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Soon I'll Have My Snow-Paws

October 27th 2010 3:44 pm
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Day 2 of the 1st. Snow storm of the 2010-2011 season.....
Wind has varied from 20 MPH to over 60 MPH. Crazy,hun??????? Rained 1st., then changed to snow. Dropped down to 30 ish last night. Wind Blew big time, all night long.!!! I BARKED and BARKED...I really tried to scare the wind away...Didn't work!So I settled into the middle of the bed with my velour blanket and drifted off to stardust land.....
Yesterday, I would just poke my nose out the door of the cattle room. I wasn't going out! What crazy doxie looks for a poo spot in 60 mph wind??? Not me! That's what my double training is for! I just used my potty stations. Spent alot of the day looking out the window. We had a combo of rain and snow all day. By evening the ground was All White Stuff!
I snuggled alot and toasted myself on the heat register. G-ma got down on the floor after supper and played with me. We drug out dozens of toys. Scattered them all over the house by bedtime. I ran my Indy 500 lap course for a good hour. The course is down the hallway, through the bedroom, into the bathroom,to the living room and down to the office bedroom.The last part of the loop is a pit stop in the laundry room. Followed by Zooming through the kitchen into the entry and out to the sunroom.... A gal has gotta get her exercise.... Whether it is inside or outside or Both!
Today, G-ma grabbed me out of the big bed, threw my coat on me. I ran off the patio and made a big yellow hole in the snow.
I zipped in to be toweled and ate my breakfast. Wind was still blowing with fine snow. The high temperature for today was 32. Just warm enough to make this wet snow very slushy!
G-ma decided to shovel the back steps and patio. She made Baby, Precious and I join her for some fresh air. I got tired of watching so decided to start snoping around the yard. I realized pretty soon, I was very comfy in my suede pile lined coat. Then I didn't want to go inside....
I thought, since there is SNOW... it is now time to Hunt the Haybales! I wanted G-ma to take me to the bale yard. She had enough with the shoveling. I didn't realize how bad the wind was away from the house yard. We came in and had lunch. I took a nap on the back of G-ma's glider rocker. Where I could watch the weather through the window.
We cooked and cleaned. G-ma decided an ugly day was a good time to do an ugly job! She washed the kitchen ceiling with the mop! This wasn't on our list... She changed the flourscent light bulbs and washed the fixture. Then she washed the ceiling by the gas stove. One thing led to another... the ceiling is done,now.
This afternoon, she ask if I wanted to go outside???? She had to come back and ditch the heavy duty snow boots for the hiking boots. She took me into the shelter belt where we had a wind break.... I jumped over fallen trees. I crawled under trees. I sniffed here and there and everywhere... I couldn't find one single cottontail rabbit! We stayed for 30 minutes.
I was also outside with G-pa for 15 min. So, I made 90 min. of outside time. I laid on the G-ma's hot coat,towels and gloves after we dryed them. I think, I have my Snow Paws back again????? Old Baby made snow angels today! We were so surprised! I think, she was really just scratching her back...the angels were an extra plus.... As I was saying: my Snow Paws are Back!
What other choice, do I have? This will melt, but more will come! By the weekend temperatures are to be in the high 40's.
Suppose to be 17 tonight. So, this will be our hard freeze....
I've decided since I'm a big girl of 3.... I no longer hate my sweaters and coats! Now, I don't want to take them off when inside.... G-ma said, "I'm a crazy little doxie!"
BTW- G-ma, let Precious spend alot of today inside with Baby and I. I sure hope she doesn't think, I'm sharing the Big Bed with her??????
G-ma is looking at a new car with leather and hinnie warmers! OMD! Hinnie warmers! I'll just love that.... I sure hope she decides to buy that car. She says, I'll be able to see out the window better,too! Phone just rang.... a furpal calling...gotta go! Catch ya later! Kissies, Mazy


Where Has October Went????

October 24th 2010 3:19 pm
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October is almost shot! Where did it go? Our Time just Zooms by!
We are always busy doing something.... Not much laying around done here.

I supervised another day of raking. Believe it or not! If, weather allows us... We really need to rake another time.
G-ma and G-pa have about wore their raking muscles out!

