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Working 4 Meatz...Taking Back Treats??????

January 29th 2013 3:00 pm
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I have say,when it rains it pours!Troubles that is...
Not the badly needed moisture to help us this spring.
The sun didn't show its face again today. The temperature
was way less than forecast. 20 was the high. The new
cold front is rolling in tonight. The next couple days
the highs will be around 0 without the windchill.

We have had very light flurries in the past week. The
snow is so dry..there is no moisture in it. The bottle
baby is being kept in the milk-house. Where he can stay
warmer. He's a good eater and doing fine. His Mom is
eating and improving. Enough days have passed that he
will be a bottle baby. Just too hard to spike him onto
Mom now. She needs her reserves to mend....

Gpa goes and see the 1st. Doc tomorrow. He ate a 1/2
bag of Hershey Kisses for his supper. He wasn't in the
mood for anymore pudding,jell-o,tomato soup. He didn't
want plain broth. He's 1 of these guys that if it is
soup the spoon better stand up in the bowl! Really we
have Sloops at our house. They are thicker than soup
and little thinner than stews. This morning he dipped
3 chocolate chip cookies in his coffee. He's having
sugar D.T.'s big time!!!!!

Anywho...he is going to try angel hair pasta with
meatballs for supper. See how that goes???? He works
hard and is in the elements...So he has to have
nourishment. Gma tried to talk him into drinking
some Powerades....He could have had pureed foods.
He told the ER Doc,he wasn't eating baby food.....

Gma made herself stir-fried veggies and brown rice.
Gpa hates she was happy and didn't feel guilty.
We played after my supper. Did a training refresher
mini course with my venison. I sure don't know, why just
because he couldn't eat: I had to work for my meatz????

We played,we read and snuggled with the moist heatpad.
Since January has been a beast for Gma and her ritis
and fibro boys. Nothing helps except to just keep moving.
I was going to have a greenie for snack,then out of
the blue, before I started the greenie: I was gaggy
like Gpa. Then I threw up all over the rug, under the
dining room table. Gma took the greenie and put it away.
I didn't have any bedtime snack! Does this sound fair to
you?????? I had something caught...but don't know what
it was???? I was right as rain, after that! Gma said,
it wasn't sympathy pains for Gpa....too much time had
passed! I didn't mess with my breakfast this morning.
Hungry... I was starved!

We plugged along today, but nothing real major. Caught
up on some correspondence. Gma just couldn't get her
crabby old body to co-operate. In other words, it was
PLAIN BORING AROUND HERE!!! I should have rode to the
Elevator with Gpa. A trailer of grain for the calves.
Southern pals...please send warmer weather....
Catch ya later, Mazy



January 26th 2013 10:48 am
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SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!We have a new baby at our house!
I can tell You it isn't the Baby of choice....I mean,
maybe I'd be interested in a little fur-sis? My size,
doxie,doxie mix or some other small breed....

Thank God, it isn't a Grand-baby! Gma said,
" we've done diapers,bottles,spit-up,pee and
poop,etc.... The others are better than 1/2 grown.
11 and almost 9. Their Mommy would have a stroke
to do all that again!" Gma, just isn't fast enough to
do the baby mess again!On with my story.....

Gma left me guarding and went off to run errands. Have
the weekly massage,so the old gal can keep, keeping-on!
Seems to settle her for a few hours. Gpa went off to
the elevator to buy milk replacer for the bottle twins.
Who BTW are doing nicely...Salt and minerals for the
stock cows.

Gpa beat Gma home and found a Heifer trying to calf!
Not the one he had been keeping an eye on either!
Our bulls broke through a pasture fence and visited
the ladies.....way too early! Can't blame these
early arrivals on the neighbors,either!

Gpa gave her some time but things were going to slow.
He dug out the calf pulling stuff and pulled the calf.
What a way to arrive in this new world...Then it was COLD
too! Already -2...The little boy was very lively.
Even tried to suck Gpa's fingers! Hey there, hand washing
is my JOB!

Gpa put him on some straw in the wheelbarrow. Took him
to the milkhouse. Had Gma fetch him a bulb for the heat
lamp. The Cats pretty much cleared out of there...hehe
The light warmed him up and dried him off.After supper
Gpa took instant colostrum to him. He nursed the moo-moo
bottle like a pro....He's a survivor,as he has strong
instincts! Gpa left him there all night.

