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It's Good to be The Dude!

Hi Guys!

April 23rd 2010 7:35 am
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Second round of shots at the vet DONE! AND I'm o-fficially worm free! Mom's really glad about that. She was getting pretty grossed out cleaning up my poopies. :D I weigh 10 whole pounds too! Momma says I'm moving into the "gangly" stage. I don't know what that means, but as long as Mom keeps giving me kisses, I don't care. :D

Me and Stevie are getting along a whole lot better. I think part of it is because Mom and Aunt B have worked out an eating schedule that works better for everyone. We still grumble at little about sharing toys, but Mom's on top of that part too.

All in all, we're all adjusting. I love having a furever home!


I'm learning!

April 14th 2010 8:15 am
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Here's an update on me!

Momma says I'm growing-growing! The de-wormer the vet gave me is working really well. My tummy is not as swollen but Mom and Aunt B are a little grossed out at my poopies. :D

I'm learning what "no" and "no bites" means. I've also learned to hate the spray bottle. They squirt me when I'm doing something I shouldn't.

My sisfur, Miss Buddie, LOVES to play ball. We play every afternoon in the backyard when the peeps get home. Buddie is kind of a ball hog, but I play too. I bring back leaves and sticks. That counts right?

All in all, life is good in my world. Me and Stevie Ray are getting to be better friends and Oscar J. Cat is letting me chase him a little. At least I don't get hissed at for just entering the room anymore. :)

I'm going back to the vet this Saturday for more shots and some more of that yummy wormy stuff. I'll have Momma update you on how we do!


Hi, Guys!

April 7th 2010 6:34 pm
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Forgive me if this entry isn't very long. I'm just a baby and I get pooped pretty quick.

My name is Dude and I just found my forever home. I have two sisfurs, Gracie Mae & Miss Buddie, and two brofurs, Stevie Ray and Oscar J. Cat.

I'm the youngest. The vet says I'm about 7 weeks. Daddy found me at work and brought me home. Everyone has been super nice to me. The cat still hisses at me sometimes but Buddie says that he still hisses at her sometimes too. :D

I can't wait to meet all of you. I'm learning at lot and Mommy thinks I'll have good manners before too long. :D

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