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Mazy's Prairie Mischief and Adventures

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A Surprise For July 4th.!!!!!

July 4th 2011 4:19 pm
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Patriotic Doxie...Is it me?

Happy Birthday to the U.S.A. .........

Start Licking...Ice Cream for Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th. of July! It\\\'s a HOT one, up here on the Prairie! A Good Strong 90 degrees in the shade! We will be firing up the grill for supper. Most of our suppers in July are cooked on the grill. Helps keep the house cool.....We are having baked sweet potatoes, pork chops, tossed green vegetable salad,corn and rice crispy bars. YumYum!

Last night over at Lake 5, about 2.5 miles as a crow would fly. They started shooting off fireworks at dark. I was in the frontyard doing my bedtime potty. I didn\\\'t see them but I heard them. Of course, I barked at them....I did my business and went inside. The air was running and I didn\\\'t notice them after that. Gma stood at the back door and watched all the pretty colors. Gpa and I beat it to bed! I snuggled up next to him and I was out like a light. Must be the extra warm weather the past 4 days?????? So the Boomers weren\\\'t the Major pain they\\\'ve been for me in the past! Sure they will shoot more off tonight!

Wanted to wish EVERYONE A HAPPY 4TH! We worked all day here on the Ponderosa...but we are making Hay for winter time. So what\\\'s new? Only a holiday, when it rains.... Gpa is out baling Hay. I wanted to leave a picture here of our country\\\'s beautiful FLAG and some fireworks in the background.... Also brought ICE CREAM for my PALS to have one for stopping in at my page.... The BIG QUESTION IS: IS THE DOXIE PICTURE, A PICTURE OF ME OR AN IMPOSTER???????????????????? what do you think???????

IN 2 DAYS, I\\\'LL BE 4 YRS. OLD!!!!Will I feel any older at 4????? Gma says, I\\\'m more mellow this year than last.... I wonder, what I\\\'m getting for my birthday?????I haven\\\'t seen any extra packages around here....I bet she hid my pressies....Cuz I have such an Awesome Sniffer! I sure hope Gma makes me some cake....I love cake!

6 of my pals had birthdays today! I guess, July 4th. is a Big DAY for birthdays?????? I hope each of them had an Awesome,pawsome,super-duper day!!!!!! Only FUN things..... they like to do, happened!!!!!!
Big Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


I Had The BESTEST Day!!!!

June 27th 2011 7:28 pm
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I had a Super Duper Day! I helped strip the bed,played with the red fuzzy duster. Toasted in Hot sheets and towels. I was very patient while Gma did the inside chores.... I ran from phone to phone to help figure out which phone, the lightening zapped on Sunday morning. Messing up our ability to receive or make a call. After the thunderstorm on Sunday, they went for supplies and groceries. I stayed home and stood guard on the place. The rain took care of Gpa starting to cut hay. Too wet!!!!!!!

Gpa was gone for appts. No Prairie Time for me this morning. So I decided to curl up on Baby's fluffy pillow bed and stay warm. The sunshine came and went all day. A little breezy, only made 67. It was suppose to be in the mid-70's.

Gma took me down the prairie trail that runs along the hay yard. I stayed on the trail for awhile, but was bored....So, I started jumping in the very,very tall grass. Using my secret weapons for finding gophers and mice. I caught a gopher.... I was so proud! Gma saw Gpa coming home. She made me leave the gopher and let her carry me to the house. I'm not a baby, I could have ran!!!! Well, as Gma walked through the hay yard...she found some of the grass is hip and waist high on her..Wowzer! She is long legged... She was tired by the time we were out of the tall grass!This is why I have so many muscles.... I really get a workout!

Gma came with Gpa and I out on the Prairie...So she could see where he has been taking me. I ran,sniffed,dug and jumped... I dug in some holes,got so warm from all of that: I ran to a waterhole from the rain and cooled off by standing in it! Gma was watching me dig and stepped in a really fresh,bright green cowpie! HeHe! She had poopie shoes and poopie toes....So how come, I got a tubbie????Two tubbies in the past week........ She took a tubbie after mine. She used the bathtub to scrub up her Keen shoes. I wanted to help scrub shoes and tub but nothing doing! How come,I'm either too young or too old for stuff, I want to do????????????????
Almost forgot, Gpa and Gma saw a bluebird. Have only seen them around here the last couple years. He was so pretty...

