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April 25th 2014 4:19 pm
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HOWDY PALS- Last part of my Stress Induced Bacterial Colitis Saga.....

Digel- stopped the ugly poo within 12 hours. This was just pawtastic,cuz

then my little butt,started feelin' better right away! It's made out of all kinds

of fruit pectin and good tasting stuff! Just squirt into my mouth.... The

2nd. med. was called Panacur and was a white powder. This was sprinkled

on my dry kibbles. (Fur Doc said, Gma could put chicken broth on there,

so it would dissolve and stick to my kibbles.) This medicine,I think was

for settling my tummy??????? If there were any nasty parasites in me,

this would wipe them out! I'm wormed on a regular basis. It was a

just in case thing....I suppose because there are so many barn kitties

around here? In case, there had been something I snagged off the ground

and ate.....Maybe,Gpa never saw it??? The 3rd. med. is the antibiotic

called Metronidazole. 1/2 pill,2x's per day for a week. This wipes out all

the very nasty bad bacteria in my intestines.....So my system re-balances.

This isn't flavored.....At 1st.,Gma just popped the pill in my mouth,rubbed

my throat and I swallowed. I decided after 3 days....I DON'T WANT IT!

So, I started rollin' it in my mouth and spittin' it out! Now it is wet and

wants to fall apart! HeHe! Things are improving, Gma is going to put

it inside some cheese.....We have to do this until Friday mornin'....

I'm getting good and spittin' it out and makin' a mess! Then when

it get soft...Gma is afraid I'm not gettin' all of it......My appetite is

normal and healthy. I never did lose the sparkle in my eyes or

gloss in my fur.....I was plenty lively,just haywire guts!

Next week, Gma takes me back to the Doggie Hotel while she packs

and leaves for her Momma's house. I'm in charge of keepin' Gpa

in line...Seeing he does the Honey Do List and all that jazz! We get

along fine! I can work more treats out of him......Now it is nice enough

that we can hunt and stuff! Besides the striped gopher,I also scared up

a bunch of baby garter snakes today. It was in the high 60's. As I told

you, the Fur Doc wants to see if this is a 1 time deal???????

If not,Gpa will have the medicine here for me to take.......If it happens

again, the Fur Doc is going to have me take Digel and Probiotics,when

the vacation thingy comes around. Gma has these calming treats and

the caregiver has some things like that too. She also has one of those

misters with the calmin' stuff sprays into the air... NOW this is beginning


Extra treats...yummy!

The funny thing is that I showed no signs of any stress...Except

not eating my normal meals......Gma told Gpa, well, we better be


and GET A MOVE ON FINDING SOMETHING! Obviously,we are not

going too far,for too long without her......PALS, I'm really tryin' to

HELP GMA OUT HERE! She really can't do the harsh winters any

more.... She's told Gpa, he has to get us to a warmer climate....

Fighting chronic pain 24/7 for 40 yrs. is hard on anyone...Gma says,

it's wearin' her out before her time......

I'll do my best to read everyone's new entries before Gma sneaks off

on me...I'll report back in late May on how things are going. We have

one bottle calf,a twin. Calving is going pretty good,so far. Saturday

until Thursday we are having some pretty night temperatures. Tomorrow

is very breezy! Weekend back to 40's and possible 40 mph winds....

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy

Today is Friday and it was 68,sunny and only light breeze.....Can finally get on dogster. See our pups on our pages. All our picture captions are gone.
Our account doesn't show Mazy as a plus member....Mails sent to dogster support bounce back to our yahoo saying can't be delivered. Been trying for some kind of contact for about 10 days....About ready to throw towel in.....
Gma leaves early Wed. a.m. and won't be home until late on 20th. of May. Has a couple wks. to plant garden,do yard and house,get ready for S.Dakota trip with Grandkids...... I'll miss you pals...Will try and pop in over the next 3 days.



April 19th 2014 2:46 pm
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Yesterday, I left my Doggie Hotel Saga with being home,tucked into bed
with Gpa and keeping my eyes on Gma! I was miffed! During the night
I was up doing more poopies...Gma heard me and got up and changed
my potty station. By Wednesday mornin',I wasn't mad at Gma anymore....

