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What Do I Do????????

December 12th 2010 7:53 pm
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What do, I do???? I'm running outta time! What do I ask Santa Paws for? I heard Gma say,"last chance Cupcake! Better get that Santa Paws list ready. If not, you're gonna miss the boat!"
What Boat? I thought, Santa Paws comes in a Sleigh???? I watch and watch...but, I Never saw a BOAT or a SLEIGH!!!! Oh yeah! I Never saw Rudolph,either! I've seen tons of Deer, but Never a Blinking Red Nose One!

Any suggestions pup and purr pals???? What did you ask, Santa Paws for?????? I did ask, Mr. Paws to bring Old Baby a New Softer bed. Then Precious could have Baby's old bed...since everytime Baby gets up and goes out: she comes back and that darn CAT! Precious is curled up in the middle of Baby's big pillow bed! Baby won't make her move....She just goes and lays on the entry rug. Content to just be inside, where it is warm.

Of course, sometimes I lay there too...My reason being, "I'm keeping it warmed up for Baby." Well, Gma just comes and gives Precious and I the boot! She says," you two have lots of places to curl up and lay. Baby doesn't.... We are to stay off her bed and out of her way.... Quit being pains in the hiney to the old gal. I don't think, Baby minds: we are the only excitement she is seeing these days! Now that, Precious and I play together. Chase each other and doing zoomies all over.

What was it, that I was doing??????
Oh Ya!!!! I was list to:
Santa Paws, Santa Paws....
What do I put on my list?????????


Alberta Clippers.....

December 11th 2010 3:53 pm
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OMD! The 1st. of two, Alberta Clippers arrived late yesterday. Blew and snowed all night! We have new snow everywhere! We don't even know. how many new inches we had??? Some drifting.... So lots of Deep new Piles! -8 at 5:30p.m. Burrr! Going to be a very,very Cold night!

Gpa pushed with farmhand to open things back up again... Both Gpa and Gma shoveled. Gma shoveled a whole hour to clean the patio off. Made me stay inside cuz it was -2 without the windchill. Phooey!

I was out 4 times today... Two quick potties. I followed Gpa for about 10 min. 2 different times. Gma has to keep telling Gpa, they have to make the decision when to bring me in! If, I have hunting on my mind.... I want to stay too long!!!!!

Gma tried for 3 winters to get me boots. All of them, either were too Big or too Small...I guess, this little doxie has weird paws????? Well, if they slow the hunting down...I'd jerk them off,anyway!

Took old Baby all day to get her business done. She is Not Happy with the weather! I offered her one of my potty pads... She refused.... Is she, Nuts or what????

Baby ate breakfast and supper. Refused dinner cuz, she couldn't make a poop... I picked off my toping on breakfast. Left most of the dry kibbles. I didn't like, not having a little gravy from Baby's soft food on my lunch. So, I was naughty and didn't eat it at all! Gma said, "No Treats,Cupcake!"

Well, I was ready and hungry at suppertime. I ate it all! I then sit by the entry door, to see if I can lick Baby's plate...
Sometimes, there is a lick or two there.... Sometimes, her plate is clean as a whistle!

Gma promised to get on the floor.... Play with me doxie style... Since, I don't have another young pupper to play with.
I like the games, Gma and I play.....So much Fun!
Well, I better head to the kitchen. Lay in my bed....Toast and roast awhile...The oven is on with a pasta something in there... Sure smells good! Going to be a very,very long winter!!!!!! Today,We did have bright sunshine. That is what fooled me into thinking is was another warm day of 38. Thursday was Awesome! Catch ya later, Mazy


Picture Strolling

December 6th 2010 7:54 pm
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Pup and purr pals just wanted to let you know: I've been strolling all over dogster looking at Everyone's Christmas and Holiday Pictures. This is my 1st. Christmas here at dogster and catster. I must say, the natural talent around here is abundant.

I'm starting to think, some of my pup and purr pals are professional models??????? Some of these Mommas, Poppas, Gmas, Gpas,Sissies and such: Must have degrees in Art???? Graphics???

