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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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Big Hearted Mazy

March 27th 2011 9:33 am
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One More electronic Doodled Picture......I like this one....

Big Hearted Mazy


Learning Picture Stuffies and Other Odd Things

March 27th 2011 9:19 am
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Lots to learn about messing with photos and photo tools.... We've been trying a few things to keep Gma's mind off her Ouchies in her neck,shoulder and hip. Now, poor Gma has bad headaches with the other troubles.... Trying to stay busy! Massage lady, Chop-chop is going to work her over again tomorrow. A couple other Tricks to try before she goes to the Doctor... She's waiting to use the new shower massage....I sure hopes is helps her.... She's Not much FUN when limping along! I'm snuggling in to help her keep warm....The weather up and down and all over the place isn't helping either. I think, Gma was chilled when the power was off???? She shoulda puts those thermal underwears on sooner!

Saved ALL the Food...didn't have to throw anything away...Snow flurries again this morning. Gma put a big order in for us furs.... She ordered me the tall Pet Stairs.... Says,"I have to stop jumping off the pillow top bed at 30" high...before I hurts myself!" I'll give them a try...Cuz, Gma said,"little treats are involved....." I'm still waiting on the Noodles Harnass to come. The other stuff was our meds and such... Nothing exciting! Gma says, "I have to wait till Easter for any new toys...She fixed 6 toys when power was off.." Old Baby isn't too perky today. She's went out a lot of times to potty... She didn't eat breakfast or dinner... She did eat 2 pupperoni sticks. I sure hope she feels better soon...

Gma did All my grooming this afternoon... I had extra treats cuz, I was even better behaved than normal! I just Love Treats! Doxies are stubborn...but for treats, we will do almost anything!
Gotta run and catch up with all the new diaries,photos and group happenings.... I hope to POP into All my pals pages real soon....Let us know what you think of our scribbling with pictures???????

Kisses, Mazy

Mazy and Pals

Mazy's Doodles


A Trick or Two....

March 24th 2011 7:03 pm
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Grandma is still trying to learn a trick or two...She was messing around... How did she, do??? She thought this was pretty cute????

The Silver lining in the power outage was: I Now have 6 Fuzzy animals out of the fur hospital...They are sporting brand new squeakers.... Just like Christmas! She only has 1 baby left in the toy hospital....I've been given them a workout since yesterday! Doesn't do much for Gma's headaches that she is still fighting ....Life is ALL about ME! At least from the eyes of this little doxie.....kisses, Mazy


This and That


Power Outage and Storm Report....

March 24th 2011 1:32 pm
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The freezing rain on Tuesday turned to snow. 8" of new snow before the storm moved off...We had a nice HOT supper Tuesday evening, while our power flickered off and on. Shortly after Gma grabbed the fastest shampoo and shower on the Prairie:
OOPSIE! It was pitch black and totally quiet! No lights or television,etc..... So wierd, how very dark it was in my house! I didn't like it at all!

Gma went around the house lighting candles while Gpa was rounding up flashlights. Then they put batteries in a radio so we could hear the weather. We listened to the music for awhile. The power didn't come back on.... So we all decided to go to bed and snuggle together. The wind pounded on the house while the snow continued...

We were without power for 17 hours. Gpa was in the process of getting the generator set up and running.... The power came back on at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. Gma has a gas stove so we had hot homemade vegetable soup and grilled sandwiches.

It was chilly in the house but never dropped below 50 degrees.
I stayed snuggled in my bed with a shearling coat and two blankies on Wednesday morning. Gma put a bunch of layers on and just kept moving around...

Gma was worried about her two deep freezers both completely full... Also the frige stuff! (This is why, we were going to hook up the generator) Ice cream and a few other things went to a snowbank outside...Moved that stuff before it was garbage...
Gma made campfire coffee... Throw the grounds in the water, boil it and strain it. Hauled water up from the basement to wash dishes, flush potty and for drinking. This was the 1st. time this happened, since I've lived here...