I was not playing with my meals and eating right away.....Sometimes,I
play with my breakfast until early afternoon,when I finally finish it. You'd
think,that means,I get a bowl full. NOPE, it is 1/4 c with 10 pcs. of Purina
burger/cheese soft food topping my Nutro Small Breed Whole Chicken/
Brown Rice and Oatmeal formula. So anywho, ate and pottied...Softer
than before??? Then, I switched to poop,poop and more poop! OMD!
What's going on??????

I was bright eyed,wanted to play just making too many poops! Gma
told Gpa nothing but her pup food...What? She has a upset tummy!
I ate supper and what no venison nibbles like almost every night? Gma
did let me have a teenie tiny greenie (mostly rice) for bedtime snack.

We did our regular stuff in the evening and got ready for bed. So,we
are all snuggled in,Gma was watching Perry Mason. Gpa and myself
were fast asleep! It's 11:30 p.m., I DASH OUT OF THE COVERS.....

Gma jumps up and follows me, to see what is matter???? I NOW HAVE
LIFE! These last dumps are like a cow on too much fresh green grass!
Big huge splats and no shape at all.... I'm done,Gma changes everything.
Back to bed we go.....took time for me to settle in and go back to sleep.
Gma said,my tummy was just rumbling....Gpa sleeps through the whole

Sometime during the night,I'm not talkin'.....I did this scenerio all over
again! Gma was out like a light. Gpa heard me, but didn't get up....
The next morning, the big station is all plastered again,when Gma
and I start our day. I'm still hungry and eat all my breakfast...It isn't
even 30 minutes and I'm running to poop some more! In less than
an hour,I have 3 poops they are very watery. The last 1 Gma can see
fresh blood in it. After that,I kept going back,doing circles,like I had
more business but nothing happened. I did this until 2 p.m.,but no
more poopies......

Gma had been trying to get through to the Fur Docs,line was busy!
Thursday is cattle sale day,so 1 Doc is there. It's calving season,so
2 were out on calls. The last Doc was in surgery with a cow. When
she finally spoke to the Vet Tech,they said, bring me in at 3:30 p.m.
By now,I have a very sore butt! Gma feels guilty for taking me to the
Doggie Hotel. Her good time for her Anniversary,now doesn't seem
like such a good time.....

She is also wondering,if I snatched something off the ground,while
walking with Gpa on Fri.,Sat., or Sunday??? Then she sees on
dogster, there are new food and treat recalls. She spends 2 hours,
checking to make sure nothing we have is on the current lists. She
is very worried about me. I'm not drinking as much as I should.....
I'm not feeling so good and I stick to Gma like glue. My eyes
are bright,no fever.....but,something is wrong!

We go to town and I was happy to take a ride in the car. I sure didn't
know,I was ending up at the Fur Hospital ! We arrived a little early,
expecting to wait with livestock emergencies. Only 1 Doc was there,
our new Girl Doc....She was in surgery with a cow! FUTURE FAST
FOOD BURGERS makes this nice 3 yr. old Golden Retriever and
myself have to wait??????????

As soon as I got in there,I wiffed the air and OMD! It's the place where
they always do something to me! I'M ON GMA'S LAP BUT SHAKING
LIKE A LEAF! Doxies throw dander, when they are anxious or stressed...
Gma goes back to the car, gets my big fluffy blanket and wraps me up.
I'm better now,but I want out of here A.S.A.P. I wasn't anxious when
Gma arrived to take me home from the Doggie Hotel.

Gma is really worried, I wasn't a real happy little camper either! 90 minutes
later,it's my turn. I'm going to be seeing the Girl Doc. This might not be so
bad after all??????? She doesn't act like, I'm a stock cow! Gma gives her
the whole story of my activities since last Friday. My short stay at Doggie
Hotel. My history of only being away from them both 1 night in my whole
life. What went in me and what came out of me! A yucky sample in a jar!
The whole 9 yards,as every detail was important to the Fur Doc. i'm always
current on all vaccinations.

