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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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March 4th 2013 3:13 pm
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Zip-zap, it was Valentine's Day and then it was March 1st.
WowZer that means, surly Spring is on its way?? Just around
the corner??? I certainly hope so!(My thoughts on Sunday,while
pawwingly waiting for Grand-kids and that sausage/pancake
brunch! Followed by an afternoon filled with dominoes and farkle.
As well as snack patrol under the dining room table! Gotta
love those kids!)

I sat on Gma's lap and helped her play her dominoes. So she
wouldn't be off the charts with her score. I woffed for a
snack.....I mean everyone else was snacking! I had a couple
pieces of popcorn and then.......Kids were eating jerky
Gma made them. I wanted some too! I woof,woof,woofed some
more! Well Gma got up and got me 1 of my own puperoni sticks.
Cut it into about 2 dozen microscopic pieces! I mean,I needed
her bifocals to see them! Then she laid them on a coaster on
table.....About 18" away from my snout! She said, Mazy you
need to practice your patience...What practice my patience!
I'm always waiting on you, to do this or that for me!!!!!

There were my bites of pup stick just laying there! I shook
with anticipation,but no bite! Grand-kids said, Gma aren't
you going to give it to her???? Yippy! Someone's in my
corner! Gma said, after I take my turn,she can have a piece.
If, I don't spread it out.....she'll eat it all AND be
back asking for you to share your jerky!

Then hooman-sis got into the chat....Said, "Jaxcen...this
would be like Gma taking a nice, hot, fresh monster cookie
out of the oven....puttin' it,in front of you and saying"
Jaxcen, it's yours, but you can't EAT it yet!" Don't you think,
that would be hard???????????????

ALL RIGHT! NOW I have sympathy in my corner! Give me a bite!
I relaxed,stopped shaking like the energizer bunny....Helped
play Gma's tiles....she took a turn,I got a bite! Worked for
ME! I was practicing patience!!!!!!!!Gotta tell ya, I wanted
to jump out of her arms,scamper across the table,grab my
snacks and run! Did I?????????????NOPE,I did not! I waited
patiently! OMD! I HOPE she doesn't want to practice patience
again anytime soon!(Maybe, it was a full moon and brought out
the Evil in Gma?)

Snow arrived last night. It was 48 for awhile today. Temperature
has been falling since lunch time. We have about 6" of new snow.
Gpa had to shovel out all the cattle feed bunks before he could
dump grain. He had to take the tractor and push snow in the ranch yard.
Poor Gpa had to shovel the steps and patio too! I went out
for a few minutes while he was shoveling. Wind is suppose to be
on the way.

Gma tortured me by cooking a roaster full of meat for the barn
kitties this afternoon. Gpa is almost out of canned for them.
So Gma cooked meat to mix with their kibbles. A supply run is
in the near future. Depends on what the weather does. Gma and
I shared a gingersnap this afternoon. After we worked our
paws to a frazzle with deep cleaning.

I hope all my pals are doing well? I have lots more to say
about the craziness of March in North Dakota.(NO time today)
Gma has to start her pot of bean soup for supper. She has
a bowl out with stuff to make biscuits. I sssuuurrreee hope,
I can have a bite of biscuit with jam?????I think, that would
be a pawsome desert for me. YES,WE ARE barkin' about food again!
How do you think:the furs and hoomans survive the winters
up here? We snack alot! We enjoy really good food! Gpa says,
"thank you, God! Gma is a darn good cook!" He's been eating
her stuff for 39 years and 11 months. Can you believe it?
I told you pals, they are older than DIRT!
Catch ya later,
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


Goodies Boxes Were FUN!

February 20th 2013 8:53 am
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Hi there,pals...Just popped in quick to thank everyone
for the Valentine Goodies. it was so much FUN being able
to send those Pawtastic Big Boxes of Yummies to our Pals.

Can't believe almost a week has past since Valentine's
Day. We had a quiet dinner at home. Roasted lemon-pepper
chicken. Precious and I both had some. No chocolate brownies
with peanut-butter frosting for us. I did eat a plain
strawberry. No whip cream or chocolate dip for me!

How many of you are spoiled like me??????? I had a nice
big box with a surprise! Actually 3 surprises in it...
A fuzzy tree stump with 3 holes. Inside are 3 baby
squeakie squirrel stuffies for me to play with. I just
LOVE it! Gma took pictures but hasn't had the free
time to try and put them up for me. I heard in one
of my groups 13% of the furs receive Valentine's gifts.