Gma and I made sirlion and veggie kebobs on the grill for supper. Made brown rice and veggie pilaf. Dessert was fresh fruit salad. I had my grilled vension. I never ate breakfast or dinner until 4 p.m. I was so upset, that Gpa and I didn't have a morning outing. After me pulling guard duty most of Sunday. I did a mini-hunger strike! Just to let them know, I wasn't a happy Princess!!!!

All in all, it was a Great Day! Caught a gopher,played in the mud,sniffed cottontails,jumped and ran in tall grass, dug in gopher holes. Had both Gpa and Gma walking the prairie watching me have FUN!!!! Had a tubbie and did zoomies ...Played with my stuffies and created a new masterpiece on the picture window. My nose could be the next,Monet. Read what my dogster and castser pals have been up to. Looked at new pictures they posted. Now it is time to put Gma to bed.
I saw the list for tomorrow and it isn't any shorter than today....
See ya, when I can....Never know what going to happen around here.
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


What's Up On The Back 40.....

June 22nd 2011 2:47 pm
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Another week has slipped away. Where does all the time go? My Aunties came, went to their All Class Reunion. We had a nice vist, with some extra spoiling and then they were gone. Oldest person attending was 101 years old. My Aunties are 68,70 and 73...Is that old???? They're lively Aunties and very active ladies.

The rain just keeps coming...The rain was suppose to move off today. Be dry for 2 days. Hoping that would happen. Our lawn,ranch yard are quickly gaining ground on my total height. I'm already swallowed up in the hayfields. We have to walk on a prairie trail, which is now pretty muddy. Cooled off so much we had to restart the furnace. When I found out the furnace was running, I went and laid across it to Toast and Roast....Cuz, I'm the TAR Baby! There are some ugly clouds brewing outside with wind! Looks like a thunderstorm is coming. I try to scare the wind away with my Bark...

I've developed a Real Fear of the wind. This has gotten worse since Old Baby left us. Gma just gave me a Calm Ease Treat. This seems to help, calm me down. It is Chamoille and Valerian. I go outside, the hair on my back stands up, in a protective mode. Gma doesn't know what to do for me?????? Since Baby left I'm shedding alot and usually don't. Gma says,"is this anxiety?" Some of the days I eat real well and other days, I don't....I drink plenty and have tons of energy. Except in all this rainy gloom, I snuggle in alot more.

We didn't do too many chores today. I helped make the bed, always easier with me in the middle. Gma pulls on the sheets to flatten everything out. I jump up and down and all around the bed. I wanted to help with dishes, but that didn't happen. I did help re-arranged the folded clothes before they went to the dressers. Pawsome FUN!

We spent almost the whole day at the Puter. Answering pmails,reading messages from groups,posting devotionals. Trying to catch up with what all our pals have been doing.

The Souris River could not be held back, any longer in Minot,N.D.
We watched the live broadcast, as they evacuated a large portion of the area. Our hearts break for all those fellow N.Dakotans who will lose their homes. There is also flooding of the Missouri River in the Bismarck area. The flooding is a result of heavy snows in both Canada and the Dakotas,along with lots of rain. We're sure you can see pictures,videos and reports on the Internet. This is the worst flooding in many decades. We live many miles away from these parts of the state. Our state only has about 645,000 people. So it is TRUE, you know people,here,there and everywhere.

Here on the ranch, things are muddy and way too wet. Corrals are big sloppy messes. Less than a week, the yard and ranchyard are overgrown. How can those grasses and weeds grow so fast in the gloomy gray rainy stretches? Gpa should be in the hayfield making hay. It is almost a month late in starting. Just too wet! Gma hasn't worked in the hayfield for at least a dozen years. She is going to try, to cut some hay,3 days a week, for just 3-4 hrs. to help Gpa out. Takes alot of hay to make the winter. The last 3 yrs. we have bought alot of extra hay. Due to more severe winters, you must feed heavier to keep the cattle strong and healthy. OMD! It's suppose to be Summer, we're sitting here thinking about Winter? It's because it takes the whole growing season to prepare to survive another winter. Gma says, "Nope Mazy girl, we're not going to think about Snow!"


