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Age: 11 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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Today is my Birthday!
Today is my Gotcha Day! Woof!

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Tooka, Tooka-Choo, Monster, Poopa, Zooka, Little girl, Little dog, Kikster, Kika, Kiki D, Kiki-Mo, Kikerucci.

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:
-purebred-dog rescue

Gotcha Date:
April 25th 2010

April 25th 2006

Her Momma, Blankies and Food! (In that order- BOL!)

Loud Noises.

Favorite Toy:
Blankies she's not supposed to chew, she loves those! Also Daddy's socks and/or undies, Momma's slippers, Mini her sisfur, ladybug hat and the loofa bunny.

Favorite Food:
Taste of the Wild.

Favorite Walk:
She likes to run around the backyard and walk to the big field.

Best Tricks:
She can clear out a room with her burps.

Arrival Story:
We found Kiki on Petfinder. She's from the Ocean Dog Rescue which brings dogs rescued from puppy mills in Taiwan over to Canada to foster and find forever homes. We read Kiki's story, saw her little face, our hearts opened and we knew she belonged in our family.

Kiki , along with 20 other small dogs, were abandoned by a breeder at a shelter in northern Taiwan this January. These kinds of stories just never stop in Taiwan. Irresponsible breeders abandon those dogs that aren't useful anymore at shelters very often. The government just does nothing about it and the rescuers always spend a lot of money and effort to take over those poor dogs. When the shelter first got her she was so skinny and had skin problem. After her foster mom's loving care. Kiki is totally heathy now. Kiki is a sweet and gentle girl, she has never had a home before, but she still loves and trusts people.

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Cold Nose, Warm Heart ♥

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April 25th 2010 More than 7 years!

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Kiki's Secrets.

Just Call Me Lumpy- No More!

February 18th 2013 12:09 pm
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Hi all,

As you recall I had a benign lump on my side from before and I said everyone could call me lumpy. Well I dont have a lump anymore!
Here is the story of how my lump is no more:

Once upon a time I had a really stinky funk mouth again so Momma took me to a new, nice Vet to get my teeth cleaned. The Vet said while I was getting my teeth cleaned he could remove the little lump. Momma originally said no because our old Vet said it would be from $1500-2000 to get it removed- Yikes! But this Vet laughed and said it's only $80 including medicine. (Hence why we switched Vets.)
While I was under getting my teeth cleaned, a couple teeth pulled and my little lump removed the Vet checked my body to make sure there was no more lumps.. there was more lumps, bad ones.
Momma was at work when she got the call that the Vet found more lumps called mammary cancer, that's kind of like doggy breast cancer. Momma was very sad and she cried. The Vet said he wouldn't know if the C had spread until he "got in there." Momma was distraught and said "get in there right away!" The Vet said he would but that if the C had spread then Momma would "have a tough decision to make."
Not long after the original call the Vet called back and said he removed 4 C tumors.. and they hadn't spread!! Yay! The Vet said this is a common and less invasive kind of C and we were really lucky to catch it early. The Vet also said the C might never come back and even if it does we will keep checking and it would probably not be for years.

Later that day I woke up.. with a CONE OF SHAME! My mouth felt funny and I had a tummy tuck, BOL! I sure wasn't happy about waking up in a cone of shame but Mini got revenge for me. While Momma was paying for my visit Mini got her nails clipped... and she POOPED on the Vet assistant!! BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA atta girl Mini!!

Now I am all better. ♥
Momma left the Vet a lot poorer, a little embarassed because of Mini but very happy that I will be A-Ok.


ADOPT 2012: Judges Entry

July 2nd 2012 9:57 pm
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This year I have been chosen to help Judge the ADOPT 2012 contest. I am honored and flattered to be helping judge this year and can't wait to read all the inspirational adoption stories.

If you would like to tag a photo for the ADOPT 2012 contest the general tag is: mainadopt12stroll. Then just write a diary entry straight from the heart about adoption. That's the best advice I can give. See River's thread in Plus Fun and other Forums for more detailed information on how to enter and how to donate.

I am a Judge this year.. but that doesn't mean I can't write a diary entry too! ;)

