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Going to try this diary thing again :

September 14th 2010 9:46 pm
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A lot has happen since I came to live with my mom here where I am now.
I use to live in the country where I could do what I wanted when I wanted to. But the Dad I had felt that was not the life a dog like me should live so I came to live here with my mom now and she has put me to working helping her. I am now a what they call SDiT and I assist my mom in all sorts of stuff as well as tell her when things are are rong with her. Dogs here on Dogster said I should write all this stuff here in the diary, but I tryed a whole bunch of time but mom's internet is not good and it did not get posted. Lately I been at home though not going with mom cause my tummy got sick when even I rode on the bus or when I rode in a car. The cars and busses got all bumpy though I mean what is a pup to do. Well mom was trying to find away that I could not get sick when riding on the bus. Also I been working on being a good dog to when I go places that I got down good with but as I said the car and those bus things were the ruff part. I just turned 1 year old now and I am suppose to be a big dog now mom said so she is going to try the bus thing again with me to go to a place that is a Laundry place so she can wash all the bed stuff. Dad was talking about washing me "I don't be thinking so," tonight Dad went away to visit his friend mom said. I chewed a bone on his side of the bed and rolled all over his side of the bed! Take that you ole Daddy guy, he said I made him itch so there! BOL. I know that is mean. But jeesh he is always kicking me out of the bed and sometimes out of the bed room. How am I suppose to look after mom when he is doing this. Sometimes he and mom fight about that and makes mom upset.
Sometimes I just want to bite him but I know that is not good to do and I don't. So me and my human big brother and mom are going tomorrow to do Laundry and walk around the small mini mall and work on being a SD.
Also I done got bigger on my mom BOL. When she went to put on my vest it was like to small BOL and so my mom had to let it out.


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