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2010 Happy Fall Everyone!!!!!! 2010

October 2nd 2010 4:25 pm
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Well, Howdy There Furpals--- 1st., I must take the Time to Thank my furpal Dayzee. She surprised us with a p-mail announcing she'd made Baby and I, Fall pictures. What a Nice Pressies for Us... We just LOVE the Photos... Fall colors go so well with our black and tan colorings....

I can't forget our furpal, Howard. He decided to draw this Little Princess of the Ponderosa....This was also a Big Surprise! (I guess, I'm just sssssooooo Cute?????) We have to post these pictures on our pages.... We want Everyone to be able to check it out....

Gotta Tell ya, furpals-- This has been a BUSY, BUSY FAll Week here on the Ponderosa! I got to go with G-pa to the field while he changed a tractor tire. I was able to HUNT new turf! I just don't know what has happened to all the rabbits???? I can't scare one up no matter where they take me.... The gophers have all hibernated. It will be rare to catch one out sunning himself, on a Fall day ... The barns cats must have scared all the mice! Since G-ma caught 2 in the house traps.... I haven't scared any up outside,either.... Hummmmm,what's up with that???

I help picked up tons of sticks off the old cottonwoods. I worked on my tan while G-ma painted on lumbar for a new cellar door. (She says, when she is done...she'll let me put my paw prints on the corner. I wonder, if she is serious or not?)

We mowed for 4 hours this week. The grass is so green! All the rain in early September. We think, we will be mowing a couple more times. We fired up the gas grill for some yummy steaks one night. 1st. we cleaned the grill... she wouldn't let me do the tongue wash... insisted on a degreaser and brush.

We vacuumed and mopped our big double car garage.... Boy that was a dirty mess....Mud,dirt,grass clipping, birdie poop and tons and tons of spider nests..... No more G-pa leaving the doors stand open!
He got the hard word on that! Sure glad, it wasn't me leaving the doors hang open....

The spiders are really bad this year. Sprayed 2/3 of the yard this week. G-pa had to leave an area for old Baby and I to use while the rest dried. Now we need a calm morning to spray the rest. G-ma has to take the broom and knock all those nests down. Plan to do that before we start washing our windows.
We are hoping all the spiders doesn't mean a very long, cold, snowy, hard winter??????

There are 3 windows G-ma could skip...I wash the big sunroom and big living window almost everyday when laying up there sunning myself. I nose up the bedroom window almost everyday... Those should be pretty clean... Guess, they are on the inside! Those nasty spiders are between the windows and the screens....

My hunting was reduced to annoying grasshoppers this past week. I put my nose on them and they Hop, real fast! Then, I jump on them and they hop some, more... I've been charging up to the fence after dark. I've been scaring the sparrows out of the liliac bushes. I think it's tons of fun... The sparrows are not too happy with me! One flew over today and pooped right one me!

I have a new Fall toy! A orange fuzzy jack-o-latern pumpkin with a squeaky inside. Ever so much Fun! I found it in the shopping bags last night when they came home. I stayed up until after midnight playing with it.... Should teach them to leave us the entire evening with shopping and supper. Some new treats made with whole grains, blueberries,cranberries and cherries. Really smell the blueberries. Suppose to also help keep my teeth clean. Finishing my week off with all my Grooming....
The flea,tick stuff was done. I hate that! Now I have the eye and ear drops, brush teeth. Will wait another day to brush my hair. I have shots this next week Also cut my declaws...Phooey!

G-pa has a Big birthday this week. So I heard there is Cake being made.... I sure hope, he asks for anything but chocolate. If so, then I get a tiny bite...

It's chilly today, only low 50's. Sunny but breezy. We were outside working in the yard alot of the afternoon. I was more than ready to come inside. If, I wasn't running around, I was a little cold. I have sweaters and coats. Not very fond of them... They interfer with my running,hunting and snooping around. I smell supper in the oven. Gotta go....Time for Baby and I to have our supper.


