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January 16th 2014 1:50 pm
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Dear Dogsters,

Today we are announcing some changes at Dogster and Catster. While the Dogster and Catster sites will continue to exist as daily magazines that serve the worldwide community of dog and cat families, it is with a heavy heart that we announce that we will be closing the Community areas of the sites effective March 3. This means that members of the Dogster Community will no longer be able to see Pet Profiles, Forums, Groups, Answers, Local Listings, Photo Galleries, Games, Quizzes, Adoption, Dog of the Day, Diary Central, the Gift store, and the Community homepage past that date.

I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of Dogster and Catster, but I am writing this to you as one of the founders, as one of the developers who built the features of the sites, as the first community manager, and as a member (Trouble, Porter). Ten years of my life have been about Dogster and Catster and I’ve invested a lot of time, money, sweat and tears. It’s been a great ride and I have no regrets. But all good things must come to an end.

We originally created Dogster because there was no place on the internet to share the joy of having a dog or a cat member of the family. There was no place to share tips on taking care of the furry ones. There was no place on the internet to support each other in times of turmoil, sickness and journeys to the rainbow bridge. We, and I truly mean “we” in the community sense, created this space. We’ve made great friends, told inspiring stories, helped many pets find their furever homes. It was a great success and something I will remember and take pride in for the rest of my life.

That said, 10 years on the Internet is forever. There have been massive changes in the industry -- Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist when we started Dogster and Catster. Finding advertisers and developing those relationships was simpler and revenues were easier to come by in the early days. The backend technologies that power websites have been revolutionized three times over since then. It’s amazing to me that the sites we developed in 2004 and 2005 have lasted this long. But, as every regular user knows, the community areas aren’t working like they used to. Features are broken. Spammers are relentlessly invading our forums. The dog house and cat tree are starting to crumble.

SAY Media is a great company. Their hearts are in the right spot. There was a lot of pressure from financial and strategic points of view to close down the community areas of the sites three years ago. But since the sites were holding up and people loved them, they continued to keep these areas up even though it was at a cost.

At the end of the day, our parent company is all about creating great editorial brands. As the community features on Dogster and Catster degrade, as users become unsatisfied, it amplifies the fact that the Dogster and Catster community sites are not aligned with Say’s mission. It seems unwise to continue to operate them at a loss while aggravating users. Please believe us when we say we’ve gone through every possible option. Could we invest more in revamping the sites? Could we spin them off into their own or another entity? Could we leave them as is and slowly see them degrade further? The answer was “no” to all of these. We just cannot find a way that is honorable to the community, true to the business, and in good conscience.

I know many of you will be upset. I know many of you will think this is the wrong call. We’re truly sorry for that. Sometimes putting something you love to rest, while difficult, is the right thing to do. That is what we must do now with the community areas of our sites. Thank you for being the best community ever.

John Vars

Co-founder, Dogster and Catster

VP of Product, Say Media

The Next Steps

If you have purchased a Plus subscription or zealies in the past 60 days, please email or to be refunded. We will do our best to refund you within a week of your request.
Dogster and Catster HQ will be on hand at the All-Paws group. We invite you to join the conversation and come to us with any questions over there. We’re sad too, and we’re here to listen and help as best we can.
We unfortunately don’t have export functionality to help you preserve your pet pages, but we encourage you to save your photos and diary entries before March 3, when they will be taken offline.
As always, you can reach us with questions, comments and concerns at and



January 3rd 2014 4:03 pm
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Christmas and New Year's have come and gone...
We have a brand new year unfolding in front of us!
We started making lists of things to do inside
that aren't done during the growing season.....
Like wash all the comforters,afghans and blankets.

Gotta stay busy and away from those cookie jars!
Gma said, her skinny jeans are startin' to feel a
little tight. Should be on the treadmill and
elliptical units everyday.... Haven't been on
them at all,since Gma's hip seems to be objecting!

This bizarre,crazy weather pattern is making things
real tough,on man and beast! Today was our warmest day
this week. It made 34 by 4p. Absolutely no sunshine,
it sprinkled rain and made things slick....Now we
will fight with ice. By Saturday sometime,we will
be way below Zero again!(predicting -22 to -25)
Here's the kicker, by Sunday it will be -52!!!!!!
This is NOT A TYPO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swing the temps.
80 degrees in less than 36 hrs., NO Wonder Gma's
old body can't settle down and stay there......