Tuesday night was a Rough night for all of us. Old Baby will share how unsettling the night was... I will say this: I do not like the dark, the cold and the pounding wind on my house! I do
not care for candlelight... I do not like the dancing small orbs of light from flashlights....I didn't have a nightlight
... And I missed my potty station ... I pooped on the floor!!!
I couldn't use the puter.... The old fashioned radio crackled in the storm.... This made me more nervous!
I tried to protect my people from the storm.... in the end,
I was a totally exhausted little doxie!!!

Hugs and Kisses,


What's UP Around Here....

March 22nd 2011 4:29 pm
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News reported tonight that 1,000 peoples were stranded in their cars last during the blizzard on March 11th... This little doxie doesn't understand: Why they didn't stay home and snuggled into their blankies?????

Now some are re-thinking travel without winter survival kits...
That's a No Brainer! This is North Dakota! Hell-o,anybody home in that upstairs compartment??????? Food,water,blankets,flashlights,warm clothes,gloves and boots are an automobile MUST HAVE!!!!!!!

Today we are in the middle of another storm.... I BET my Paws, that peoples took this warning more seriously????? It is one big icy mess out there right now! The temperatures are dropping and the icy rain has changed to snow. This time we have ice underneath whatever new snow arrives... This storm is suppose to last until Wednesday night.

Grandpa was Inside today from 11 to 5:30 p.m. Precious, Grandpa and I curled up on the Big bed and snuggled All afternoon! Grandma threw us all out of the living room so she could clean it. We watched television and took cat naps!

Grandpa is back outside doing the evening feeding of the cattle. We are sure glad we are not calving like most of our neighbors....I poked my nose out the icy door to make sure old Baby was doing okay with her potty business. BURRRRRR! I'm sure glad, I have my potty pads to go too....

Grandma and I have been walking the county road on the springy days between the storms. The geese are coming north, so spring must be coming? About 2 feet of snow melted in the past week...
A few patches of prairie are snow-free. I saw a few sprigs of green grass in the yard...(Just before some of Gpa's calves found it and chewed it off!)

Grandma and I saw a bald eagle last Wednesday when we walked. I've been working on a refreshing my leash training. A little brush up on my outdoor commands. (Sometimes, I just don't want to listen. HeHe!) Grandma ordered me a Noodle and Friends, No choke harness in watermelon pink with lime green trim. We are
excited and waiting for our package. The site is so COOL! They sell all kinds of harnesses,leashes,collars,tags,neck warmers,
coats,sweaters,snuggle bags and more. You can find them with this addy: you might want to check it out...

Grandma had to take Grandpa to the emergency room last Saturday.
He lascerated his little finger on his masterhand. He was cutting the bale strings off. Said, "he must have been daydreaming? He had his new jack knife upside down...Oopsie!" He had 3 stitches to hold it together. Now we are trying to make sure he keeps it really clean! Gpa continues to have breakdowns with the equipment...Due to all the cold,ice and such stressing the machinery. Blew a couple tires and took out some bearings. All part of the agri-world we live in....

Sunday our kitchen was so toasty...Grandma baked 4 kinds of cookies and buns,too... We froze alot of cookies after filling our glass jars. Grandma said," Mazy one of these days, the snow and all the sloppy will dry up... We won't be inside....We will be outside working in our yard." Baked enough cookies to last through April. All the cookies have chocolate! Phooey! So, Gma is making us Puppers another batch of our peanutbutter biscuits...We LOVE them! Even old Baby can still chew them...

Since we are having sloppy days now.... I'm in the tubby Alot, getting washed off .... Then, I grab my towel and do Zoomies all over the house! Gma has been playing toys, hide-n-seek and other games after supper with me. I've been snuggling with her on her heatpad... The roller coaster weather has been really dragging her out. By the time supper dishes and kitchen are cleaned up, she is just pooped! The time change has been real hard on her this year. We think, it is because it is still so wintery outside?????