I Forgot...DDP

September 24th 2010 3:35 pm
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I don't know how? I guess, Someone at HQ likes Smarty-pants little hot-doggies??? I was one of the Daily Diary Picks for yesterday....Thursday 9-23-10

I sure didn't think, Life on the Priaire was overly exciting. I guess, a few furpals out there like looking into my little peek hole. It's a small window to the world.... I personally love traveling beyond the big,wide, open prairie! I want to see what everyone at Dogster is Up too!

So little time and so very much to do....xoxoxox Mazy

p.s.- Thanks furpals for all the Best wishes and pressies..


I Volunteered for P.A.T. Duty!!!!

September 24th 2010 1:26 pm
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Hey Furpals- I VOLUNTEERED for P.A.T. duty! I was rejected!
What’s up with that???? I thought, we could whip right through this chore…

Let me explain… We are still trying to clean up the mess
resulting from the new carpeting. Yesterday was a Perfect day to continue. It rained ALL day long….then rained some more!

G-ma’s getty up go is about, gone!!!! G-pa carried
down the 6 huge totes from upstairs. The totes were full
of newspaper wrapped china, glassware and crystal.

Everything would be washed before putting it all away. After all she had cleaned and polished all the hard oak furniture. Washed all the wall hangings, afghans and comforters.

The furniture was made by her Daddy before he went blind.
This was a hobby he picked up after he retired. He built her an entertainment center, china hutch and end tables. These pieces mean a lot to her. She gets pretty upset with me, when I want to stroll across an end table. I rarely, do this anymore. If, I can really hear a lot of noise outside and can’t see….Well then, I’ll try and be sneaky about it.

Any who… the totes were filled with things from both Mommas, Grandmothers, Great-grandmother and Aunts.
A lot of precious memories connected to all these dishes, platters and such… She was Trippin’ down memory lane
all day! She made the Funniest faces as she worked.

I had a BIG DOXIE BRAIN STORM!!!! I wanted to wash all the china for G-ma. Just Smear a little Peanut-butter ON THEM!
I’d Go right to Work! PEANUTBUTTER AND TONGUE washing
Sounded like a great way to whip right through the chore.

G-ma could wash the crystal and dry it. Wud-da finished hours sooner! Instead of this taking the entire day.
She didn’t go for it! Insisted on doing this herself…

So, I played in the newspaper. Restrained myself and didn’t shred any. I laid on the back of the loveseat watching it rain. The rain was boring…. So I turned over on my back and watched the rain. Somehow this was less boring! Every few minutes, I’d bring a toy and insist on a 5 minute break…

G-ma played fetch, hide and seek. I crawled inside of the entertainment center to see what was going in there. I was
chased out…. I took several naps…I begged for snacks!
I did Zoomies….. all over that plush new carpet.

I even got Crazy and wanted G-ma to turn on the treadmill for me. She wasn't co-operating! She was trippin’ down memory lane.
She said, “NOT TODAY!” I learned to walk the treadmill my 2nd. winter. It wasn’t hard to learn at all! So on Very, Very Bitter Winter Days…We have the treadmill, when I’m bored with everything else…G-ma won’t let me walk on there unless she is right there watching me. I’m sure she thinks, I’ll do something Stupid?

Well, I’m sure glad this week is almost over! The rain moved out… Forecast dry and sunny for several days.
Yeah!!!!!! I was out with G-pa for 2 hrs. this morning. Phooey, G-ma was do the Big cleaning. G-pa was here,
there and everywhere. Lots more for me to do… I even stayed out of the mud-holes!


P A T Would do!

September 23rd 2010 7:28 pm
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Peanutbutter And Tongues, would do! First off, why wash the china???? There's no food on them! They look clean to my little hotdog eyes...Besides, they sit all year long in that hutch your Papa built for you. The china was out for Turkey day last year....I really thought, china is just pretties....We look at but, don't use??????

If, you're positive they need washing. Smear a little peanutbutter on the plates and get outta of my way! I'll have the china spit polished in no time!!!! Guaranteed to sparkle when I'm done!