We Just Wanted To Say.......

June 15th 2011 4:21 pm
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We just wanted to say, we are so very grateful for All that Every Fur has done to Help Us during this difficult time of Old Baby going to the Bridge. Those of you that have been assisting with Momma Shawna's Group, Christian Dogs and Cats.... We truly appreciate everything you've been doing. We Think Everyday is a little better than yesterday for the Kirk Puppers and their Pawrents... We are so Happy that Momma Shawna is able to be online while her sister-in-law is at work.
We've been busy trying to catch up on spring jobs never done, due to spring's late arrival. I've been supervising some yardword, windows,
screens and blind washing. Still lots of lots of sticks and branches to pick up. Trying to keep things mowed off between rains has taken both Gma and Gpa's efforts. I requested a raise in my supervising pay and I got it!!!!! More greenies and mini puppy biscuits for me! I've even helped Gpa with fence fixing... Caught a couple mice, a mole and a couple gophers. I finally decided it was okay for me to nap on Old Baby's fluffy pillow bed. I'm still looking for her. I still roll everyday where she took her last stroll. I still don't understand why she went to this bridge place???? I stick to Gma and Gpa like glue! I'm busy,busy,busy trying to take good care of them...just like they do me!!!
Gpa's 3 sisters come tomorrow to visit.... So we've been busy getting ready for them....Lots of extra attention for me! I have more people to entertain. I've learned to play soccer... Won't they think that is cute?????? Gotta go,my suppertime! Then Gma has to cook for Gpa,too...
See ya real soon...Cuz, I hope our schedule will settle down and not be so crazy...Hugs and Kisses, Mazy

We Love You All So Very Much!!!!!!!!!

May God Protect You and Keep You Safe


"You" get the tissues........

May 29th 2011 12:36 pm
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A poem sent by Minister Misty.... Just want to share this. These words cover, what we think of Our Dogster Puppers and Purrs. Get a Tissue, we have leaky peeprs,again... Oh My!
Hugs and Kisses for Everyone, Mazy


You are loving... as your own pain does not blind you to the pain of others.
You are wise... as you know the limits of your wisdom.
You are true... as you admit there are times you fool yourself.
You are alive... as tomorrow's hope means more to you than yesterday's mistake.
You are free... as you are in control of yourself and do not wish to control others.
You are generous... as you can take as sweetly as you can give.
You are thoughtful... as you see me just as I am and treat me just as you are.
You are merciful... as you forgive in others the faults you condemn in yourself.
You are beautiful... as you don't need a mirror to tell you.
You are rich... as you have the love of God within your heart.


Pals,Pictures and Diaries

May 28th 2011 2:37 pm
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Just wanted our pals to know we been zoomin' into pages to see your new pictures,diaries and happenings... We were tryin' to post comment in each one. Our Paws were so tired... We love the Big Barkboard to remind us what is New! Thank you for sharing with us.... We miss our runnin' and playin' in the packs...
Does anyone know why you can send a glitter graphic with a zealie this past week? What's up with the pics that come and go????? We were disappointed that the extra stuff doesn't go with our zealies now.... Anyone have this trouble???????????
Please pray and remember our Troops this Weekend!!!!
Ksses and Huggies, Mazy and Baby

Angel Cheyenne
Afro Ken & Chole
HD & SophieClaire
Maru and Milo
Ebony and Ceeley
Tyler Missy
Lexie and Buddy
Cleo 11
Maizy and Pongo
Sakari,Sammy and She She


This and That...Lots of Thank You's

May 28th 2011 1:38 pm
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Good Day,ALL..... All the helps are so appreciated.... It just does the FURS hearts good to see Furs working together to find info.,post,share,pray,do whatever little thing we can.

One of our dogster furs from Okla. (Alisha, Momma's name) is going to Joplin to help out... She took Kirk Puppers contact info. so she can connect with them.....

