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Ruby Mae O'livea, Cali's Lil' Sis

mama's arms

June 18th 2011 2:40 pm
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Do you ever feel like the only place you feel better is in mama's arms? Well, that's where I've been since my little "procedure" yesterday!
Oh, everything went well and, even though I came home a little groggy, but I was still trying to stand up in my car seat on the long ride home! Once we got home, mama would only let me have little bits of water and I did NOT want any food! All that I wanted was to climb up in mama's arms and zonk out! I made mama sit on the floor for hours last night doing nothing but holding me under her chin! By 10:30pm, I was ready to stretch out on the bed for the night! Mind you, that mom of mine kept after me every two hours offering bits of food and little amounts of water. (Yes, a little food was beginning to taste pretty good again!) By this morning, I was feeling better and eating and drinking more with no problems! Now, I'm walking around fine, maybe a little slower than normal, and even been showing mom that I can stand on my hind legs to see what she is doing! LOL!!! Biggest problem is that I feel like a butterfly now! Yup, I'm the butterfly and it's like mama is hovering over me with a net to keep me from jumping up or down on things! Mom is such a worry wart! Can anyone tell me how long she gonna be doing THIS to me now?! *Ruby rolls eyes!*


"Dog of the Day"

October 21st 2010 12:46 pm
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Mommy was at school today when, out of the blue, she received a phone call from Miss Dixie Monroe! Knowing that something must be happening, mom answered the call immediately! Was she ever blown away to hear that Dogster had selected moi as "Dog of the Day!!!" How wonderful is that?!?! Of all the thousands of deserving pups, I was lucky enough to win! Yippee!!!!
*Ruby does zoomies around computer table!*
Now, when I go to class tonight, I can brag to my classmates that I'M A VERY SPECIAL PUP TODAY!
I wonder if being DOTD will get me some extra goodies from mom? Maybe even a new toy? hummmmmm
*Ruby runs off to get her Wiggly Giggler ball to show mom how happy she is....wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!*


Braces come off and toys come back!

October 12th 2010 5:20 pm
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I'm so happy!!!!
Today, I finally got the braces off my teeth and mama gave me back my toys!!!
Finally! Toys sure make a pup happy!!!!


Can you believe....BRACES!

September 3rd 2010 6:43 pm
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Well, of all the doggie issues that mom has dealt with through the years for ChiChi and Cali, she says I'm the 1st baby that has had to go to the orthodontist to get braces!!!
Now, before you say "Is she nuts?", you gotta understand sumptin' about my mom! She is constantly checking my "everything" to be sure I'm developing into a healthy young lady! When it was discovered that one of my lower canines was growing inward and making a hole in the top of my mouth, mom followed the vets recommendations to see the doggie orthodontist. So yesterday, we made the trip to Charlotte, NC and all I know is..... I come home with some fancy twist-ties in my mouth and was put on toy restriction! All my regular toys were put away and I can only play with a few soft, latex toys! And, of course, mom had to take all the squeekers out of um so I don't pop the braces off by biting on something hard!
Now, would YOU want to play with a de-squeeked toy?
Pfffttt!!!!! I'm not pleased!


A little paperwork.......

September 1st 2010 5:58 pm
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I had a great idea today! Wouldn't it be great fun to snitch a roll of toilet paper for my very own? You betcha!!!
So, after my mom sat down at her computer, I quietly left the room. (Mom gets so into those emails, she wouldn't miss me for several minutes!) I managed to nudge open a lower bathroom cabinet and I used my paw to bat out a new, full roll!!! What joy!!! I rolled the TP into the den and began shredding!! Then I got so carried away, I ran back into the computer room with TP in tow!!! Oops!!! My glee was abrubtly interuped when I heard mom say, "RUBY!!!!!" ( can check out my latest video to see "the rest of the story!")


Muffin's Prezzie

August 27th 2010 6:05 pm
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Finally, mom posted my pictures of Muffin's surprise!!! Last week, I received a gigantic box in the mail. So big that I even had to get mom to help me open it! When mom pulled this beautiful basket out of the box, I saw all the toys!!! "Hurry, Hurry, mom!" Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!!!! I was so in a hurry, I grabbed a mouthfull of packing and took off for the den!!! Almost made it to the couch too, 'cept, mom caught me! At least by then she had some of the new toys out for me to play with! But, for some strange reason I was drawn back to the big box! Ahh-hah! I smelled a cookie!!!!! WooHoo, was it ever good!!!! THANKS, Muffin!!!! You think of everything!!!!
*Ruby blows puppy kisses to Muffin*


zoomies in the great outdoors!

July 5th 2010 8:44 am
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Well, first let me clarify the title....great in my "puppy-explore-everything" mind, not in my mom's "be-careful-don't touch anything" mind! LOL!!!!!
As most of you know, mom is very cautious about me going outside because, even though I just finished my puppy shots, I'm still too young for a rabies shot. So, mom keeps telling me that "you just never know what might jump the fence at night and leave rabies germs for you to catch!" (I even told her that I would not chase any mean ol' rabies germs!) She says she just don't trust my judgement yet! *Ruby rolls eyes*
But, at least, she is taking me out a few times a day and letting me check out my backyard! Now this is where the zoomies come in......this morning I discovered that you can zoom alot faster and farther when you are outside in the great outdoors! So, I put on a zoomie show like mom has never seen me do before! Across the yard, up the hill, into the flower beds, over the patio, across the yard, up the hill......well, you get the idea! It was a blast!!!


Great minds think alike!

June 18th 2010 6:29 pm
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Well, I've been home now almost 10 days and I think I'm getting the idea on this potty thing! You see, in my first home, I always used the doggy door to go outside to potty. But, here in my new house, there are no doggy doors! Mom was placing potty pads in various spots for me to use when.... finally, she figured out my "game plan!" (I always go over by the pantry door or the door to the garage to do my business!) Now, mom keeps my potty pads there and there is no more guess work!
Ahhh, the joys of puppyhood!


8 weeks old!

May 15th 2010 6:48 pm
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Hello, Dogster!
Mom came to visit me today! (She's been coming to see me about every ten days since I was 3 weeks old!) Well, today, she brought me two special presents! She gave me my own blankie with my name on it and my very first purse! I simply LOVE my purse! Those sissies of mine, even my brother, tried to take it away from me but I would not let them get near it!!! I told them it was MINE, all MINE!!!! Wonder what she will bring me next week?

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