Oh well, we don't care!!!! If they do or they don't! It's just so exciting to get to the puter! See all the wonderful new things! We hurry as fast as we can to clean up the supper and mess. Here we are again and it's almost bedtime!

Mazy is just Super Duper Fine! We've been doing as much looking as we can while here. We just haven't had enough time to be able to stop and comment on each friend's updates. Whether is it a new background, photos, diary entries, forum comment, group and game activities. We Truly enjoy each and every moment we steal away and hide at dogster....

Please forgive us....We are trying to see All we can while we are here. Promise to start commenting again as soon as Gma can get her poo-poo in a group! I miss my groups and games. The chatting with all my pals...

BTW- I did get to go hunting 4 times in last couple days. I think, I've found my Snow Paws! It was COLD but sunny and no wind! 6 above when I left and 1 above ... 30 minutes later!
Gma got snow in her boot and said, I looked cold...Made me come inside...There were hot towels waiting in the dryer! Yeah!
Gma sure is getting to be a wussie! Hope the Doc, knows what's wrong with her leg????

Thank you everyone for all the prayers for old Baby and Gma,too. We appreciate each and everyone of them. Thank you for all the pressies and wonderful comments on our pages.
Till we return........Let's ZZZZooooommmmiiiieeeeee for TREATS!!!!! Gma is mailing some pup treat recipes to a friend with a Westie named cEcE. We think her Momma will get some baked before our Gma does....

Kisses to All, Mazy


WhAt's Up WiTh tHiS silly PRINCESS

December 3rd 2010 2:06 pm
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ALL the pups and purrs.
Here on the ND Prairie it is Snowing Again! Since noon, it has snowed about 4". Only a gentle breeze today. Very large flakes like one sees in the old Holiday movies. Very Pretty! A big mess to move all that stuff on a ranch. Gpa's loader tractor is waiting for parts. Gpa is feeding with the old farmhand. Gets the job done, but Gpa has no protection from the elements. You can push a little snow with it, but not move snow like he does with the loader tractor. If the snow doesn't stop soon. He will have to have a neighbor come plow some snow out of the gates to corrals. Open us up around the house and down the 1/4 mile driveway.

I was out with Gma 3 times today. I ran over to the car garage with her. She was trying to figure out why the remote car starter didn't work. Finally figured out what we were doing wrong! Sure Glad! Gma didn't want to have to take the new car back to the dealer. Still kinda strange the new car doing everything but load and unload the people. We find it very Funny when it is winter: You start the car and the car says,"Possible Ice, Drive with Care!" Ha Ha!!!! OMD, as if we are going out on the road to race the teenagers....

Today, I had all my grooming done. Brushed teeth,ear wash,eye drops, brushed me and ground my nails down. I was a Perfect Little Angel! My reward was a dental greenie....Yummy! I'm trying to be extra good.... I heard they are going shopping soon. I heard Gma say she wanted to go shop for toys and maybe some other things. I have tons of toys but Doxies who live where there is Real Winter get bored without variety... Gma's says, I've never done all the many naughty things young puppers do when bored.... I guess, she works hard to see I am not bored!
I saw on TV some pawsome new toys.... I 'd like some new things to play with this winter. I don't play much with my toys from late spring until it is pretty cold.

Maybe, I should as Santa for a snow suacer like the grandkids have? Gma could pull me through the deep snow. I rode in the wagon with the grandkids and that was FUN!

Gma is going to try and give Gpa his 1st. puter lesson tonight. This will be Funny to watch...Gma said, "Gpa has to learn to turn the puter on and off. He has to learn how to do a search. How to find his farmsites." Well, I'll let you know how it goes.

Gma printed a big list of pupper treat recipes so she can make us some. I think we are trying that over the weekend. All the recipes sound so delicious. Gma has all the stuff in her pantry.(Her children call the pantry a mini 7-11 store. They robbed it regularly, when they were in college.)