Our Kitchen had the Best Smells floating through it this week. There were apple bars,buns,chili,enchiladas,ham,chicken,
ribeyes and pork steaks. I snagged some baked apple,sweet potato,squash and some vanilla ice cream,too...

Old Baby and I both had tubbies... I had my ears and eyes
cleaned. My teeth brushed. Nails ground off and hair brushed. Always have some extra treats with the grooming business.

I preformed my normal duties of being laundry inspector. Made sure I laid in all the loads of Hot Clothes. Checking to see that they are properly cleaned.

I made a new furpal this week. G-pa's great nephew came from Minnesota to hunt pheasants. Jesse their golden lab, retrieves the birds.(Her job is more interesting than mine. I keep these two old people hopping around here) Jesse and I made up to each other right away. I wish, she could have had time to play with me. Her Daddy worked her really hard in the prairie fields. She is a city pupper...Not used to all that daily exercise....

G-ma wouldn't let me go hunting with Jesse's group. I had to stay home and supervise. Sometimes when we walk the prairie, I flush some pheasants. I think, I could do Jesse's job real easy?

Well,I guess, I'd better go... I heard G-ma say something about making omlettes.... I wanna make sure I'm sitting in the corner of the cooking area. I have dibs on anything that hits the floor! It's mine,all mine!!!!!!


Howls,Hoots,Hunters and Spicy Smells

October 20th 2010 8:05 pm
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Today was ever so busy! We started the morning with a quick pit stop outside. The cooler 30's ...I've been throwing on a light sweater. Took care of business and beat it inside. Where I toast myself on the heat register in the kitchen. I had little breakfast,then snuggled down into my blanket and bed...

The BEST smells were floating through the kitchen. First there was the smell of Mexican food. G-ma was making up a pan of Beef Enchiladas for supper. (I always beg for a taste of the shredded cheese)... Mess was cleaned up and pans were flying around the kitchen, again.

These smells were sweet and spicy.... A big pan of apple bars were baking in the oven. The spicy smell of cinnamon and sweet smell of apples... My little mouth just watered! Thinking about the baked apples instead of the raw slices we share the day before. Auntie gave them to us. Deer were just pulling them off the trees and one bite...they were done! Move on, to another apple...I like my apples...Glad my Auntie picked them off!

We had a huge Mess in the kitchen...Flour was everywhere. Oodles of pans, measuring cups and dirty bowls. G-ma hurried along...everything was cleaned up by dinner time. Guess What?
Yep, we had hot apple bars with vanilla ice cream for dinner...
Actually G-ma did... I had a taste for dessert after my regular dinner.

We had surprised hunter friends for company today. I barked ever so fierce at those hunters. They were Big guys! When G-ma invited them in for fresh dessert and coffee. I decided, it was O.K. for them to be in the house with us. I went and laid in my bed,took a nap; while they visited....

Mid-afternoon G-ma decided it was time for me to have a bath.
So I smell, ever so sweet! My puppy shampoo is baby powder scent. I really dddddooooo smell like a baby!
I've had this same bottle for 3 years. Only half of it is used. At this rate, I'll be 6 or 7 and still have shampoo...Doxies don't need baths, very often....I was toweled with my big beach towel. Followed by the blow dryer.... I love the blow dryer held on me. This was exhausting!!! So I went took a nap in the sunny window.

G-ma washed a huge load of towels and rags. I was able to lay in HOT dried towels, just as the chill of evening air drifted into the ranch house. Oven was back on bake for those beef enchiladas.(I didn't have any Mexican) I did have my chicken-rice kibble, followed by my usual vension bites.

Spent a little time looking at autombiles online. Guess, my Grandparents, think our Rodeo needs to be replaced. Sounds like they are going to go take a closer look at some cars. Don't know when or where????? We are fitting this into the already overpacked days???? I hope it is easier to see out of a car window????

Yesterday, G-ma and I took a very brisk walk across the prairie. The only thing I found to chase was a field mouse! He ran into a hole,lickety split!!! I tried to dig him out....I really tired! He gotta away...