The whole mess started with our house having new carpeting installed. The carpet is beautiful,warm,cozy and I snuggle right into it. G-ma had half the house packed up.
Tons of stuff was wrapped in paper, so it wouldn't break.
She hauled all those totes upstairs.

They stacked the furniture from 3 rooms into our kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Took 10 hours for the job to be completed. How dare they block my kitchen off! No one could
get to the fridge or the treat jars! I thought, I'd dry up
and blow away.... Managed to Survive the day....

Since then, G-ma has been trying to clean everything that was packed. She made up her mind, that all of the stuff would be cleaned. Took 1 day for the wall hangings and knic-nacks.

Today was a nasty,cold,damp,rainy day. This weekend we are suppose to have sunshine and high 70's. (This means back to the painting. Grass needs mowing. Flowers to still cut off. Yard is covered with sticks again.)

Took her awhile to unpack everything. She washed and dried it for hours. Piles all over the kitchen and dining area. Finally out of places to stack dishes. Carried them into the hutch and entertainment center to put them all away. I've never seen anyone wash dishes for hours on end....Hope I never see this kind of project again!


Who Ordered The Crazy Weather??????

September 20th 2010 3:15 pm
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September 17th.- We had an overcast, gray, drippy day.... No sunshine at all! Later in the day, drizzles turned to a full-fledged rain.... My people went off to do their shopping and errands. Half way to the capitol city, they ran into rain mixed with sleet. This turned to fine snow. (Sure glad, I didn't ride along!)
There actually was enough snow, to leave traces of white in the interstate ditches. The high for the day was 4o ish. Friday night we had our 1st. frost. Saturday morning it wasn't even 30 degrees....Burrrrr!
The weather hasn't been very nice for the past week. Sun has only peeked out a couple times. Damp, drizzling, gray and plenty of wind.
There has been plenty of moisture since Labor Day. The grasses are still very green. Still mowing whenever it dries out enough to do so. Everyday, we pick up sticks and branches from the 60 plus year old cottonwood trees.
G-ma wants me to pick them up and make piles with her. Really???
I prefer to break them up and make lots of mini-stickers!!!!!
Everyone is waiting for a really HARD,hard frost! Usually we have an Indian Summer afterwards. Once an Indian Summer passes the weather goes to heck, real fast!
October is just around the corner....I know cuz, I put my paw print on the calendar.... Remind me, G-pa has a birthday on the 5th.... Means, I can have some cake! (as long as G-ma doesn't make Nasty chocolate!) G-pa says, he is skipping his birthday this year. Cuz, he starts another decade... He will be ever so old... I thought he was already Ever So Old! What has changed??? How many paws, does it take to make 60???? I'm just 3 and can't count that far,yet!
If, we counted out this mysterious 60 in treats: Do you think, this little zippy hotdoggie, could EAT 60 Treats????????? Any fur out there, who can explain 60 to me???????? I'm just wondering,cuz I'm 3.... I'd like to know everything that is goin' on around here.
Guess, I'd better ask about a trip to Pet Smart. Shopping for new toys for G-pa's birthday! New stuff....Toys for long winter nights, way up north!!!!!


You Won't Believe My Week

September 18th 2010 3:57 pm
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OMD! I'm so glad it is Saturday....Tomorrow we start a Brand New Week!

Most of the week has been filled with last minute preparations for the new carpeting in my house. Wednesday morning all the electronics came down. Televisions,Puter and Phones...

Two young guys came with a truck full of carpeting and pads. A ton of tools were drug into my house. They looked the place over, as if they own it??? Furniture was stacked into our kitchen and bathroom. (They blocked our Refrigerator and the food! How could they???) The laundry room was already full of bedding, quilts,electronics and lamps. The upstairs held tons of totes. Filled with smaller stuff.

G-ma tried to close the kitchen door. Give me the Sunroom and Entry. Keep me safe and outta the way.... This set me off! I was pawing on the door... I couldn't see what was happening to my house. Then I started whinin' and cryin'. I ended up in my wire crate for 5 minutes. (I thought, I'd die!)

