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Hello, world!

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Hello world!

May 30th 2010 1:16 pm
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Hi everyone! I'm Frank, and I'm the newest Dugan family member! My sister Joey is showing me how to work this computer thing!

So I guess I should tell you about myself! I come from a litter of 10, I'm 7 weeks old, and I weigh 12.2 pounds!

Mama says she scrutinized the litter, looking for the 'middle of the road' temperament. That turned out to be me! I am one of five boy puppies, and daddy wanted a boy!

Mama says I got to fly on the airplane for the first and last time! I rode in a dog carrier that was TOO SMALL! I like to stretch out! Mama was nice and let me poke my head out to sleep during the flights. Everyone went ga-ga over me - who can resist a puppy?

Mama is waiting on me hand and foot, watching my every move! I'm teething, and that's uncomfortable! I like to chew on ice and anything I can get my teeth on!

Joey is my new sister and I adore her! She doesn't have any udders for me to drink from and she doesn't like me biting her, but she's teaching me how to be the perfect dog! I will follow her around until she disappears!

My lifestyle is play, nap, play, nap, play, nap, all day long! Mama says she can't take her eyes off me and says puppies MUST be like babies! Lots of work!

I already like balls and am almost fetching short distances! I like to chase and explore and cuddle! Where's Joey? I wanna cuddle with her!


Face shields, activate!!

May 31st 2010 9:25 pm
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BOL! That's what Mama and Daddy say when we nap together on the bed! "

Face shields, activate!"

This is because if I get playful and they are sleeping, I will SNAP at their faces, biting noses, cheeks, and anything I can like a PIRANHA! They each have a 'face shield', a large stuffed toy. They put it in front of their faces and I grab that instead! BOL!!

Joey still doesn't wanna play with me, and she is NOT amused AT ALL at my piranha impression!

Actually, right now she is lying in the papazan chair with Mama - I know she's avoiding me! Mama says she'll get used to me. She likes me okay if (1) I'm not playing and (2) I'm not snapping at her! I did get her ear once and she was not pleased.

I'm getting kinda used to my new home. Mama says it's hard to see if I'm peeing because I don't squat like a girl. I'm NOT a girl. Giggle giggle!

I go to the vet tomorrow for my first ever visit - wonder what they'll say? That I'm cute as a button? Maybe!!


My sister hung the moon!

June 2nd 2010 5:46 pm
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It's true! My sister Joey is so BIG! And BEAUTIFUL! She's smart and elegant and has good taste! She doesn't want to play with me, but any time we're in the same area I follow behind her like a little duckie! Mom says if I quit snapping at her (I'm playing!!) like an alligator she might come around.

I whine, she whines, we all whine for... dog food! BOL!

I think it would be SO FUN if she played with me! At least she lets me take naps next to her... Mom says maybe once I'm a little bigger she'll play. Mom says Joey likes to play and might just not want to hurt me because she's SO POWERFUL!! Oh! Okay!

Until then I'll just follow her around like a... lost puppy! BOL! Like a baby duckling! Maybe she'll quit hiding from me before long....


I'm the king of the world!

June 5th 2010 12:04 pm
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Guess what? I'll be 8 weeks old on Monday! Do I get pawresents? BOL! Mama says I get pawresents every day!

Guess what else? I climbed the stairs all by myself this week! I can't climb down, but luckily I have a well trained Mama and Daddy who come and get me when I call!

Mama says I'm having a problem potty training. I pee everywhere! It just feels natural! She takes me out and runs me around first thing in the morning, last thing at night, right after eating, and every hour to two hours in-between all those times. Tee-hee-hee. I almost hit a pee-pee pad today! Wonder how this works? Mama says it's cause I'm a boy. :)

Guess what ELSE? I'm 14.6 pounds now! Growing fast! I'm a growing 'Frank the Tank'!!

If you have any pee-pee training tips, send 'em my way!


Happy Barkday to me!

June 7th 2010 5:55 pm
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Happy Barkday to me! Today I'm EIGHT weeks old! I'm almost an adolescent!

Guess what my pawrents got for me? A SWIMMING POOL!!! I've been paddling in the water bowls until all the water is gone. Mom and Dad thought a pool would be perfect! I even got a little umbrella to shade me from the sun!

For my 12 week barkday I'm gonna ask for a Ford F-450! BOL!! A boy can dream, can't he?

Mama and I played in the pool for a good part of the day. She played in it and dunked me a few times! It was SO HOT - 102 degrees outside, so getting wet felt great! Mama says it will grow on me.

Guess what? I'm getting WAY better at peeing outside!!! Ever since Mom and Dad tried Diesel's advice - giving me treats and celebrating every time I went outside - I've had WAY less accidents! THANKS DIESEL!!!

