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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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Mysterious Packages Arrive........

December 7th 2013 9:13 am
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The last 2 days, Mysterious packages have been
arriving at my house....Of course, I was ALL Excited!

The 1st. evening, Gpa brought the mail. Bills and junk!
But what's this? A small package with no address return.
My name is on this package....I spied it, before Gma
run off and put it away!

Hey, bring that back here! That's mine! Gma said, NO!
You'll wait until Christmas to open this! Why wait????
Cuz, you have a Secret Santa and I don't know who it
is???? So, I say, let's open it and FIND OUT! No dice!
She wasn't buying that thinking....

Yesterday, a BIG UPS TRUCK...slides on the snow covered,
ice as it turns in my circular driveway. This lady,
brings a HUGE big box to the house...All right! LOOK
at the size of that box! Let me at it!!!!

Gpa puts the box up against the loveseat in the sunroom.
Gma says, what did you buy Gpa????? He said,I didn't
buy anything! The box said, it was a new fangled TV.
So Gpa thought Great Gma used her TV box to mail our
Christmas. She had just got a new TV from Gma's sister.
Gma bought Great Gma a new recliner.

Gma says, NOPE! It has a Best Buy Invoice on it...All
this time, I'm being pushed away! While trying to sniff
and inspect my mystery box... The packing slip said,
ordered online and shipped from store.

Gma tries to call the human children. Nobody is HOME!
So she calls Best Buy and they take all the info. and
look up the TV. Gma said, it's possible that 1 of the
kids ordered this???? Gives kids names to the lady...

Well number 1 and only son,ordered this on Cyber Monday.
Mystery solved! Mazy gets a new TV to watch. Now the
snacks better improve for me to spend time in the living
room watching TV! After all the draw to the bedroom is
Gma's moist heatpad. Little by little I'm learning to
HOG more and more of it!

This morning,I found out the TV came from both kids...
I want to know why Gpa opened his pressie and my was
put away????????? Is that fair????????? Besides, he
can't do anything with it....The techy kid has to
install and set it up for him. So, it sits in box,
until Christmas.

Well, this at least made the sub-zero days interesting.
I also received a couple pieces of mail. Gma laid them
aside,so we could work on packaging fudge. So, if it
has to be so cold.....I have the deliveries to LOOK
forward too.

See ya later,



December 5th 2013 9:43 am
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Santa Paws, I are very ssssooooooooorrrrrrrryyyyyy!
I didn't mean to pick the hole in the back of the
gingerbread house...Really,I didn't! It looked so
yummy and I was so bored in the snow storm...I just
couldn't help my naughty self!


The Sun is shining this mornin' and the snow storm is
over. It was -7F last night and is 3F now. The windchill
for today is to range from -25 to -40. Ucky! I won't
be puttin' my paws outside today,either!

I'll go curl up in my bed and stay toasty...Gma will
make Your Fudges for you. I LOVE YOU SANTA PAWS!


huggies and kisses,mazy



December 3rd 2013 4:18 pm
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HERE I the middle of the 1st. major snow
storm for this Winter! I think, winter is here to stay!

Gma and I were brave girls...We put on our coats and opened
the door to the cattle room to peek out into the blizzard!
Yep, it is blowing,snowing and has drifted ALL over the place.
I even got snow on my paws! Cuz, Gpa has been in and out
of the cattle room...leaving behind a trail of packed snow!
Precious even went to the door and peeked out....It was
enough for all us GALS! We bugged back into the nice warm

So here's what we've been doing with our time,while it
storms! We've been pawing our Christmas mail. Making
more lists for Santa Paws. Playing around dogster.
Probably cruise by catster for Precious to peek in.
We've blowed the whole morning,just fooling around.

We have chores to do..but just kinda blue with the
storm! Too much too soon! I was suppose to be on guard
duty today. Gma was suppose to do medical appts.
Those are rescheduled for next week. Hoping we will
have nicer weather. Sure there will be lots of accidents.
Usually are with the first bad weather of winter.