Keep praying the weather stays cooler...has been the last 2 not so miserable working in debris...searching for scraps of the old life. ND was warmer than Joplin yesterday.... that's a big change!

Sunday night, Joplin will have made it through the 1st. week after the tornado... They send their thank you's, their prayers for all of us. They are so overwhelmed by the dogster/catster families. Lots of tears woven through our phone calls. Our prayers provide them strength to keep putting 1 foot into front of the other... This is progress.......

For a little doxie, my paws sure took to the puter....I can now types puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy Fast, if I can get that Gma outta my way! Each Fur diary has a different post... Sure glad, I wasn't born, when the tornado went through this place... Angel Foxie,Old Baby and Gma and Gpa Nevers Forgets! I'm afraid of just bad wind...I barks, my little barker off and it just keeps comin'.... Gotta find another way to chase it away..... Coyotes were at my house last night! No wonder Gma and Gpa never let me outside without them....I wouldn't even be a Snack for a whole pack of them...
Hugs and Kisses, Mazy


New Report on the Kirk Puppers

May 26th 2011 4:23 pm
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Status: publish Date: May 26 2011 3:57 pm

Entry Title:
Reportin' on the Kirk Puppers

Entry Body:
We have been able to connect with cell phone several times this week. The service is hit and miss, due to towers down. There were 2 days we couldn't connect at all.

We apologize we didn't make it to my page to report in again. All of us furs, have crazy paws,runnin' here and there...tryin' to send group messages,crosspost to other groups,answer p-mails on a 1 to 1 basis,line up furs to help with lots, lots of stuff in Christian Dogs and Cats.... Keep track of all our endless scribbled notes.... so we don't end up, too crazy confused.

If, there is an easier way to do all this...we're New and wouldn't know, what it is? Just be patient with us, we have only been around dogster 1 yr. Our Ponderosa Pack thinks "Momma Shawna is SuperMomma! Did anyone see her red cape, go flyin' by, in some of these horrible storms?" So much bad nasty weather across the United States. We are praying protection over everyone,no matter where you live! We are thanking God for all of you, who have come forth to help us try and keep a promise to Momma Shawna. Dogsters and Catsters have Amazin' Hoomans for pawrents!
Old Baby said so, she is very Wise! She's almost 19, it's just around the corner.

Shawna and Bill had an appointment late today to meet with FEMA. Don't know yet, how they can help? Shawna was sick a few days before the tornado. She has to go to Memorial Hall, where they have a makeshift hospital treatment center. The urgency clinic said, she now has pneumonia. They will give her medicine. St. John's Hospital was destroyed, leaving Freeman Hospital. Unless you are in critical condition, they send you to the Memorial Hall. So now, she is barking like a Seal, again.
The cell phones still cut in and out but doing better with being able to get through.

So many hassles with the permit stuff to get onto your property. They did away with the need to have a permit.
They are trying to clean up some debris on the property.
Sure it will be slow going...Some purrs and furs wanted to contact Momma Shawna. The best way to do this is with the following address:
JOPLIN, MO 64804
This is her sister-in-law and they are staying there for right now. So, if you want to send her a note of encouragement to lift her spirits...Emotions are raw,you're tired, so much to do,
and where to start at 1st.???

Maybe in a week or so, we will have a cell number for furs to reach her. AT&T told them, those who lost everything, they would get them a cell phone. (so they can make the appts.and contacts they need too)... If they follow through with this plan, it will be just Pawtastic and beyond Awesome!
It's been a very BAD BAD BAD week for Horrific weather around our country.... So many thunderstorms,lots of hail,high winds,heavy rain,flooding and awful tornadoes. We have been watching CNN at our house. The weather for the U.S. is more detailed. There were 2 days this week, that there were 50 tornadoes in a day. This spring is listed at the wrost tornado season since the 1950's. We heard last night that 500 people across the U.S. have died this year, resulting from tornadoes.

Everyone keep praying protection over all the purrs,puppers and people across the world. Nothing in 2011 is unfolding as normal....We can not leave without telling you that Momma Shawna and the Kirk Puppers are cryin' and howlin' when we tell them about all the pmails... They said," Please tell them, we are so moved by all the prayers,compassion,concern and love shown our family. We love our dogster and catster furs very,berry much!!!! We miss you all, more than you can imagine... We hope to return,sooner than soon...."

