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March 27th 2014 4:28 pm
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Ugly Silver Pain Box.............
Most of the week is shot,almost 4 p.m. and my dogatary has been
working for hours. She was up at the outrageous time of 6 a.m.!
This doxie DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT get up then! It's still
pitch black outside! I did have to rise, check to see if she was
okay?????? Only cuz,she wasn't feelin' great last night. I quickly
returned to my warm bed...She was walkin',talkin' and drinkin'
coffee....She's CRAZY but she's okay!

I gotta tell ya, the big bed cooled off too FAST with both my old
folks up for the day. Darn it! I got up, had breakfast,even before
I'd think about a potty! If this is a new schedule, I'll have to add
another meal to the day! We did a few household thingies. Washed
Gpa's work clothes. Planned supper before her head was Mush!
She even took a hot shower to pull herself together. I was happy
while we were on the desktop, checkin' in with dogster pals. You
know barkdays, furmail, group games and stuff!

Outta the blue,she abandons our office chair,made for two...Takes
a seat at the other desk and fires up the new PAIN in my Life! It's
our 1st. laptop puter, touch screen with the new windows set up.
Okay???? Now where am I suppose to sit??????? She sits in this
little chair with no arms or paddin',then she begins to IGNORE ME!
Well, I NEVER! What about me?????????

I decided, I could entertain myself for awhile. This effort turned into
hours without snacks or treats! Finally, I had just about enough! So,
I stood up on her leg, I pulled on her jeans, I yodeled....Finally, I sat
down, barked and then went into a FULL CRYIN' FIT! How dare she
ignore me... Results:rearranged the chairs,moved the office chair to
the new Pain Box and put me up there with her. Now, this is more
like it! I can see what is goin' on and be comfy...Maybe press a button
or two,here and there?

Finally,she took a break...not for me,her head was swimmin' in an
techy information overload! So, I was allowed to go play in some of
my groups...Now we're cookin'!!!! Break time again! Must be time for
lunch...OMD! I can't wait! NOPE! She had more coffee and we didn't
have any lunch...Now,she is tryin' to starve me! I HATE THAT LITTLE
BOX! No lunch,are you kiddin' me????????????? I have to wait at least
3 hours for supper........I'll blow away on the prairie wind!!!!!

Well,she started to feel guilty,must have been the eyes, I was given her!
A greenie was a peace offerin',I think?????????? I'll at least have clean
toophers! Now, I can make it until suppertime. I just don't know why
she insists on buyin' me the teenie tiny size?????? This Pain box better
fall into line REAL FAST! Otherwise,I'm gonna develop a Temper!!!!!!

Here's what she said, we managed:set up a few apps,learned to go
back and forth from the touch screen to the desktop. Downloaded
some programs. Read about this new thingy...Visited some of our
sites,added some more browsers. Re-downloaded some of our games.
Tested them....but 2 of them didn't download right. She lost a dll file
and not sure how to take care of that??? Set up a bunch of our accounts.
She watched the current news on videos....Last and not least,we
visited blogger.

While here,she decided,I could tell you how much I HATE the PAIN
Box! Since the original hard drive was defective, had to be replaced.
We only used it a little for 5 days. The tech lady,they sent to the
house,drove 180 miles,one way to fix us up! Gma has a little trouble
understandin' the techy support peeps from the other side of the
world. Prairie isn't their 1st. language....Can you imagine that????
I thought the whole whole spoke prairie???? I sure hope she
doesn't up and decide to learn a foreign language too! Retirement
plan is turnin' into a lot of work and plannin'!!!!!

I mean,I thought, we'd pack my toys,treats,clothes,blankets.....
All the stuff to make me beautiful,bowls,chow,meat and snacks:
Leashes and harnesses, if we must AND just TAKE-OFF!!!
Nope! This is lookin' like a very long,drawn out operation........
Prayin' my days are soon filled with less drama! This is just too
tough on the Princess of the Ponderosa.
Pray for ME! hugs and kisses,mazy



March 25th 2014 1:29 pm
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My BIG NEWS is: Spring is slowly unfolding! The
1st. day was perfect with sunshine and 54. We had
a skiff of snow the day before and the day after.
We had a COLD windy weekend and I wasn't outside
much...Gpa and I are in the swing of spring! I go
out with him for a little walk after lunch. If,it
is chilly, I wear a sweater. I had a bath over the
weekend. Plus the nails,ears,eyes,teeth...the works!
DRIED! My peeps are feeling better but they still
poop out,before the day is over...Maybe it's old
age and not the bug!