We are going to paw some more mail. Maybe, make our
chocolate and peanut-butter fudges today. Suppose
we will have to do a few chores. We see Precious has
left big surprises in her litter box for Gma. I'm
so grateful,I don't have to try and find a place
in that mess to potty! Thank goodness there are
potty stations indoors for us little pups! After all,
my people don't use the old outhouse that still stands.
Do they? Why should I have to go out in that mess!
There is a good 2 foot drift against Gma's garage door
this morning. BTW-we knew it was going to be ucky this
morning ssssssssssoooooooooo WE SLEPT IN!!!!!!!!

Gpa is in now...He has stomped all over the place. Fed
the cows and calves hay. Bottled the milk babies. Checked
the barn on the new baby born on Sunday. I think, Gma
should go make Gpa's Mexican Tortilla soup for lunch.
He loves that and it will warm him up!

hugs and kisses, mazy



November 29th 2013 12:30 pm
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Get away from me with that thing! You're not stickin'
that on ME!!!!!! Jaxcen,you naughty boy! I'm gonna tell
Santa Paws on YOU! You'll get a BIG LUMP OF COAL IN

Now get away from Me, with that thing!You're NOT stickin'
that on my tongue!!!!! Gmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaa,Jax's is tryin'
to put something nasty on my tongue! Help,Help! He wants
to mark me for LIFE!

Okay,Now I have your attention: here's the newest thing
in gross kids stuff! Gma bought a variety pack of fruit
roll-ups as part of Jax's snacks for the deer hunting.
Guess what?????? When you unroll them to take the paper
off...they now have crazy characters on the roll-up!

You're suppose to stick the crazy thing on your tongue
before eatin' it...You get a tattoo on your tongue of
the character! I guess, after that you eat the thing?
Nothing like teachin' hooman kids to play with their
food! This is suppose to make fruit roll-ups more
exciting for kiddies?????? Give me a break!!!!!

Jaxcen wanted to tattoo my tongue after he did his!
Gma didn't even know they had added this silly stuff
to the fruit snack! Jax's tried to talk Gma into
puttin' it on her tongue...She said, "No Way!" I don't
play with my food. I just eat it!

I've tasted fruit roll-ups and I like them... But, I
draw the line at stickin' my tongue out for the tattoo
part, JUST to snag a bite! I think this is a stupid
thing to do with them!

So, if your Mom or Gma doesn't know about this....
Better clue her in...So,she isn't shocked like Gma
was....This is suppose to sell more snacks? No wonder
so many kids have no manners at all.....Need classes
like Pups, so they know how to behave around other

SO,WHAT DO MY PUP PALS THINK about such a marketing
tool?????????? I suppose, they paid some big price
to someone to come up with this idea??????????
Gma, I'd like a snack but let's just share a cookie!

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy



November 22nd 2013 3:25 pm
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A cold,semi-lazy Saturday afternoon....Gma
decides we need to do some Christmas pics of little

Then she gets the idea of stealing a stocking cap
and scarf off the stuffed Christmas Pup. She decided
I will wear said cap and scarf! Out comes the new
camera and the flash starts humming! Well,I did
my usual tricks: look down,turn my face from said
camera,run off,hide awhile,play-catch me, if you can?

HeHe...Well, I was certainly making the experience more
FUN! Gma was getting tired! I saw her patience slipping
away. She needs to work on her patient command too!
Anywho,finally ...she goes and gets the magical pea
size liver treats that I JUST LOVE!!!! Alright! Now
we are cooking! Up on the couch you say...."okay,dokie,
you got Gma!" "Over in my rocker...You bet, No problem!"
"Add props betcha, that's a good idea!"

Picture, treat! Treat and picture! Picture,treat! You
get the idea.....the Time just flies..."Really? You
say, we're Done! OMD! Already! I was just getting into
this....Are you sure, you don't want a couple more
shots....just to be on the safe side?????"

I'm sharing one of my shots...just so you can see
how Treats and Photo Shoots should always go together!
I was Happy and Gma was Happy...Can't beat a deal like
that. Can you????????????