Chrissie speaks softly to me....Examines my back and hips.(cuz,I'm doxie).
She feels my whole body and my tummy. Looks in my mouth and listens
to heart. Weighs me...They runs tests on my sample. While I'm there they
do my heartworm blood test and clip my nails too... Gma and Doc have a
Big POW-WOW,took forever......She tells Gma, that she keeps very accurate
records and is on top of things. Doc is impressed,that I'm cross trained
and NEVER SOILED anything in the HOUSE! It was a bad situation....

She was pretty sure I never picked anything off the ground that Gpa didn't
see....She said,I would have been sick before I was.....Since Gma didn't find
current recalls on things I eat,she wasn't concerned. She told Gma, she
had seen and well as had a Lab with the same issue....
after running tests and looking at my yucky Gma brought in....I HAVE WHAT?

NOW that I've grossed all my pals out.....I'll tell you the next time,what my
medicines are. How they are working? How long I have to take it??? What
her recommendations are for me returning to the DOGGIE HOTEL before
the month is over. Remember Gma is going to see her Mom for 3 wks.
So I was going to go there the day she packs,Gpa is suppose to pick me
up after Gma is on the very early silver winged bird. I've stayed at my
house,by myself in the past....The Fur Doc said, Do THIS and SEE WHAT

PLANS are taking the grand-kids on vacation to South Dakota in June....
These stays were scheduled, so I would get used to the place. The plans
for S.Dakota are 5-7 days. Well, I might just change those plans! You
think????????? OMD! Would my hooman sister be upset! I was there
at the Doggie Hotel when I was a puppy...A couple times when Gma
went shopping for the day. I spent 1 day and 1 night there. It's nice
clean, 5 star place....So, Gma says. If you're wondering why, I'm so
OLD and haven't been there on a regular basis???? It's cuz, this lady
was very sick a few years ago. She had to do a ton of Doctoring to be
made well again. Gma has known her for decades.....She used to groom
Angel Sassy Foxie, when Gma's arthritic hands couldn't do it anymore.



April 18th 2014 3:38 pm
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Early,Monday morning,Grandma took me for a ride. WowZer,this will be FUN!
Ssssssssssooooooo I thought! Why did she put a box of my stuff in the car?
Why did she put one of my beds and several blankets in the car? Some stuffies
too! Who said, you can give away ANY of my STUFF????????

Something was mighty Fishy about this ride. However, I looked out and then
curled up on the seat and snuggled into the pillow with a blanket. Didn't take
long and we were stopping. Pulled into a yard, I saw a couple Golden Retrievers,
they barked at the car...So I barked a greeting back at them. Just trying to be

The sign said, Prairie Pets or somethin' like that?..Gma and I get out and go inside.
I know this lady, haven't seen her for vvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyylong
time....OMD! There are 2 little long haired doxies, 3 cats and some birds.
Those doxies and I went nose to nose to smell each thing,I knew:
Gma brought my stuff inside.

While this lady fussed with me,Gma put all my stuff in a room. She put my
breakfast down,fixed my bed,my stuffies were on the bed. Lynn held me,
Gma gave her a note...They chatted and Gma left! She left me there ....
Something about their Anniversary,alone time,escaped from the ranch
for 1 day and night. Last year there was a blizzard, they were trapped
at home with ME! Most years they have been at home due to livestock....

I certainly didn't understand being left in this place. I didn't cry when Gma
left. Gma said, even with such a nice place.....I wasn't impressed! I wasn't
in the same space as the 2 red doxies. I guess,I didn't like being there too
much! I'm a chow hound! I didn't eat anything at all,until I got home on
Tuesday at 1:30p. Gma knows, I didn't eat because she measured the
food,treats and such before I went....LOOKS like every bite came home
with me...

I'm not telling what I did or didn't do at the Doggie Motel! Gma came back
and was right to my nice big kennel 5x10 ft. before I saw her. I snuggled
into my bed and 3 blankets. We had an extra heater going for us little furs.
The big furs in another area only had the regular building heat. She surprised
me, said Mazy girl...Ready to GO HOME????? Are you kidding me???Of
course,I'm ready to go to my own palace!