I am pooped, no pun intended! My day outside, playing in the pool, then playing with Daddy when he got home... I'm wiped out! I think I'll beg for them to put me on the couch so I can nap...

(P.S. - I was 15.6 pounds yesterday! I'm growin'!)


Take your dog to work day!

June 9th 2010 11:00 am
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Well, I think it was family day at Daddy's work and since Mama had to go to town he took me!

I was the star of the day! EVERYONE loved me, and I mean EVERYONE! Big people, little people, women, men! I even met a three month old German Shepherd who hadn't left the house yet. I was super cool and calm, and as soon as she relaxed was RAN AROUND the meeting room chasing each other and playing!! It was SOOOO fun! I wish Joey would play with me like that!

I was SOOO tired after spending the day with Daddy at work! He said he was so proud of me he was bursting!

Today Mama took me and Joey on a walk and now we're chewing on bones out back before it gets too hot. Yay! Life is getting more interesting!! I love it!


She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me- not, SHE LOVES ME!!!!!

June 10th 2010 7:36 pm
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Joey LOVES me! Finally! It only took one day short of two weeks!!

You wanna know how I know?

She PLAYED with me for a long time today! She did play bows and whipped around and she was silly with me! WOW! I'm so HAPPY!

Mom and Dad say she might have to babysit soon. BOL!! Not really! I'm happy she played with me and that she loves me. I adore her! She's all the dog I have! She's my ONLY dog! I sure love her a lot!

Mom and Dad are trying to teach her to teach me how to have a gentle mouth. BOL! Good luck with that!

We've been walking just a few blocks together, Mom and me and Joey. I do everything she does, she's so smart and does EVERYTHING right if you ask me!! YAY! We get to walk a little before bed, Mom says it makes me sleep better. Ahhhh!


What a day!

June 13th 2010 9:06 pm
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Boy is it hard work being a puppy! So much to do, experience, hear, see and learn, and while teething!

Today I got to chew on a slimy yummy bone with Joey, hang out in the back yard with the family, I went on a short walk this morning with Mama and Joey, and then tonight I went to the dog park for the first time ever! Woot woot!

I met other dogs! My favorite was a 13 week old Aussie Blue Tick Shepherd Heeler thingie! His name was Buzz and he had SO MUCH energy! I played and played and played with him, Joey supervised and was ready to eat him at his first wrong move with me! BOL! I like it when Joey has my back!

Buzz was winning more than I was at playing so Mom and Dad and Joey thought it was time to go. I walked 3 feet into the house and laid down! WHEW! I am t-i-r-e-d!

I'm doing better at walking on the leash, but Mama says she's going to have to introduce treats to increase something called movitashun? Moti.... Motivation? I like to watch her stop when I stop, and if she thinks about tugging I say NO WAY, LADY!

She says don't call your Mama 'Lady', it's not respectful. Oh, so much to learn!!

I'm ready for bed! Nighty night, world! See you bright and early tomorrow!


It happened already!!

June 14th 2010 5:12 pm
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OMD! Joey told me this would happen, that it was a possibility evefuury night, but I made diary of the day on today, my 9 week barkday!

I really like this Dogster place, it's all fun and furrendly and I get to meet other grrrreat doggies, and on top of that I get to be a FEATURE?

Woof woof! I'd like to make a toast! Ice cubes for all teething doggies! To Dogster! Without you, Dogster, all this doggie community greatness stuff wouldn't be possible!

YAAAAY! Thanks for my rosettes to Diesel and the Doo family! I tell ya, those Doo's really know their computer stuff! BOL! Smarties!

Thank you, thank you! I'm gonna go try to rub Joey's nose in my success, and post more impossibly cute pictures of me! (Uh oh, Joey said my head is getting big... hey, I'm a growing dog! BOL!)

BTW - I'm 19.6 pounds today! Movin' on up!!


When I grow up

June 15th 2010 7:21 pm
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I'm having second thoughts about being a lumberjack, I think I want to be a gardener! I've been picking the sunflowers out of the yard and carrying them around! I think we should relocate them for optimum aesthetic value!

I got a little one this morning, I took the flower right off the stem after inspecting the roots, brought it inside and dropped it in Joey's food bowl! I love you Joey!

I got a BIG sunflower this evening! It has already turned to seed, so Mama said she's not too upset. I carried it around the yard, inspecting all the flower parts and finding a new location!

Mom and Dad say I get to meet the Pacific Ocean tomorrow, and Mama says she'll give me swimming lessons! They say we'll go to a gentle wave place first, then go to a regular wave place. Hm. I wonder what that means? I do like to splash!! Can we splash?

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