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Labor Day Update

August 30th 2014 8:53 am
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Hi all! Not much going on around here lately. Weather's been nice for the most part, though the last couple of days have been a bit warm and humid. Big Sis is glad she has a new vehicle that has working A/C, though she's having to get used to the idea of it and still rides with windows down more than using the A/C :)

Mom and Big Sis weren't too happy with kitty brother Shadow the other day. He lost his collar again. Granted, it'd been a good couple years or so since the last time he'd lost his collar. But they still weren't happy about it. Big Sis (technically Shadow's Mom) said it's a good thing she got him chipped, so she didn't have to rush right out and get a new collar. It took her a few days, but she got him another one. This one is orange for a change. She usually gets red or blue. She said with the orange one he'll look more like a Halloween kitty. Whatever. He didn't seem too happy about a new collar, so he ran off as soon as it was on. Big Sis didn't even have a chance to take any photos. But knowing her, she'll try for photos soon.

Mom finally got a new car last weekend! Yay! It's a cute little Hyundai Accent. Mom seems really happy with it. She calls it cute, and says it runs great and is really comfortable. Big Sis is happy for her, because she knows she was getting tired of having to get rides from people or borrow a car from someone at her church. She's also happy because she won't have to give her rides so much, too. Mom's talking about driving down to Knotts Island, NC, next weekend to give her new car a real good tryout and to visit a friend from her church. The friend knows about my crossing the Bridge and how much Mom misses me, and had suggested she check out his pugs to give her an idea of a new dog breed she might be interested in. She told Big Sis about the plan yesterday and told her not to be surprised if she brings home a pug. She's been talking about wanting a new dog, but also knows she might not be financially able to right now what with everything going on after the car accident a few months ago. We'll see what happens.

Big Sis has been so busy lately she hasn't really had time to do much writing. She's done a part of a short story a couple times on her Wordpress blog, ( but hasn't really done much with her book. With the three-day Labor Day weekend here, she hopes to find time to work on her book some. She's promised Shadow that she'd put a cat in it (it's alreay got a dog/wolf as a major character), but so far she hasn't. She says it'll be soon, though. We'll see.


Daily Diary Pick Again

August 20th 2014 1:46 pm
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Wow, two days in a row I was a DDP. Thank you so much!

Not much going on right now. The weather's been rather nice - not too hot, considering it's almost the end of August - but rather rainy. Mom is still looking for a new car. She's been borrowing one from someone at her church right now. She's also been doing physical therapy on her left foot, as it's been hurting her a little after the accident. I think she only has a couple more sessions left. She says it's been helping a lot, that she can move it a lot more than before without it hurting.

Big Sis is busy too. She's loving the "new" SUV she got a few weeks ago. She's still trying to work on writing on her book. She's getting some done in spurts now, having been busy with other things lately that she hasn't been able to keep to her daily goal that she'd set. Hopefully things will calm down soon and she can get more done. Her Wordpress blog ( has gotten more work done on it than her book. Tsk tsk. And she's learning her way around Twitter (@risscobalt).


Daily Diary Pick

August 12th 2014 5:40 pm
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Thank you so much for picking my diary as a DDP today! For some reason we didn't get an email about it and found out by chance. But thank you any way for giving me this great honor again :)


A Quick Update

August 10th 2014 8:15 am
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Hi all! Things have still been kind of busy. Mom's still looking for another car. She's had a few dr appointments to check out her left foot, which has still been hurting her a little. She's been to a couple of physical therapy sessions for it this week. And she may need to get another new lawn mower, as the one she got just last year, I think, has stopped working the other day. It acts like it wants to start but won't. Big Bro has looked at it for her, and tried a couple things, but no luck so far. They may try something else later. Big Sis is still working on writing her book when she can find the time. She got herself a new vehicle a couple weeks ago while she and her dad were out looking at cars with Mom. She's also still getting the hang of Twitter (@risscobalt) and is busy with her blog and other social media stuff. And she went out Friday night to dinner with her cousin and their friend to talk about writing. The friend asked them for info about publishing because she wants to publish some poetry. And Big Sis's cousin told them that her agent had finally told them they'd be willing to shop her book around if she edited it to up-play the romance part of it and downplay the sci-fi part. She warned Big Sis to expect her to start sending her stuff to look over sometime.


5 months, birthday, and other stuff

July 21st 2014 3:07 pm
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Not a whole lot going on recently. Mom's still dealing with the accident stuff. The insurance for the people who hit her finally paid her some money for the car, but now Mom's lawyer has to try to work on the personal injury side of the whole thing now. Mom's now looking for a new car, now that she's got some money to put towards one. Hopefully she can find one soon so she doesn't have to keep getting rides with people.

