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Hello, world!

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What's for dinner?

August 14th 2010 5:29 pm
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Joey has been telling me about the once upon a time of eating a raw diet. Joey says they stopped eating raw after Ulli got sick and died. The vet originally told Mama her problem was because they ate raw. Well, that was WRONG.

Still. Mama felt like we weren't getting the veggies we needed. So we went to U.S.A. all made doggie food.

Guess what? Last night Mama put CHICKEN NECKS in with our food! Oh! I felt like a REAL DOG! YUM YUM YUM YUM! Joey wiggled her eyebrows at me when they were thawing. She was happy, she said this same dog food stuff was kinda bland and boring compared to raw!

Mama says we had a bunch frozen and it didn't kill Ulli. Ulli & Joey ate raw for 3 years without a problem. Ulli had other problems.

Tonight we got a more chicken necks on our food and I ate them up and said, "ALL DONE!" Kibble and canned, schmibble and lambed! Raw food is GOOD!

Can we have more? What if we go on a hunger strike? We're purists! Only raw! Only raw! Only raw! That's a good chant!

Mama giggled at us. She said she's pretty easy to train, so she might give us one raw meal a day. YIPPEE!!!!


All I want for Christmas is a full set of teeth....

August 7th 2010 6:24 pm
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OMD I have been teething SO MUCH!!!! Daddy says I've lost 4 teeth in 4 days! My mouth and snoot and jaw has been growing, and my baby teeth have been looking mighty small!

Now I have big boy teeth on the center top and bottom! Well, two on the top and two on the bottom. Daddy noticed so much because I was bleeding all over! Blood on my toys and on Joey's cheek!

Mama had been giving me extra ice to soothe my teething pain! Poor Frankie!


Water, people, dogs, oh my!

August 3rd 2010 2:51 pm
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We drove furever this morning, and went the the EDGE of the world!!! There’s water there! Mama and Daddy said it was the ‘beach’. A big long dog beach! The water was very busy, splashing around and back and forth. Boy did it taste salty!

I was sure to meet and greet everyone I could! People, dogs, whatever! I met tiny dogs and HUGE dogs, they were all nice for the most part! What fun!

I had to be coaxed to run in the water, but I did! All four of us splashed together!

When we got tired we sat under our umbrella. I did the family a favor and dug a hole to the cooler part of the sand!

Boy was I tired! But can we do it again? Like, soon? Really soon? How soon? BOL!


A big adventure day!

August 1st 2010 8:52 pm
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We drove in the car for a long while. Daddy counted, I threw up ELEVEN times. Joey wasn’t too pleased with my throw-up on her feet. Poor me!!! (I heard Mama tell Daddy, "I TOLD you we shouldn't feed them first!") BOL!!!

We got to our destination and hiked around a bit. It was nice! New smells, I walked on my first bridge over water, AND I actually SWAM in a lake! It was INCREDIBLE! Daddy was with me the whole time, Mama made sure of it!

I even fetched a stick in the water! I didn’t swim for it, Mama said I wasn’t ready for that yet, but it was super fun!

I slept ALL the way home! I am exhausted! Early bedtime for me!


ACK ACK ACK! What are you DOING?!?!

July 25th 2010 11:47 am
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OMD! I think my Mama is tryin’ to KILL ME! No, REALLY! After dinner every night she gives me a treat (buttering me up!!!), then she FORCES my mouth open and sticks her FINGERS WAAAAAY in the back, tryin’ to choke me! WTD, Mama?

I try and try and try to keep my jaws closed, but I’m no match for Mama. When she opens my mouth I’m afraid and I cry like a little puppy! I’m just a baby! Don’t hurt the baby!

As soon as it starts, it’s over. Then she gives me another treat. What is that, an “I’m sorry” treat? I wanted to kill you but changed my mind after I started? And for some reason it’s always after dinner!

Mama does it to Joey first, but Joey doesn’t mind. She must like Mama’s fingers in the back of her throat. ICK! I’m sensitive! I’m GROWING and DELICATE! For goodness sake. I don’t know why this is happening, but I sure hope it stops soon!


Tagged! What fun!!!

July 22nd 2010 12:45 pm
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I got tagged! I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged before...

1. Do you ever wake your parents up in the night?

Yep! I am still a puppy, only 14 weeks old now, so I usually wake Mom or Dad up one time in the middle of the night so I can go outside and tinkle.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

Yes!!! It’s my new favorite pastime!! BOL! I love to grab stuff and RUN like the wind, shaking my head and making it rattle! I like paper and shoes and books and knocking over glasses of water… Mom and Dad’s clothes… anything I can get my teeth on!! I am also thinking about studying botany, I LOVE pulling up plants and weeds and inspecting them!!! I also love toilet paper, trash, plastic… yum yum! Mama says she shoulda named me Magellan because I’m such an explorer!

3. What is your favorite treat?

Ummm, these yummy logs of meaty stuff Mama gets from PetCo. Natural Balance tubes. They look like sausage in plastic. Mama cuts them up into treats and they are SOOO good! When she brings them out I get all distracted!

