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Vet Visit

March 26th 2013 1:26 pm
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I went to the vet yesterday. I was very excited to go for a ride and I was very excited to go in and say hi. I was not excited to go into the exam room and I made my escape while everyone tried to get me into the back.

I saw the vet I saw in December. That visit she looked at a bump on my hip and stuck a needle in it to see what was in it.

I liked her and my people really liked her because she didn't care about my prey model raw diet and thought it was "brilliant" that my people had me "titered" instead of jabbing me with a needle last year.

I liked her this year too. The vet called be gorgeous, said I was at a fantastic weight, my ears were wonderfully clean, and my teeth looked very good. She also called me "Chaunce", my people say it's because she's British!!! I think it makes me sound fancy when she says my name like that.

I was there yesterday for something called "junior wellness."
Not sure what that is but they stuck a needle attached to a tube in me and stole my blood! They also took some of my poop which I think is gross. People are so weird!!




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