Santa Paws,did you catch this??? What a perfect little
doxie, I am! How co-operative and obedient..I am!
How well, I listen.... This has gotta wipe out some
of the rolling in the grease and oil naughty points.
Doesn't it????????





Cleaning UP Dogster Photo Book.....

November 22nd 2013 3:02 pm
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Hi Pals- I caught up with my groups....Yippy!
I caught with all my pals pictures and diaries...
Yippy! I know this Won't Last,cuz,we have so many
COOL Pals and they ALL have busy,interesting lives.

We decided to use the Free Time Wisely...Clean up
my dogster photobook. WowZer! It is a slow process
deleting 1 photo at a time....Gobbles up alot
of minutes,very quickly! I think, my book is in
good shape for awhile. I have lots of room to add
new piccies for 2014...As well as Christmas stuffies
for this year. I guess, once in awhile,we have to
do dogster housekeeping???????

Now I think, while Gma starts the oven for baked
potatoes and wraps the Baby Back Ribs for supper
I'll Paw another List to Santa Paws!!! I sure
hope mail to the North Pole is Speedier than
mail going in state is around here??? Mail
going East or West,out of state travels fast!
Mail going North or South,not so much....The
slowest is from my house going West(in state
mail). The U.S. Post Office does some weird
stuff these days: They shoot west bound mail
all the way to Fargo (Eastern side of state)
then back to Bismarck. Bismarck is only 50m
west of my house.....Makes NO sense to this
little doxie???????? Can take a week for
something to get to Bismarck. Sure don't
want to mess around with banking and stuffs
like that....

Gma,"where's my pad of paper? The BIG Tablet!"
I better make a very long list! If,winter is
here to stay....I need lots of new stuff to
not be bored before Spring rolls around again.

Huggies and Kisses,



November 21st 2013 1:20 pm
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I showed Gpa at lunch how long I can hold the PATIENT command for a liver treat=; I'm up to 90 sec. of not moving a muscle! Sure better than the second, I would hold it about a year ago....:))!:))!:))!:))! Gma said, if I could do this at 50 ft.,outside with distractions:-O:-O:-OYou get the drift::o Gpa said, yeah,right!:))Proceeded to laugh at me:)):)):)):)) Gma just groomed me ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo I was good about everything but my toothbrush! We had the pea size liver treats out....=;I go nutzo over them:) When I was a pup I liked my toophers brushed...NOW not so much! Just throw me a greenie or busybone and I'll work on it...all by myself!=; Problem is, I have an over bite and I don't get the dental chew way back to those last 4 toophers:(( So here comes Gma with that nasty brush!::o

Gma and I have spent the day doing odds and ends.=;It was 1 when Gpa got up and 7 when we got up.:-O:-O:-O it is now 17 and that is the high for today. The sun is shining.=; I inspected HOT towels as they were pulled from the dryer.|$| The one job I will not let anyone else do!=; Warmed me right up!

Gma jerked me out of bed this morning before I was ready to get up...
Threw on a long heavy sweater that comes to my tail and out we went!
OMD! I think, I froze my tinkie??????:-O I wasted no time with piddle and I was back inside.
Took Gma longer to put shoes,gloves and coat on than I was out there.::o We had about 1" of snow last night.....
in short sleeves out by the hay bales like 2 years ago!
Suppose to stay cold at least through Thanksgiving.

Gpa brought the cows home from the summer pastures. He had some older cows who knew it was Time! They kept looking for weak places to plow through the barb wire fence...All moos and babies are back at home.
Gpa has to haul out hay to them everyday. Due to all the rain in September and October...they can go out and graze too. There is still green grass out there for them. This will make the bales last longer.

I'm getting extra time at dogster,cuz, Gma went and got a buggie. The
medicine has side effects. Not being able to get to sleep and tummy
trouble. Also no energy and lack of concentration.(Those things I just
think are normal for old folks) She says,worse than normal. Well it's
good for me....As I get to play more at dogster.

Tonight we are roasting a chicken,wild rice pilaf,butternut squash,
fruit salad,crescent rolls. I'm finishing up my ground turkey atop my
chicken and brown rice kibbles.