I think we are going to use the cookie cutters. I like the star and the heart cutters. They will look like Christmas cookies. Do you think,Santa's reindeer will eat apple pupper cookies???? I'd leave a plate and water by our door on Christmas Eve.

We've been listening to holiday music all day while we did our work. The music was a good distraction from the heavy snow. I did spend some time hanging on the back of the loveseat. I was scoping for cottontails in the liliac bushes. Some of my pals commented on Precious and I laying on the loveseat together.

Yep, you're right...Precious is a Big cat! She is much larger than I am. She out wieghs me, she is taller and longer,too!
I think, we better play harder, so she doesn't get too fat! We have a new game. When Gma can't find her...she says, Mazy find Precious.... I sniff her right out! She hasn't Fooled me yet!
I'm not sure Precious likes the game? I think, the nose exercise is just Terrific!!!!
Catch ya later, Mazy


Prairie News

November 28th 2010 8:19 pm
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My fursis,Baby is Ruler of the Week at Rotties Rule. Nope, she isn't a Rottie, but a Nottie. What a Great Group of Puppers....
Small and large ones. All sizes,colors and breeds. We have the Best time hanging out. Everyone is so friendly!

The Holiday Weekend with Gma and Gpa being tied up for 3 days. Sure messed with our p-mails,diary reading,checking out photos and strolling dogster. We sure miss popping into our groups to see what's up. It had been 11 yrs. since Number 1 child had been home at Thanksgiving time. (Troy played with me. He usually isn't much of an animal person. I charmed him with how cute I am).

Before the wind came up and the temperatures fell, it was a nice day. I went hunting with Gpa, while Gma was using up some cinnamon roll dough. She made a pan of carmel rolls this afternoon. When her mess was cleaned up and Gpa was doing chores. She took me hunting again. We had to quit when her hands were cold. She had them in lots of water before we went outside. Not a good thing... The moisture draws the cold thru very heavy gloves. I had a chance to chase rabbits the last 2 days. Yippy,yippy and yippy!

We did some cleaning to put things back in order today. I had hot sheets to lay in. Our beds are all fresh for snuggling tonight!
Doesn't sound like tomorrow will be a nice day. Hoping, I can catch up with a few more pupper pals. Well, I'd better get moving. I have to play hide and seek with Gma before bedtime.
Huggies and Kissies, Mazy


Snow Pictures and Surprises

November 27th 2010 8:02 am
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I am so honored to be chosen one of the diaries of the day. Thank you so very much H.Q. I'm sure, I can wrangle some extra treats outta of this.... Thank you furpals for my congrats and pressies. All of you are the Bestest Pals, any gal could have!!!!!

I had popped on dogster to load my snow pictures, that I promised to share. By accident I saw the DDP's for Saturday.
I ran and got Gma, so I could use the faster new Puter...She usually only let us furs and grandkids play on her old puter.
BTW- Uncle T. just made the old puter 5x faster....WOW- Now Precious and I can race around dogster and catster...I bet, I'm faster than she is....

Anyway, take a look at the snow pics. It was 33 yesterday so I actually ran and played outside.(I last 40 minutes) The longest outside stretch in a good 2 weeks. Suppose to be about the same today....Gma and Gpa have to be gone. Last day of the holiday weekend for the family. If, Gma and I catch up here later...she could give me some outside play time now....Sounds like a plan! So we are outta here until later.... Have a Blessed Saturday.


November 26th 2010 6:52 pm
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Thanksgiving was Terrific! The turkey was so yummy! Still don't understand why they wouldn't share the potatoes,dressing and gravy??? Roasted turkey breast with no skin,no fat.... Healthy!

The grandkids played with me. There was lots of noise in the house all day long with 7 people. (Two of them under the age of 8.) We played WII sport resort on the TV, Dominoes, Computer games, watched Alvin Chipmunk Movie, a little football, some visiting..........tons of Eating! Here Gma is worried about how much I eat at each meal... Well, that old gal better watch her waistline! She ate from the time she started the coffee until she went to bed last night! No wonder she didn't get up during the night! She was in a Carbohydrate OverDose compounded by a Sugar Overload!