Our pack has fallen way behind on our pals diaries and new photos. We haven't visited our groups in about a week. We are trying to catch up again during the current storm.... Since the weather is BAD...Gma knows she will have the whole week to complete her work... We are saving blocks of time for dogster and caster,too.

Supper is in the oven. I smell it! So, Gma will be feeding Baby and I really soon...I'd better go sit in my bed..It is toasty in the kitchen, while the oven it on! I heard Gma say, "she was going to wash and dry her hair before supper...Yippy! The Blow dryer is coming out! I love the blow dryer!!!! I always get some blasts of heat, when she dries her hair....The good thing about tubbies in the spring is more time with the blowdryer! Love it,love it,love it!!!!!
Kisses, Mazy


Blizzard Report

March 14th 2011 4:32 pm
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Hi Furpals....Just so ya know I wasn't telling Tall Tales about the Blizzard last Friday.... I'm putting up just a couple pictures for ya to see.

We heard many school buses were sent out too late. Should have let school out earlier. A couple buses collided and 30 kids had to go to the hospital. (It was a total white-out) One bus driver and 3 kids ended up sitting on the stuck bus until 3:30 a.m. One of our school buses ended up 2 miles south of us at our neighbors for the night. Hundreds and hundreds of cars were stranded all over the state. We're praying this was the last of the storms for this year.

It was 38 yesterday, dripping and slushing, everywhere. I hunted for 90 minutes. Gma tried to shovel snow for awhile. It was so heavy. She quit and walked around with me while I hunted. Suppose to be 45 today. The snow settled several inches yesterday with the sunshine and nice temperature. Lots of melting. We sure hope it doesn't melt too fast. The ground is still frozen, so the water can't soak in....

The last 3 winters have been very hard ones. The weather hasn't been normal...Way more snow,ice,cold,wind and storms than normal. Forcast is for nice temperatures this week. By the weekend...may have snow and freezing rain. Oh No,Not again!!!!

First picture of our driveway: the snow was between 2.5 and 3 feet deep. Couldn't break through with our tractors. Had to call a commerical payloader to come in and clean stuff up again.
We're thinking it might be June before Gma's tulips can bloom?We are re-thinking the full vegetable garden for summer. Depends on the weather once nice. Also how much trouble we have cleaning up the yard,flowers and ranchyard. Our bushes have alot of broken branches .... Gpa,"Put on your to-do list, Sharpen those pruners!"

One tractor is fixed and feeding cattle... The other one is being taken apart to repair. Hard to tear apart in the hay yard which is packed full of snow. Blacksmith will need more than a few minutes for this job!
Requires grinding rough metal and welding farmhand unit back together. (City dwellers) Farmhand unit attaches to the front of the tractor. This unit allows you to pick stuff up with it. (Like the big round hay bales).

Blocked driveway after 1 day blizzard

Aftermath of Blizzard

Mazy tracking rabbits....


ZZZZZzzzzzoooooooooommmmmmmiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeesssssssss....- ....

March 13th 2011 3:18 pm
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Busy, busy little doxie! I hunted bunnies across the hard packed snow for 90 min. on Saturday and about 1 hour today.
Sun is shining but only about 20 above. Bunnies and I ran the same path until we packed a trail... I can, now run through the frontyard and walk right over the 4 ft. chainlink fence! I love it!

Gma went out with the camera,took pictures of all the snow. We have some of how the snow blew,drifted and cut us off from the rest of the world! We will try and get them up tomorrow....
Gpa had to call the young man with a huge payloader. To open up our 1/4 mile driveway. The circular driveway around the house and the ranchyard. I think, as long as he is here...move some snow away from our hay bales,too....

Gpa is not having a good day! He broke the farmhand frame trying to lift big haybales. He was feeding the cattle. The farmhand sits in the hay yard waiting for him to pull it out. He blew a front tire on the big loader tractor. So he can't pull it out right now! Now that he can get out, went to the neighbors to get some extra jacks. More equipment to Fix-Up!
Double Phooey! I can see this will cut into my Hunting Time!