I played with some of the young barn cats a little again, today. I think it's just cool, when I chase them.... Now they are chasing me... What's up with that????? I run, when they chase me.... If, they are close...I start to whine,squeal and cry! They are not even touching me!!! G-pa says, "I'm a prissie little wiener! Not as tough, as I pretend!"

Maybe, I'm just squealing with DELIGHT!!!! Since Old Baby and Old Precious DON'T Play at ALL!!!! I found some playmates!!!!!
They are young..... Kittens from last spring... They are as BIG as I am... Actually TALLER, than I am...They are Ever so FAST! If, in the Mood to play.....Nice kitties..they don't bite or scratch...

So All in All....It was a Swell, Fall Day! We put up a new flood light. Need a little more light after dark. Seems kinda scary and creepy out there in the dark. The cycotes were holding a howl-a-thon tonight. I was answering their songs with my little doxie howl...G-ma sat on the step and laughed at me....OH! We have a Big Hoot Owl in our Trees,too... He just showed up...He sure can make alot of noise. He has such Big eyes....

Well, this little gal better get to bed! Tomorrow we are back to raking leaves again. Windy today...Leaves are everywhere! I think there is another zillion leaves left???? Hope it is a little warmer tomorrow. Wind was chilly this afternoon.


Squirrel Tracks and Such Nonsense

October 17th 2010 2:32 pm
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Well yesterday G-ma was back to raking leaves. Took 4 days to recover from the 1st. go round. Sure wasn't as nice outside, either. Temperature was about 53 for the high. The sunny was out, thank goodness.
I started the day with a light sweater on. I tucked myself into G-ma's flannel quilted jacket to stay warm in the patio chair.
As the day unfolded it warmed up, so I shed my sweater.
We worked about 5 hours on the yard. G-pa was hauling bales all day. We made 25 Big piles of leaves. He came and loaded them the last 2 hours before supper. This makes 4 loads on the big stock trailer....Looks like a couple more times to finish this big job! Seems like there is no end to this leaf mess....
While we were in for lunch, a sneaky squirrel was visiting my yard. G-ma saw him out the window.... I was too busy chowing down! He was very quiet...I didn't pick him up on my doxie radar,either.
After lunch we returned to work. OMD! Was my Nose happy! I spent the afternoon following the squirrel tracks and trails. They were all over my yard. Up and down the 60 yr. old cottonwoods. He ran across some flower beds to boot!
Way more exciting than trying to convince the kittens to be my new furpals.... I tried all morning long.... They think, I am too vocal ... I do like to Yap! They can squeeze in and out of the fenced in frontyard. By the time, I got there... those 3 stinkers were somewhere else. I had to take the long way around! They can climb trees.... How do they do that? Have they got suction cups on their paws???????
Looks like our October Indian Summer is slipping away. Today it is cold,gray,breezy,cloudy....It is only 40 ish today... Not nice at all! I decided to keep my light weight sweater on, even in the house. (I usually poo-poo my clothes) I have sweaters, suede with pile and flannel coats. I also have a raincoat. It has always been a battle to get me to wear them...I always threw a Big Hissy Fit!!!!
Now that I am 3..... I'm re-thinking my wardrobe... I'm thinking, since I'm a TAR baby, ya know, Toast and Roast....
These pawsome clothes, G-ma bought me,as well as sweaters she knitted. (with her 2 little arthritic hands) Pretty Good Things to have around.....
Well,while I'm doing my diary ... I'm all snug as a bug in a rug! Besides, I look pretty darn cute,too! Maybe, I better look that last fur catalog over, again????? I may want to order some new threads...Hum? Where did she put that catalog?????


Raking, Raking and More Raking....

October 13th 2010 1:50 pm
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Tuesday, my people started raking!!! A day of 60 and sunny. The cottonwood leaves were very wet. We had a light sprinkle during the night.

G-ma cut off more perennials so she could pull the leaves out of the flowerbeds. We only have two large tractor tires filled with perennials to still cut back.