Slept in until 9 a.m. The kids and grandkids were back at our house a little after 9. Melissa dumped everyone and went off shopping. We played more WII,PC games,watched movies,etc. We went to town and picked up 2 take out pizzas to feed everyone lunch. Gma was tired and didn't have to cook! Uncle Troy was able to ride in Gma's new car and test the hiney warmers. I jumped all over the car like a Mexican Jumping Bean!(Right after, Gma told son, what a good traveler I was) Darn, he was sitting in my seat, on my hiney warmer!!!!!

Gma is just pooped again tonight! Tomorrow they have to go to Melissa's house. An early birthday party for McKenzie,as well as early Christmas from Uncle Troy. Baby and I are staying home to rest.... We are pooped out from all this extra excitement and playing!

Today the temp. made 33. I was able to go hunting with Gpa for about 40 min., without my coat. 1st. nicer day in over a week. No wind and snow was slushing a little. I could check out the hay bales. I was starting to get a BAD case of cabin fever... Gma took some snow pics of me. Share them soon. Hope the wind, severe cold. stay away a little while. If not, it's going to be a very long winter!

Huggies and Kissies, Mazy


OMD! Those Awesome Smells

November 25th 2010 8:33 am
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Hi there all my dear furpals- Just zoomed into the puter room to say,"Happy,Happy Thanksgiving."
Grandma was up in the dark, messing in the kitchen. I tried to stay snuggled into our big queen size bed. I heard all kinds of noises but I sure didn't smell anything! Finally, my curiousity got the best of me.

I stumbled out to the kitchen with sleepies still in my eyes. I popped onto the heat vent to stay warm. OMD! The sun isn't even up! What is this crazy woman, doing? Grandpa isn't up and he always gets up first!

Before I knew it, she snatched me up, put my coat on, took me outside! What a shock, that was! The wind was blowing, it was
-7 degrees. I hurried and pottied. I beat it back inside. I had my breakfast done before 7. I usually eat breakfast about 9 in the winter time....

I went off and took a NAP... and now, I'm on my way back to the kitchen. Toasty there with oven on. The smells are driving me crazy! Grandma hasn't dropped a crumb of anything! I wonder how long until dinner time? I know, I'm staying here in the kitchen where the food is! Sooner or later, something will be dropped?

I know, the grandkiddies are coming...JACKPOT! They never clean their plates. I'm sure to have something good to eat... Different from my usual lunch. I can hardly wait!!!!

Fill ya in later, on how the day goes.... I'm thinking Grandma will need a Nap. I heard something, about Dominoes this afternoon. I sit on Gma's lap and help her keep track of her tiles. Both the grandkids recently learned how to play. This will be Fun! Sure the guys will need a little football time.
Hey, did you pals see that Big Snoopy in the parade? He was the biggest hound dog, I ever saw....Huggies to All, Mazy


Copper,Turkey Dancin',Sub-zero and Big Changes

November 22nd 2010 7:40 pm
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Hi Furpals.....Burrrrrrr, it's cold way up North! Snowed off and on all weekend. Dropped to 3 last night. It was -5 with windchill today. Snowed off and on all day. We now have about 6" on the ground.

I put on my suede wool lined coat and went out with Gma. She was shoveling the steps and patio. She didn't want Old Baby to slip on the steps and fall down.

I was suppose to be walking around getting some fresh air! But really, I just wasn't interested in FRESH AIR! It was just Too fresh out there.....I had a Big case of Frosty Paws real fast!

I used my cuuutttie pie, drown in my eyes look and Gma let me back inside. Yeah! I watched it snow from the back of the loveseat in the Sunroom. I just don't have my Snow Paws,yet!
The snow would be fine, if it were about 30 outside. I'd be ready to go Rabbit Hunting in the hay bales..... Just too Cold!

Look at my pics...I have a bunch of new ones. I posted my pupper pal, Copper's picture. It's just so Cool! He's teaching that Turkey to Dance....Just too Funny! (so he won't end up in the oven on Thanksgiving Day!) Dance Turkey,Dance!!!!!!!