Gpa has 6 baby moos on the ground. He lost a calf
yesterday that was born backwards....Little earlier
than normal. The corrals were like lakes last spring,
Gpa had to let the bulls out early. Gpa has been
hauling bales into hay yard on the cold days. The
grounds gets too soft and he gets stuck with the
tractor. He had a flat on the rear tire of tractor.
A guy came and put a boot in it. A new tire is $2,000
for 1! OMD! I can't imagine what tires cost for
all of Jax's Daddy's bigger tractors? Gpa broke
a metal line on tractor. Another job of take the
thing apart to fix 1 little thing. Farm truck
stalled on Gpa,when he was hauling grain home for
the calves... This is what happens alot around
here. Because the old equipment is wore out....
Gpa is going to sell some calves this week. He
better kick the retirement plan into full gear
before too many other things wear out.....

Gma and I have been doing the usual cleaning,
laundry,cooking,baking and errands. We hauled our
processed beef home. Cleaned our 3 freezers. Cooked
for the barn kitties again. Did some kitchen spring
cleaning. Little of this and little of that!!!

The guy came,set up the net for the new puter, a
laptop. On March 18th.,Gma started working with
the new system. Setting stuff up and looking around
and stuff...Then on Sunday 23rd. out of the BLUE
the laptop said, it had a hard drive problem AND
it was FATAL! OMD! Gma went Crazy! She had the puter
run through its scans. Wrote down everything it FAILED!
Called her Tech people....

The Tech people spent 2 hours going through the whole
system by remote. Guess what? The laptop came with
a defective hard drive. Monday a drive was ordered
and will be shipped to the house. A Tech person will
call and schedule to come here and replace it. Have
us up and running again... Stuff happens! This is
why Gma said, she needed to buy our travel puter
now....Learn to use it! This wouldn't have been
handy if, we'd been off traveling somewhere......
Her books came for this new system,so we have lots
of reading to do! Sure glad we had our desktop
to use. I'd be having pup pal DT's! I'm still having
cat food DT's! I find a piece of food here and there
in the cattle room. Since Precious became an Angel
I can't steal kitty kibbles like I did...

I've quit looking all day for her. Sometimes,I'm
still looking outside for her. I check where her
food should be,but there isn't any! I can still
smell her on the loveseat and in her bed. I'm still
snuggling with Gpa after supper,then I move to Gma
for the rest of the evening. Her 2 litter boxes
just up and disappeared. The barn kitties aren't
the same...they come up, put their faces on my
house windows. Looking inside and startle me...
They don't want to play with me,when I go outside.
Not the same as a house kitty... Gma plays with
me everyday. Just still feels a little strange
around here.

I guess, this is all the
news from the Ponderosa.
Hugs and kisses,Mazy


Precious Has Joined Angels Foxie and Baby

March 9th 2014 10:42 am
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Grandma is with sadness,we tell you that Precious has passed to the bridge. This is hardest for Grandpa,as she was his lap baby. Mazy has been looking for her since yesterday. Grandpa looked for her but couldn't find her. She took her last prairie outings before she left us.

The past 3 days the temperatures were warmer. She was determined she would go outside and enjoy herself. Yesterday, she went outside and didn't return to the house. Grandpa found her this morning,she had went into his shop and the angels came for her. She was elderly,as least 13. She will be missed. She was the best trained kitty,we've ever known and loved. She had a good home here after being dumped into the country.

Grandpa will build a coffin for her as our other furs. We will bury her in our pet cemetery when the ground thaws. Thank you for all the support and prayers. I'm sure she was happy to be able to enjoy going outside the last 3 days.

Grandma Keda and Mazy



February 9th 2014 12:41 pm
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Hi there pals-Mazy waves and throws Valentine Roses
to all the furs. I'm here to report Tons of Good News!