We are surprised that all cattle are not sick!
This roller coasting is very tough on man or beast!
Of course rarely gettin' outside, I want extra
treats too!!!! Gma stopped at the library today.
Brought home 16 more novels. Gotta a feeling, we
are going to read alot in January....I like hoggin'
half the moist I can stay toasty!
It's all good!

Gma told Gpa what she wouldn't give to have to mow
the grass...layin' dormant under the snow! She said,
the house is shrinkin' already! He laughed and told
her,she could get the mower out and mow snow......
She wasn't laughin'!

Saturday-sun was shining but it was -20 with windchill.
I-94 had been cleaned so off they made,zip trip to
Bismarck. Gpa bought the new generator(so we are in
good shape, if we have extended power outages). The
loading dock was long and icy....There was a semi-
trailer already parked there with store freight on it.
Gpa hasn't gotten used to the extra length of the truck.
Gma had already sized up the slope and ice of the area.
Gpa went back into the store and ask if they could carry
it to the truck???? It was a big purchase, so the guys
didn't mind at all. Gpa told them, Gma there, will
blow a fuse if we dent or ding this truck. Adding that
he had just got it. One of the guys said," take her out
to dinner and it would be all forgotten" Gpa said,
that wouldn't begin to defuse her....this is our
retirement truck.... He He! Those young guys,thought
this sweet lookin' older lady, couldn't possible have
a temper. In her defense,she has a very long fuse....
but if she blows, take cover!

Gotta go...We're cleaning oven and doing laundry.
So we don't think about the COLD so much...
I want to sneak around to all my groups and see
what's happening....Gma has a new novel to start.
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy



December 28th 2013 10:22 am
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First I'd like to thank ALL my pals for the beautiful
Christmas cards,p-mails and greetings. Thank you for all
the pretty Holiday rosies on our furs pages.

As to Holiday mail: the totals were: Gma and Gpa 30 mails.
Mazy and fur pack 70 mails.... The FURS WIN! The furs must
say all the beautiful fur pictures are just Pawtastic!
Now,I need to find a scrapbook dogatary to make books
out of our mail from the last 3 years. Well,maybe I'll
have to wait until Gma and Gpa get the retiring thingy

Let me tell you,we are having a very bitter winter here.
We are trapped in a roller coaster cycle of: blasting arctic
cold fronts,followed by 1 or 2 days of fair winter weather.
Then occasionally 1 nice day...Yesterday was the day!
It was 43 and some snow was slushy and could be removed
from the patio. Today the new bitter front rolled in.
Temperatures fell all day and we are at -1 right now.
State wind advisory out and windchill is about -25.
Monday it was -30 and Christmas day it was 25 above.
Going to be a very long haul to green grass again!
The weather is keeping Gma shot into the Twilight Zone!

MY BIG CHRISTMAS SURPRISE IS: Gpa and Gma bought a 2013
New Ford Pickup. It is Ruby Red,4x4,towing mirrors and
4 doors. The 2nd. seat is all for ME!!!!!! So many bells
and whistles.....Gpa is gonna have to study the book!
Looks like a jet plane cockpit with all the lights,
gauges and knobs. Even a camera built into it. So
hooking up to tow will be easier. This is Step 1 of
their retirement plan. Here's a picture of Mazy's
New Truck. Remember, it's all mine! The Princess lets
Gma clean stuff and Gpa pay the bills. In the future
we will be looking at travel homes to pull with
the truck. Gpa's job, will be to get Gma and I out
of the winter weather.....Gma now has Hope that in
the future,she will not spend winter in North Dakota.


Picture taken Christmas Day
All MY News from the Prairie
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy



December 24th 2013 10:25 am
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This weekend was so exciting for me. As you may know,
packages have been arriving at my house forever! Or so
it seemed!

Every package LOOKED interesting and I thought,I spied
my name on them???? I could never get a good look and
Gma swooped them up and put them in the pantry. Why
the pantry???????? A door I can't open, of course!!!!!