BTW- Precious has succeeded in Moving Totally and Completely into MY House! Did anyone ask me, if I wanted to share my House with her????????? Then they put her food on top of the deep I can't get any! (said, it isn't good for me..I can smell it up there. I like cat food!) I guess, she's staying.....
2 Rules and we will get along Fine!!!
1. Stay out of my little bed in the kitchen.
2. Do not, under any circumstances get into the office chair! It belongs to Me! I share it with Gma and only Gma! (good thing, she is little or I wouldn't share with her,either!)


The WORST and The BEST Day of My Life!

November 16th 2010 3:56 pm
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Monday started out like a regular day. I grabbed my coat, out to potty, in for breakfast. I sat on the kitchen heat vent to warm my hiney.
G-ma was zooming around doing household chores. She made some southwestern chicken tortilla soup for lunch. She cooked a new batch of vension for me. I can always count on meat for me...
She made several phone calls. Told me at lunch time we were going to town. Yippy, I get to go for a ride…
Gray, overcast, chilly, a few spits of snow, but nothing serious. Not enough to even stick on the ground. The kinda day where you just stay busy so you don’t notice the nasty weather. A good day to go to town for errands. I’m slowly getting used to days without sunshine.
The 1st. 4 stops, I had to wait in the car. G-ma got a flu shot, boxes at the post office, sale items at the grocery store, her medicine at the drug store. I surely wasn’t happy that I couldn’t go into these places!
However, I waited patiently for G-ma to come back. I was so happy when she was done….
However, I wish I’d been left in the car at the Vet Clinic. I thought, we were stopping just to get Precious a distemper shot to bring home. My hiney has been bugging me. I was trying to wash it off all the time. I usually don’t do this. G-ma called made me an appointment. She thought I had anal gland problem. I didn’t know that I had an appointment. She tricked me!!!!!!!
I didn’t know what a-glands were, until I left the Vet. I know where the anals are now! The Vet tech put her finger up my hiney! Said, she was checking. Then she had to do it again, to clean those anals!!!
I cried and cried…. Do you know how little my pooper is?????
I raced to the door to get out of there. To think, G-ma paid them to do that to me! G-ma was a traitor, cuz she held me! WORST day of my Life! She didn’t even have a treat to give me, either! I stomped out!
When we arrived home, I had mail! A package from my pupper pal Jax’s. I won 2nd. Place in a Halloween photo contest in our Black and Tan group. G-ma opened the box for me and put it on the floor. G-pa said, “Wow Jackpot!” I just went crazy over all the nice toys in the box. A squeaky toy, rubber chew toys, balls, a bone to clean my teeth and a peanut butter & yogurt pupper treat.. I was so surprised!
I was so Happy! I played all evening with the toys and the box they came in. I totally Forgot about my Hiney!
I took the tooth cleaning bone to bed with me. They sat the box on the counter in the kitchen at bedtime. I wouldn’t quit squeaking the pumpkin toy. This was the BEST, most exciting evening EVER!
G-ma took pictures of me playing with the toys. ( We will put them up as soon as we can.) Thank you so much Jax’s and Momma Joan.
We’ve been ever so busy here with lots of baking for the holidays. Thanksgiving is only a week away. Grandkids will be here…..Yeah!
G-ma baked most of the day...She took me out hunting for an hour. I found squirrels in the shelter belt. I tried to climb the big old trees. They just chattered and laughed at me! Way up in the top of those old trees. I just couldn't get up there!
So then, we went down to the hay yard...I snoped in All the big bale piles. I flushed a cottontail out of there....I chased him all over the place.
G-ma made me come in, cuz her hands were getting cold. She had gloves on too...I came in and took a nap. She went back to cooking. Made a triple back of chex-mix. She did give me a taste of ginger snap cookie. She bakes and bakes,then packs it up and into the big chest freezer. What's up with that??????????

Hugs and Kisses, Mazy

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