Gma let me out,packed my stuff,carried it out! I was by her side and only
stopped to pee. Loaded up,we came home....I only looked around,when
she would slow down or stop the car. It's a nice place,but wasn't my house!
I stopped to sniff and kiss the Ponderosa ground,when we made it home!
Ran into the house,a.s.a.p.! I was starving.....I had Monday's breakfast
Tuesday afternoon! I refused to eat there! Not even treats!

Gma unpacked and put all my stuff away...Now,I was feeling comfortable
about being back home. So, then I decided to not let Gma fuss over me!
I went into my safe place under Great-Grandpa's Rocker...
I wasn't coming out!!! The Princess then began her pouting mode!
Expressing, I didn't like being left behind!

By bedtime,I'd had 2 meals and done my business. Cuz, I wouldn't
potty while away from home. I snuggled into Gpa at bedtime and
kept my eyes on Gma! I was still miffed at her! Left me behind!
My 2 poopies were softer than normal. Gma said,not surprised since
you didn't eat,you little stinker!!!

This Tale involves the whole week, plus 8 days of medicine...You'll
have to read on to see what happened...How this adventure all plays



April 3rd 2014 3:13 pm
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Hunting Mouse In The House.........
I have a Real Live MOUSE in the house! Maybe more than 1!!!! Yep,I've huntin'
the whole main floor of the house for the last 2 days! Runnin, sniffin' along the
baseboards,behind and around furniture. Tryin' to stick my snout under stuff
like the hutch and entertainment center. By last night I had Gma freakin' out!
She's not afraid of mice....I've searched the whole main floor of the house!!!!

She sure doesn't want 1 crawlin' into the bed while we are sleepin'! Gpa set a
bunch of traps last night....Gma hasn't found any mouse poop...I've never done
this kind of indoor HUNT! I do know what mice are,as I've caught them outside!
Long story short, they become part of my huntin' history! Today I've still been
lookin' all over the place. What bugs Gma is: if you see 1 mouse,you usually
have several. We had 1 in a trap downstairs....Not fresh! Gpa has been slackin'
off on trap patrol! His job to check traps and reload them...

Gpa and Gma watched me yesterday in total amazement! I didn't want to stop
huntin' even for lunch! Can you believe it? I've been squeezin' into places where
no hooman can go..but mice can! After 2 hours of solid trackin' yesterday...Gma
couldn't work with the new confuser,cause she was upset over the vermin. So we
sat down and finished her book. I finally curled up on her lap and took a nap..
I was pooped from all the huntin' and not catchin' the critter!

Heard the sayin' when it rains is pours?????? Well, garage hadn't even started on
Gpa pickup repair. He went and got it,as he needed it. Will take the old pickup to
capitol city for repair. Cold since the blizzard....Not melting! Started snowin'
last night. Has snowed most of the day and we have several new inches of white

Gma has had alot of headaches with settin' up the new silver pain box. Plus the
programs that needed to be turned on. Guess what??????? The laptop seems to
be doing fine. She worked all day with the external hard drive and 3 techy people.
Thought everything was workin' like it is suppose too....NOT! The 3rd. tech peep
said, there was something wrong with the unit. Instead of mailing it to the company
as that would take longer. Told us to take it back to the store and exchange for
a new one. We've only had it since last Friday. Can you believe it??????

Now Gma has to tell Gpa she needs him to take her up for the replacement. She
did call the store and they will exchange... Sure he isn't goin' to be happy! What
are the odds of having both a defective hard drive on laptop(fixed) and then a
defective external hard drive???None of this stuff was cheap...Gma having a
headache before the day is gettin' to be a daily thing. I decided just to stay
quiet and not cause any other trouble for her....She has lost the whole day to
this mess!