I had 3 Valentine's in the mail. A bunch of p-mails and
doggie gifties. I Never knew that Valentines could be
so much FUN! Dogster has opened a whole new world to
this little doxie....

It was 44 Sunday and I went out with Gpa. Monday it was
between -25 and -35.BBUUUUURRRRRRRRR! To big of change!
Today it is still sub-zero and a windchill too! Right
now it is -5 raw temp. Poor Gma and Gpa have to go to
the capitol city today. They have mega stops besides
medical. They haven't made a trip,due to the weather
extremes! Gma is going to be a Crabby ABBY! She did
dug out her down coat, that goes to her ankles.
She looks like a FAT RASPBERRY in it! HeHe! She is
trying to prevent some of the weather fall-out...

Precious and I are so glad,we are on guard duty.Staying
inside,nice and toasty! I have my 3 little squirrels to
honk at Precious.(That will help fill the day)
Gotta run, be back to tell you about the sausage day
and all that jazz.....

Have a Pawtastic Day, hugs and kisses,Mazy


Crazy Week

February 11th 2013 3:10 pm
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This will be a crazy week for the Ponderosa.
We started yesterday,losing our electricity for
several hours. (Now Gma misses her gas stove!)
We had heart shaped sugar cookies in the oven,
when it went! Enough heat in oven to finish
those 3 pans. Threw the other dough back in

We had a COLD supper! Gma had candles burning
all over the house. Even a kerosene reading
lamp was going. I didn't like it! It was dark
and cold in my house! I could hear the generator
running...The calves were out of water! The cattle
have 1 notch up on me! Gma and I were chilled by
the time the power stayed on. The blizzard hit east
of us. The power issues covered a good sized area.

We have jerky and cookies to finish. Three freezers
to defrost and clean. The beef is processed this week.
Gma/pa made plans with the Grand-kids for supper too.
Gma will deliver their Valentines. Cookies,jerky
and their cards.

Gma had to juggle other appts. because they are
making sausage on Saturday. It is a very LONG
day! They leave in the morning and return at bed
time! I hate sausage making day! So, I'm on guard
duty at least 2 times this week. Gma is trashed
for 2 days afterwards. Glad it is only 1x per year.

I was surprised this afternoon to find out, I am
Princess of the Week at Princess Diva and Prince
Charming Group. What an honor and what a beautiful
picture Bailey made me. My secretary managed to
load the picture. It took a few tries before it
showed up on my page. Fleas aren't all gone yet!

I want to wish Everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.
Just in case, our paths don't cross again this week.
May you all have lots of snuggles,cuddles,lovies,
treats and maybe a new toy for our day of LOVE?

Hugs and Kisses to All,
I'm off to have some supper....Mazy


It's Saturday,Time for the Really Important Stuff......

February 9th 2013 9:52 am
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OMD, it's Saturday! I was a lazy,lazy girl! I slept until 10:30!
Gma checked on me a couple times. I was just Fine,toasting and
Roasting in the covers! I wasn't in any hurry to rise and shine!

The bitter cold moved out.Replaced with warmer temperatures and
lots of fog. 50% chance of snow for Sunday. The blizzard stuff
is only predicted for eastern ND.

The butchering guy was able to come. Haul our steer off to the
locker. Gma is sure glad we don't process our own beef like we
did in the old days. She spent 4 hrs. cleaning and processing
the liver and heart. Froze 24 pkgs of meatz for the barn kitties.
The 1st. batch of liver,cooked and chopped,they gobbled right
up! I did get to taste the liver,it was yummy! Gma said, it's
too rich for me! I'm the Princess,so how can anything be too
rich for me????

The Valentine baking is all done,except for sugar cookies.
We shipped a Love box to Great-grandma and pa. Hooman sis
took theirs home to her house. Gpa went for his throat
tests,no results yet. The clinic messed up and didn't
do his blood-work. He fasted a 2nd. time,went to the
local clinic. He didn't have an appt. so they didn't
do it. Now he has to fast a 3rd. time and go on Monday.
Gma is waiting for him to say, the heck with it.....

I spent a bunch of time,deleting some pictures. Needing
room for new ones. I had to load my new Valentine pic,
several times before it worked. I thought doggieville
had fixed their troubles????? Preferences are set
for just members but still have 2 furs being spammed?
We still can't rearrange Foxie's pics,the way we want
to. We deleted a bunch off, to see if that would help.
We are happy to be able to see so many of our pals
new pictures. Instead of big blue empty boxes. Everyone
has pawsome Valentine pictures...