THANK YOU HQ for choosing me as 1 of the DDP's for Today.
Thank you pals for the Condogulations,p-mails and all the

Be seeing ya soon, Mazy


OMD,Winter Has Arrived!

November 20th 2013 4:42 pm
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Oh My Dog, I just came inside:

It is 6 p.m. and 18 degrees. Light snowflakes are falling.
Prediction IS FOR 1-2" TONIGHT....Sub-zero with windchill
by morning! A high of 15 for tomorrow. A good week of very
cold weather. Thanksgiving Day is now forecast to be 20ish.
Sure glad the Holiday is at my Housie!

I just came in from outside and I was wearing a heavy cabled
turtleneck sweater that covers my butt...All the way to my tail!
Gma was standing on the step,coat and gloves and shivering.
Demanding,I hurry it up,cuz,she wasn't going to hang around.
I didn't waste anytime either,I was afraid my Piddle would
freeze Me to the ground! Thank goodness for my potty station.
I think, we are done trucking outside tonight....

The oven is going and supper is in there. Meatballs,loaded
scalloped potatoes,crescent rolls,mixed vegetables,salad,
vanilla pudding with bananas for the old folks. I'm having
chopped turkey tonight. Gma made turkey salad sandwiches
for lunch. She took half the turkey and left it plain for
Precious and myself to share. A little change to break up
our week....

We baked pumpkin mini breads today. Apple and banana ones
yesterday. Yep, I had to sample the pumpkin at lunchtime.
Then Gma said, neither of us could have any snacks this
afternoon. Who made that Silly Rule????????

My Christmas picture cards arrived from Shutterfly today.
They turned out Pawtastic! Even, if I do say so myself!
I didn't know I was so beautiful. Gma saw at photobucket
she can get a canvas of a picture done for $20. She's
thinking she will do that. Hang me on the wall....Now
with all this Cold...I'm sure,we will get to work on
addressing our mails. Gma sure won't go out if she doesn't
have too! The weather like this is just too Wicked for
her old body...BTW- I'm asking Santa Paws to bring me
one of those heated pad for pups....Cuz everytime, Gma
gets off her moist heatpad,I jump on it and curl up!
So toasty and snuggly WARM!

Hope it's warmer at your house than it is at my house?
Have a pawtastic evening... hugs and kisses,mazy


Days Are Ticking Away..........

November 18th 2013 1:41 pm
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OMD! Well into November and the days are slipping away ....
Since I last popped in,we've started our holiday baking.
Figure we are about 3 weeks behind from last years schedule.
Been working on pumpkin,banana and apple mini breads. Also
busy with cookies....We are setting aside 2 days a week
for baking now. Sometimes 3 days........House smells so
pawsome all the time...

Except for Thanksgiving week.....the day before, baking
will be buns,bars and a pumpkin pie. Cookies pulled from
the freezer... We are serving an EASY HELP YOURSELF BUFFET
with lots of finger foods. This family likes to Graze
all day long...The Games for the day are WAY MORE IMPORTANT
to all of us. The grand-kids have to do, 2 T-days in 1 week.
Gets to be too many heavy duty foods...So, this was Grandma
and Melissa's solution. Everything will be done the day before,
except to bake and slice the ham.

Takes us awhile with our other baking. We send Christmas
boxes out. Also make trays for friends and neighbors.
Leave goodies for the mailman,as I depend on him to
deliver all my holiday mail....I'm still the talk of
the post office,since there are no other Pups around
here,who receive their own mail and packages. I still
think the mailman should carry pup treats too! After
all,when the human kids grew up,the mail carrier left
suckers for the kids. What am I,chopped liver??????????
Even the bank and the credit union have pup cookies for me!

Stacks of Christmas cards are on the kitchen table,but
we have yet to sit and paw some signatures. Start
addressing envelopes. The printed card of cute little
me has been shipped by Shutterfly. Should show any day

Great-Gma wanted a new lazyboy recliner and our
furmily had Gma's sister take her shopping. Great-Gma
chose her chair and half,recliner and rocker in blue
micro-suede. Order will come from the company in about
a month. Fancy Baby,Great-Gma's Black Miniature Schnauzer
will be able to share the same chair....Isn't that pawsome?
My human sis went off to do some of Gma's shopping for
her last week. Boy, is it nice to have little Elves to
help out! We can keep our little mini bakery going along.