Better paw-off,as she has to wrap prizes for the furmily Easter on Sunday. My
hooman sister has to work on the real Easter. They play games,as grand-kids
think they are too old for the egg hunt...She has 2 desserts to make on Saturday.
Sister is cookin' and goin' to their place. Now the 100 m trip to the store for
the exchange. Hope it stops pourin' trouble around here real soon! My old folks
are goin' to be real crabby! Boy Gma really needs that massage tomorrow. She
hasn't been for 2 wks.,due to the weather.

Hugs and Kisses,Mazy



April 2nd 2014 8:39 am
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THANK YOU HQ for choosing me as 1 of the DDP'S...

I agree with Miss Abby,don't send pressies...Keep them
for Easter that is right around the corner. Also, we
need to hang on to a few for those pups or furmilies
who are sick....HUGS ARE FREE, so if you want HUG ME...

Blizzard was over on Monday. Really can't tell you
how many inches....When the wind blows so hard, it
vibrates your north kitchen windows....The snow is
moving everywhere! There was 2 to 2.5 ft. in front
of garage. Other areas drifted and filled in....
There is snow on the open prairie that was bare.
Some places it's a couple inches and other places
it's deep. Cold temperatures all this week....
Next week looks promising for nice spring weather.

Our furmily is having Easter this Sunday. My hooman
sister has to work on Easter. We usually have ham
but we are having Turkey. Cuz,Melissa won 1 at a
Turkey/Ham Bingo. Gma's big ham from last fall...
a gift from a hunter,will sit in the freezer for
another time....

Up way too early for ME! So most of the chores are
done. Gma made a crab seafood pasta salad. We are
having baby back ribs,pasta salad and fresh pears
for supper. They are,I never have a chance to snag
BBQ. I'm having roast beef. Yummy!

Gma and I are going to work with the SILVER PAIN
BOX or as many pals say....the CONFUSER! She is
freakin' out with all the manuals. There is 1 for
the external hard drive,puter,operating system
from windows,flash drives and every program
in the puter..... Her head just spins! Since she
will move my office chair...I can lay there and
try to snuggle...keep her from having a meltdown!
She honestly doesn't know, if she is coming or going?
Some of the info. is real mixed up in her tiny
little brain!

Gpa seems to be entertained,while listenin' to her
talk to herself. Throw a few techy terms at him,
while he stares back at her! This is funny,cuz,her
techy vocab is very limited! So last night, he's
smart and says, "what can I do for you?"

Gma said, I found copies in the files of all the
phone numbers on the big bulletin board. I don't
have time to add all the new nos. and reprint them.
You still know how to write,don't you??????????
He has a zillions little pieces of paper clutterin'
up the big board. She told him to take it all
down....Hand write on the typed sheets the new nos.
Clean up all that mess......Put the new sheets up!
He thought he could do that! We will see how long
he remembers this HONEY DO????? he has a problem
called in 1 ear and out the other...Gma says, all
old guys have very selective hearin' Huh??????
I thought they were just all deaf from the farming



March 29th 2014 1:20 pm
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AS CRAZY AS EVER!!!!!!! Yesterday is was low 30's, and snow
spits...So small you could barely see them. The wind was
out of the North and very cold...Today it is very windy,
straight south and poundin' on my little house. Gpa and
I went out for a walk,sniff and hunt after lunch. I was
able to stay 30 min. like a couple days ago. Last time,
I looked it was 54.

Sunday during the day, WILL BE about the same as today!
Yippy! I can go outside!!!! HERE'S the crazy part.....
I'm prayin' it stays in the northern part of the state,
since I live in the south-central part. Who knows????
All the other snow is melted,except a little in the
piles and shelter-belts. This is how crazy our springs
can be around here.....

Gpa is out lookin' all the cows over. The ones close
to calving will be put close to a barn. He can lock them
up if the storm shows up! STUPID COWS....they seem to
calf in storms on a regular basis. DO YOU KNOW, BISON
you why beef cows don't???????? Extra stress and work
for Gpa.....This time of the year,it makes a real big
mess! The weather changin' so drastically isn't good
for the baby moos. Gpa sure doesn't need a corral of
sick baby moos......