I'm so enjoying hosting the new Wheel-a-Verse Game at
Christian Dogs and Cats. The puzzles are Bible scriptures.
We just wish, we had more furs coming to play with us.
So if, any of our pals have Free time....Come on over,
to CDAC and check out our Wheel-a-Verse. We are itching
to give more prizes...Better get goin', as I have a long
list of stuff to try and do at the puter! I have my
Secretary handcuffed to my paw! We are so far behind,
I think, I'm ahead of myself.
Hugs and kisses,mazy


Phooey and Double Phooey!

February 1st 2013 3:36 pm
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We hurried here and there to finish our work. We planned
on looking at all the new bootiful pictures our pals have posted.
Our bark board showed there should be 24 to check out. Nope,
we have 24 blue boxes with no photos!!!!!! We did catch up
on new diaries. Zoomed around to some groups and played awhile.

We had our first puzzle solved in Wheel-A-Verse. Yippy and Condogs
Shaki! So we put up a new puzzle in CDAC. We sure hope everyone
enjoys this twist on Wheel-A-Fortune. We are sure having a pawsome
time setting the puzzles up.

Can any fur tell us????? Is anyone having their diaries
Spammed repeatedly by oodles of different names. Certainly
not any of our furpals... We found this out by reading our
regular e-mail. Checked the 2 furs in the furmily that we know
it is happening too. Spamming is on very old diary entries.
They continue to hit those two entries often. Started deleting
a few of them. Quit, wanted to ask other furs, if they
have had this problem? If so, is it an HQ issue???????????

BTW- before I sign off....It was -20 and windchill of
-50 yesterday. -23 at 2:30 a.m. and then a SE wind came
rolling in. It actually made 22 ABOVE today! Yippy! We
are thrilled! We also has some flurries. Doing our
Valentine cookie baking this weekend. So we can send
my Great-Gma and Great-Gpa a package. Also, baking
for the grand-kids. My peeps will deliver to them.
They will take them and their pawrents out for a
Valentine's supper. I know there must be a toy in
being left behind? I don't understand why restaurants
don't want me to come liven the place up?
Suppertime, Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


Working 4 Meatz...Taking Back Treats??????

January 29th 2013 3:00 pm
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I have say,when it rains it pours!Troubles that is...
Not the badly needed moisture to help us this spring.
The sun didn't show its face again today. The temperature
was way less than forecast. 20 was the high. The new
cold front is rolling in tonight. The next couple days
the highs will be around 0 without the windchill.

We have had very light flurries in the past week. The
snow is so dry..there is no moisture in it. The bottle
baby is being kept in the milk-house. Where he can stay
warmer. He's a good eater and doing fine. His Mom is
eating and improving. Enough days have passed that he
will be a bottle baby. Just too hard to spike him onto
Mom now. She needs her reserves to mend....

Gpa goes and see the 1st. Doc tomorrow. He ate a 1/2
bag of Hershey Kisses for his supper. He wasn't in the
mood for anymore pudding,jell-o,tomato soup. He didn't
want plain broth. He's 1 of these guys that if it is
soup the spoon better stand up in the bowl! Really we
have Sloops at our house. They are thicker than soup
and little thinner than stews. This morning he dipped
3 chocolate chip cookies in his coffee. He's having
sugar D.T.'s big time!!!!!

Anywho...he is going to try angel hair pasta with
meatballs for supper. See how that goes???? He works
hard and is in the elements...So he has to have
nourishment. Gma tried to talk him into drinking
some Powerades....He could have had pureed foods.
He told the ER Doc,he wasn't eating baby food.....

Gma made herself stir-fried veggies and brown rice.
Gpa hates she was happy and didn't feel guilty.
We played after my supper. Did a training refresher
mini course with my venison. I sure don't know, why just
because he couldn't eat: I had to work for my meatz????

We played,we read and snuggled with the moist heatpad.
Since January has been a beast for Gma and her ritis
and fibro boys. Nothing helps except to just keep moving.
I was going to have a greenie for snack,then out of
the blue, before I started the greenie: I was gaggy
like Gpa. Then I threw up all over the rug, under the
dining room table. Gma took the greenie and put it away.
I didn't have any bedtime snack! Does this sound fair to
you?????? I had something caught...but don't know what
it was???? I was right as rain, after that! Gma said,
it wasn't sympathy pains for Gpa....too much time had
passed! I didn't mess with my breakfast this morning.
Hungry... I was starved!

