess.

It was weird though, ONLY Buddha's head was stinky, the rest of his body was not!!! That one time I had to poop in my crate I was sure to smear it ALL OVER ME and everything else!

I guess all doggies are different!

Anyhoo, it was different because (1) they didn't close the bathroom door and (2) Mama called me and I went into my crate. She grabbed the scruff of my neck and then I said 'okay!'. We walked to the bathroom and I hopped right into the tub!

I really didn't mind much! Daddy did have to hold me in, because after a few minutes I didn't understand why we weren't done. Mama says I have a lot of hair!

Mama picked out the dingle-berries from my bottom. Secretly I am happy about this! I am squeaky clean everywhere!

When it was Joey's turn Buddha was crated (because he'd just rub it in) and I got to come in the bathroom and give Joey and Mama and Daddy kisses. Joey was unhappy and made sad noises. I stayed close and looked pained just for her. Mama said that was nice of me.

We're clean! Not for long! BOL!


The outside

November 9th 2012 8:30 pm
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Me and Joey and Mama and Daddy went on a big adventure about a week ago. We even GOT IN THE CAR and went somewhere AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE AND YARD AND NEIGHBORHOOD!!! It was SO exciting! Me and Joey were PSYCHED!!

When we got there, we hiked for TWO MILES in a park that had deer and bears and bunnies and even more than that!!!! There were SO MANY SMELLS!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!! We were SO HAPPY and ENRICHED!!!

Mama and Daddy say we're gonna do this more often. When we got home I kept being an ADVENTURER!!! I SMELLED everything like it was the first time! I was BRAVE! I jumped up on the table! The counters! I TOOK stuff! It is EXCITING being the new ADVENTURER FRANK!!!!

The bad side is that Joey caught a virus and that's the only place she coulda got it. Or maybe on a dog walk, but the vet said her kinda sick was GOING AROUND.

Will me and Buddha get the yuckies??? Mama says maybe. I say she should feed us all RICE AND BOILED CHICKEN JUST IN CASE!!!

Will we never leave the compound again? Will we get sick evfurry time we do???

Oh, I think rice and boiled chicken will sooth my soul.....


Mmmm! Bacon!

November 4th 2012 2:20 pm
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I love my parents EXTRA when they're cooking bacon!!! The piggy kind, not the cute little Scottie kind!

The aroma FILLS MY NOSE HOLES! I can't stand it!

Daddy gave me some bacon today! Some raw, some cooked, and I got to lick the plate!

THEN I got all sorts of energy! That bacon ENERGIZED me! It was fuel for my tank!

So we went for a walk!

I loooooove bacon!


Mommy Alarm

August 23rd 2012 7:50 am
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I used to be a good Mommy alarm in the mornings. I'd POUNCE on the bed and kick faces and say, "GOOD MORNING!!! I LOVE YOU!!! HOW 'BOUT SOME BREAKFAST???"

I still do that, in a less wiggly way, but this morning when I LAID DOWN ON MY MAMA she just giggled at me!!

Now that I think about it, position is important. When I used to sit my butt on her head, she used to get up SOOPERFAST!!!!! Hm. I'll have to do that next time. Until then, I'll make like Mamas hips & knees are comfy!! Bol Bol Bol Bol!!!!


No pool! No pool!

August 20th 2012 5:38 pm
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It took a LOT of barking, but I think I finally scared the pool away! Or, I scared Mama and Daddy into making the pool go BYE BYE!!!!

NOW we have a HUGE yard! It's lots of dirt and I can run and gallop in many directions!! Repeatedly!!!

It's pretty great! That pool scared me, every time someone jumped in I would FREAK OUT BECAUSE WHAT IF THEY DIDN'T COME BACK UP???? That stuff aged me! It made me old and cynical even!! BAH! Pool! It can be fun, but it's almost the same playing in the bathtub and WAAAAAAY safer!

My Mommy and Daddy aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, but I'm relieved they have FINALLY taken the hint!!!


Sniff sniff sniff

August 15th 2012 5:31 pm
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I'm getting OLDER. And WISER. And now that I'm not as little as I was, I'm starting to like different things!

Like, I REALLY REALLY REALLY like using my nose!

Mama is reading a book about, uh, tracking, she calls it. It involves my nose! My pawrents do EFURRYTHING slow as Christmas, but we're gearing up for tracking lessons for me! Like, for fun!

I like the idea. I L-O-V-E using my nose!!!


It's POOL TIME!!!!

May 16th 2012 8:30 pm
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We're playing in the pool! I got in! I played around and around with my ball!! It was the FIRST TIME EVER!!!

Well, one thing made it easier, it was EMPTY!!!!! It is the BEST place to play with balls! They roll round and round and round!

It's fun running around an empty pool while Mama and Daddy chisel away at it! They say they want me to try to get into the pool this summer - WHEN IT HAS WATER IN IT!!!!

Don't they know that's DANGEROUS???

We'll see. For now, though, I'll have fun playing ball and supervising Mama and Daddy's 'Man's work'! I love Man's Work and I stay close by! Reminding them to drink water and making sure they're all up to date on kisses!!!

Maybe I'll be a contractor when I grow up! BOL!!! I'm a good supervisor!!!


My Barkday! My Barkday!

April 13th 2012 4:09 pm
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Yesterday was my BARKDAY! I'm TWO YEARS OLD NOW!

It makes me happy!

Daddy took me to the fancy dog treat store and I picked out RAW FROZEN BISON BONE! I even got some for Joey and Buddha! Being older means knowing SHARING is GOOD!

THEN we went to the plain 'ol pet store and the peeps there gave me a BAG of dog treats from the treat bar for FREE! It was 'cause it was my BARKDAY! Daddy told everyone!! It was MY special day!

I feel REALLY GOOD about being TWO!! Two will be a good age for me! It's like, 24 in people years! I'm a young adult! With big dreams and clouds in my eyes! I can do ANYTHING! Mama tells me that's TRUE!

TODAY I got to go to Lowe's as a POST BIRTHDAY treat! It was FUN! I got to SMELL STUFF, and smile at people, and some people pet me! They say I'm a big boy! Hahaha! Little do they know, I'm a sweet baby boy!

Happy Barkday to me! It's FUN having a barkday! How often do these happen again???

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