After awhile, some barn kitties went inside. They were
so curious....they found the light,it was warm,so they
stayed. The baby moo was curled up on hay with a full
tummy sleeping away....

His Mom is up eating and drinking...Gpa said,"she looks
rough!" So we haven't tried to give her calf back to her.
Gpa will try in couple days. If she doesn't want him,
then Gpa will be raising him on a bottle. I sure hope
the Bulls didn't set Gpa up for several January and
February babies. Bulls can be busy boys in just a few

We usually calf from late March-May. The other half of
the herd is from late August-October. Gma is sure glad
she isn't strong enough to take care of bottle calves
anymore. OMD! She's have to be out there every morning
and evening with bottles. Gpa hated that job when he
was young....had no patience for it. Gma took care of
all the orphans:lambs,calves,piglets and sometimes a

Things do change....Gpa used to pick a calf up and
just carry them off...later on, drag them to where
he wanted them. These days,he grunts to put them in
the wheelbarrow and push them to their new digs!!!!

I think the big changes around here is called "old
age!" I'm here to keep them from getting dogtimers!
They might go out to lunch, forget to come back home?
I have to keep them entertained and mentally
challenged! It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Tomorrow the Grand-kids are coming to play games. They
help keep Gma and Gpa on their toes too! We give them,
absolutely NO Breaks in our games! They beat the pants
off of both of them,about 9 times out of 10. We're having
pancake,bacon and scrambled egg brunch. We made 25 popcorn
balls. The kids can take a bunch home with them.
The last batch was 18 and Gpa,Gma and myself ate them all!
I did snatch 2 mini marshmallows that flew out of the she was adding them to the pot of melted butter.

2 mini marshmallows and a couple bites of shredded cheddar
cheese were my snacks... No wonder, I charged
after those marshmallows like I'd never had a treat!
Gma is starving ME! No one in this house is on a diet...
Unless it is a diet filled with goodies???????
Gotta tell ya, Gma has to have Gpa's help with the big
pots filled with hot stuff! Cause, she can't pour,hold
and stir all at the same she once could!
Gpa uses a wheelbarrow and Gma uses Gpa...They manage
to get their jobs done.....

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy


Picture Fleas and Other Important Stuff........

January 26th 2013 10:00 am
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SENDING MANY THANKS TO MY PALS! What a surprise to wake up
and find I had mail....Greetings from pals. Pressies and a
beautiful DDP picture. A bottle of champagne to celebrate.
Some ribbons for my page. A beautiful crown filled with
jewels to be the Queen of the Ponderosa day....

Thank you Peek-a-boo & pack,Cooper and pack,Coco & Puffy,
Hershey & Van Winkle ,Angel Whisper & Dixie Rayne. You're
all so very sweet and so very furry nice to me. Thank you
HQ, as this is always an Honor.

FLEAS AT DOGSTER....We WERE NOT able to post our beautiful
DDP picture made by Cooper. We loaded it, into our
pictures and it will not show up?????Neither will our
bottle of bubbly....Phooey!

We will try later to again, put it on my picture page.
We Hope some pals will see it here.


Today, we will make the low 20 ish. No sunshine and wintry
outside. We are busy making popcorn balls for the grand-kids.
I like them too! They are coming to play games tomorrow.
Also for brunch....They ask for homemade pancakes,bacon and
scrambled eggs. My favorites for Sunday! We are doing up that meats HOT work clothes to TOAST AND ROAST

A Pawsome weekend for ME! I haven't seen those kiddies
since Thanksgiving time......We have a surprise for them!
A New Baby at our House! More on the baby next time....
Everyone have a Pawtastic Weekend!

Hugs and kisses,mazy


Come Sit A Spell....

January 22nd 2013 2:50 pm
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Come in, said the spider to the fly! Geesh!
Just kidding!!!!! Come into my cozy, toasty kitchen.
Pull up a chair and park your paws....I've been
busy on this cold January day. Trying to forget
it is Ever so Cold Outside.

I made Lazy gal's sweet rolls and bread. Sit
and I'll bring you some nice warm cinnamon
twisted roll with vanilla glaze. Coffee,tea
a bowl of water?????

Staying Toasty With Bread Making

If rolls and butter bread aren't your thing. I have
several kinds of cookies. Even apples,oranges and
clementines. Rest your paws and tell me what is new
at your place. Every gal deserves a break. The laundry
is done. I've roasted in the hot towels and bedding.
It's time to sit back and rest,until time to sling
hash for supper...OMD! We're not having hash,don't
slobber. I'm having pork chops,fried spuds with the
orange orbs from the garden called sweet carrots.
Fresh butter bread....

