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Three years have gone by so fast! I miss you my baby girl.

October 28th 2015 8:01 pm
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I cant believe my sweet beautiful brave girl that you have been gone three years today. I have been thinking of you a lot lately baby girl and I wish I could see your sweet face looking up at me. I saw your sign while daddy and Andrew and I were on our way to get daddy's new Service Dog puppy. I knew that you were giving us your approval of her just like you did when Casper came to stay with us. It seems like only yesterday that you went to that place north of the bridge. I miss you so much that some times I forget how to breathe. Some days I almost feel you here with me but I look up and remember that you arent here. It hurts so much right now but I know you are happy, warm and healthy again and you are with your last two puppies that you didnt get to bring into this world. I miss you and love you always. You are still my sugar bear, my #1 girl and my heart dog. I miss you forever. Love always Mommy


Helped out an old dog today and thought of you.

July 7th 2014 3:53 pm
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My sweet girl today I thought I felt your paw on my shoulder when I helped an old mixed breed dog bet reunited with her family. The poor old girl had been left to run free for a while because she was full of fleas and flea dirt. She is between 15 and 19 and her owner is in a nursing home but we found the owner's sister and she took the old dog Mattie to the vet to get her flea treated and all fixed up. I thought of you and nearly cried because I miss you today my girl.


This month makes it a year since you went to that spot north- of rainbow bridge. I miss you girl.

October 3rd 2013 9:36 pm
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Just three more weeks and five more days Maggie girl and it will be a year since you went to the bridge. I cant believe its been that long already. It seems like just yesterday you were a warm vibrant happy girl then today daddy was tucking your lifeless body in the freezer to keep you from rotting till we could get you to the vet to get cremated. I look at your urn every day and wonder what you were like when you were a younger dog. I often find myself thinking about the person who shot you. Why did they do it? Were you bothering their livestock or trying to find something to eat? I guess we will never know what that person was thinking. I was thinking the other day about your pups that you were pregnant with when you got shot. I wonder what they would have looked like. I decided that they would have been a boy and a girl. I even gave them names. The girl I named Angel Maye and the boy I named Taltos. Dont ask why but you probably know why. If you should happen to see a silver point boy husky running around up there at the bridge with two icy blue eyes ask him if his name is Lasher. If it is then ask him if he is like you and waiting for me. Also find ZJ my first pit bull and the other dogs that were a part of my life remind them that I miss them too. I wish I could hug you again my special girl. I miss you so much today, you were my best girl and you always knew what I was thinking or feeling. I miss my number one girl more than you know. I love you forever and back. Give your grandma lots of loving for me.


Its been almost a year since you left us girl.

August 25th 2013 12:45 am
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Hello my sweet sugar bear. I cant believe its been nearly a year since you went to be with the pups that had to be aborted to save you. I miss you so much even now. I hope that you are having fun at the bridge chasing balls and going for walks with your grandma. I wish that we could have had more time together. I have your ashes and your collar here at our new house. Your urn is still in its box right now big girl because I dont have a place to put you right now. I am going to order a piece of cremation jewelry to put some of your ashes in so that I can have you with me while I am at school. I wish we could go for another walk or on another trip up to shackamack state park where we went the day after we brought you home to live with us. If you should happen to see Sebastion your favorite kitty up there at the bridge tell him we miss him too. Simba misses his brother and is being a major brat lately but still I love him even though I cant hold him on my lap. I wish I could have time to take just one more picture of you. I will love you forever and always. The song by Diamond Rio 'One more day" is the one song that fits what I would love to have.

Last night I had a crazy dream
A wish was granted just for me,
It could be for anything
I didn't ask for money
Or a mansion in malibu
I simply wished, for one more day with you


One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

First thing I'd do, is pray for time to crawl
Then I'd unplug the telephone
And keep the tv off
I'd hold you every second
Say a million I love you's
That's what I'd do. With one more day with you


Leave me wishing still for one more day
Leave me wishing still for one more day

This song is so true when it comes to you Maggie girl I would be wishing still for one more day with you. I miss and love you forever and always. You will always be my #1 girl.


Has it really been 6 months?