The way dogster is running,alot of us Fur Families
Need some Good news!We have spent 5 hours,trying to
send pressies to pals. Visit 2 groups and see the
new things our pals have posted...It has been a
know you are All very special to US! If we are not here
until the last is because we can't access
the places we want to go....Mazy wipes away her tears!

Pages break up,can't log in,can't access the groups your
active in. Can't send your pressies(1 at a time)
easily....List of CAN'T ....JUST GOES ON AND ON! Shame
on Dogster! It appears All the RATS baled off the
Ship before the plug is pulled...We have NO ISSUES

Back to the GOOD NEWS! My Gma had her 1 wk. check-up
on Friday. She is doing Super Pawtastic! Can now start
walking the treadmill. Can do all the chores except
run BIG VAC on carpets. Can lift,as long as it doesn't
exceed MY WEIGHT! So she can pick me up!!!!! We can now
play my favorite game: I HAVE IT,YOU GET IT! We did last
night! I ran under the beds,around the furniture,under
dining chairs with a stuffie.....while Gma chased me!
It was SO VERY PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!

BEST NEWS POSSIBLE! NO CANCER! The tumor was larger
than they thought. Took the ovaries too. Laposcopically
done. One 2" incision, three 1/2" incisions and a new belly
button! Used a laser to cut,burn for removal and
to stop bleeding. Bruising is almost gone. Only the 2"
incision is still healing. Told Gma she won't get FAT!
The ovaries weren't working anyway... She has almost
NO abdominal FAT....This was pawsome because; she is an
older lady....Junk in the trunk,can really do your
Heart in. She said, then more cookies for US!

Guess what??????The tumor is what was pressing on the
outside of Gma's bladder. She now can potty like a doxie!
They think, the repeated UTI's and blood in the urine will
probably go away. Re-check on that in 4 months.
The pain in her hip and pelvis has been greatly reduced.
So all that pain, the last 7 yrs. hasn't been the slip,
twisty in the hay yard,my 1st. winter with them....

She has done all kinds of junk to help that...Nothing did!
So now,they think,we will probably be able to do the
long distance walking and her work too! Wouldn't that be
that! I just hunted in her vegetable garden. Choice of
vermin were mighty poor! I forgot, she is sleeping way
better! Since the over all chronic pain level is greatly
reduced....her Arthritis and Fibromyalgia have settled
down. They have been crazy,out of control, for the last
2 years. We think, this was partially,due to the mass
and what it was doing inside her????? You know, every
thing is connected in our little bodies....

We want to once again thank all my pals for their prayers,
positive thoughts,pmails,get well cards and pressies.
Your the BEST! You made this difficult time much easier
on our furmily. We're still trying to send thank yous to
all of you...Some go through and some don't....Mazy cries!

Dryer buzzed! Time to put the clean sheets on the bed.
While fighting with dogster, we did up all our laundry.
We sure hope things are better on site tomorrow. we won't
count on it.....

Huggies and Kisses,Mazy and Gma Keda



January 27th 2014 4:18 pm
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Well this is the hogwash Gma is trying to get
me to swallow!:? The only thing,I'm positive of,
is how Cold it is! I ran out for 2 seconds when
they returned:


Off they went yesterday morning,leaving me home
for a pre-op..whatever that is?
Must have been important cuz it was -22 without
the windchill...Gma doesn't poke her nose outside
She left me yummy treats in a metal can of toys...
as usual! I'm nibbling away and they drive off,
leaving me behind.

They brought some groceries home with them.
I checked out all the baggies and nothin'
HONEY for ME! I am so POOOO'd!

Then Gma tells me they put little stickies
all over her chest and did an EKGggggggggggggggggg's
or something like that??? A piece of paper comes out
of a machine with scribbles on it! Not even a good
set of dog tracks.
Like My living room artwork on the picture window...
Now that is true art!
She says, they charged her big bucks for these
thingies!!!!! I do bootiful stuff for you everyday
and I don't charge you! Who are these hoomans?