Friday rolled around,I got to open 2 packages. I was
so excited,I just went nutz! The camera was out.....
Wrapping was all over the place! I had so much FUN!

On Saturday, 2 more boxes came out...Yippy! This is
pawsome...New stuff to play with during all this
miserable sub-zero weather....

I really gave grandma a work-out! She followed me
here and there,flashing the camera,while I ran!
I gotta tell you, she took alot of pictures...
She ended up with about 60 pictures,mostly of my
BUTT! As I whiz past her....giggles! Payback for
making me wait for very llloooonnnngggg to open

Gma is posting 1 picture of my pressies from four
Secret Santas, because I wore her out! I have 3
new little BoBo's. A blue boy,pink gal and a red
Santa paws one. A girl reindeer with stretchy legs
and a scarf. A bee hive with 3 bees. A bigger stuffie
reindeer. 4 Kong gel squeakie toys: beaver,pig,frog
and a bear. A tail teaser toy.(It's a long pole with
a stuffie on the end to chase)A big bag of replacement
squeakers so Gma can put new ones in other toys.
2 bags of dental bones to keep my toophers clean.

We had never seen the Kong Gel Toys or a Tail Teaser.
They are very COOL and have me exercising like
summer time. Actually the tail teaser, works Gma as
much as it works me. She says, we won't have cookie
butts by spring time! Thank you Secret Santa's for
all the wonderful toys. I even tried to take a bunch
to bed with us, the last 2 nights...I kept tellin'
Gma a Grinch might show up????? I needed to guard
my new babies. Just to be on the safe side.

We also want to thank Everyone for their beautiful
Christmas cards. Now, I need a 2nd. dogatary to make
a scrapbook just for me. I have 3 years of dogster
valuables in a box.

Gma made a donation to our animal shelter in my name.
So the pups there can have blankets,toys and plenty
of food. I pray for them all to be adopted very soon.

Tomorrow and Wednesday,Gma and Gpa will be with the
children and grandchildren. I'll see them part of the
day. I guess, I can't go bowling with the furmily...
Must be cuz, I don't have a ball and paw shoez?
It's o.k.,cuz tomorrow is going to be a very very
cold day! I'll curl up with my toys,nap a little
and wait patiently for their return. I always have
extra treats when they come home.







December 18th 2013 3:13 pm
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ABBY'S POST res/846309#comments_form


As for the Prairie, it warmed to 40 above today.
Nicest day since before Thanksgiving. Gma and I
went outside and walked around. My sweater belly
was even full of icy snow. Maybe today will crust
the snow,so I won't sink in?????? We walked a
1/3 mile and my paws were cold,so we came inside.

Gma gave me my Christmas bath. I didn't even mind,
since I got the blow-dryer all to myself! I danced
and begged and yodeled last night for Gma to share
the dryer while drying her hair. She wouldn't hold
it on me until..she was done! I thought her hair
looked a wet,stringy mop! I was chilly!
Doesn't the Princess come 1st.???? Gma said, not
always.....When I was done with my bath and drying,
I had a small milk-bone for a snack.

Yesterday we baked Monster Mini Chip Cookies.
Tomorrow we make Chocolate Chip Cookies. Then
all the baking is done,except the buns. We will
do them on the 24th. Our furmily has Christmas
on the 25th.

We packed a box of baked goodies,some salsa and
pickles for our mail carrier today. Gpa delivered
it for us. We have another box to deliver this week.

Gma said, this weekend I can open all my
Secret Santa packages. I'm so excited,I can
hardly wait. Gma wants to take pictures,while
I rip and shred the wrapping. A couple groups
have a party to announce who was your Santa.
Put up pictures of your pressie....I had so
much FUN last year...I signed up to do it again!

Gotta go and start Gma's oven. Enchiladas going
in there to bake. While they bake, I eat my
kibbles. Then after they eat,I have my meatz!
We will end the day with stuffie playtime...
The heat-pad and a library book. Now,I manage
to make sure I have my butt on the corner of
the heat-pad. Gma's hip is ugly tonight, after
tromping in the snow with me. I'll give her
extra kisses...