The lady who was in labor in her car on I-94 was only about 10 miles from where we live. We know the ambulance made it to her.
We don't know, if she had a boy or a girl. We know that a 100 people were stranded on I-94 between Driscoll and Crytsal Springs.(about a 30 mile stretch)We know some people spent the night in the I-94 rest stops. Sure better than sitting in your car all night long.

Sure was hard to get up and get going this morning. Our bodies are on the Old Winter time. Our clocks are on Our Summer Time... We don't even have Spring,yet! What's up with that???
Gotta Zooommmmm outta here..... Cuz, we have messages on the phone. Calls to make.... Suppose the grandkids are checking to see that Gpa and Gma are O.K.??? Probably wanna know if, I've caught any new bunnies?

BTW- So much snow in the shelter belt... Pretty soon, I'll be able to Run across the roof of the old outhouse! Praying that we are Done with the Snowing! Forcast is for the 40's this week! I bet we will be slopping in ice water in no time at all!
Gma get the Blowdryer plugged in.... I'll be in the tubby, everyday for awhile....

Thank you pals for all the Pawsome pressies you have sent me.
I just shakes my head, that dogsters like to read about the Back 40 of the North Dakota Prairie... The storm allowed us furs, some extra time. We looked at everyones new pawsome pictures and read their diaries,too. Trying to POP into all
our groups and play awhile....Don't know, if we will make it... The weekend is almost over...Went so FAST!

Kisses, Mazy


WowZer...This is a Big Shock!!!!!

March 11th 2011 2:19 pm
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Friday morning-I slept in... Cuz, Gma and I were up late putting all the supplies and shopping away. I went from bag to bag looking for new toys....I didn't find any! I did find a new stash of mini busybones.... Yummy! I always have one left for me when my people are gone.

They made an evening trip, cuz the weather forcast for today wasn't good! Gpa's barn kitties needed restocking of all their foods. The usual fresh fruits and vegetables. Whatever else needed replacing????

We looked out as soon as we got up.... Complete calm and singing sparrows. It was calm, warm and sunny! Looked like a beautiful day was ahead of us. The day had every sign of being a spring like day....Baby strolled around the driveway and part of the ranchyard....
The icicles on the house were dripping. Baby laid on the back steps while Gma scrubbed her room. Yep! She has her own room!
I have to share with Gma and Gpa... What's up with that??? When they both snore...I'd like my Own room,too!

The weather was so nice that we thought the weathermen fell on their heads....By 10:30 a.m. there was a little wind but nothing serious. The state had bulletins for severe weather later in the day. Across the TV, weather bulletins ran none stop. Do NOT Go OUT! STAY HOME!!!!!!!!! (An example of how quickly weather can change) This storm unfolded very rapidly...

Long story, so we will condense it. By 12:30 we had drizzle, then snow and some light winds. 2:30 p.m. we were in a full fledged Blizzard that grew worse as the minutes passed! Fresh snow and blowing snow raged across the prairie. A total white-out, as we couldn't see our big barn less than a 100 yards away.....

By 10 p.m., both I-94 from Montana to Minnesota(closed) I-29 from Canadian line to South Dakota line (closed) US Highway 83 from Bismarck to Minot, North Dakota (closed). Many people were stranded all over the state. Cell phones made it possible for people to call and report where they thought they were. The Governor activated the National Guard for search and rescue patrols.

The news had reports of a lady stranded in her car in labor! WOWZER! Who'd want to have their baby in a blizzard, stranded out on one of the interstates???? We will report when we hear what she had...They were trying to rescue her last night around 10:30 p.m.

Winds were reported to have been between 30 mph and 75 mph, gusts averaging 50-65 mph. Everything in between... One area reported 77mph winds.....The wind was letting up by 10:30 p.m.
We went off to bed at 11ish with the wind still pounding on our house. We left music playing on the television to drown out the noise.

News Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When my Gpa is in the house from lunchtime until bedtime, except to turn a stock tank off.... You can BET YOUR HINEY it is HORRIBLE OUTSIDE!!!!!! I ran with Gpa to turn the tank off.... It is maybe a 100 yds.????? I was back A.S.A.P. and snuggled into blankets! I DO NOT LIKE WHITEOUT! COULDN'T SEE ANYTHING because of snow thrown up on all the house windows....Didn't matter if it was north, south, east or west windows! (Gives you an idea of how hard the wind was blowing) These rare occurances always creep Gma out!

I'll be back to write about the aftermath of the Blizzard....
Old Baby has her own stories to tell about the weather! She will get her diary written, as soon as, she catches her nap...

Our blizzard day was made brighter, by a photo of "Me" for St. Patrich's Day....Sent to us by our pal, Little Pete. It is so beautiful and animated,too... Sure Helped brighten our gloomy, stormy day. Thank you, little Pete from the bottom of my heart!!!!! We have posted my picture here in my diary....

Huggies, Mazy

St. Patrick's Day


Surprises...Good and Bad Ones....

March 2nd 2011 12:50 pm
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What a Day! What wonderful surprises! (At least most of the surprises have been just Pawsome!) We had 1 suprise today that wasn't Fun! Tell ya about it in a couple minutes....
Thank you HQ for choosing this little cupcake as one of the Daily Diary Picks. I was so thrilled! I guess, some furs like to read about boring stuff like making sausage and our humans not sharing it,either!

I want to thank All my pals for the pretty little pressies and congrats, you've sent me.... Sure glad Gma got the Buggie out of the Internet Explorer this morning. We would have missed the whole thing! Anyway,I think this sure gave Gma a boost....Some extra treats are coming my way...Yippy!!!!! She's really struggling with the roller coaster weather. Her body just can change gears that fast anymore. Her medicine, just doesn't help chase "Art and Ritis" away, like we wish it would. So I snuggle up and keep her as toasty, as I can.... I'm the TAR baby, so this is a terrific job for me! Toast and Roast gal, that I am: I'm longing for some Sunny Spring Days to Sun myself outside....
I think, I have Spring fever,too!

Precious is responsible for the Yucky Surprise Today! She puked on the comforter. The one that covers our loveseat in the Sunroom. Gma was cleaning her litter box and found somethin' nasty on the floor. It was dried puked up kitty foods! Then she was cleaning that up and realized ... the puke was on the widowsill and on the comforter too! (I can't believe, I didn't Sniff this out and clean it up for Gma!!!! Is my Nose on the Blink???)

Gma cleaned the floor and the windowsill. Pulled the comforter and put it in the washer. A double wash and double rinse later: it's in the dryer....All afternoon to dry a queen size comforter. Then we have the mess of cleaning up: washer,
dryer, lint trap and the laundry room floor. (I'm watching the dryer closely... so, I can bake in the hot comforter. Before Gma snatches it away and puts it back on the loveseat.)
Gma says, there is a silver lining in everything...if we look for it! This is 1 comforter that doesn't need washing in April when we are heavy into Spring cleaning....unless Precious, pukes on it again? Kitty is in Trouble and I'm Not!!!!

Catch ya later,


Playing Around.....

March 1st 2011 4:04 pm
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Written on March 1st.....

Zooming through to See What's New...
Hope All is Well with YOU??????
Spring, oh Spring...please come soon...
We're turnin' into tuney-loons!

The snow is so deep....
Hard to leap,
Will the snow ever go?
I just don't know....

If, I didn't have dogster...
I'd be crazy as a boxer,
Will the tulips ever have new blooms?
So we can have outside zooms???

I need to slop in the mud...
At the end of the day,we have bathtub suds.
I longs to dig in the dirt,
Throw off my winter shirt!

Just at the end of my rope,
Is there no hope????
Don't wanna see more snow,
It's time for it to go!

I know, I'm a crazy little doxie,
I have lots of moxie....
I wanna see a movie at the roxie.
Truck across the prairie like Foxie.

Spring,spring,please come soon....
So we can howl some new tunes.
We so tired of this poop...
I'm given you the honest scoop!

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