Big Sis is still working on her writing. A couple of weeks ago, she started a daily word count goal to try to get more done. She's stuck to it pretty well, managed to finish the chapter she was working on. She slacked off last week, though, and didn't get anything done. She worked on it again Saturday and got 500 words done on the next chapter, but got sidetracked yesterday. Today she did her 300 word goal after getting home from work and doing a couple of quick chores.

Big Sis has also joined Twitter now, after avoiding it for a long while. You can find here there as @risscobalt

Mom and Big Sis are also feeling a little sad. It's been 5 months since I crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and is also my 13 birthday. Thinking about it makes them miss me more.


4th of July

July 4th 2014 12:05 pm
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Happy 4th of July! What a day it's been, with Hurricane Arthur passing by. We didn't get hit bad, we just got part of the outer bands. We ended up with about an inch or two of rain, and had wind gusts of about 40 mph. Nothing different than any other storm. We've definitely had worse tropical storms. But the officals decided to postpone the fireworks until tomorrow anyway.

Not much else going on. Mom's still dealing with getting her accident case settled. Looks like she'll have to go to traffic court on the 9th, as the people who hit her are still trying to claim they had the green light, despite the police report and witnesses who back up Mom's side of the story. We don't see how they can think they have a chance of winning, with the evidence of the report and witnesses, but oh well. Please keep praying for Mom and that things will work out for her.

Big Sis is still working on her writing. She's started a daily goal of 300 words a day to try to get more done; hopefully she can keep to it. And don't forget about her new blog:


Is June half over already? And a new blog page

June 16th 2014 2:18 pm
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Is it the middle of June already? Where has the time gone? Well, we're doing ok around here. Mom's been busy the last few weeks,after being in that car accident. She's doing ok now, just doesn't have a new car yet, she's been borrowing one from someone at her church instead of having Big Sis or Big Bro take her places. Hopefully her lawyer will come through and get her at least enough money to get another car, or at least get her a rental car she can use right now while he's working on her case.

Big Sis finished that short story she was working on and sent it back to the guy who asked her for it. He says he loves it, so Big Sis is happy because she's never really tried to write sci-fi/super hero type stuff before. Now she's started working on her book again. She's also just made a new blog page on Wordpress: check it and follow her, if you will.

Other than that, not much is going on. Shadow's doing good. He's getting old, will be 12 years old in August, so he's not up to much anymore. They all still miss me, too, and say it's hard to believe it's been 4 months since I crossed the Bridge. I agree, and miss them, too.


We're back/Daily Diary Pick

May 28th 2014 1:20 pm
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Dogster and Catster are working again! Yay! I can post this and say thanks for chosing me as a DDP last week (we got email notifications of it on May 22 and May 25).

We're doing ok. Mom was in a car accident last weekend, but is doing ok. She's a bit bruised, and got a big cut on her cheek that needed 15 stitches. But she can walk fairly well, and went back to work yesterday. She doesn't have another car yet, though, so she's having to have people drive her. Thankfully some of her church friends have been helping her out.

Big Sis is working on finishing up that short story so she can get back to writing on her book. She has about a page or so left on the short story, and hopes to get it done soon and sent back to the guy who asked her for it.


Happy Birthday to Big Sis

May 15th 2014 6:58 am
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Today is Big Sis's birthday! She took the day off work as a gift to herself :D She and Shadow are just chilling right now, watching a Harry Potter movie until her dad gets here to do gifts and all. Then they and Big Bro will probably go out to lunch and maybe a movie or something. Mom has to work so she didn't think she'd have a chance to celebrate with Big Sis, so she gave her her gifts on Sunday when they did the Mother's Day thing. And if Big Sis has time later, she might do some writing. She did work a little on the short story the other day, so she'll try to work on it more later. She hopes to get it done asap, since she's been paid for it already, then get back to working on her book. Wish I could be there to give Big Sis cuddles and kisses for her birthday, so I guess I'll have to settle for watching over her and wishing her the best, and praying she can cope with her relationship issues.


Update from the Bridge

April 15th 2014 1:25 pm
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Mom and Big Sis seem to have recovered pretty much from my crossing. I know they still miss me. Mom's even mentioned a few times maybe getting a new dog sometime so she won't be lonely. I'll do what I can to help her decide and lead her to the right one. All in all, I'm doing the best I can to look after them. Mom even told Big Sis she thinks I haven't left completely, since she occasionally finds things seemingly moved from where she thought she'd left them. Big Sis is a fan of ghost stories and the paranormal, so she doesn't discount the story completely. Of course, I can't tell them whether it was me or not. Mom and Big Sis have been busy with their usual things lately. Mom's still busy with her church stuff, and Big Sis is busy with her work, writing, relationship stuff, and all. She's gotten sidetracked from working on the short story she was paid for, but intends to get back to it soon. The guy said there was no rush, but she would like to get it done as soon as she can before she forgets about it completely and so she can get back to writing on her book.

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