See ya later, mazy



December 16th 2013 3:36 pm
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I got to go outside yesterday and today for about
10 minutes. I wore a heavy sweater,but my paws get
cold! I won't wear anything on my paws....

It made 35 today for a little while. Sunshine about
1/2 the day. Suppose to be very breezy the next
couple days. Then back to a major deep freeze!

I'm so enjoying all the mail from pals. I nipped
Gma in the heels to hang it all up on the windows
in the kitchen. I lay in my toasty bed and look
at all the beautiful cards,while she works.....

She has 2 batches of cookies left to make. The 24th.
she will do some buns for the furmily. We did 1/2
our big cleaning today. Will finish at the end of the
week. My hooman brother will be in ND on Sunday.
He and his sister bought Gpa a fancy TV. Gpa and
Gma still have all old fashioned TV's. He's the
techy in the furmily...So he has to set it all up
for Gpa. Make sure everything works right while
he is here.

Gpa went after a trailer of corn for the cattle
this afternoon. His pickup quit on him. 2 friends
split the 10 miles and towed him home. He thinks
it is a fuel filter. He has 1 to put on. Thank
goodness people up here stop and help you!Gpa
has to go help work cattle tomorrow. Our friend
who had the major, major back surgery can not
do that stuff for another 9 weeks. Keeping our
fingers crossed that it heals well.

Not much else going on around here. We work,eat
and sleep...Then we start all over again.....
I make a stink,if they don't stop long enough
to play a little with me....

We want to wish all our pals a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS
hugs and kisses,mazy


Mysterious Packages Arrive........

December 7th 2013 9:13 am
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The last 2 days, Mysterious packages have been
arriving at my house....Of course, I was ALL Excited!

The 1st. evening, Gpa brought the mail. Bills and junk!
But what's this? A small package with no address return.
My name is on this package....I spied it, before Gma
run off and put it away!

Hey, bring that back here! That's mine! Gma said, NO!
You'll wait until Christmas to open this! Why wait????
Cuz, you have a Secret Santa and I don't know who it
is???? So, I say, let's open it and FIND OUT! No dice!
She wasn't buying that thinking....

Yesterday, a BIG UPS TRUCK...slides on the snow covered,
ice as it turns in my circular driveway. This lady,
brings a HUGE big box to the house...All right! LOOK
at the size of that box! Let me at it!!!!

Gpa puts the box up against the loveseat in the sunroom.
Gma says, what did you buy Gpa????? He said,I didn't
buy anything! The box said, it was a new fangled TV.
So Gpa thought Great Gma used her TV box to mail our
Christmas. She had just got a new TV from Gma's sister.
Gma bought Great Gma a new recliner.

Gma says, NOPE! It has a Best Buy Invoice on it...All
this time, I'm being pushed away! While trying to sniff
and inspect my mystery box... The packing slip said,
ordered online and shipped from store.

Gma tries to call the human children. Nobody is HOME!
So she calls Best Buy and they take all the info. and
look up the TV. Gma said, it's possible that 1 of the
kids ordered this???? Gives kids names to the lady...

Well number 1 and only son,ordered this on Cyber Monday.
Mystery solved! Mazy gets a new TV to watch. Now the
snacks better improve for me to spend time in the living
room watching TV! After all the draw to the bedroom is
Gma's moist heatpad. Little by little I'm learning to
HOG more and more of it!

This morning,I found out the TV came from both kids...
I want to know why Gpa opened his pressie and my was
put away????????? Is that fair????????? Besides, he
can't do anything with it....The techy kid has to
install and set it up for him. So, it sits in box,
until Christmas.

Well, this at least made the sub-zero days interesting.
I also received a couple pieces of mail. Gma laid them
aside,so we could work on packaging fudge. So, if it
has to be so cold.....I have the deliveries to LOOK
forward too.

See ya later,



December 5th 2013 9:43 am
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Santa Paws, I are very ssssooooooooorrrrrrrryyyyyy!
I didn't mean to pick the hole in the back of the
gingerbread house...Really,I didn't! It looked so
yummy and I was so bored in the snow storm...I just
couldn't help my naughty self!