Then she said, they stuck her with a needle and
stole 2 tubes of blood.
Made her pee in a tiny cup instead of a potty
station like we have at home. What kind of
place is this hhhhhhhhooooooooosssspital?
They made hug a big machine,half naked for a
chest print on funny film.

She said, they looked in her ears,nose,throat...
with a lighted funnel thingy....Listened to her
chest with the cold thingy, the Fur Doc uses on
us guys. She got weighed again! They sure did that
alot since September
Do you think, they told her she has a cookie butt???
That's what she tells me!They gave her a big SHOOT
called a DTP.Hers was 15 yrs. old.
She laughed....Gpa's never gets old,cuz,he is always
tryin' to shorten his fingers and smush his hands.

She is registered to visit this hospital placy
on Thursday. They will call her with her reservation
time. Can you believe it? They tell her when to come
and she has to pay them for this????????

After all that Gpa took her to Red Lobster for dinner.
She had grilled shrimp skewer and fried clam strips,salad,
broccoli,rice pilaf and coffee.
They stopped at the store and drove home to me.
The clinic,hospital,restaurant and store weren't
busy, cuz it is too freaking Cold to be out there.

That's her story and she says,she sticking to it!
I still want to know why there was nothing for
Miss Mazy in all those baggies??????? Are we Poor
and someone forgot to tell me??????????? I know,
Gpa about had a fit over the $450. electric bill
with all the cold weather.
Takes alot of juice to keep those old tractors warm
in the frigid weather.
If they are cold they won't workie!Moos have
gotta have hay bales or they won't stay warm either....

That was her story and I think, it is HOGWASH!
I think, they went off to play somewhere without me????
What ya think??????
hugs and kisses,mazy



January 24th 2014 12:02 pm
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HIS ID IS: 1290580







January 23rd 2014 10:45 am
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HOWDY PALS-Thank you for all the pressies,pmails
and networking information shared. Thank you for
all the Fun and Good times had in our groups. The
joys of sharing our lives through our diaries.
The wonderful journey, the last 4 years has taken
our pack on. The furiends we've made, we will
always cherish....

We are scurrying here and there...To connect with
other furpals through Dogster and Catster Friends
started by the Amazing Fizzy and Rudy! They've
accomplished so much,in such a small amount of time.
So that we can gather together and stay connected.
We thank you from the bottom of our Hearts for
all the hard work. So many pals have registered
The other place we have found many pals is Saying that, we have
registered at both places.

We also set up a furbox for e-mails to come
to our house. If you want this addy, pmail
us and we will sent it too you. We needed a
box that has nothing but our fur stuff....
So we don't have to wade through business
mails and such. We try to answer all mails

If you are trying to save your furs stuff
our pals Buddy and Angel Abby's Daddy has
a quick way to do this. The link for the
info is here: http://madscientistlabs.blogspot.
ca/2014/01/for-our-dogste r-friends.html
COPY AND PASTE IT and you will be on
your way. Thanks Daddy K.,you are a genius!

Now we like to say: When things are Tough,
the Tough get Going! We REFUSE to be like
Prairie Sand Thrown Into The Wind! We've
cuz, we have found and connected with many
Pawtastic Dogsters and Catsters. As a Group

The Journey we are on will makes us Stronger
than before. We will find a new home...We
are amazed at how Everyone has rallied to
Help each other. This is the TRUE SPIRIT
continue to hang here until the very last
day. While we hang out at the other places

We Will Enjoy the Present,Embrace the Future
and Remember Fondly the Past 4 years. Like
everyone,we ran a gambit of Emotions,when
the news of the shutdown arrived. Now We
Will Persevere...My old Grandma looked
at options,while I ran under the bed to

She wouldn't let me stay there,cuz, I
needed to be out here pawing and playing
with my pals! She says, it is funny,4 yrs.
ago...she found dogster by accident! I
was a precocious little doxie. Giving her a
run for her money! She had time on her hands
as she was healing up from back surgery.
She was intimated by Dogster Plus,but furs
came from every corner to welcome us. They
Helped us find our way...Now, as we shutdown
she will have extra time once again. An
unexpected surgery is scheduled for next week.
The Dr. says: NO WORKIE!!!! She can cook
for us,that is the only thingy Gpa and I
worried about. OUR FOOD and TUMMIES!!!