Thank you for all the pmails and pressies the other
day when I was one of the DDP's...I tried to send
a thank you to each of you. I didn't check each one
to see if they arrived. I sure HOPE so! Dogster has
been runnin' real slow today.....

I tied Gma to the puter,until supper...She has to let
me catch up with my groups. Look at my pals pictures
and diaries. Play some games too! I promised Angel
Precious,I'd zoom to Catster and help her with her
mail. I promised her to paw out her dairy,as soon
as I could. Precious said, Jezzie is a pawtastic
kitty! She is teachin' her the in's and out's
of flyin' with wings. Huntin' squirrels and birds
at the bridge. These special squirrels and birds
like to play catch me if you can....Nobody is ever
hurt,playin' at the bridge.

I better go,lots to do!
hugs and kisses,mazy



March 27th 2014 4:28 pm
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Ugly Silver Pain Box.............
Most of the week is shot,almost 4 p.m. and my dogatary has been
working for hours. She was up at the outrageous time of 6 a.m.!
This doxie DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT get up then! It's still
pitch black outside! I did have to rise, check to see if she was
okay?????? Only cuz,she wasn't feelin' great last night. I quickly
returned to my warm bed...She was walkin',talkin' and drinkin'
coffee....She's CRAZY but she's okay!

I gotta tell ya, the big bed cooled off too FAST with both my old
folks up for the day. Darn it! I got up, had breakfast,even before
I'd think about a potty! If this is a new schedule, I'll have to add
another meal to the day! We did a few household thingies. Washed
Gpa's work clothes. Planned supper before her head was Mush!
She even took a hot shower to pull herself together. I was happy
while we were on the desktop, checkin' in with dogster pals. You
know barkdays, furmail, group games and stuff!

Outta the blue,she abandons our office chair,made for two...Takes
a seat at the other desk and fires up the new PAIN in my Life! It's
our 1st. laptop puter, touch screen with the new windows set up.
Okay???? Now where am I suppose to sit??????? She sits in this
little chair with no arms or paddin',then she begins to IGNORE ME!
Well, I NEVER! What about me?????????

I decided, I could entertain myself for awhile. This effort turned into
hours without snacks or treats! Finally, I had just about enough! So,
I stood up on her leg, I pulled on her jeans, I yodeled....Finally, I sat
down, barked and then went into a FULL CRYIN' FIT! How dare she
ignore me... Results:rearranged the chairs,moved the office chair to
the new Pain Box and put me up there with her. Now, this is more
like it! I can see what is goin' on and be comfy...Maybe press a button
or two,here and there?

Finally,she took a break...not for me,her head was swimmin' in an
techy information overload! So, I was allowed to go play in some of
my groups...Now we're cookin'!!!! Break time again! Must be time for
lunch...OMD! I can't wait! NOPE! She had more coffee and we didn't
have any lunch...Now,she is tryin' to starve me! I HATE THAT LITTLE
BOX! No lunch,are you kiddin' me????????????? I have to wait at least
3 hours for supper........I'll blow away on the prairie wind!!!!!

Well,she started to feel guilty,must have been the eyes, I was given her!
A greenie was a peace offerin',I think?????????? I'll at least have clean
toophers! Now, I can make it until suppertime. I just don't know why
she insists on buyin' me the teenie tiny size?????? This Pain box better
fall into line REAL FAST! Otherwise,I'm gonna develop a Temper!!!!!!

Here's what she said, we managed:set up a few apps,learned to go
back and forth from the touch screen to the desktop. Downloaded
some programs. Read about this new thingy...Visited some of our
sites,added some more browsers. Re-downloaded some of our games.
Tested them....but 2 of them didn't download right. She lost a dll file
and not sure how to take care of that??? Set up a bunch of our accounts.
She watched the current news on videos....Last and not least,we
visited blogger.