We plugged along today, but nothing real major. Caught
up on some correspondence. Gma just couldn't get her
crabby old body to co-operate. In other words, it was
PLAIN BORING AROUND HERE!!! I should have rode to the
Elevator with Gpa. A trailer of grain for the calves.
Southern pals...please send warmer weather....
Catch ya later, Mazy



January 26th 2013 10:48 am
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SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!We have a new baby at our house!
I can tell You it isn't the Baby of choice....I mean,
maybe I'd be interested in a little fur-sis? My size,
doxie,doxie mix or some other small breed....

Thank God, it isn't a Grand-baby! Gma said,
" we've done diapers,bottles,spit-up,pee and
poop,etc.... The others are better than 1/2 grown.
11 and almost 9. Their Mommy would have a stroke
to do all that again!" Gma, just isn't fast enough to
do the baby mess again!On with my story.....

Gma left me guarding and went off to run errands. Have
the weekly massage,so the old gal can keep, keeping-on!
Seems to settle her for a few hours. Gpa went off to
the elevator to buy milk replacer for the bottle twins.
Who BTW are doing nicely...Salt and minerals for the
stock cows.

Gpa beat Gma home and found a Heifer trying to calf!
Not the one he had been keeping an eye on either!
Our bulls broke through a pasture fence and visited
the ladies.....way too early! Can't blame these
early arrivals on the neighbors,either!

Gpa gave her some time but things were going to slow.
He dug out the calf pulling stuff and pulled the calf.
What a way to arrive in this new world...Then it was COLD
too! Already -2...The little boy was very lively.
Even tried to suck Gpa's fingers! Hey there, hand washing
is my JOB!

Gpa put him on some straw in the wheelbarrow. Took him
to the milkhouse. Had Gma fetch him a bulb for the heat
lamp. The Cats pretty much cleared out of there...hehe
The light warmed him up and dried him off.After supper
Gpa took instant colostrum to him. He nursed the moo-moo
bottle like a pro....He's a survivor,as he has strong
instincts! Gpa left him there all night.

After awhile, some barn kitties went inside. They were
so curious....they found the light,it was warm,so they
stayed. The baby moo was curled up on hay with a full
tummy sleeping away....

His Mom is up eating and drinking...Gpa said,"she looks
rough!" So we haven't tried to give her calf back to her.
Gpa will try in couple days. If she doesn't want him,
then Gpa will be raising him on a bottle. I sure hope
the Bulls didn't set Gpa up for several January and
February babies. Bulls can be busy boys in just a few

We usually calf from late March-May. The other half of
the herd is from late August-October. Gma is sure glad
she isn't strong enough to take care of bottle calves
anymore. OMD! She's have to be out there every morning
and evening with bottles. Gpa hated that job when he
was young....had no patience for it. Gma took care of
all the orphans:lambs,calves,piglets and sometimes a

Things do change....Gpa used to pick a calf up and
just carry them off...later on, drag them to where
he wanted them. These days,he grunts to put them in
the wheelbarrow and push them to their new digs!!!!

I think the big changes around here is called "old
age!" I'm here to keep them from getting dogtimers!
They might go out to lunch, forget to come back home?
I have to keep them entertained and mentally
challenged! It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Tomorrow the Grand-kids are coming to play games. They
help keep Gma and Gpa on their toes too! We give them,
absolutely NO Breaks in our games! They beat the pants
off of both of them,about 9 times out of 10. We're having
pancake,bacon and scrambled egg brunch. We made 25 popcorn
balls. The kids can take a bunch home with them.
The last batch was 18 and Gpa,Gma and myself ate them all!
I did snatch 2 mini marshmallows that flew out of the she was adding them to the pot of melted butter.

2 mini marshmallows and a couple bites of shredded cheddar
cheese were my snacks... No wonder, I charged
after those marshmallows like I'd never had a treat!
Gma is starving ME! No one in this house is on a diet...
Unless it is a diet filled with goodies???????
Gotta tell ya, Gma has to have Gpa's help with the big
pots filled with hot stuff! Cause, she can't pour,hold
and stir all at the same she once could!
Gpa uses a wheelbarrow and Gma uses Gpa...They manage
to get their jobs done.....

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


Picture Fleas and Other Important Stuff........

January 26th 2013 10:00 am
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SENDING MANY THANKS TO MY PALS! What a surprise to wake up
and find I had mail....Greetings from pals. Pressies and a
beautiful DDP picture. A bottle of champagne to celebrate.
Some ribbons for my page. A beautiful crown filled with
jewels to be the Queen of the Ponderosa day....