They raked and raked and raked some more....We were outside, ALL day long. It was chilly, so I needed a quilted jacket to curl up in. I wasn't cold when I was moving. I'd check to see how each of them were doing? Hunted a little on the side. Broke a few sticks up ...Just to pitch in and help! I climbed in the stocktrailer to look the leaves over. I sunk down and disappeared. It was scary! I didn't like that! I didn't get in there again.....

They took opposite sides of the yard to work. Stay out of each others way.... both have their own way of doing the leaves...
I counted the leaves, until I was dizzy! I lost track at several Zillion...What comes after Zillions of zillions????

G-pa hauled 3 stocktrailer's full to the field. He then pitches them off and plows them under. G-ma rakes but doesn't load leaves anymore. It's too much for her to lift on the big tubs all day long...

We may have 50% of the job finished???? Ground is littered with leaves again today. Probably have about 40% still hanging in the trees. We've been having calm days with the wonderful October temperatures. Slows the progress of the leaves coming down.

I had 7 hrs. of fresh air, yesterday. Everyone was so tired...I think, we all snored last night???? I didn't stay awake to check that out! Everyone crashed a couple hours after supper...

Today is 60 and sunny. Going to drop down to low 30's tonight. The low last night was 33. Our area still hasn't had a killing frost. The grass is still really green. G-ma will have to mow it again. Little tough pulling rakes through long grass.
Everyone today has mega aches and pains, except me!!!!

I'm helping all I can with the fall work list. We are chopping the list down to size... G-ma says, "she can see the light at the end of the tunnel!" Whatever, that means????

Precious was show off! She caught a mouse, a mole and a bird ...ALL in the SAME DAY!! I couldn't find anything! I'm trying really hard to make friends with some barn kitties....
Actually, I'm more afraid of them, than they are of me. OOPS! I didn't say that, did I??????????

I hope All my puppers pals are having a Wonderful Fall???? This has to be the nicest October on the ND Prairie in many years...
Makes those Big jobs alot easier to finish....


What's Up on the Prairie.....

October 13th 2010 1:11 pm
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Hi PupPals- The weatherman says, another nice week here on the prairie. Temperature is 78, sunny and big bright blue sky. The past couple weeks have been between 70 and 85. G-ma was able to drag her shorts out again. I worked on my tan….

Great weather for all these bigger Fall projects. I’ve put miles and miles on my little paws. Following G-ma around with 3 days of washing windows, blinds and screens. Millions of spiders this year…. Made for lots of extra work. We used the broom to knock them off the house. When we were left with 2 sides of the house. G-ma took the auto washing broom. Hooked it on the hose… Blew those spiders and nests right down. I stayed back , cuz the water from our well is super cold!

The screens were such a mess…We gave them a tubbie! This speeded things up! Our tub has never been that dirty! Even when us puppers have a bath! I hung over the tubbie, watching G-ma rinse them with the shower nozzle. Never saw screens in our tubbie before…really strange?

Every evening we had a big load of rags and towels to wash. Jackpot for me!!!! I had Hot Towels to lay in after supper… So, I took a little after supper nappy before playtime. I love my Hot towels!!!!!!

G-pa installed the new cellar door. (Since G-ma finally had all the lumbar painted). G-ma was able to clean up the rest of the auto garage. Nasty job there! She used the vacuum, cuz stirring the dirt up with a broom, makes us sneeze! (I didn’t know, I have allergies like G-ma? But I did some sneezing with these chores…) I supervised from a lawn chair while she mopped the cement all up… I’ve never seen such muddy water! It was too gross to even play in! Cleaner water in the mud holes after a rain.

A couple days, I walked to the field with G-pa. He had brought his tractor home when he was done. Never kicked out any rabbits….
Didn’t see any pheasants, either. He finished his fall haying. He dug a field today. He has been hauling hay bales home now.

Usually, I find lots of rabbits in and around the hay bales. I’m hoping as the hay yards fill up, the rabbits will show up. If not, it will be a long boring winter for me. My big winter activity is hunting rabbits…
The silliest thing happened about a week ago. A pair of big hawks were out hunting. They were flying over our shelter belts. Scoping out our house yard, too! Then they swooped at me! I barked and barked and barked! What the Hay???? I’m not a FAT RAT! You silly old hawks! I’m a doxie!!! I am not on your Food List!!!!!