While here,she decided,I could tell you how much I HATE the PAIN
Box! Since the original hard drive was defective, had to be replaced.
We only used it a little for 5 days. The tech lady,they sent to the
house,drove 180 miles,one way to fix us up! Gma has a little trouble
understandin' the techy support peeps from the other side of the
world. Prairie isn't their 1st. language....Can you imagine that????
I thought the whole whole spoke prairie???? I sure hope she
doesn't up and decide to learn a foreign language too! Retirement
plan is turnin' into a lot of work and plannin'!!!!!

I mean,I thought, we'd pack my toys,treats,clothes,blankets.....
All the stuff to make me beautiful,bowls,chow,meat and snacks:
Leashes and harnesses, if we must AND just TAKE-OFF!!!
Nope! This is lookin' like a very long,drawn out operation........
Prayin' my days are soon filled with less drama! This is just too
tough on the Princess of the Ponderosa.
Pray for ME! hugs and kisses,mazy



March 25th 2014 1:29 pm
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My BIG NEWS is: Spring is slowly unfolding! The
1st. day was perfect with sunshine and 54. We had
a skiff of snow the day before and the day after.
We had a COLD windy weekend and I wasn't outside
much...Gpa and I are in the swing of spring! I go
out with him for a little walk after lunch. If,it
is chilly, I wear a sweater. I had a bath over the
weekend. Plus the nails,ears,eyes,teeth...the works!
DRIED! My peeps are feeling better but they still
poop out,before the day is over...Maybe it's old
age and not the bug!

Gpa has 6 baby moos on the ground. He lost a calf
yesterday that was born backwards....Little earlier
than normal. The corrals were like lakes last spring,
Gpa had to let the bulls out early. Gpa has been
hauling bales into hay yard on the cold days. The
grounds gets too soft and he gets stuck with the
tractor. He had a flat on the rear tire of tractor.
A guy came and put a boot in it. A new tire is $2,000
for 1! OMD! I can't imagine what tires cost for
all of Jax's Daddy's bigger tractors? Gpa broke
a metal line on tractor. Another job of take the
thing apart to fix 1 little thing. Farm truck
stalled on Gpa,when he was hauling grain home for
the calves... This is what happens alot around
here. Because the old equipment is wore out....
Gpa is going to sell some calves this week. He
better kick the retirement plan into full gear
before too many other things wear out.....

Gma and I have been doing the usual cleaning,
laundry,cooking,baking and errands. We hauled our
processed beef home. Cleaned our 3 freezers. Cooked
for the barn kitties again. Did some kitchen spring
cleaning. Little of this and little of that!!!

The guy came,set up the net for the new puter, a
laptop. On March 18th.,Gma started working with
the new system. Setting stuff up and looking around
and stuff...Then on Sunday 23rd. out of the BLUE
the laptop said, it had a hard drive problem AND
it was FATAL! OMD! Gma went Crazy! She had the puter
run through its scans. Wrote down everything it FAILED!
Called her Tech people....

The Tech people spent 2 hours going through the whole
system by remote. Guess what? The laptop came with
a defective hard drive. Monday a drive was ordered
and will be shipped to the house. A Tech person will
call and schedule to come here and replace it. Have
us up and running again... Stuff happens! This is
why Gma said, she needed to buy our travel puter
now....Learn to use it! This wouldn't have been
handy if, we'd been off traveling somewhere......
Her books came for this new system,so we have lots
of reading to do! Sure glad we had our desktop
to use. I'd be having pup pal DT's! I'm still having
cat food DT's! I find a piece of food here and there
in the cattle room. Since Precious became an Angel
I can't steal kitty kibbles like I did...

I've quit looking all day for her. Sometimes,I'm
still looking outside for her. I check where her
food should be,but there isn't any! I can still
smell her on the loveseat and in her bed. I'm still
snuggling with Gpa after supper,then I move to Gma
for the rest of the evening. Her 2 litter boxes
just up and disappeared. The barn kitties aren't
the same...they come up, put their faces on my
house windows. Looking inside and startle me...
They don't want to play with me,when I go outside.
Not the same as a house kitty... Gma plays with
me everyday. Just still feels a little strange
around here.