Meowied and Barked by:
Precious,Mazy,Old Baby and Angel Foxie
Took ALL .... 16 Paws to Help Gma Type....
Hugs and Kisses


Reportin' on Our Kirk Pals.....

May 25th 2011 9:00 pm
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PleaZZZZZZ Pray for all the Furs and Peoples across the country who are going through all these BAD,BAD storms and tornadoes.

Our furiends the Kirk Puppers: Copper,Harley Davidson,Haro,Lucy and Ashton are O.K. but, Now Homeless! The Furs were not injured cuz their Momma Shawna laid across them and covered them with her body. Momma has cuts and bruises, but they will heal.....

We found out today that before Momma Shawna got the furs to the bathroom,they were in the hallway. The twister hit and tore the back 2 bedrooms off the house. She shoved those fur babies into the bathroom, throwed towels on them and laid on top of them.
Not a scratch on those precious furs....

The twister took the whole house away, Momma's SUV, trees and everything, nothing but rubble and debris left. We talked to Momma Shawna today.... We know it is very hard right now for them. The most important things are still with her. Her parents,son,husband,other family are O.K. Her precious fur babies...

Momma said,"The hand of God was on her, cuz the twister was trying to pull her out the back of the house, while she was pushin' furs into the bathroom." No power where they are. Have a small MP3 player for AM radio and Bill's Cell phone. Momma's phone flew right out of her hand....

Until Momma Shawna can come back to Dogster, we are trying to help keep the Christian Dogs and Cat Group, strong and stay active. Momma S. cried, on the phone, when she heard about all the pmails asking about her and how things are. She "thanks everyone for their prayers". We have an address posted in CDAC where you can send a note or card to lift their spirits. She doesn't have a mailbox of her own,right now....Or Pmail Baby, Mazy or Precious(she's the cat of the pack).

We know we are falling behind on reading our pals diaries and looking at their photos. We apologize.... We hope things settle down a little in a few days. Our Gpa finally started seeding crop, so our house is kinda crazy...Gma doesn't much care for 9 p.m. dishes, but so it goes....We miss our Groups and playtime! We promised, to try and keep things together, as best we can.... We pray, Momma Shawna can come back to us real soon! We sure Respect and Look Up to all those who lead a group...
Of-da! It is really a BIG JOB! I'm missing my Nappers and Mazy is missing her Hunting. (Teasing, we are just fine...) Miss All of You! God Bless All Of You,
Everyone, watch your weather and stay safe!
Bad year for bad storms....Hugs,Mazy and Baby too!


Joplin Kirk Puppers

May 23rd 2011 2:20 pm
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Dogster members have been asking for the Kirk Puppers ID's. Here they are: Ashton 782176,Haro782176,Lucy776648,Harley Davidson776010, Copper775999 and Angel Molly Mae781734. You can send them messages through these ID's. We do not know how long it will be before they will have a way to see them? Please keep them and all the people in Joplin area in your prayers. Can also send messages to Mazy. She will pass them along as she is able... The coming days will be very,very difficult. We know Shawna and Bill have lost their home. We do not know when they will be able to look through the debris. Praising God that Shawna's son,husband,sister-in-law,mother-in-law survived the tornado. Pray for Shawna's furs...They were already afraid of bad thunderstorms. Sure any future bad weather will be traumatic for them.

We tried to call Momma Shawna a little before 4p.m. Daylight Savings. We received Bill's voice mail and left a message. We were trying to connect between storms. They will call when they are able. We will pass new information along.

We are praying they have been able to find their family members.
This morning they had no news on Shawna's parents,sister and her family or her brother-in-law. This tornado is now being reported as the 2nd. largest recorded in U.S. weather history.
Seven people have been rescued today. Wounded count is now at over 400 and death toll is now at 116. CNN is reporting, as horrific as the pictures on television are: they do not begin to show, how badly this area has been hit. More bad stormy weather is in the forcast. Pray for all the people in the path of these storms.

We are answering your p-mails as quickly as we can. Check back with your mails as you are able. Mazy

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