G-ma took me out. We went and sat in the stairwell. I could see what those young guys were doin'. No more fits, outta me! I laid down on G-ma's legs and watch ever so closely!
As if, I were taking lessons to become the next Carpet World installor... Hummmmmm? A little zippy hotdog as a carpet installor??? OMD! This would surely make You Tube! Better yet, Peanutty Cronkite's News!!!!!!

Long story short! Took 10 hrs. start to finish.... We have Pawsome, soft, thick carpets. Now my cave under, Great-grandpa's antique chair is ever so Snuggly! Especially on these damp,drizzly fall days....

My furniture and pretty wall stuff is all back where it belongs. Still have a bunch of Big tubs full of china,crystal and fancy knic-knacks to wash and put away. I volunteered my tongue for duty. G-ma said, No Thanks! She'd get to-it, around the other chores.

I forgot to say, G-ma rearranged the furniture. Eliminated a few pieces. I have an extra couple laps for my daily Zoomie course! Those young guys, turned out to be Dog Peoples.... Let me, supervise and sniff the project out, as they went along... They even played with me when taking quickie breaks.

Everyone was so tired that night... It was very late when we All dropped into our soft queen pillow-top bed to sleep...G-pa has to shorten all the doors. We did the 4 closets on Sunday. Still have 4 doors which need the circular saw... Thursday,
G-ma and I worked a very long day running up and down the stairs. Bring a tote down, clean things and put away. What a facelift the new carpets gave the house.....

Our house has decided, when you live your whole life in the same house.... You Really do end up with just too much stuff!!!! So, we are donating extra furnishings to our Goodwill store.....

Sssssssooo glad to have my Puter up and running again!!!!!!!
Tryin' ever so hard, to catch up with All my furpals! I can see, everyone has been really busy,too......Hugs and Kisses to Everyone, Mazy


For Pete's Sake

September 14th 2010 3:48 pm
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Now my house is totally tore apart.... Today is the last day before this mystery project of new carpeting.(I'm still not sure what this means! Except this place is a disaster area...)

It was terrible when my toys started relocating to different rooms. Followed by my crates going upstairs. (I don't sleep in them anyway....I jump on it and then onto the big pillow top bed.) The other one, a wire crate, is my overflow toy chest... A doxie can never have too many toys....

Now today, she pulled out furniture. Rearranged a bunch of pieces ... Everything is in a different place in our bedroom. Lemon oiled the baseboards, doors and wall trim. Since it is raw rustic wood. The lemon oil has a zippy smell... I kinda like that smell.

HUMMMMMM... I'm just NOT sure I like the new location of all the bedroom furniture. She says, I'll get used it... This is a better arrangement. Who says????? Who ask me, if I wanted a change?????? Now I have a chair to jump in before I jump to the bed. (Kinda cool. I tried fine) Now, I don't have a chair by the long dresser. What happens, if I decide I want to walk the dresser again, as I did when I was a baby??? I'm a jumper but I sure can't fly!!!!!

This whole thing is just too much upheaval for the Princess of the Ponderosa.... Tonight, she is pulling the plug on my puter!
When will this insanity end??????????

Help furpals! Rescue me! Where's those Pirate ships????? I need to sail away from it all!!!


What?????Just Can't Believe My Little Doxie Ears

September 13th 2010 3:04 pm
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I just can't believe my little doxie ears.... Fursis Angel Foxie is Ruler of the Week???? What? Huh? How did that happen????

I really thought this was a Big joke to get my dander up! Afterall, I'm the Princess of the Ponderosa..... I'm in the middle of anything that happens around here! How could Old Baby be telling me Angel Foxie is like Royalty now????? I just don't get it!

Old Baby is a serious gal, she sure wouldn't tell a lie! I guess, it's TRUE..... The Rotties are letting Foxie Rule the Group for a whole week!!!!

Hummmmmmmmmmm...I'm sure that Foxietail forgot to mention she has 2 fursissies????? I'm thinking, she'd think, I'd steal the limelight off of her in a split second???? Let her have her Fun in the SUN!