After supper, to burn up all the goodies....I guess,
I'll have to exercise with Gma. She needs my help or
she cheats and quits way to soon! Gotta watch these old
duffers all the time! I'll finish the day with Zoomies
around all the living room furniture. Up and down the
hall,into the bedrooms....Play a little chase,some
tag and some hide and seek. Close my day by settling
into my big bed in the bedroom,not the kitchen!
I'll zzzzzzzzzz's, snug as a bug in the middle....
Hopefully, it will be warmer tomorrow????

It did make 12....Light flurries and no sunshine.
Windchill? Did want to know! Gma and I are
staying inside. She doesn't want to pull a
sweater over my stitches. They are still there.
I didn't take any medicine today. I don't seem
to be itchy... Thank my dogness for that!


Pictures Of My Imprisonment

January 22nd 2013 2:27 pm
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Here's the torturous girdle mesh after surgery.
Now wasn't that a fine trick...
Houdining out of that mess???????
I did it in the middle of the night and inside the
covers too! I was just so miserable I couldn't
sleep! While Gma was out COLD!

Surgical girdle mesh

Here is the Queen Size Inflated bed 4 Gma and I.
We slept there 10 days.
Grandpa only tested the bed.
He did volunteer to sleep there.
I wanted my Grandma.

Kitchen Queen Size Bed 4 My Recovery

Here is my bed,myself minus the torture wrap.
LOOK at my Eyes!
Can you see I'm on DRUGS????????

My Bed,Me with the Torture Wrap.....

First FREEDOM with an 8 squeaker toy from the after Holiday
stash....Gma said, it was the BEST spent $3 for 2 hours of entertainment. 2 hrs. later 7 squeakers were phooey! I chewed
3 holes in the plushy part. It's a rainbow colored reindeer...
It's in the stuffie hospital....I had alot of pent up frustration
to work out!

1st. Freedom and 8 Squeaker Toy......

Kitchen play as I started to feel better. Alot of these were
Christmas toys. My Secret Santa Buddy sent me a small pink BoBo.
Penlope Pink BoBo saved my sanity!!!! Thank you Buddy!

Kitchen play

Can you see Penlope Pink BoBo and Patsy my Pink Piggy?????
They kept me almost Happy in my Prison!

Kitchen playing

SSSSSSSSSooooo there's my short version of my surgery!
I sure HOPE I don't have lots of those fatty tumors
as I age?????? This was NOT FUN!



January 20th 2013 2:14 pm
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Well, we have an issue at our house. Gma does!
Gpa and Furs do not! We all sleep just fine!
We all love our 18 year old,double pillow-top bed.
It is in pristine condition and has been flipped
regularly through the years.

Precious and myself, think it is the to die for
bed....We both sleep on it! I sleep there at night
and Precious sleeps there during the day. We think,
it is Pawsome! Gpa has NO Issues with the bed,either!

While I was Imprisoned in the kitchen...Gma slept
with me, on an inflatable queen mattress. She slept
better than she has in sssssssssssssssoooooooo long
she can't even tell you when??????? BTW-Tonight,I
am going back to my regular bed. Yippy!

Gma has had sleep issues for 40 years. Due to the
fibromyalgia and arthritis. The restorative sleep
is very poor for Gma. This repairs the hooman body
from it's daily wear and tear.

She doesn't take sleep meds. or anything but aspirin
and arthritic time released tylenol. She tried lots of
meds. when younger. They Never found a good combo...
She became very sensitive to all medicine while they
play Russian Roulette with her.

Gma was telling her massage therapist about the kitchen
sleeping....She said, she is having a same trouble in
her pillow-top. They chatted and both know that they have
very firm mattresses. These used to be the recommendation.
Now Orthopedic Docs, say softer is better....Less pressure

Now she has pressure points from her neck to her feet.
No matter what the position she is trying to settle into.
She tosses and turns all night long. As the birthdays are is showing on Gma. Not just her face but her
energy level for her day. Fatigue is a Big Problem.

The question is to buy or not buy a new medium pillow
top...See if, it Helps her????? The one we have would
move to the guest bedroom. It is a much better bed, than
the current bed in there. Gpa is stumped! He couldn't
believe Gma has slept so well, this past 10 days.
Except for the 1st. night....This was ME! Wiggling out of
that stretchy mesh and playing Houdini in the covers.