Now, I know why G-ma carried a big stick back in 2009. We had a pair of Bald Eagles here visiting. (They stayed about 6 wks.) She wouldn’t let me outside by myself… I don’t like to go out by myself, anyway…
Now the hawks, think, I’m FOOD! OMD! What am I going to do???

Next BIG Project! The leaf raking!!!! I stopped counting….I know there are zillions and zillions of leaves. Big 60 yr. old cottonwood trees.
Some places they are deep enough my chest drags. A few more perennials to cut off. I like this project! I’ m allowed to dig in my sandbox while G-ma cuts plants down. I get to jump into the piles of plants. We load everything and haul it away. Almost as much FUN as playing in the leaves.

Lots of extra treats when we are outside so much of the day. I burn up all I eat and then some…Besides, supervising and making mischief is very, very hard work!!!!!


I'm Perking Up!

October 6th 2010 1:58 pm
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Monday, I had my shots....Shot day was a surprise to me! I didn't see the postcard from the Fur-Doc saying it was time. Monday morning was a little cool for the painting. G-ma called for a haircut. I rode along because it was cool enough for me to wait in the Rodeo.
G-ma pulled a sneaky on me... I was ever so happy when she was done with her hair. Opened the locked door on auto. She locks me in so no one can steal me away! She had a yummy zerky treat in her pocket for me.
We drove out the Vet Clinic. She put my leash on me. I hopped right out. Thought we were stopping for medicine for some moo-moo's???? No big deal! We'd pop in get the meds, grab a treat and head out... Nope!
A friend of G-ma and G-pa plopped me on the examine table, was talking to G-ma and...OUCH! What was that? What did Jerrad, do to me???? Then poke and ouch,ouchies,ouchies!!!!!! The 2nd. stick really burned..... What in the hay,did he do????

Adding insult to injury...then he proceeds to try and cut my declaws..... OH, NO, YOU DON"T!!! Well G-ma says, I sit down and flip her on her back to grind her nails. They decided to try this approach...You can bet, I wasn't co-operating at all....
Hey, this young bachleor guy comes to our house, eats at our table...How dare he do these ugly things to me!

I changed tactics and became a Drama Queen! I cried and whaled like someone was doing me in... Didn't help, didn't work! They decided I'd settle myself and we'd finish my business there. A few minutes later...I was leaving and I was minus the extra growth on my declaws. They decided to shorten my front nails a little too! Probably because I was a naughty girl!!!!

The door opened and I beat it to the Rodeo. G-ma gave me a treat on the way home. My pride felt better.... G-ma beats me into the kitchen and closes the gate between the living and kitchen area. Oh no! This can't be good.....

She decided to smooth my nail tiips with her little grinder. Brush my teeth. Eye and ear drops,too. Finishing with brushing my hair.... I ate lunch and laid in the sun on cardboard while G-ma painted in the car garage.

I wasn't in a playing mood.... I ate supper and then retreated to the big bed with a blanket. I followed this routine until this morning.... They even called the Vet on Tuesday....cuz all I wanted to do was sleep,eat,drink and potty. Not my Big Bubbly self....Someone plugged the plug on my enerizer!!!!!

The Vet said, the shots could take the Zip out of me for a couple days. As long as I was eating,drinking not to worry...
Well, I never passed up any meals....

This morning, G-ma said, it is nice and sunny outside. Everyone is outside but you. You can go out and walk around, get some fresh air.... Yada,Yada,yada....

I'm fine! I sunned myself! I exercised my nose for the 2 hrs.
G-ma worked outside. She was knocking nasty spider nests off the house siding. Picking up sticks and cleaning up leaves off our Patio.

G-pa's birthday was a BUST! He still turned 60! BUST or NOT!!!The oven on the gas stove went crazy, Monday afternoon. His birthday sits in the extra fridge- RAW....We can't bake it! We had NO CAKE! It was French vanilla. So I was in line for a bite....Had to cancel having friends for supper. G-ma needed the oven to cook her Bourbon maple pork loin roast.

