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Lovin my life

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Start of my second week with my new family.

April 12th 2010 8:30 am
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Bow Wow its a great day here in my new home town of Monroe City. My family is great. Dad delivers papers to people here in town and mom stays home to take care of me and dad. My human brother Joey is in school and soon will be out for the summer. I cant wait to see what kind of fun things we get to do! Mom talks about going places like Spring Mill and other places where we can hike and walk and have fun. My other human brother Andy doesn't get to be here much and when he isn't here I miss him. I so love the cats that I live with including the game we play mom calls it hissy barky cause they will hiss at me and I bark at them. Simba and Sebastion have their own problems between them as they are brothers to each other and to me now. Kovu also has problems as he is the youngest of us all. However I have got to say a special thank you to my former mom and dad for taking the time to make me well after the rough time I had when they first got me two years ago. I was one very sick little girl but now here I am healthy and happy. My new mom says I had to have had a guardian angel looking out for me to survive what I went through, Maybe she is right. I just wish that I could have had the chance to see my puppies. I know though that they are going to be waiting for me when my time comes to cross the bridge. BUT thats going to be a very long time from now. I ADORE my new family and getting to go everywhere with them.


Home is where my heart is.

April 13th 2010 12:03 pm
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Bow Wow WOW what a life I have now. I may not like my food but last night mom gave me something really yummy. I got a bowl full of raw ground up deer meat. YUMMY what a cool treat. Today dad gave me a hot dog and at first I wasn't going to eat it but then my kitty brother Kovu decided he was going to steal it so I growled at him and chased him away from MY hot dog. Last night I cuddled with mom and dad on the bed and mom fell asleep with her arm over my side. I so love her. I thank her and dad every day for taking me home with them. I know mom is sad because of her not having her other dogs that lived with them before me but I am trying to make her happy. I know she loves me lots so I love her back.


Its Baseball Season

April 18th 2010 9:21 pm
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Saturday my human brother Andy had his first baseball game of the little league season and although his team played well they lost by 4 points. Woof what a sad game. I got to go to the game though as well as the opening ceremonies. While we were at the ball park another man came with two big wimeriners and even though I was trying to be nice to them they growled and snarled at me. Dad had to correct me cause I wanted to beat them up. Didn't they know that I just wanted to say hi and be nice to them? Oh well. Mom is trying to find me a brother or sister so I wont be so lonely and so I have a dog to play with. Dont get me wrong I love my mom and dad and the kitties but I miss having my boxer sisters to play with.


I want a brother or sister

April 20th 2010 9:07 am
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I miss having two doggie siblings in my house so I am pretty down in the dumps. I am trying to talk mom into getting me someone besides Simba Sebastion and Kovu to keep me company. She has to talk it over with dad so maybe they will get me a dog brother or sister. Mom thought she had one for me but his owners had already found him a home. She is looking at some Belgian Shepherd pups that are five months old. maybe one of them will be my new brother or sister......


third baseball game

April 22nd 2010 7:27 pm
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Today was the third baseball game for my human brother Andy. The game went one extra inning and they tied the game up so neither team won or lost.


Game four of the season

April 29th 2010 10:16 pm
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My skin brother had his fourth game tonight. * growls* mom and daddy leaved me here with skin brother Joey who went to sleep on me. I was bored but mom said Andy's team lost again not as bad as the second game though. tonight they lost by 6 points where the second game they lost by 10 points. I have to stay home alone tomorrow cause mom has a interview to maybe go to work. I am crossing my paws for her to get the job even if it is only two hours each day working with something called horses.... Daddy says they are just big dogs with long noses and lots of poop....


game five called for RAIN

May 3rd 2010 8:13 pm
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the game started badly enough and by the top of the third it was already 15-0 Andys team was down by 15 and some one yelled I see lightening so they called the game. I am glad we got to the van before it got really yucky but I hate the rain anyway.


Its SO HOT!!!!!!

June 28th 2010 12:45 pm
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its been really hot here lately. I dont even want to go for rides with mom and dad. I havent even wanted to play or go walking. Mom and dad did take me camping along with the puppies a few weeks ago we had lots of fun but it was no fair that we had to go home. The apple tree above my kennel is full of apples and I keep getting bonked on the head so I did a bad thing and dug out of the kennel mom says no more of that so they are gonna get concrete and put it down for me so I cant dig out no more. The puppies are getting big now and love to play. I got a bath the other day for fleas and it was cold but fun anyway. Well gotta go maybe we are gonna have fun today.


Fireworks and FROSTY PAWS

July 3rd 2010 9:13 pm
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Tonight mom and dad and I went to watch some fireworks. Mommy was worried that it would bring back bad memories from when I was shot but I did really good so I got a cool treat. Mommy and daddy bought me some Frosty Paws ice cream for pups. Boy are those yummy!!!! I was so good for mom that I got two of them and I LOVE them! My kitty brothers didnt get any of it. Fireworks again tomorrow night so I get to go again and have even more fun and see even more people. YAY!!!!


More Fireworks

July 10th 2010 4:34 pm
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The night of the fourth mom and dad took me to watch the fireworks in another town. I had SOOO much fun. Mom and dad and I had a great view. Mom and I laid in the grass and dad sat in a chair by us. I behaved so well that Mom let go of my leash and I stayed right there beside her. I even looked up and watched the fireworks. Mom and dad both were very proud cause the sound didnt even bother me. I got to meet lots of people but didnt get any of them to give me a snack. Mom wishes that she had been able to get a photo of me watching the fireworks cause I was so calm.

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