BE A FULL-TIME DOGATARY!!!!! Lunch is calling
me....Catch ya later, Mazy
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



January 16th 2014 1:50 pm
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Dear Dogsters,

Today we are announcing some changes at Dogster and Catster. While the Dogster and Catster sites will continue to exist as daily magazines that serve the worldwide community of dog and cat families, it is with a heavy heart that we announce that we will be closing the Community areas of the sites effective March 3. This means that members of the Dogster Community will no longer be able to see Pet Profiles, Forums, Groups, Answers, Local Listings, Photo Galleries, Games, Quizzes, Adoption, Dog of the Day, Diary Central, the Gift store, and the Community homepage past that date.

I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of Dogster and Catster, but I am writing this to you as one of the founders, as one of the developers who built the features of the sites, as the first community manager, and as a member (Trouble, Porter). Ten years of my life have been about Dogster and Catster and I’ve invested a lot of time, money, sweat and tears. It’s been a great ride and I have no regrets. But all good things must come to an end.

We originally created Dogster because there was no place on the internet to share the joy of having a dog or a cat member of the family. There was no place to share tips on taking care of the furry ones. There was no place on the internet to support each other in times of turmoil, sickness and journeys to the rainbow bridge. We, and I truly mean “we” in the community sense, created this space. We’ve made great friends, told inspiring stories, helped many pets find their furever homes. It was a great success and something I will remember and take pride in for the rest of my life.

That said, 10 years on the Internet is forever. There have been massive changes in the industry -- Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist when we started Dogster and Catster. Finding advertisers and developing those relationships was simpler and revenues were easier to come by in the early days. The backend technologies that power websites have been revolutionized three times over since then. It’s amazing to me that the sites we developed in 2004 and 2005 have lasted this long. But, as every regular user knows, the community areas aren’t working like they used to. Features are broken. Spammers are relentlessly invading our forums. The dog house and cat tree are starting to crumble.

SAY Media is a great company. Their hearts are in the right spot. There was a lot of pressure from financial and strategic points of view to close down the community areas of the sites three years ago. But since the sites were holding up and people loved them, they continued to keep these areas up even though it was at a cost.

At the end of the day, our parent company is all about creating great editorial brands. As the community features on Dogster and Catster degrade, as users become unsatisfied, it amplifies the fact that the Dogster and Catster community sites are not aligned with Say’s mission. It seems unwise to continue to operate them at a loss while aggravating users. Please believe us when we say we’ve gone through every possible option. Could we invest more in revamping the sites? Could we spin them off into their own or another entity? Could we leave them as is and slowly see them degrade further? The answer was “no” to all of these. We just cannot find a way that is honorable to the community, true to the business, and in good conscience.

I know many of you will be upset. I know many of you will think this is the wrong call. We’re truly sorry for that. Sometimes putting something you love to rest, while difficult, is the right thing to do. That is what we must do now with the community areas of our sites. Thank you for being the best community ever.

John Vars

Co-founder, Dogster and Catster

VP of Product, Say Media

The Next Steps

If you have purchased a Plus subscription or zealies in the past 60 days, please email or to be refunded. We will do our best to refund you within a week of your request.
Dogster and Catster HQ will be on hand at the All-Paws group. We invite you to join the conversation and come to us with any questions over there. We’re sad too, and we’re here to listen and help as best we can.
We unfortunately don’t have export functionality to help you preserve your pet pages, but we encourage you to save your photos and diary entries before March 3, when they will be taken offline.
As always, you can reach us with questions, comments and concerns at and



January 3rd 2014 4:03 pm
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Christmas and New Year's have come and gone...
We have a brand new year unfolding in front of us!
We started making lists of things to do inside
that aren't done during the growing season.....
Like wash all the comforters,afghans and blankets.

Gotta stay busy and away from those cookie jars!
Gma said, her skinny jeans are startin' to feel a
little tight. Should be on the treadmill and
elliptical units everyday.... Haven't been on
them at all,since Gma's hip seems to be objecting!