The Sun is shining this mornin' and the snow storm is
over. It was -7F last night and is 3F now. The windchill
for today is to range from -25 to -40. Ucky! I won't
be puttin' my paws outside today,either!

I'll go curl up in my bed and stay toasty...Gma will
make Your Fudges for you. I LOVE YOU SANTA PAWS!


huggies and kisses,mazy



December 3rd 2013 4:18 pm
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HERE I the middle of the 1st. major snow
storm for this Winter! I think, winter is here to stay!

Gma and I were brave girls...We put on our coats and opened
the door to the cattle room to peek out into the blizzard!
Yep, it is blowing,snowing and has drifted ALL over the place.
I even got snow on my paws! Cuz, Gpa has been in and out
of the cattle room...leaving behind a trail of packed snow!
Precious even went to the door and peeked out....It was
enough for all us GALS! We bugged back into the nice warm

So here's what we've been doing with our time,while it
storms! We've been pawing our Christmas mail. Making
more lists for Santa Paws. Playing around dogster.
Probably cruise by catster for Precious to peek in.
We've blowed the whole morning,just fooling around.

We have chores to do..but just kinda blue with the
storm! Too much too soon! I was suppose to be on guard
duty today. Gma was suppose to do medical appts.
Those are rescheduled for next week. Hoping we will
have nicer weather. Sure there will be lots of accidents.
Usually are with the first bad weather of winter.

We are going to paw some more mail. Maybe, make our
chocolate and peanut-butter fudges today. Suppose
we will have to do a few chores. We see Precious has
left big surprises in her litter box for Gma. I'm
so grateful,I don't have to try and find a place
in that mess to potty! Thank goodness there are
potty stations indoors for us little pups! After all,
my people don't use the old outhouse that still stands.
Do they? Why should I have to go out in that mess!
There is a good 2 foot drift against Gma's garage door
this morning. BTW-we knew it was going to be ucky this
morning ssssssssssoooooooooo WE SLEPT IN!!!!!!!!

Gpa is in now...He has stomped all over the place. Fed
the cows and calves hay. Bottled the milk babies. Checked
the barn on the new baby born on Sunday. I think, Gma
should go make Gpa's Mexican Tortilla soup for lunch.
He loves that and it will warm him up!

hugs and kisses, mazy



November 29th 2013 12:30 pm
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Get away from me with that thing! You're not stickin'
that on ME!!!!!! Jaxcen,you naughty boy! I'm gonna tell
Santa Paws on YOU! You'll get a BIG LUMP OF COAL IN

Now get away from Me, with that thing!You're NOT stickin'
that on my tongue!!!!! Gmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaa,Jax's is tryin'
to put something nasty on my tongue! Help,Help! He wants
to mark me for LIFE!

Okay,Now I have your attention: here's the newest thing
in gross kids stuff! Gma bought a variety pack of fruit
roll-ups as part of Jax's snacks for the deer hunting.
Guess what?????? When you unroll them to take the paper
off...they now have crazy characters on the roll-up!

You're suppose to stick the crazy thing on your tongue
before eatin' it...You get a tattoo on your tongue of
the character! I guess, after that you eat the thing?
Nothing like teachin' hooman kids to play with their
food! This is suppose to make fruit roll-ups more
exciting for kiddies?????? Give me a break!!!!!

Jaxcen wanted to tattoo my tongue after he did his!
Gma didn't even know they had added this silly stuff
to the fruit snack! Jax's tried to talk Gma into
puttin' it on her tongue...She said, "No Way!" I don't
play with my food. I just eat it!

I've tasted fruit roll-ups and I like them... But, I
draw the line at stickin' my tongue out for the tattoo
part, JUST to snag a bite! I think this is a stupid
thing to do with them!

So, if your Mom or Gma doesn't know about this....
Better clue her in...So,she isn't shocked like Gma
was....This is suppose to sell more snacks? No wonder
so many kids have no manners at all.....Need classes
like Pups, so they know how to behave around other

SO,WHAT DO MY PUP PALS THINK about such a marketing
tool?????????? I suppose, they paid some big price
to someone to come up with this idea??????????
Gma, I'd like a snack but let's just share a cookie!

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy

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