I got my Pirate furpals.... Several of those Captian Pirates said, I could sail away on their ship....So many fellas and so little time! What Captain, will I choose to sail away into the sunset with?????? I'm not telling.... It's a Secret!

Want more details on Angel Foxie??? See both Baby's and Angel Foxie's diaries.


Pirate Days

September 9th 2010 3:36 pm
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I hope all my furpals have a chance to look at my Pirate Clothes. Last night, Nutty and Wyatt helped figure out my Pirate name. It is so COOL! It is: Buxom Black Princess of the Reine....

Suits me to a "T".... Doxie are big barrel there is the Buxom. I'm black and tan so there is the Black. I'm already the Princess of the Ponderosa, so I should be a Princess of the Seas,too! I do Rule wherever I roost! So there is the Reine.... (Just Perfect name for me...)

Sure glad that carpet install day is a couple days before Pirate Day...I'd be real upset with G-ma, if the Puter was still not set up for me..... I know, the house will still look like we hid All the Pirate Plunder here....

Good idea, fellow Pirates! Bring the Loot to my house!!! No one will ever find our treasures. It will be hidden in all this packed stuff....Besides, who would look inland 1,000's of miles for OUR Booty????

Send it over the Rockies on Mules....Sure it will work! Before the railroads came west the mules carried tons of stuff across the Prairies. So did the work horses, oxen and covered wagons.
Just a thought....

Humm... I better run... I need to supervise preheat on the oven.
I love the oven being on for supper... I have a bed about 6 ft. away...I'm having vension and my kibbles. G-ma found me a Turkey/Rice formula. Also a Beef,barley,oat,egg and veggie formula. I Just love them both! I don't poop less or eat less.

We got rid of the kibbles with corn,soy,etc.... Of course when winter sets in and it's -40. I'll probably need a little corn in my kibbles to keep me warm enough. I'm a tough gal... Once I know winter is here to stay, I go outside anyway. I have coats and sweaters. I can't wear them and hunt rabbits. I'll get caught in the hay bales. I'm running so I stay warm. They make me come in when I should. Lots of heat in the bales. Actually, my people have more trouble staying warm...they are too tall!
G-pa plows a path for my short legs ..... He plows the hay yard for me,too. (Hate to think about snow.... but, it always arrives way too soon!) Huggies and Kissies, Mazy


Big,Big Day ......

September 7th 2010 7:40 pm
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Today was very fallish and cool.Middle 50's for the high. Plenty of sunshine after the big 3" rain. Lots of waterholes for me to slop around in.... I was good and didn't need a bath.

Grandpa couldn't go to the field. Just too wet! I followed him around almost ALL day. We checked out our leaky roof. I stayed on the ground...Held the ladder with my front paws! Can't have one of my walking/hunting buddies getting hurt!

We fixed a tire. Checked all the cattle. We cut off a bunch of flowers for G-ma. They were in the way of her new area to paint. We worked in the shop awhile.

I hunted and chased rabbits. G-pa and I fixed some gates. G-ma and I walked to the mailbox to pick up the mail this afternoon. We had company a couple times today. Neighbors get to visit when weather shuts down the normal work.

I ran, ran and ran... Played and played and played... I had about 6 hours of outside. I ate my 3 meals without any delay. I grabbed a couple winks during coffee break. OMD! This little gal put on mega miles today.... I'm so tired! I'm off to bed very soon....

I had so much Fun....G-pa always takes me to do such exciting things! Way better than helping G-ma clean house and make business calls. Except when outside with G-pa, I miss out on whatever food preparation G-ma is working on. Really cuts into my nibbling time....Well, nothing is ever Perfect!

Better hit the hay! I have so many furpals to touch bases with this week... Next week they pull the plug on the Puter for a couple days. New carpets coming....Sure turned the place into a choatic zoo! I still can't find half my toys! G-ma has our whole upstairs full of stuff. She took from the bedrooms and living room.... Whoa! It's gonna be awhile before she gets our place back to normal. Whatever NORMAL is on the Prairie????

Huggies and Kissies, Mazy

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