Gma said, if it isn't the bed....It is Gpa's snoring
concerts that have become chronic in the past decade.
Some nights,she can pretend they are concerts..HeHe!
Other nights,she can't get to sleep. Most nights, she
reads until, she can't hold her eyes open! She says,
she hurts so BAD when she crawls into bed and lays
down. She even told us, if she didn't have too...she
wouldn't sleep at all!

Precious and I know, we will be Happy no matter what
we have in there. If not, we will run over to the other
bedroom and bunk there. Gpa can sleep Anywhere! A chair,
couch,anything he can find.....He has good, bad and so-so
nights...Says, it's not the bed but his age! Other people
tell her, you just don't sleep well..when you get old!
Great! Since sleep has been an issue since age 20...

Our Big question is buy or not buy? What do our pals
sleep on????????? Gma was looking online at other beds.
Such as memory foam....People we ask,either Love or
Hate them! Doesn't seem to be alot of in between???
They are so very expensive! A good pillow-top is a
good size investment but not 4-5 of her yearling Steers!
Gma has King size headaches just looking online at options.
Wanted to know what is out there before she considers
dragging herself from store to store......

I think, Gpa is hoping it is the BED and NOT HIM??????
This little doxie Do NOT Snore at all!
hugs and kisses,Mazy



January 19th 2013 3:57 pm
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I know my pals have been following my recovery from surgery.
I'm here MYSELF to report with my own PAWS! Can you believe it?

1st. I must ask that our pals say a prayer for Precious. A
couple nights ago,Gpa went to put her in the sunroom for the
night. She jumped out of his arms! He was on the landing.
It was a HUGE JUMP and she landed hard! She started with
limping and Gma thought it was her hip??? Last couple days,
she has chosen odd places to lay. Gma noticed,she seems to
be having trouble getting up and down. Finding a comfortable
spot to lay. Is it her back? A strain? A pinched nerve?
A herniated disc?

She isn't eating like she normally does. She has a HUGE
appetite. She is just picking a little. She is drinking.
She is going potty in her box but not the normal amount.
She is letting Gma pick her up so she doesn't jump off
loveseat. While she is a senior,she naps alot,she just
isn't herself. No crying but appears like there is some

Gpa was going to town,Gma sent him to the Vet for
some pain medicine for a kitty. They can't take what
they give pups. Gma told Gpa, if she wasn't perked up
by Monday. Gma would take her to the Vet. The Fur Doc,
told Gpa...he really didn't know what to do for her?
Basically they are Livestock Docs and not specialized
in Kitties.

Well, we know they don't have the pricey equipment
that the small animal Vets have. Angel Foxie had to
go to a specialist all the time. Gma said, well we
have 2 places where she has been, many times. They are
both 60 miles away. If we can find out, what exactly
is wrong, we can probably fix it. ????

I Feel BAD for her...She did tease me, while I was not
feeling so good,but I forgive her. I think, maybe there
is something to this TOO much JUMPING business????? If
you could just say a prayer for her, I'd be really very

As Grandma's Dad, he is finally home. He is stable,
not so weak now, some issues have been handled. He's
been home 2 days now. So far, doing better. We are
praying things are back on the right track for him.

Little ME.... I'm NO LONGER locked in the kitchen.
Gma took the laundry baskets off the loveseat today.
I'm jumping into the chairs. Using my bedroom Pet
stairs on the big loveseat. The smaller one, she
will let me jump on. I've stayed on Gma's heels
almost all day! (Just because I could!) Gma and I
are still sleeping in the kitchen. She doesn't want
me to wakeup during the night,not use the pet stairs
and jump off her extra high pillow-top to go potty.
She says, I'd be on the floor before either of them
knew that I was going to do it!

I'm playing,still taking the Rimadyl so I won't scratch.
I'm being very a good girl! I'm not playing as
rough at I usually do....Their Idea not mine!
Pawsome to go from a little living room playtime to
most of my Freedom restored...NO CAVE! It's all sealed
up...Whole different story for another time....



January 16th 2013 2:11 pm
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I discovered a couple days ago, I am very flexible!
I'm smart, creative,inventive with my efforts to improve
my troubles...

I literally, stood on my head in my plush Christmas bed.
So I could twist, stretch my extra long, fast tongue...
Try to lick my stitches...If,I could JUST STRETCH A
I could touch the shaved part....