Still waiting for the repairman.... 1 more day of this waiting...I think G-ma will just go look for a new stove. Even when it is fixed will still be a LEMON! Yep, it has given her heartburn from day one.....Tonight she is using the gas grill for sausage and sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes! I always have a little....

All my furpals....when you have time,please check out my fursis, Precious. Her number is:1157407 at Catster. Yep, G-ma made her a page ...I have to share my PC time now. Thank goodness, she is over on catster instead of dogster, where I hang out... I already share with old Baby....
Precious doesn't like her picture taken anymore than Baby does. Does anyone know why Precious's picture doesn't show up when she comments on furpal pages???? Just a tan box with a red "X". It is fleas???????????????? Did G-ma do something wrong??????

Hope to check into my groups later tonight???? Tons of kissies and huggies, Mazy


2010 Happy Fall Everyone!!!!!! 2010

October 2nd 2010 4:25 pm
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Well, Howdy There Furpals--- 1st., I must take the Time to Thank my furpal Dayzee. She surprised us with a p-mail announcing she'd made Baby and I, Fall pictures. What a Nice Pressies for Us... We just LOVE the Photos... Fall colors go so well with our black and tan colorings....

I can't forget our furpal, Howard. He decided to draw this Little Princess of the Ponderosa....This was also a Big Surprise! (I guess, I'm just sssssooooo Cute?????) We have to post these pictures on our pages.... We want Everyone to be able to check it out....

Gotta Tell ya, furpals-- This has been a BUSY, BUSY FAll Week here on the Ponderosa! I got to go with G-pa to the field while he changed a tractor tire. I was able to HUNT new turf! I just don't know what has happened to all the rabbits???? I can't scare one up no matter where they take me.... The gophers have all hibernated. It will be rare to catch one out sunning himself, on a Fall day ... The barns cats must have scared all the mice! Since G-ma caught 2 in the house traps.... I haven't scared any up outside,either.... Hummmmm,what's up with that???

I help picked up tons of sticks off the old cottonwoods. I worked on my tan while G-ma painted on lumbar for a new cellar door. (She says, when she is done...she'll let me put my paw prints on the corner. I wonder, if she is serious or not?)

We mowed for 4 hours this week. The grass is so green! All the rain in early September. We think, we will be mowing a couple more times. We fired up the gas grill for some yummy steaks one night. 1st. we cleaned the grill... she wouldn't let me do the tongue wash... insisted on a degreaser and brush.

We vacuumed and mopped our big double car garage.... Boy that was a dirty mess....Mud,dirt,grass clipping, birdie poop and tons and tons of spider nests..... No more G-pa leaving the doors stand open!
He got the hard word on that! Sure glad, it wasn't me leaving the doors hang open....

The spiders are really bad this year. Sprayed 2/3 of the yard this week. G-pa had to leave an area for old Baby and I to use while the rest dried. Now we need a calm morning to spray the rest. G-ma has to take the broom and knock all those nests down. Plan to do that before we start washing our windows.
We are hoping all the spiders doesn't mean a very long, cold, snowy, hard winter??????

There are 3 windows G-ma could skip...I wash the big sunroom and big living window almost everyday when laying up there sunning myself. I nose up the bedroom window almost everyday... Those should be pretty clean... Guess, they are on the inside! Those nasty spiders are between the windows and the screens....

My hunting was reduced to annoying grasshoppers this past week. I put my nose on them and they Hop, real fast! Then, I jump on them and they hop some, more... I've been charging up to the fence after dark. I've been scaring the sparrows out of the liliac bushes. I think it's tons of fun... The sparrows are not too happy with me! One flew over today and pooped right one me!

I have a new Fall toy! A orange fuzzy jack-o-latern pumpkin with a squeaky inside. Ever so much Fun! I found it in the shopping bags last night when they came home. I stayed up until after midnight playing with it.... Should teach them to leave us the entire evening with shopping and supper. Some new treats made with whole grains, blueberries,cranberries and cherries. Really smell the blueberries. Suppose to also help keep my teeth clean. Finishing my week off with all my Grooming....
The flea,tick stuff was done. I hate that! Now I have the eye and ear drops, brush teeth. Will wait another day to brush my hair. I have shots this next week Also cut my declaws...Phooey!