We have a brand new Petco in Bismarck. Haven't checked it
out,yet! So now,Pet Smart will have some good old fashioned
competition! I can hardly wait to go shop for my Secret
Santas....Gives me so many ideas for my Santa Paw List!

The only other stuff we've been doing is the same old
same old.....clean,then dirty stuff up! Wash the clothes
then dirty them up! Cook,cook and cook aaaaaaaannnnnddddd
EAT it ALL UP! Then we start all over again........

Sunshine today and 42....the cold weather they predicted
a few days ago...missed us! Yippy!



I'm What??????Like Moldy Bread

November 10th 2013 7:57 am
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It's Sunday morning,my hooman sis and McKenzie will
be here after church for pancake brunch and some games.
I LOVE cakes,scrambled eggies and real bacon! Thank you
Kenzie for your social calendar or Gma wouldn't be making
brunch! Yippy for Tweenies! She had 4-H sewing on Friday,
due to NO School. Championship football game on Saturday.
BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Glad I wasn't there! A windy 30.....
So she didn't come home with Gma and Gpa...Sent another
sweater to mend with Gma.

Jaxcen and Gpa have been deer hunting all weekend. Saw
plenty of my beasties! Gpa sighted his gun in,but is out
of practice. He had 3 good chances and missed! 3 more
weeks to fill his tag.

Jax's was so excited about the hunting.He was up & dressed
at the crack of dawn! 1st. there was kitties and bottle
calf chores. Graining older calves and haying the cows.
Jax's played with me a little Thursday night but was late
when they came home. Friday & Saturday mornings, HE IGNORED

I got over it, since: 1) they brought a half of steak home
for me Thursday. 2) He has energy to play at night with me.
3) Venison beasts is for my freezer! That means,I eat most
of the steak....

Gma found this great liver training treat(just too small,
I think! only pea size) She bribed me to pose for pictures.
So while they were gone in the cold...I posed and posed!
Saturday Gma and I downloaded the photos,chose a card,made
my Christmas card. Doing it early, we had Free shipping!

Gma never got to the errands and massage on Friday. I was
munchin' on my beggin' strip and she returned in a pickup!
Her puter on the car,started flashing low tire. She barely
made the neighbor's place. He was putting air in and the
air was coming out as fast as it went in....Gma left the
car and came home. After chores,Gpa,Jax's and Gma went to
get the car. They had to put this funny little tiny tire
on....Gma limped home! Supper was late that night.
Saturday morning they called their local Farmer's Store.
They had tires for her...Off she went! Leaving me by
myself yet again! It was close to lunch time when she
returned. Put grocery away and we waited for the guys.
Had a take and bake pizza for lunch, our little grocery
store makes. It was delish! I had a tiny bite!

Saturday afternoon Jax's was here. Gpa had to help
with some cattle at our friends. Our friend has to have
a major back surgery just before T-day. (If not, the
Doc,says, it won't be long and he would be paralyzed)
My Gpa will be up there 3 times this next week working
cattle. Gma says, those will be some baking days, cuz
it's just her and I. Jax's and I played puter games
and WII Resort. After supper, Gma and Gpa played WII
bowling with Jax's. On the side Gma was playing stuffies
with ME!

All weekend, Everyone went to bed extra early! They
were tired! I had to go to bed too! I had plenty of
naps.....A doxie can always sleep and snuggle! So it
was okay! Gma and I have just been running out for a
second for piddle breaks. The Canadian Cold front has
arrived....By Monday it will in be 20's for high and
single digits for nights. Mid-week,suppose to return
to normal temps.,which is now 40's for November.

Oh Yeah! Gma woke up to Precious puked in the sunroom!
No coffee in her and she had to take care of that! I
quickly went from Princess to Queen of the throne!
Yippy Precious,Way to Go!!!!!!!

Here's barkin' at you pals,
See ya soon!
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy

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