4. Can you fetch something when asked?

Only if I want to! Sometimes I’ll play fetch with Mama or Daddy in the back yard or the house, but I gotta be in the mood for it!

5. Have you ever lived any place but where you live now?

Kinda. I lived at my birthplace, in Knoxville Tennessee for 6-7 weeks before I got on a big airplane with Mama and flew to California! I am in my forever home now! They say we're gonna be moving before too long, but don't worry, I'm goin' with them!

That was fun!! I am off to tag.


Sick! In the nick of time!

July 20th 2010 6:48 pm
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I'm a little sick! I went to the vet Thursday for my 3rd puppy visit and they couldn't find my stool labs from the visit 3 weeks before! They called the lab and I had this coccyx thing, coccidiosis? Ma says it's a real weird word.

That was 3 weeks ago! They wanted a fresh sample. Mama got them one and took it on Friday. That coccyx stuff is gone, but NOW I have giardia!!! Mama blames my kiddie pool. She has closed it. It's for 'day use only'. She also blames the puddles here in the mornings and evenings when we walk. No more drinking from those!

My poopie had been fine! As soon as Mom and Dad found out I (and Joey, of course, because we do EVERYTHING together!) had giardia I started getting the squirts! Joey too!

We both went liquid poo-poo right on cue, after diagnosis! Mama thinks this is weird. She wonders if we knew we got the diagnosis. No matter! We're medicated now and still doing well! BOL!


Danger Frankster

July 14th 2010 5:37 pm
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Okay everybody, before you start reading this, SIT. Good dogs!

I’d say ‘Prankster’, but Mama says that is NOT right! She said I did something CRAZY dangerous! Dangerous like not looking both ways before crossing the street! Dangerous like not wearing a seat belt! Dangerous like eating fruits off plants without knowing what they are exactly!!!

You see, Mama left her ice water on the coffee table. I thought she looked real dehydrated and told her, “Here, Mommy! Have some water!” however, my opposable thumbs did not suddenly appear and the water glass, GLASS, went CRASHING to the wood floor!

As soon as Mama turned around, I thought, “This is FUN!” So I grabbed a nice big piece of clear stuff - not-cold-ice - and went prancing off like I had won a prize and no one would get it from me! Catch me now! Can you?

Mama said instead of grabbing an award I actually grabbed a large piece of GLASS and her heart about stopped when she saw me prancing around with it! The table was between us, I am fast and crafty when I have things I’m not supposed to, so Mama had to think FAST!

She bolted around the table, got the glass out of my mouth without incident while scooping me up and depositing me in my crate! She said, “This is not punishment!” as she locked the door.

I was sure to tell her I didn’t appreciate the game ending so soon! It was FUN! Cold water and clear ice everywhere! She decided it was a good time to MOP! Oh, Moms can spoil the fun so much! WHO in their right mind drops to the floor cleaning in the middle of a GAME?

Oh well, she’s my Mama and I love her. She said she had a sudden strong urge to make sure my precious feet (and Joeys and hers and Daddys!) did not get dirt on them from the floor.

That’s my Mama. She can be a little strange, but I love her!


Am I the runt?

July 12th 2010 7:33 pm
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Mama, am I the runt of my litter? I remember Daddy wanted a GREAT BIG BOY German Shepherd, but temperament trumped size by far. Mama picked the BEST boy pup – it was me! At 13 weeks I’m 32.4 pounds, but my biggest brother is over 40 pounds!! I’m not sure how much anyone else weighs, but I wonder, am I the runt? Mama says he's a monster! The biggest puppy ever!

Mama says I might be the runt, but only by a little, and anyway, runts are her favorite dogs! My doggie daddy, Ranger, is very big, 90 pounds, but his daddy, Tipper, my grandpa was petite at just over 70 pounds. Tipper may have been petite, but Mama says he was one of the best dogs to ever live. He was sweet, super intelligent, protective, and fair.

Mama says 70 pounds is still pretty big. She said the bigger they are, the harder they fall, so I won’t have to fall as hard! (I'm going to forget I said this if I get big...) Besides, she says size doesn’t matter when you have the best boy doggie in the whole world!

Mama knows for sure I am leading my litter-mates in the competition of ears going up! Mama said she hears that’s because I’m in a good home and feel very secure. I’m proud of my triangle head!!

Awww, Mama, you know how to make a boy feel better. But I think extra food will do too….


Triangle Head

July 10th 2010 9:17 pm
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I’m a triangle head! It’s my new nickname – that AND tee-pee head. That’s because my ears form a pretty good triangle, or tee-pee if you use your imagination, on top of my head!

I don’t really answer to it, but humans giggle when they say it! I’m so charming!!

Enjoy my tee-pee head while you can, because it won’t be around forever! Mama says one day I may graduate to ‘Satellite Ears’, or something like that. Hm! That sounds pretty good, and scientific!

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