Gma laughed until she had tears! Then she gave me the
finger and said, no-no! I STOPPED but she laughed at
my efforts! How could she do that? Later the same day,
I tried a new approach. I put my head under my front
paw and went that route....Again with nawh-nawh's and
no-no's! Reporting to Gpa, "he said, it was very Smart
on my part!" Gma said,"she exercises with me,however,
I'm not that flexible!" There are very few of her moves
we would call Yoga! She says,"I'm a YOGA EXPERT and I
could teach hoomans a thing or too!"

Later, she had to run to town. Rimadyl for the itchies
and the store. She had the Fur Docs and Techs in stitches
telling them about my tricks! (They laughed at me too!)
I know I can be Funny, but I wasn't trying for Funny!
I was trying for Comfort! They thought is was pretty
funny....Gma and I are sleeping in the kitchen. Actually,
they probably think Gma is a little crazy????

Late yesterday, I had the Blues,Big Time...I was mopey,
restless....Wandered back and forth between Angel Baby's
big pillow bed and my bed...I haven't slacked off on
folding my potty pad into a square with my snout! If,Gma
isn't right there to fix it,as soon as I'm done! How's
that for being particular and extra clean?

After supper, Gma took her 6 clothes hampers and put
them on all the furniture in the living room. She
closed off all the other rooms. Dug in new toy stash,
gave me a rainbow colored Reindeer with 8 squeakers.
All flat between the head and feet. It took me 2 hrs.
but I wiped out 7 of the squeakers and made a couple
holes. (Now in the stuffie hospital) She said,"good
entertainment for $ know,after holiday sales."

eyes lite up and sparkled. I wiggled my butt,pranced,
wagged my sassy little tail....I ran around the furniture
dragging the toy. Having a blast! After the HOLES, it
disappeared to the pantry... I RAN TO THE PANTRY many
times during the whole evening....I'd yodel,try to get
get Gpa or Gma to get the silly thing for me. Nope,
didn't happen! Finally I gave up and played with all
my other new stuff....

Gpa,laughed at me, running back and forth to the pantry.
Begging for my toy... He says,"I'm a determined little
gal! Pretty darn smart!" Gma says,"sometimes, too Big
for my britches!" I didn't snore, but I didn't get up
at all last night....I slept all night!

Thanks pals for all the prayers,p-mails,greetings,cards,
and pressies. I have Gma taking care of thank you's...
She's a little stretched right now, but will contact
each of you for me. She's trying to do a few each day,
while I try to take an after lunch nap.


OF ANYTHING....Is that what they call a Velcro PUP?
If it is...THEN I AM ONE!


Kitchen Mysteries or Three Ring Circus?????

January 13th 2013 9:35 am
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Reporting appetite A+ and potty functions A+.
BEHAVIOR for ME is a A+A+A++++++++ I can be an
Angel when I want to be!

Last night,Gpa thought he'd let me in the living
room to play with me. Gma was on the phone with
reports on her Dad. He is still in the hospital.
This idea came to Gpa cuz, we were playing,ever
so gently in the kitchen. After being in the
cold all day...Gpa's body couldn't take the hard
vinyl floor he was laying on.

SSSSooooo into the living room we go! Gma's eyes
pop wide open and a frown on her face! Yep! It took
a split second to see there were no hampers
blocking the couch! I was making a beeline for it!
I could FEEL A JUMP rising up in me! Gpa managed to
turn my butt and herd me,like a COW,back to the
kitchen! How dare he? A COW! I'm NOT CATTLE!

He says,YOU had your chance....YOU BLEW IT! Gma,
thinking why TEMPT HER! WHO ME,WHAT DID I DO????
I was only heading towards a favorite place! I
hadn't done anything,yet!

made supper and I forgave him after the turkey
with chicken broth on my kibbles. (Turkey gone,
now VENISON Steak is on my menu.) I haven't
been picked up since Gma carried me in the house.
The stitches are where their hands should go to
carry me as a doxie should be.

Gma was on the phone a long time with 2nd report
on Great-Gpa. Gpa washed the dishes and Gma
cleaned up. They made the bed for ME. Gma decided
to try and read awhile before we called it a day.
She piled pillows against the fridge and used it
like a recliner. We had a long day 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.

