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Life With Sharon, or, How Much Can a Dog Take?

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

October 11th 2011 1:06 pm
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This posting was not my idea. I'm too modest to brag about my accomplishments, but Mom said I had to write it. She's teaching me tricks. Her idea is not so I can perform for an audience, but it's a bonding activity, she says. Like I could be bonded any more tightly than I already am. Anyhowl, I have learned to "turn around." It still needs a little finessing, but I do go around all the way... slowly. In a BIG circle. Mom calls it "going around the block." I'm starting to catch on that the treat will be waiting for me where I started from. Sometimes I forget and look for it on the way around my circle.

I'm also learning to "high five." This one was a little hard to catch onto. Mom showed me a couple of times how to do it, and then she showed me the treat and said "high five!" I wasn't exactly sure what to do so I had to sit and think about it for about a minute. Mom said she could see the wheels turning in my head. Finally, I figured out she was waiting for me to move my foot, so I lifted it a little way off the ground. OMD, she got so excited! She praised me and hugged me and patted me all over. Well, I thought, that must have been it! So the next time she said "high five," I was a little bit faster to respond (but not much. I still have to process it slowly). She told me how proud she was of me, and next time we're going to try for a little higher - apparently I'm doing more of a "low five."

Update on Maddie:

Maddie won't be coming to live with us after all. She came to meet us and I actually didn't find much to dislike about her. Mom thought she was very sweet, but she's really a special needs dog. Her dry eye was very severe and would require much care. Mom discovered she needed dental work very badly, she had not been treated for fleas and her ears were very dirty. She hadn't had any blood work done and she drank copious amounts of water. She really needed a lot of health care. Mom felt so bad that she couldn't keep her that she offered to pay for the dental. The foster parents took her right to a vet who estimated the cost to be about $900! Whoops! A little more than Mom had thought. So the foster parents went back to the shelter vets who told them they could apply to the Angel Fund for the cost of doing her dental. They agreed to pay it all, and we are all so happy that she's going to get the care she needs. They truly are Angels!


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