Thank you Peek-a-boo & pack,Cooper and pack,Coco & Puffy,
Hershey & Van Winkle ,Angel Whisper & Dixie Rayne. You're
all so very sweet and so very furry nice to me. Thank you
HQ, as this is always an Honor.

FLEAS AT DOGSTER....We WERE NOT able to post our beautiful
DDP picture made by Cooper. We loaded it, into our
pictures and it will not show up?????Neither will our
bottle of bubbly....Phooey!

We will try later to again, put it on my picture page.
We Hope some pals will see it here.


Today, we will make the low 20 ish. No sunshine and wintry
outside. We are busy making popcorn balls for the grand-kids.
I like them too! They are coming to play games tomorrow.
Also for brunch....They ask for homemade pancakes,bacon and
scrambled eggs. My favorites for Sunday! We are doing up that meats HOT work clothes to TOAST AND ROAST

A Pawsome weekend for ME! I haven't seen those kiddies
since Thanksgiving time......We have a surprise for them!
A New Baby at our House! More on the baby next time....
Everyone have a Pawtastic Weekend!

Hugs and kisses,mazy


Come Sit A Spell....

January 22nd 2013 2:50 pm
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Come in, said the spider to the fly! Geesh!
Just kidding!!!!! Come into my cozy, toasty kitchen.
Pull up a chair and park your paws....I've been
busy on this cold January day. Trying to forget
it is Ever so Cold Outside.

I made Lazy gal's sweet rolls and bread. Sit
and I'll bring you some nice warm cinnamon
twisted roll with vanilla glaze. Coffee,tea
a bowl of water?????

Staying Toasty With Bread Making

If rolls and butter bread aren't your thing. I have
several kinds of cookies. Even apples,oranges and
clementines. Rest your paws and tell me what is new
at your place. Every gal deserves a break. The laundry
is done. I've roasted in the hot towels and bedding.
It's time to sit back and rest,until time to sling
hash for supper...OMD! We're not having hash,don't
slobber. I'm having pork chops,fried spuds with the
orange orbs from the garden called sweet carrots.
Fresh butter bread....

After supper, to burn up all the goodies....I guess,
I'll have to exercise with Gma. She needs my help or
she cheats and quits way to soon! Gotta watch these old
duffers all the time! I'll finish the day with Zoomies
around all the living room furniture. Up and down the
hall,into the bedrooms....Play a little chase,some
tag and some hide and seek. Close my day by settling
into my big bed in the bedroom,not the kitchen!
I'll zzzzzzzzzz's, snug as a bug in the middle....
Hopefully, it will be warmer tomorrow????

It did make 12....Light flurries and no sunshine.
Windchill? Did want to know! Gma and I are
staying inside. She doesn't want to pull a
sweater over my stitches. They are still there.
I didn't take any medicine today. I don't seem
to be itchy... Thank my dogness for that!


Pictures Of My Imprisonment

January 22nd 2013 2:27 pm
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Here's the torturous girdle mesh after surgery.
Now wasn't that a fine trick...
Houdining out of that mess???????
I did it in the middle of the night and inside the
covers too! I was just so miserable I couldn't
sleep! While Gma was out COLD!

Surgical girdle mesh

Here is the Queen Size Inflated bed 4 Gma and I.
We slept there 10 days.
Grandpa only tested the bed.
He did volunteer to sleep there.
I wanted my Grandma.

Kitchen Queen Size Bed 4 My Recovery

Here is my bed,myself minus the torture wrap.
LOOK at my Eyes!
Can you see I'm on DRUGS????????

My Bed,Me with the Torture Wrap.....

First FREEDOM with an 8 squeaker toy from the after Holiday
stash....Gma said, it was the BEST spent $3 for 2 hours of entertainment. 2 hrs. later 7 squeakers were phooey! I chewed
3 holes in the plushy part. It's a rainbow colored reindeer...
It's in the stuffie hospital....I had alot of pent up frustration
to work out!

1st. Freedom and 8 Squeaker Toy......

Kitchen play as I started to feel better. Alot of these were
Christmas toys. My Secret Santa Buddy sent me a small pink BoBo.
Penlope Pink BoBo saved my sanity!!!! Thank you Buddy!

Kitchen play

Can you see Penlope Pink BoBo and Patsy my Pink Piggy?????
They kept me almost Happy in my Prison!

Kitchen playing

SSSSSSSSSooooo there's my short version of my surgery!
I sure HOPE I don't have lots of those fatty tumors
as I age?????? This was NOT FUN!

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