May 1st 2013 9:44 pm
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Maggie sweet girl, I was looking at the calender today and I was struck by the length of time since you crossed the bridge. I couldnt help but wonder has it really been six months since you left me? I miss you so much. I miss sitting down on the floor or the ground with a brush and undercoat rake in hand and you laying between my knees while I brushed all the dead hair out of your fur. I always tried to be so gentle over the scar on your shoulder where you had been shot. I look over at your urn sitting on the shelf and wonder how things would have been had we met when you were a pup. I found one of your old rabies tags here while back and the other day I took the dremel and engraved your name and the words Forever Loved on it. Because sweetie that is what you will always be. You will always be my sweet sugar bear, my #1 girl, my special angel. You came into my life when I needed you the most and sweetheart you taught me about how to let go of the ones that we truly love. Some day I hope that you will be there at the bridge when I get there and I hope that you will remember me. I miss you girl and I love you always. My sugar bear you are forever loved. Momma


I miss you sweet girl

December 3rd 2012 9:06 am
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I cant believe its been a whole month since you went to the bridge. Maggie girl I miss you so much. I would give anything just to hold you in my arms and kiss that soft fur between your ears. I can hold your urn but its not you. I want to see those beautiful eyes of yours and watch you do your happy dances that you did for your food and for walks with your backpacks. I am sick again because of my stomach but I cant afford to get it taken care of right now. Not with everything else that we have to pay out. Like a repair bill on the bye bye ride. And Andy's class ring. He said to tell you he loves and misses you too. I think he sees you more now because you go to him when he is awake. I just wish I could see you too. In the spring on the day after your gotcha date we are going to take a small amount of your ashes and scatter them up at Shackamack so that you can be free. I love you more than I could ever tell you baby girl.


You are home again sweet girl

November 12th 2012 3:13 pm
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Its been two long and painful weeks since you left me girl. Taking you to the vet out of state for your cremation was a hard thing to do even though you were a dogsickle cause we had to freeze you cause the car was broken down. Every bump every twist every turn I made I could hear your body move. I kept telling you I was sorry. The vet did wonderful with your remains. If you had not had cancer and lost so much weight you would not have fit in your urn. As it stands there isnt much room between the lid and the top of your ashes. When we got there to pick you up today,someone didnt get the memo and you were in what looked like either a pringles can or a tootsie roll tube but they got you in your urn and brought you back to me. Right now you are laying here by me on the bed. Daddy wants to take a small bit of your ashes and scatter them to the winds so that not only are we giving you back to the creator but we are setting you free. No more fences to hold you. Now you can run forever free until we are together again. I LOVE YOU FOREVER.


I miss you already my sweet girl.

October 28th 2012 10:00 pm
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My precious wonderful Maggie girl, I cant believe this. You crossed the bridge today with out me holding you in my arms. I promised you I would be there to hold you so you werent afraid but I let you down baby. I am so so sorry. I cant remember how to breathe again. I wasnt ready for this even though I knew you and I were only on borrowed time. When daddy came in and told me you were gone I looked at him and screamed NO NO NO NO ITS NOT TRUE! I nearly fell down because all the wind had been knocked out of me. I cant breathe I cant even feel my heart beating any more. Please baby girl tell me that you forgive me for not being there to hold you when you left me. Show me that you are at peace. I want only to hold you and feel you nudging my arm when you wanted a pat or an ear rub. Or even on last tummy rub. I would give anything to feel you shoving your head against my legs so I would sit down and let you lay in my lap. Mommy loves you baby girl. Rest well and fly free. I will always love you my wonderful girl.


Mom says look this up IF YOU ARE PROUD TO BE AMERICAN!!!

September 20th 2011 1:17 pm
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Hey all pups. If your parents are like my mom and dad and proud of being an American even though we have a pretty weird president, why dont you all have your moms and dads look up the song by Tex Ritter called The Americans A Canadian's Opinion. The broadcaster made some good valid points during his broadcast and mom and dad agree with him. I also wanted to let you all know that I am doing okay even after having a seizure after 82 days with out one. Mom is hoping that if I have any more that they will be the last ones. I am feeling really good though and I am a happy girl. I am helping mom teach the pups to be good dogs when they grow up. I do love the puppies they are pretty cute little dogs. ... Just wanted to drop in and say hi so you all take care and have a good one Maggie


My seizures are back and my mommy is crying

January 6th 2011 10:36 am
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early this morning I had a couple seizures. Mommy thought that they were gone away for good. I've had at least one more and maybe two. I'm going to the vet today to see what he can do.Mommy is very afraid and worried that perhaps our time together has to come to an end. I dont want her to cry or to be afraid. I know my mommy loves me with a heart beyond compare and to know that she is crying is something I just cannot bear. I wish that I could tell her I am not ready to go yet but she sadly cannot understand my dog speak. I WANT to get better I NEED to be well. I cannot stand the look of fear and worry in my mommys eyes its as close as one can get to hell. She loves me as much as I love her and so I hope that she can see this in her heart. I wish that I was one to lick her face so that I could lick away her tears. I wish she knew how much I love to hear her say "Maggie I love you" and how I love to feel her arms wrapped around my neck as she hugs me. Will post again when we get back from the vet to let you know what happens and if my mommy will be shedding even more tears for me.

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