G-pa has a Big birthday this week. So I heard there is Cake being made.... I sure hope, he asks for anything but chocolate. If so, then I get a tiny bite...

It's chilly today, only low 50's. Sunny but breezy. We were outside working in the yard alot of the afternoon. I was more than ready to come inside. If, I wasn't running around, I was a little cold. I have sweaters and coats. Not very fond of them... They interfer with my running,hunting and snooping around. I smell supper in the oven. Gotta go....Time for Baby and I to have our supper.


I Forgot...DDP

September 24th 2010 3:35 pm
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I don't know how? I guess, Someone at HQ likes Smarty-pants little hot-doggies??? I was one of the Daily Diary Picks for yesterday....Thursday 9-23-10

I sure didn't think, Life on the Priaire was overly exciting. I guess, a few furpals out there like looking into my little peek hole. It's a small window to the world.... I personally love traveling beyond the big,wide, open prairie! I want to see what everyone at Dogster is Up too!

So little time and so very much to do....xoxoxox Mazy

p.s.- Thanks furpals for all the Best wishes and pressies..


I Volunteered for P.A.T. Duty!!!!

September 24th 2010 1:26 pm
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Hey Furpals- I VOLUNTEERED for P.A.T. duty! I was rejected!
What’s up with that???? I thought, we could whip right through this chore…

Let me explain… We are still trying to clean up the mess
resulting from the new carpeting. Yesterday was a Perfect day to continue. It rained ALL day long….then rained some more!

G-ma’s getty up go is about, gone!!!! G-pa carried
down the 6 huge totes from upstairs. The totes were full
of newspaper wrapped china, glassware and crystal.

Everything would be washed before putting it all away. After all she had cleaned and polished all the hard oak furniture. Washed all the wall hangings, afghans and comforters.

The furniture was made by her Daddy before he went blind.
This was a hobby he picked up after he retired. He built her an entertainment center, china hutch and end tables. These pieces mean a lot to her. She gets pretty upset with me, when I want to stroll across an end table. I rarely, do this anymore. If, I can really hear a lot of noise outside and can’t see….Well then, I’ll try and be sneaky about it.

Any who… the totes were filled with things from both Mommas, Grandmothers, Great-grandmother and Aunts.
A lot of precious memories connected to all these dishes, platters and such… She was Trippin’ down memory lane
all day! She made the Funniest faces as she worked.

I had a BIG DOXIE BRAIN STORM!!!! I wanted to wash all the china for G-ma. Just Smear a little Peanut-butter ON THEM!
I’d Go right to Work! PEANUTBUTTER AND TONGUE washing
Sounded like a great way to whip right through the chore.

G-ma could wash the crystal and dry it. Wud-da finished hours sooner! Instead of this taking the entire day.
She didn’t go for it! Insisted on doing this herself…

So, I played in the newspaper. Restrained myself and didn’t shred any. I laid on the back of the loveseat watching it rain. The rain was boring…. So I turned over on my back and watched the rain. Somehow this was less boring! Every few minutes, I’d bring a toy and insist on a 5 minute break…

G-ma played fetch, hide and seek. I crawled inside of the entertainment center to see what was going in there. I was
chased out…. I took several naps…I begged for snacks!
I did Zoomies….. all over that plush new carpet.

I even got Crazy and wanted G-ma to turn on the treadmill for me. She wasn't co-operating! She was trippin’ down memory lane.
She said, “NOT TODAY!” I learned to walk the treadmill my 2nd. winter. It wasn’t hard to learn at all! So on Very, Very Bitter Winter Days…We have the treadmill, when I’m bored with everything else…G-ma won’t let me walk on there unless she is right there watching me. I’m sure she thinks, I’ll do something Stupid?

Well, I’m sure glad this week is almost over! The rain moved out… Forecast dry and sunny for several days.
Yeah!!!!!! I was out with G-pa for 2 hrs. this morning. Phooey, G-ma was do the Big cleaning. G-pa was here,
there and everywhere. Lots more for me to do… I even stayed out of the mud-holes!

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