We crawl into bed,snuggle into the flannel, Gma
jumps up,light on, bedding is WET! I DIDN'T DO
ANYTHING! Gma didn't have anything to drink in bed.
Precious was MAD she couldn't sleep on the Royal

We had to change my bed and we settle in again.
Gma dozing off....I BLEW OUT OF THE COVERS, RAN
didn't hear a thing. She thought maybe, I heard

Back to bed,soft music in the background. The ICE
MAKER dumps itself and I STIR...Maybe, the water
to fridge,ice maker or furnace kicking on....Started
Round 1? We are sleeping above the furnace room...

THE SYSTEM! To call Gma back to the kitchen, I use a
sing song doxie yodel with a touch of poor me whine
thrown in there.....

Gma still sleeping better than in her own bed. I
think she is going bed shopping after I'm all well?
She is very stiff from her fall yesterday. The foot
feels good with an ace on it. The hip is real sore
too. She loaded the washer and add soap. She used
the Poo word! It flew out of her hand,splashed all
over the washer,her PJ's,hair and face. Darn Ritis
Boyzs are at it again! Things smoothed out after that.

I went back finished my breakfast and settled for
resting on Angel Baby's large pillow bed. I did manage
a peek into the Sunroom yesterday. I was herded out...

Precious is TEASING ME...Going in/out of the kitchen,
living room,sunroom,etc.... Also sitting at the gate
rubbing my IMPRISONMENT into my SNOUT! How DARE SHE!
When she had her butt abscess/surgery...I FAITHFULLY,
laid,watched and worried over her! What kind of a
fur-sis is this????????? I'd rather have a doggie
fur-sis....CATS can be real Pains!


Saturday Started AT 5 A.M.

January 12th 2013 2:51 pm
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Woke up at 5 a.m.,you do that, when you go to bed
before the chickens! Gma and I are night owls! We had
a good night. We both slept well. We were up only 1x
to potty. I snuggled real close to Gma in the flannel
sheets. Outside was a raging blizzard and couldn't see
50 feet. This morning the storm had moved off,leaving
sunshine,but high was 5. Windchill factor-35. Gpa
worked on his tractor all afternoon with just a space
heater. BTW,I slept Pawtastically, because I didn't have
that corset,squeezy mesh thingy on me!

Gma cooked beasty for the barn kitties,because it is
so cold. The can food is cold and kibbles are dry.
Kept kitchen toasty and teasing my snout! I had
chicken broth,chopped turkey and my kibbles for lunch.
I had some yellow cake yesterday and oatmeal cookie
today for snack. My appetite has returned to normal.

I have NO bandage right now. I can't reach the stitches
with my tongue to lick it. They don't itch yet,so I'm
not trying to scratch with my back paw. (My t-shirts
will come out, if I start trying to reach the boo-boo)
The Fur Doc put in lots of very small stitches cuz,I'm
a very energetic doxie....Wait till they report the
mesh wasn't that clever of them! I know, they will be
surprised! I think it will be summer before I have
hair on my chest again????I didn't have that much to
start with!

I haven't had opportunity to jump,so I haven't. Last
night, Gma put laundry baskets on the loveseat, so I
couldn't get up there. Gpa laid on the floor to play
with me. He played like an OLD GEEZER! NO ZOOMIES OR

Today, Gma and I played ring around the dining room
chairs. I carried a stuffie and she followed,pretending
to take the stuffie. What's her problem? She wouldn't
pull on it,either? Then we took a box and put all my
new smaller stuffies in.....My job was to take them out!
Then I put some in and she took them out....This was
so boring! I went and took a NAP!

Gma wanted us to be TWINS so she managed to give herself
3 Boo-Boo's today. A steamy burn on her finger, a cut
thumb and then the big one! She totally washed everything
in the master bedroom. Since laundry room is real close to
MY PRISON! While cleaning the mattress,she fell on the
end of the bed frame....She said, it was stupid!WELL STUPID,
has a little cut,a BIG BRUISE and THE FOOT SWELLED UP. She put
an ace bandage on it. TOP of her foot AND she can't put a
shoe on...Good thing, she can't go anywhere,anyway!She's
at my beck and call 24/7. Must stay close to phone for
reports on her DAD.
I wanted to kiss the owchie, but she wrapped it up instead.
She is limping when she walks. Now she really is walking like
an OLD GREEZERETTE...Isn't that what they call real old,funny
prairie persons who camp in their kitchen in January?????

Thank you pals for all the p-mails,messages,rosies,
electronic get well messages. Especially, all the very
good advice. You know Gma worries cuz, I'm just Everything
to Her.... I'm with her at least 95% of the time....
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy

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