This bizarre,crazy weather pattern is making things
real tough,on man and beast! Today was our warmest day
this week. It made 34 by 4p. Absolutely no sunshine,
it sprinkled rain and made things slick....Now we
will fight with ice. By Saturday sometime,we will
be way below Zero again!(predicting -22 to -25)
Here's the kicker, by Sunday it will be -52!!!!!!
This is NOT A TYPO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swing the temps.
80 degrees in less than 36 hrs., NO Wonder Gma's
old body can't settle down and stay there......

We are surprised that all cattle are not sick!
This roller coasting is very tough on man or beast!
Of course rarely gettin' outside, I want extra
treats too!!!! Gma stopped at the library today.
Brought home 16 more novels. Gotta a feeling, we
are going to read alot in January....I like hoggin'
half the moist I can stay toasty!
It's all good!

Gma told Gpa what she wouldn't give to have to mow
the grass...layin' dormant under the snow! She said,
the house is shrinkin' already! He laughed and told
her,she could get the mower out and mow snow......
She wasn't laughin'!

Saturday-sun was shining but it was -20 with windchill.
I-94 had been cleaned so off they made,zip trip to
Bismarck. Gpa bought the new generator(so we are in
good shape, if we have extended power outages). The
loading dock was long and icy....There was a semi-
trailer already parked there with store freight on it.
Gpa hasn't gotten used to the extra length of the truck.
Gma had already sized up the slope and ice of the area.
Gpa went back into the store and ask if they could carry
it to the truck???? It was a big purchase, so the guys
didn't mind at all. Gpa told them, Gma there, will
blow a fuse if we dent or ding this truck. Adding that
he had just got it. One of the guys said," take her out
to dinner and it would be all forgotten" Gpa said,
that wouldn't begin to defuse her....this is our
retirement truck.... He He! Those young guys,thought
this sweet lookin' older lady, couldn't possible have
a temper. In her defense,she has a very long fuse....
but if she blows, take cover!

Gotta go...We're cleaning oven and doing laundry.
So we don't think about the COLD so much...
I want to sneak around to all my groups and see
what's happening....Gma has a new novel to start.
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy



December 28th 2013 10:22 am
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First I'd like to thank ALL my pals for the beautiful
Christmas cards,p-mails and greetings. Thank you for all
the pretty Holiday rosies on our furs pages.

As to Holiday mail: the totals were: Gma and Gpa 30 mails.
Mazy and fur pack 70 mails.... The FURS WIN! The furs must
say all the beautiful fur pictures are just Pawtastic!
Now,I need to find a scrapbook dogatary to make books
out of our mail from the last 3 years. Well,maybe I'll
have to wait until Gma and Gpa get the retiring thingy

Let me tell you,we are having a very bitter winter here.
We are trapped in a roller coaster cycle of: blasting arctic
cold fronts,followed by 1 or 2 days of fair winter weather.
Then occasionally 1 nice day...Yesterday was the day!
It was 43 and some snow was slushy and could be removed
from the patio. Today the new bitter front rolled in.
Temperatures fell all day and we are at -1 right now.
State wind advisory out and windchill is about -25.
Monday it was -30 and Christmas day it was 25 above.
Going to be a very long haul to green grass again!
The weather is keeping Gma shot into the Twilight Zone!

MY BIG CHRISTMAS SURPRISE IS: Gpa and Gma bought a 2013
New Ford Pickup. It is Ruby Red,4x4,towing mirrors and
4 doors. The 2nd. seat is all for ME!!!!!! So many bells
and whistles.....Gpa is gonna have to study the book!
Looks like a jet plane cockpit with all the lights,
gauges and knobs. Even a camera built into it. So
hooking up to tow will be easier. This is Step 1 of
their retirement plan. Here's a picture of Mazy's
New Truck. Remember, it's all mine! The Princess lets
Gma clean stuff and Gpa pay the bills. In the future
we will be looking at travel homes to pull with
the truck. Gpa's job, will be to get Gma and I out
of the winter weather.....Gma now has Hope that in
the future,she will not spend winter in North Dakota.


Picture taken Christmas Day
All MY News from the Prairie
Hugs and Kisses,Mazy

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