My name is Kiki and it has been over two years since I have been in my forever home of love and luxury. The memories of puppy mill past are still here but fade more and more every day. Cold bars cutting into my feet, teeth rotting out of my mouth, crowded quarters and not enough food, making puppies and having them taken from me while I stay in those conditions for days and years on end are all over now.
I came to my family and could be described by only one word, scared. There was no easy cure for me, there wasn't a moment where it just "clicked" and my fear went away, no epiphany or miracle happened every single thing took time. Adopting a dog, adopting me, started with pure love and excitement. My parents in reading ADOPT entries on Dogster decided they wanted to adopt a dog to expand their family and give my sisfur Mini a friend. They saw me on petfinder and I was naturally adorable. They met me one day in their own backyard and thought I was awful skinny but overall adorable and my "shyness" would fade quickly. Well they were right about me being adorable but the "shyness" was pure unfiltered fear as a the only human memories I had were of pain and terror. My sisfur Mini helped me understand how to eat food out of a bowl, (Two years later this never stops exciting me!! Did you know the bowl gets more food in it every day!!), how to play with toys, how to run. Can you imagine, I couldn't even run!? What took time was something I could only do for myself, I had to adopt my human parents. They were so patient, so caring, they learned more about puppy mill dogs, they read about how to bring me out of my shell and just when they thought there was nothing more they could do to make me into a dog, a happy tail wagging, tongue smiling dog.. things started happening. When I was sick they took care of me, when I was cold they warmed me, when I was scared they held me and helped me do things outside my comfort zone which made the dog I am today.
My name is Kiki and it has been over two years since I have been in my forever home of love and luxury. The memories of my forever home fright fade more and more every day. After Vet scares, exhaustion, thinning patience, tears and many nights reading dogster forums what we remember are my firsts. My first time walking up stairs, first time eating food out of Momma's hand, my first doggy dress, first time sleeping under the covers, letting daddy pet me, being relaxed when being held, coming when called, first time playing with Mini, first time killing a toy, first time in a swimming pool.. ok some memories I would rather forget but what I am trying to say is when it's good, it is so good and you don't remember those tough times anymore. You only remember the now, the joy, the love that was brought into a dog heart like mine and blossomed into my parents hearts and the hearts of our family and friends. The pride my parents feel for me and my growth is a feeling that was earned and is unmatched.
Adopting gives a dog a second chance at life. A chance they deserve. Being in a puppy mill, being in a pound, being born into an accidental litter and left on the side of the road, being in an abusive home or hoarding situation are all examples of lives that dogs did not choose and do not deserve. A dog is an innocent creature and only wants love and will give it back to you along with loyalty for the rest of their lives. Can you imagine if all the people in the world only wanted love. Imagine that love alone would satisfy you, sounds impossible right? With a dog that is truly all they want, we can learn a lesson from that.When you look in the eyes of an adopted dog, this is not an romanticised statement, you truly see the gratitude in their eyes. I show my Momma and Daddy my gratitude and love everyday when I look at them.
Humans say a lot of things, some I do not understand.. ok most things I do not undertand but I completely agree with "Time heals all wounds" because I have been able to see my own personal scars healed by time. Time I was so grateful to have.

What does adoption mean to me? It means the difference between life and death.


It was my 6th Birthday and 2nd Gotcha day!

April 30th 2012 2:08 pm
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WOOHOOOO I made it to 6 years old and 2 years in my forever home!!

On my Special Day Momma and Daddy both had to work but when they got home both Mini and I got bully sticks and new fuzzy loofa dogs!! Mini's is blue and mine is orange, they both squeak- still! Thanks Mini for not killing my loofa dog! (Yet!)
We weren't sure how old I was because of my history, Momma thought we were going to celebrate 7 years but a new Vet recently looked at me and said for sure I am under 7.. so 6 it is! BOL! I wanted to say 3 but my grey whiskers were working against me. ;)
These past 2 years have been filled with great times and tough times, story of my life really. Among the many fears I've conquered I have also conquered my recent cyst, paw infections, skin infections and toofer removals. I'm not the only one who's survived tough times though.. Daddy's survived me squirting on him, squeamish Momma has suvived my garbage breath and removing gunk from my teeth with her bare hands, (I fancy myself a bit of a squirrel), and Mini has definitely survived the worst of me... my sneaky poots, burps to stop a truck, stinky yawns, walking literally all over her, making her share all her toys and her beds and making her parents share their love.
Does it all sound bad? Well, it isn't. It's been an AMAZING two years and we can't wait to see what more amazing things are coming our way. This little family was only made better by my being here and I love my life every day.

Thanks to all my dogster pals for being here through the past 2 fun filled years. Congratulating and laughing along with my family. Also for being here during those tougher times when we needed advice or kind words. You're the best!!

Thanks to all the pals who left gifties on my page!
- Hershey and Winkie: Birthday Hat
- The Family of Copper, Lucy, Harley Davidson and more: Pink Ball
- Walker, Molly, Pookah and more: Windmill
- Ebony Ursula (Birthday/Gotcha TWIN!!) Golden Heart
- Petey, Darla Mae, Thunder, Lexi and Monnie: Blue Birds
- Tinkerbelle and Natasha: Ladybug
- Droopy: Adopt Ribbon
- Buddy, Molly, Scooter and Peetey Morris: Tulip
- Mazy: Prairie Steak

Thanks to Mr Jack Freckles and Lucy at Christian Dogs and Cats who made me these stunning Birthday/Gotcha day pictures!!

Kiki Gotcha and Birthday Picture from MJF!

Happy Birthday Kiki From Christian Dogs and Cats!

Happy Gotcha Day Kiki from Christian Dogs and Cats!

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