I guess, this is all the
news from the Ponderosa.
Hugs and kisses,Mazy


Precious Has Joined Angels Foxie and Baby

March 9th 2014 10:42 am
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Grandma is with sadness,we tell you that Precious has passed to the bridge. This is hardest for Grandpa,as she was his lap baby. Mazy has been looking for her since yesterday. Grandpa looked for her but couldn't find her. She took her last prairie outings before she left us.

The past 3 days the temperatures were warmer. She was determined she would go outside and enjoy herself. Yesterday, she went outside and didn't return to the house. Grandpa found her this morning,she had went into his shop and the angels came for her. She was elderly,as least 13. She will be missed. She was the best trained kitty,we've ever known and loved. She had a good home here after being dumped into the country.

Grandpa will build a coffin for her as our other furs. We will bury her in our pet cemetery when the ground thaws. Thank you for all the support and prayers. I'm sure she was happy to be able to enjoy going outside the last 3 days.

Grandma Keda and Mazy



February 9th 2014 12:41 pm
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Hi there pals-Mazy waves and throws Valentine Roses
to all the furs. I'm here to report Tons of Good News!

The way dogster is running,alot of us Fur Families
Need some Good news!We have spent 5 hours,trying to
send pressies to pals. Visit 2 groups and see the
new things our pals have posted...It has been a
know you are All very special to US! If we are not here
until the last is because we can't access
the places we want to go....Mazy wipes away her tears!

Pages break up,can't log in,can't access the groups your
active in. Can't send your pressies(1 at a time)
easily....List of CAN'T ....JUST GOES ON AND ON! Shame
on Dogster! It appears All the RATS baled off the
Ship before the plug is pulled...We have NO ISSUES

Back to the GOOD NEWS! My Gma had her 1 wk. check-up
on Friday. She is doing Super Pawtastic! Can now start
walking the treadmill. Can do all the chores except
run BIG VAC on carpets. Can lift,as long as it doesn't
exceed MY WEIGHT! So she can pick me up!!!!! We can now
play my favorite game: I HAVE IT,YOU GET IT! We did last
night! I ran under the beds,around the furniture,under
dining chairs with a stuffie.....while Gma chased me!
It was SO VERY PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!

BEST NEWS POSSIBLE! NO CANCER! The tumor was larger
than they thought. Took the ovaries too. Laposcopically
done. One 2" incision, three 1/2" incisions and a new belly
button! Used a laser to cut,burn for removal and
to stop bleeding. Bruising is almost gone. Only the 2"
incision is still healing. Told Gma she won't get FAT!
The ovaries weren't working anyway... She has almost
NO abdominal FAT....This was pawsome because; she is an
older lady....Junk in the trunk,can really do your
Heart in. She said, then more cookies for US!

Guess what??????The tumor is what was pressing on the
outside of Gma's bladder. She now can potty like a doxie!
They think, the repeated UTI's and blood in the urine will
probably go away. Re-check on that in 4 months.
The pain in her hip and pelvis has been greatly reduced.
So all that pain, the last 7 yrs. hasn't been the slip,
twisty in the hay yard,my 1st. winter with them....

She has done all kinds of junk to help that...Nothing did!
So now,they think,we will probably be able to do the
long distance walking and her work too! Wouldn't that be
that! I just hunted in her vegetable garden. Choice of
vermin were mighty poor! I forgot, she is sleeping way
better! Since the over all chronic pain level is greatly
reduced....her Arthritis and Fibromyalgia have settled
down. They have been crazy,out of control, for the last
2 years. We think, this was partially,due to the mass
and what it was doing inside her????? You know, every
thing is connected in our little bodies....

We want to once again thank all my pals for their prayers,
positive thoughts,pmails,get well cards and pressies.
Your the BEST! You made this difficult time much easier
on our furmily. We're still trying to send thank yous to
all of you...Some go through and some don't....Mazy cries!

Dryer buzzed! Time to put the clean sheets on the bed.
While fighting with dogster, we did up all our laundry.
We sure hope things are better on site tomorrow. we won't
count on it.....

Huggies and Kisses,Mazy and Gma Keda

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